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Tesla/Free Energy Anonymous 02/15/2021 (Mon) 20:01:26 No.87
List of Tesla patents: http://tesla.svensons.com/ https://teslaresearch.jimdofree.com/list-of-tesla-patents/ Russians building energy towers: https://news-intel.com/the-russian-physicists-re-build-the-tesla-tower/ What do you think was in his "missing" files? I just want to be able to communicate telepathically, and go to Mars on vacation. Maybe even telepathically communicate with Mars.
>>87 >I just want to be able to communicate telepathically, and go to Mars on vacation. Too bad you'll never be able to do either of those things in this lifetime without selling your soul to globohomo.
Open file (36.63 KB 528x480 68zO86j.jpg)
>>88 If only elon would return my strongly worded letters. What do you think the future of something like neuralink looks like for humanity? I personally wouldn't get anything like that, but I fear it'll start getting more and more inconvenient to not have one generations into the future. Like my faggot grandkid is gonna make fun of me for not spending all day in VRs version of second life. I wonder if the brain implant will be able to simulate the feeling of getting sucked off too, save them the hassle of dealing with girls.
Open file (41.98 KB 500x365 19435169857694.jpg)
>>87 That tesla tablet is most likely built up misinfo from people who didn't know what Tesla was like. I don't think he needed to be cryptic like that, he either stated his ideas in an easily comprehended form as they were or kept them in his mind. Occasionally he alluded to certain things which he'd thought about but hadn't released, but there were no riddles as far as I know. Third pic is from Otis T. Carr's work, which used cone shapes a lot. I've looked into this and this is something which could very well be viable for multiple practical applications including space-time energy gathering and actual force thrust, but its not easy to build these devices. The operation of an OTC Saucer would be by psychotronic means, meaning that the operator of the craft would use their own energy or mind to make the craft move and not just anyone could make it work. The wardencliff type of tower is viable but difficult to realize for the reason of it being so big and needing so much material for it to be built. If you're interested to get energy from the atmosphere, look up lasersaber's channel. There are also crystal batteries and magnet generators which can work. Thomas Henry Moray had atmospheric electricity devices which also could provide a lot of power, as seen by many witnesses. There are many unconventional ways of electric power generation, including using plants or microbes. Making a ship capable of going to Mars, would require it to have some navigation system, life support and shielding against harmful radiation in addition to the thruster and power supply. Life support might include schumann frequency for countering outer space disorientation. Backup systems are also a concern, since space is very empty and vast.

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