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It's the jews, but if you want to believe that feller who said the bloodlines/eternal families that "tests" humanity and God to reach a new level of enlightenment then it's the descended reptilians.
>>76 I remain skeptical that jews are the only people we need to be looking at.
I started watching the Ted Gunderson video. He started off mentioning a bunch of cases, which I wrote down to check them out later... But then, about 20 minutes in, he says "700,000 children disappear each year". But 99% of those kids are found! 700,000 is just the number of missing person reports. Most of the kids are found the next day, and the actual number of (long-term) disappeared kids is much smaller. If this Gunderson guy is ex FBI, then he probably knows damn well that most of those kids are found, which means he's purposely misconstruing information, probably in order to sell books. So I guess this is all bullshit?

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