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Don't Look Behind You

Redpill me on Sufism Anonymous 08/26/2021 (Thu) 16:34:16 No.150
They seem different from other Muslims somehow. Are they just a different sect or is there more too it than that?
>>150 There is more to it than that. Sufis are seperated in different sects and they are really different than normal Islam but they won't admit that. I will talk about some that live in Turkey. I will use the Turkish and arabic terms. Menzilciler Means "people from the Menzil" their sheikh called Gavs(general term, not a name) lives in Menzil, they call their sheikh Gavs, Gavs is relative of Muhammad and they added/changed several shit about Islam. They believe the dead sheiks choose their Gavs, Gavs can do magic, Loving Gavs too much is normal and most sufis love Gavs more than they love Muhammad(they won't admit that, they would hate you if you say they to them), They have this thing called "Hatme" in which they form a circle, close their eyes and call some words called "tespih" for 5 minutes and send them to old and the current Gavs of the cult for 10 minutes. Eyes are closed and some people scream or make weird sounds during, this scream is called "Cezbe" and sufis believe this happens when the man loves the Gavs and god too much. I don't have time for now but will write more about them later. Why do you want to know? i don't want to explain basic islamic concepts if you are already islamic.
Open file (45.49 KB 380x316 72-houris.jpg)
>>151 Mostly I'm just curious. Assume I know nothing.

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