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Flat Earth General /feg/ Anonymous 02/14/2021 (Sun) 04:23:25 No.14
For discussion of flat earth cosmology. When did you wake up to the ball meme? Eric Dubay was instrumental to my own awakening, along with Zetetic Astronomy. Eric Dubay: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/TCgwKoAf3Y9z/ >200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball http://www.atlanteanconspiracy.com/2015/08/200-proofs-earth-is-not-spinning-ball.html?m=1 >Zetetic Astronomy: https://archive.org/details/zeteticastronom00rowbgoog
Open file (159.02 KB 1079x799 flat-ass-general.jpg)
I'm more of a /fag/ poster myself.
>>14 My sides! >>15 >/fag/ Oh boy, more like cuckchan /x/ the thread.
>>72 >My sides! One thing that i've always pondered was how the Flat Earth Movement, which was widely used by many as a ridiculous front cover concept that actually criticizes blackops government spending, actually went ahead and tried to justify some really fringe ideas instead of realizing the original idea is to question where the money is going and why some things are never explained right away like how the world curvature maths are off by a wide margin, meaning either the world is bigger or not that much of a sphere.
>>77 >bigger or not that much of a sphere. The earth isn't much of a sphere, for instance both poles are bit flatter, that I've heard.
>>82 They're coping by calling it an "oblate spheroid" now. Of course it's not a perfect sphere, but it's certainly not curved in anyway.
Open file (863.53 KB 2434x1497 180103-A-A1403-001.JPG)
>>82 >both poles are bit flatter, that I've heard. I do recall being told that in school but i do get annoyed at thinking there's a modern building in the center of the south pole. How the fuck did that happen? i worked in construction and that place is not a shabby thing, it does use tons of prefab pieces but putting it all together in such circumstances and distances is a mindbender, i can't believe it doesn't get much attention as it is a feat in resilient construction planning. Take for example the Mount Erebus plane crash recovery efforts, reading how the people who wanted to give the corpses a decent return suffered absurd conditions only makes it more puzzling thinking about how somebody moved heavy duty trucks and caterpillars with paneling, weather resistant sprayed additives and tooling to make a nice foundation in the ice hundreds of kilometers even more inside the cap.
>>84 >but i do get annoyed at thinking there's a modern building in the center of the south pole. How the fuck did that happen? >>83 >Coping gg 4cuck >but it's certainly not curved in anyway. Then how do the polar nights work? Or tell me have you ever been outside of your country? Tell me have you ever seen a photo where the sun is at 90° angle over you?
>>94 >>84 Forgot this. There isn't in the centre. It's literally impossible, you must be eating some mushrooms or something.
>>95 >It's literally impossible I suppose they checked the general circumference of the south pole and decided to stick a stick in a selected place they could call a center, then build a big station there.
>>97 When did they make it? I mean it could be possible the more I think of it, but it's not actually build like a normal house, but more like all the other stations on Antarctic
>>100 >When did they make it? From 1999 to 2007 >but it's not actually build like a normal house It has deep point founding columns rather than a shallow uniform slab, it can calibrate its height hence having some kind of hydraulic system on top of it. In the most difficult part of construction, the foundations, this building is more complex than "a normal house", the separating elements like internal walls, windows, floors and furniture comes secondary as they are prefab and can easily be put together but that insulating black paneling (and the one under it) i suppose can only be transported via truck or airplane due to its weight. All done under -40 celsius so the workers were using some sort of suit that hampers their mobility significantly, i mean it can be done but it's one of the most hardassed constructions i've heard of, it's like building a rig in the middle of a hurricane alley part of the ocean with a thousand kilometers without contact on any X/Y/Z coordinate.
>>106 I mean it's for a reason there, many shits are done there with the history of climate on earth.
>>97 >I suppose they checked the general circumference of the south pole kek There was multiple expeditions over the years, I assume there was a basic camp there for years, they didn't need to measure circumference
>>109 Yes, i think that's what happened but i do find interesting how 100 years ago they made the precise calculation to know that place is the center of it all. The building is made meters in front of the actual official marker, not just a random spot that has been the camp since forever. There is a reason for it to be there, at least for cool points, but it not being more well known in popular culture nor in construction education is puzzling but i guess not surprising, i got called out by a professor once for making a quick presentation in building structural regulations class about how WTC could've not fallen down by fire he got me not because he didn't believe otherwise but because muh victims

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