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Dream Analysis Anonymous 02/17/2021 (Wed) 15:42:28 No.105
It's simple, post your dream and what you think they mean. I'll go first: >be in a building with girl and my brother >it's really tall and we're at the top where there's a party >enjoying ourselves, until I get the feeling we need to leave >start trying to leave, everyone there stares at us >go down the stairs >we get the the ground floor but keep going down >reach basement/boiler room >my dad is alone eating food from the party >i don't say anything, just leave through the door in the room >outside there's a fair going on >meet up with friends and enjoy ourselves I wake up feeling sad about my Dad. Analysis: >Enjoying personal life, has me feeling guilty I don't spend time with family. >Father divorced twice, I'd lived with him my whole life until recently. >Father psychically sending distress signals, to help him not "eat alone."

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