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Welcome to Threads and discussion will be centered around the occult, paranormal and the conspiratorial. Off topic threads/spam will be deleted. This is a SFW board, but there will be leniency on this if the content is relevant, so please spoiler NSFW stuff if you think it's important enough to post. Completely irrelevant NSFW content will be deleted, and may get you banned. Suggestive photos/content of underage children (anime included) will be deleted, and will get you banned. And of course, global rules apply: Out of not wanting this place to turn completely into a /pol/ board, there will be a dedicated thread for sharing notable news. If your post is just sharing a video or article link, please post it in there. If you've spent the time to write a high quality post, feel free to create a thread of your own. Thank you, Peace/Love

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/x/ Related Notable News: - Current happenings (explain how it's conspiracy related). - Half-baked political conspiracy theories. - Interesting/relevant articles, videos, podcasts, etc. If a topic posted here gets an overwhelming amount of replies, I suggest making it's own thread either on this board or a more fitting one. If so, please link it so others may follow along.

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A reasonable doubt towards UFO & EBE phenomena

Always liked the old discussions by read anons towards assessing if an event related to ufo's and aliens deserved a reasonable look or otherwise, sadly these conversations were usually made by individuals who found themselves with likeminded people in totally unrelated boards and such activity died shortly due to interruption by jokesters/mods or thread bumping out due to natural causes. Now that we have this space i would like to comment once in a while or mention some incidents and its pertinent data (easily found or otherwise in specialized media) so we can come back and revisit or add to it, but i would also take it one step further and discuss media popular in the field but that never gets a mention on why it exists, for example the exact origin of certain images or precepts like the so-called visiting aryan people in flying ships that happened in the 60's.

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Flat Earth General /feg/

For discussion of flat earth cosmology. When did you wake up to the ball meme? Eric Dubay was instrumental to my own awakening, along with Zetetic Astronomy. Eric Dubay: >200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball >Zetetic Astronomy:

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Dream Analysis

It's simple, post your dream and what you think they mean. I'll go first: >be in a building with girl and my brother >it's really tall and we're at the top where there's a party >enjoying ourselves, until I get the feeling we need to leave >start trying to leave, everyone there stares at us >go down the stairs >we get the the ground floor but keep going down >reach basement/boiler room >my dad is alone eating food from the party >i don't say anything, just leave through the door in the room >outside there's a fair going on >meet up with friends and enjoy ourselves I wake up feeling sad about my Dad. Analysis: >Enjoying personal life, has me feeling guilty I don't spend time with family. >Father divorced twice, I'd lived with him my whole life until recently. >Father psychically sending distress signals, to help him not "eat alone."

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/SSS/ Thread

ITT we confirm if either spooky, scary, and/or skeleton. Definitions: Spooky: Shiver me timbers. Scary: Is this real? Skeleton: Goofy shit.

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Meta & Suggestions

This thread is for board meta discussion, general Q+A, suggestions etc. You may submit banner suggestions here. Specs are 300x100px with maximum size 500kb. Improvements to the CSS ( ) will be ongoing, if you have a suggestion, this would be the place to share it.

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Corona Virus General

So this virus situation is an obvious shit show, but what is really going on? Was the virus manufactured, and this is biological-warfare? If so, why was it released? We know China had deaths from this at least a month before the CCP officially announced their situation [1]. Did the virus come from elsewhere? [2] Maybe, but how was China so quick to get their covid+ numbers down and other countries are still struggling? Were they supposed to be the model for the world to battle this virus, and this be one more step toward global socialism (Great Rest)? [3] Links: [1] [2] [3] [Standford Scientific Study] Do masks really work? Do tests really work? A closer look at US deaths

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Tesla/Free Energy

List of Tesla patents: Russians building energy towers: What do you think was in his "missing" files? I just want to be able to communicate telepathically, and go to Mars on vacation. Maybe even telepathically communicate with Mars.

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Illuminati/NWO/Bloodlines Thread