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XJ-9 Anonymous 05/02/2023 (Tue) 22:32:11 No.5
robot board needs a thread for best robot
gonna rewatch this show and a few others before i get too old to enjoy cartoons.
Open file (93.87 KB 720x544 independent robot.jpg)
>>7 you're never too old to enjoy cartoons anon
>>8 I respectfully disagree.
Cameron from Terminator SCC, Athena from Tomorrowland, Apple from Turbokid, Yumemi from Planetarian, Chii and Sumomo from Chobits, Alpha Hatsuseno, Mimi Takaoka from Buttobi! CPU, Haizakura from Prima Doll, RyuZU from Clockwork Planet, and Lamia from Raised by Wolves, ...

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