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Open file (47.12 KB 640x400 3.jpeg)
Elder Scrolls Anonymous 06/19/2022 (Sun) 17:29:42 No.3072
>2024 >After Starfield How will Todd fuck it up this time? Also what's anon's favorite ES game? Mine is probably Oblivion. Now I know what you be sayun and I know of all its shortcomings but ultimately it has the comfiest atmosphere and aesthetics for me. Also the radiant AI or whatever system is interesting despite not working. In fact, a lot of things about Oblivion are interesting despite not working. It's kinda fascinating deconstructing it as you play, what could have been and they were going for. Especially back then. >inb4 horse armor Listen, horse armor is obvious and it's really easy to get hung on it but it overshadows other DLCs like Frostcrag Spire that were decent additions and didn't feel overpriced. Given you patched that shit.
Skyrim isn't a bad game, it's wasted potential filled with jank and as deep as a puddle making it worse than previous games. It's frustrating as shit because you see some details and the vision of could have been a good game with all the production values. NPCs pointing where you should go, mangled bodies and roads leading to quest places and all sorts of things that were implemented but visibly left unfinished due to quest markers becoming the main focus. It really is sad, the setting isn't very creative but there's plenty of creative writing and lore underneath it. It really is a product of it's time when all AAA was streamlining and watering down everything for mass appeal. I just wish Bethesda Game Studios defected from Zionmax and actually made a game that isn't a shitty loot and shoot/slash cashgrab, but I think even them have been bleeding talent. Fallout 4 was somehow worse than it, even in these details
Open file (30.56 KB 474x509 th-3153452138.jpg)
Does anyone else feel that Oblivion was Bethesda's last attempt to do something technically innovative (relative to the rest of the industry)? Radiant AI wasn't fully realized but it was novel at the time. Skyrim didn't really add any noteworthy technology that I can think of.
>>3082 Definitely. Skyrimjob was damage control for Oblivion - standardize everything, no more experimentation, no more original ideas, just do the most stock everything and normalfags will love it. And they did.
I can't really imagine ES6 being anything other than Skyrim with new graphics.
>>3101 Base building from Fallout 4 could be implemented but yeah it's probably going to be more of the same.
>>3107 >Base building Yeah gotta have that. Also always online.
>>3101 maybe VR?
>>3119 Skyrim and Fallout 4 VR are already a thing so maybe, though if it's like those it will be a separate full price game released later down the line.
>>3123 >Skyrim and Fallout 4 VR are already a thing They are? Then it's definitely happening.
Open file (1.14 MB 860x1280 paarthurnax.jpg)
>>3107 >it's probably going to be more of the same. It won't be the same since Jeremy Soule got cancelled.
>>3128 it will be the same but worse
It's either gonna be an unexciting same old or complete clusterfuck.
What do anons think of Daggerfall? I enjoy it as an autistic dungeon-crawler.
>>3135 Wasn't there a remaster or something?
>>3138 like a unity one iirc
>>3135 The scale is very impressive for the time but I think Bethesda made the right choice by shifting to a smaller handcrafted world full of little details in Morrowind. Daggerfall being larger than Great Britain or whatever doesn't really contribute to the game itself (funny how we now have an overabundance of procedurally generated worlds with fuck all in them). >>3138 >>3139 Yeah, an open source fan recreation made with Unity.
>>3141 >Bethesda made the right choice by shifting to a smaller handcrafted world full of little details in Morrowind Probably. But it was also part of the appeal, the insane 7 layers deep dungeons.
I'm willing to be ES6 will be a remake of Daggerfall. Imagine a modern game that's not a remake of something.
>>3158 I actually thought this was already confirmed...

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