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Open file (91.45 KB 800x600 DevKit.jpg)
Resources & Local Media Anonymous 10/06/2021 (Wed) 20:17:34 No.3
The place to discuss and post our assets like banners, CSS ideas or promo material; due to the site's policy of board meta threads needing to be inside the board itself this will also function, for now and reluctantly, as the place to do so too. Be not afraid to comment.
Open file (114.78 KB 480x480 peak comfy.jpg)
Herro anon. So we're doing this on a.c. after all? Notto baddo. Should we try and import some old /vg/ threads from the archive? I remember when /film/ resurrected some guy was able to automatically migrate threads from an archive with some program, even replacing 404d pics. I can ask there for help.
>>4 You can bet on it, it got greelit but we are certainly walking on a thin rope here, i apologize in advance if i have to use the mod tools often, it's instructions. Also heavy files just when necessary, will mention something on it in the rules. Right now i'm finishing a very rough CSS, the banners are there and the basic rule set is probably done, just need to flesh them out and word it correctly to avoid confusion. >Should we try and import some old /vg/ threads from the archive? Some of those supposedly had revivals in other boards and have a sizeable continuity that might feel odd if we backtrack on them hard, but the ones that weren't generals for sure we can try, at least some of them to make the place have something on it. >automatically migrate threads from an archive with some program I can do it manually, the problem are the image files and choosing which threads, but it might be interesting if you do so thank you. And about the board, yeah we can start any time, let's hope we can carefully tell the other two anons that were interested in this. Also please tell me the thread you made with the doggo was deleted by you, i was about to reply to it and i don't want to think this board is also glitched like some of the deleted ones recently
Open file (38.17 KB 128x256 MallPatt.png)
Open file (24.20 KB 128x128 PsMallPattBGb.png)
Open file (19.87 KB 200x100 VALISlogo.png)
Preliminary files for the rough Monkey Mall CSS
>>5 >You can bet on it, it got greelit but we are certainly walking on a thin rope here I guess we shouldn't just unpack and relax. >Some of those supposedly had revivals in other boards That was probably me :^) But I only copied the OPs so I think bringing over a few hearty threads is still valid. Again /film/ was in a similar situation and having that legacy is way better than just starting from 0. >I can do it manually, the problem are the image files and choosing which threads Unbelievably this archive has all the images saved, although many threads are lost but still - https://archive.is/http://8ch.net/vg/catalog.html It can then be corroborated with this archive made right before 8ch went down - https://web.archive.org/web/20190805065903/https://8ch.net/vg/catalog.html So a few classic threads can be restored almost entirely. >let's hope we can carefully tell the other two anons that were interested in this But I think maybe better not to post on tvch anymore on this matter. >Also please tell me the thread you made with the doggo was deleted by you Yeah it was me, since this thread was made right after I just deleted that one.
>>8 >I guess we shouldn't just unpack and relax. I would really like to give more specifics but you can probably guess them by the word thin. >That was probably me :^) lel, well in that regard i won't stop you at all although i didn't have the mood to do anyways, you practically kickstarted this. >Unbelievably this archive has all the images saved Yeah i think that's a good place to curate, man look at all that stuff lost in time. Proceed as wished and instruct me where i can help if you want me to. >But I think maybe better not to post on tvch anymore on this matter. Agreed, i use that place almost everyday but it is another kind of vibe entirely and also, schizoposting aside, it is definitely getting raided by something since 4 or 5 days ago. I already namedropped our current name behind a spoiler tag so those who read every post will probably know. >Yeah it was me Thank God, well then this is your playground and i trust your criteria so chips ahoy. I will finish the technical stuff, finish writing the emergency protocol and i guess tell a BO or two if they want to be associate jannies, will probably advertise only after all of these plus a bit more has concluded because i guess we need to lay low for a little while. Cheers bud.
Open file (173.13 KB 756x686 64.jpg)
>>9 Yeah I'll look into what threads can be restored and get the images. Now the autism can actually be applied with purpose. >look at all that stuff lost in time Yeah man, I would often just open the archive and reminiscent about the good old days. But apart from nostalgia there's a fuckton of useful and funny shit in those threads too, accumulated over the years. So it's beneficial to have them for that reason as well. >those who read every post will probably know I also feel that people browse a.c. for new boards on occasion, which is useful. >i guess we need to lay low for a little while Yeah definitely. At least restoring a few threads, having some new ones. Advertising an empty board is pointless since people are lazy, even making a decent new thread is an effort.
Open file (80.04 KB 300x200 1524765535609.png)
Was able to salvage one more /vg/ banner. Btw I found like 3 jula/v/ banners, think we should use them here?
Salvaged 3 more /vg/ banners. I think we have almost all of them by now.
Okay, so on the subject of threads that can be restored. Sadly there is no correlation between the two available archives – the one with all the images is from 2018 and the one without images is from 2019. It seems by 2019 all of the available ‘18 threads have been pushed off already. Here are all the working 2018 threads with their images intact. What do you think anon, worth restoring? Though they are older, I think this is the surviving link to /vg/ and having them as the foundation of the new board seems kinda right. On the matter of images I think we can just upload the preserved thumbs since there are so many of them and trying to reverse search them would be a tremendous pain in the ass. It’s better than nothing and generally acceptable since a lot of them are reaction images and memes, and in any case are easily searchable if any anon would like to find the original size. So pretty much just ctrl+s’ing the page yields all the thumbs. 6th gen thread - https://archive.is/Ox9Sm Emulation thread - https://archive.is/MTOXW Retro vidya - https://archive.is/pkgRT Hentai games - https://archive.is/fwjgh Licensed games - https://archive.is/tg1iM God of soy - https://archive.is/NgWu6 Novalogic - https://archive.is/Q51wm Advanced war - https://archive.is/LP4dR Flight vidya - https://archive.is/Yr8cm Gamedev - https://archive.is/IanCF Puzzle games - https://archive.is/0NB8U SS13G - https://archive.is/9zafE Open source - https://archive.is/ORlH6 Katawa Shoujo - https://archive.is/ZY4zT Now, alternatively there are a lot of 2019 threads preserved from the second archive that have no images. I guess we can maybe restore/replace the OP pic and have the rest of the thread remain imageless but I don’t know about that. This feels kinda janky to a lot of people. Without context they may think the board is broken or something. Since both 2018 and 2019 threads are lost to the ether anyhow, and nobody even remembers them anymore, restoring the threads with images is probably the better option?
Open file (64.64 KB 215x264 1596144599435.png)
>>11 Got me in my sleep, i recall that one and for sure we can use along with the others. >>13 >Worth restoring? I think some are, particularly the ones i know are general topics which haven't been changed much unlike SS13, Soy, agdg and Novalogic's everchanging game, but the other ones do have their fair amount of crazy shenanigans, i didn't recall the '18 days being so wild with the shitposting. >I think this is the surviving link to /vg/ Agreed, even if some of those anons are seemingly lost their ideas live on so a bunch of us can build over them and have a good base for the otherwise timid lazy fuckers who don't like empty boards like we currently have. >Have the rest of the thread remain imageless but I don’t know about that >This feels kinda janky to a lot of people I wouldn't have a problem but you know how some feel about that, i agree with your notion the older but "complete" set of threads is a better foundation and more romantic even, it's from the heyday of the board. Very well, i will proceed restoring them manually after i drink the coffee and complete the ruleset, i will confirm which ones i will do: 6th Gen, Emulation, Retro mk. II, Licensed, Flight, Puzzle, Open Source After that i might pull some other but we'll see. I've glanced them and some do have hilarious exchanges about the state of things, it's insincere to restore them without those as the context gets lost but fuck it, i might disregard the really silly off-topic arguments that appear but will link the archive link so anyone who's interested might check them, obviously will comment on how many did i clean at the end of the post along with marking the restore end. Also because i will bloat the numbers of the board and anyone will see the spike in the webring button i guess i will unindex the place until i am finished, just in case because of the lay low thing. Thanks for the links, you can somewhat relax now, if nothing strange happens we should supposedly have a big semblance of "the board back" in a day.
jula/v/ banners, dunno if these should be used but julay was a spiritual successor to an extent.
>>15 Slightly edited to avoid spergs and added, 23 legacy banners plus 6 current ones.
Wait a cottonpicking minute, i just realized there's little use to restore 300+ replies threads due to the bump limit/auto-purge system that might come into effect. I will restore them last if i remember what the exact limit was, i think it was 400 because i've seen threads still get bumped after 350+
>>16 Hmm, I can understand maybe julay ones but why edit 8chan logo out? It's in many banners still, not like we have to avoid copyright :^) These are legacy banners after all. It's nice seeing them in their original state and it actually tells people that this is the 8/vg/ successor of sorts. >>17 But you can set any bump limit, right?/ animu/ has like 750 or something.
>>18 >but why edit 8chan logo out? Better safe than sorry but you do bring a point about some still having them, i'm not fond of cleaning gif's so i left them there. One already busts the reasonable doubt so it's all or nothing, you might have a point in leaving it as in as they are legacy after all. Very well, as long as i don't learn how to clean all of them i'll use the originals but revert back if anything dramatic happens; paranoia was/is running high, pls understandu.
>>19 >if anything dramatic happens You mean like MSM going for hackers on steroid again? I don't think they will get here, there's enough 8coom for them.
>>203 >You mean like MSM going for hackers on steroid again? not quite, i meant things like a league of fag boards doing a crusade on us for pretending :^) to be descendants of a couple old boards. The MSM thing i doubt it, at least in our current state. Also archive-kun, the 6th gen thread is as trollsome as the Retro thread and the others are near the brink of bump limit (400), should we leave it at that and start with our mojo or should i procure doing them here anyways? The fact we have the archive links in this thread seems as good for reading reference material and/or if someone wants to post it again in an OP when running with a succeeding thread.
>>255 Nah, pretty much every community on the webring uses old 8chan banners unabashedly, why can't we. I made a good deal of those. >should we leave it at that and start with our mojo Well, since there are so few anyway ideally it would be nice to transfer them, just 3 look kinda awkward, but do as you see fit. As for bump limit maybe have like 350? It's not gonna be so active as to get to 400 in a while. Also I just read the rules and I think you overdid it a bit. The a, b, c stuff is completely unnecessary and just clutters the whole thing with this sea of text. And some points can be listed under one category, plus some are redundant like explaining what is spam and why it's bad. Having 9 rule points just doesn't look right, feels too rulecucky. The same crucial information can be conveyed in fewer shorter points. Just an example: 1. Follow the global rules, which are based on the Romani 2012 Criminal Code. They can be found at our Home page. 2. This is a vidya board, creating off-topic threads and heavily, belligerently deviating discussions are no-go's. 3. No namefagging, ecelebs and Discords. The blatant dispensation of pills such as the brown, black or heh ones, which don't have WDA approval, is prohibited and their prescribers will be banned on sight. 4. In the meantime Meta content should be posted here >>3 to make things faster and cleaner for all of us. 5. Spoiler gore and other NSFW content if possible because sensitive ones might bug and harass our host's administration if otherwise. We are currently classified as NSFW but some still don't care.
>>256 >since there are so few anyway ideally it would be nice to transfer them, just 3 look kinda awkward OK, then i'll see those getting here >maybe have like 350? I think it's site-wide 400, i don't mind a thread reaching 750 but technically they get auto-purged for memory reasons and can happen at any moment. I can't move that in the panel so that's why my minding over it. >just read the rules and I think you overdid it a bit Yeah it's legalese, i don't like it that much either but it's made to leave no doubts at all about it which then lets me or a vol use the hammer freely without having to write why. >The same crucial information can be conveyed in fewer shorter points. Agreed but i was eyeing that format with the "board rules" sub-page, the one under the posting form above the "More" tab. >They can be found at our Home page. I pulled that info from the gypsy book itself, home page mentions portrayals of minors but not 3D renders which is another game and might probably happen sooner or later. But i get your point, rather have them small so everybody reads them. >No namefagging, no ecelebs lol how did i miss that, that goes right in Here's the sub-site i mentioned: >https://anon.cafe/valis/rules.html I think we can do with both just for the kicks, and not to play the devil's advocate but i find that our "strict" nature without going full-autobot ala Smug can be an attractive point, a sizeable ruleset seems overkill but we saw some (or one repeatedly) at the TV place wanting the old spirit of long-winded posts and comprehensive info. After all /vg/ did ban for short posts and grammar in its early revamp era, something i don't think we will have to do but the atmosphere is there. Will post those other threads here then, i do like reading your suggestions because they continuously help me so don't think i am trying to maneuver them lol.
>>257 No I meant transferring 350 posts for the brink threads, 50 shy of the bump limit. That way they can still be posted in for a while but have the breadth of content. >but it's made to leave no doubts at all about it which then lets me or a vol use the hammer freely without having to write why. See, that's kinda one of the problems julay had, everyone was constantly arguing about the rules, mods arguing about the rules, anons arguing about the rules, ni/gg/ers arguing about the rules. To a point where it was just non-stop meta spergery. /vg/ didn't even have the rules thread, BO/vols just knew what they wanted the board to be, had a strong vision, and that was it. If you didn't like it nobody asked you, stay or leave. And I kinda gravitate towards that approach more. That's what attracted people to /vg/ and /animu/ back then - chill BOs who firmly wanted a board to discuss video games instead of vidya-flavored /b/ like /v/ is. For instance /film/ doesn't have a thread of rules on how not to be /tv/, it's kinda self evident and mods there are just passionate about what they do and not gonna allow it to become one. I think that's the right approach. > wanting the old spirit of long-winded posts and comprehensive info. After all /vg/ did ban for short posts and grammar in its early revamp era That kinda goes into what I meant too. Though grammarnazism is a faggotry extreme, they had a strong vision about the board they wanted and didn't need all the myriad of rules writ in stone. Basically you as a BO just need to firmly lead the board with unyielding resolve, unlike the limp-dicked betas that were in charge of jula/v/. I think we're pretty much locked on that by now so all these rules are redundant at this point. >because they continuously help me so don't think i am trying to maneuver them lol. We will get there one step at a time fren!
>>316 >To a point where it was just non-stop meta spergery. I remember although in my position i considered it because the rules were flimsy due to constant flipflopping and hesitance, in theory rules engraved in solid rock even if dense are subject to predictability, no surprises should come like what happened in Jul but again that's what i saw. It's all theory because just like /film/ the official BO only appears when shit really hits the fan, my idea is to never use the tag unless to correct someone who hasn't been peer-corrected, which bring us to >strong vision about the board they wanted and didn't need all the myriad of rules writ in stone. This is true as we saw it but most anons were also sword wielders, i remember mods rarely having to appear because we just butchered someone for being silly. That in theory should happen here but because we will be but a few and probably get a couple newcomers some stuff might get awry; it's all just done for the sake of prevention rather than continuous enforcement, we can call it a moral insurance to not have outsiders going at our tits for exerting imaginary rules although that is also a hypothetical case. >firmly lead the board with unyielding resolve, unlike the limp-dicked betas that were in charge of julay lol, that one we learned the hard way, that's the flipflopping i tried to mention. Yes the rules are redundant but Redundancy is King, it's the second cold-sided pillow. Also good idea on the cut into 350 replies, will do that. I don't know why these 300+ threads feel so long.
>>459 The thing is, when the rules are in your head and you just inforce them that's fine, but when you have a thread of novel size and complicated text explaining all the rules it might actually scare new people away. And when you start explaining your actions according to the rule points, like for instance how you did in the 6th gen thread, it starts giving off that /a/ rulecucky energy.
>>594 >like for instance how you did in the 6th gen thread You mean the retro thread? or on how i sidestepped the 6gen one? still that's a fair observation on both cases anyway, i didn't think i looked like a hammer aficionado but i might have. Just wanted to make things clear from the get-go to avoid crossing anyone later by seemingly pulling something out of a hat if a situation occurred. I guess i should lay back a bit, can you help me with the other archived threads?
>>595 Oh I mean the retro one, sorry. I didn't mean like a hammer man, just that vibe of constant rules bickering of what falls under what category. I feel like all that shit should be behind the scenes, you know. >can you help me with the other archived threads? What do I need to do?
>>596 >I feel like all that shit should be behind the scenes Yeah, the bickering should at least but because there's only two of us around here i supposed i could think out loud a little but you do have a point of having to act as a ghost rather than point things out constantly. Guess i am too anxious about this one but it is good to get a reminder to relax early on rather than later. >What do I need to do? Give me a hand with restoring one thread, i'll do the other, i think we only have the flight and emulation ones to go but of course if you wish to go for another one after you are free to do so.
>>597 >having to act as a ghost rather than point things out constantly Yeah exactly, that's what I was trying to convey. >Give me a hand with restoring one thread Sure, I meant how do I do it? Like I mentioned before I'm sadly not technically savvy in site management shenanigans.
>>598 >Sure, I meant how do I do it? Just like i did post by post :^) I remember there being an easier way but i sadly i don't quite recall it, admins can do it on a single go but from a live and familiar format, from an archive format i don't remember if they can easily.
>>599 Ok, I'll give it a go today.
Amidst thumbs I found this /vg/ 'file deleted' pic I made it :^)
I've noticed that om 8ch the pic thumb size was much larger, looks way better. Is it something that can be changed here?
Open file (92.73 KB 357x362 7ccda7ebffe2cac28f.jpeg)
>>788 Herro herro, sorry for disappearing a bit i tried a new mod for a game to see if it was stable and ended up playing for two days, talk about ghosting a board :^) >>755 >looks way better Agreed, in theory it can be made bigger but i haven't seen anyone try it. I guess i can ask at /server/'s CSS thread. >'file deleted' pic Same with this, in theory it can be changed but the board's panel only shows the custom Spoiler Image, which sometimes works sometimes it doesn't. /vg/'s version was pretty cool but i didn't manage to clean it well enough so i guess i will remake it later. Perhaps it works like the board's logo does via CSS. Also how does it feel to restore post by post :^)
>>850 Man, a.c. is kinda barebones compared to a lot of other sites. There's no pink text either which is very frustrating. >Also how does it feel to restore post by post :^) It's manageable but I'm hitting catastrophic levels of spam filter which I'm only able to pass thanks to my VPN. But we'll do it!
>The site has reached its total file capacity uh-oh, what do?
>>940 Got me on time there. It seems the prophesy was true after all and there really was a hard limit, i thought it was 50gb rather than an exact number of files that the front page currently says: 300,000 files. I really don't fathom that many files being around here but old site screencaps confirm it was a natural progression. I guess we'll have to wait and see, should we open for business with new threads and after Emulation and Flight have been restored? right now seems precarious but damn if i thought about it.
>>941 I guess they'll have to expand it now. But fuck, a.c is clunky as all hell, there are no basic functions and now there's also a file limit. >should we open for business with new threads and after Emulation and Flight have been restored? Do you have any plans for advertising and such?
Okay, finished the emulation thread.
Open file (42.63 KB 1024x768 i5.jpg)
Agh, anon, I know this is a slow board but don't disappear for days when we're in this crucial state of development. We still have many things to go over.
>>1007 Sorry m8, got a stranglehold in college and had to physically move papers maybe for a final time in a long while if this plandemic situation keeps going and today was the last day of going around, fucking pissed too because i was enjoying that mod i told you, i will never enjoy vg's in full form again as long as i have studies at the same time. >But fuck, a.c is clunky as all hell It's Lynx system, when i had a board in Julay it was the same story, supposedly JSChan is better but as far as the little i've read it's not very well understood by anyone but its creator so documentation is not its biggest forte. File limit seems to have been lifted, by basic functions do you mean...? >Do you have any plans for advertising and such? Not really other than the open ad threads to post we are open, but that comes to a halt now that they deleted it here i think so we are left with maybe nitpicking anons from other places or, by brute force, make OC (charts) with the board's name which is tricky because there's only two of us here and that might seem strange because such content should come by inertia rather than a rudimentary ad campaign, or at least i think so. Maybe comment in on friendly boards like /retro/ but other than them i don't recall another with our affinity. And nitpicking people is tough at times if they are in sketchy parts of town, so i suppose the plan will go as: Open board > Set up & Restore > Public Opening and new posts to bump in Overboard (presumably by us) > Advertising in ad-friendly threads on sensible places > "Natural Growth" We are in the second step on the verge of the third one, unless >many things to go over. Sorry sorry, back on track, other than the Flight thread we need a cleaner Spoiler image, see where i can fit the "File Deleted" image, ask how to make thumbnails bigger and that's it or there's something else we need? And if shit hypothetically hits the fan with the "new" board in Zzz we might also have to recruit someone around here to help clean spam/3d-rendered kid porn in my sleepy time along with the pin protocol, vols can do the former but they might get sharp if such thing happens often
Open file (18.35 KB 493x162 y6.png)
>>1008 Nah man it's okay if it's irl stuff but at least mention that you're busy, everything is dead nowadays and I get spooky scared when people just stop posting for days. >by basic functions do you mean...? Well like no custom images like file deleted pic. No pink text. subject and email switched places Probably some other stuff. >Open board > Set up & Restore > Public Opening and new posts to bump in Overboard (presumably by us) > Advertising in ad-friendly threads on sensible places > "Natural Growth" Yeah I guess that's the best option, I used to do that with a few boards. I guess we have a bit of a premium since we can throw /8vg/ name around with a lot of old anons still scattered about the webring, reminiscing about the good old days. >we need a cleaner Spoiler image Oh I think I have the old MGS spoiler pic I made way back when, it was used before the circular thing. I'll try to find it. >or there's something else we need? Well I was thinking: >1. There's no real mention that this is 8vg related anywhere I understand trying to avoid unnecessary /v/ name attention but the board should at least be somewhat recognizable as vidya related to get any new people. Right now it's probably way too obscure. I remember you wanted to mention that it's 8vg related in board description. Maybe something simple like 8vg mk.II >2. The custom CSS feels unfinished Like there's a notable bug up at the top. I myself use Yotsuba B on every board but since CSS set as default it should probably be a bit more polished. >3. Before opening for business we need to make a few basic commodities threads like what are you playing, OSTs, webms and stuff like that I think the OST thread from archive was actually also live and youtube links still work so I can remake it too There was something else but I forgot in 2 days :^) >And Hopefully it won't come to that. In worst case scenario you can lock the board for sleepy time until they get bored and fuck off.
>>1039 >I get spooky scared when people just stop posting for days It's a lifestyle now lol, someone did a reply to me on truth after 4 months and someone else in Zzz/x/ Bigfoot thread replied to his buddy after 9 months. We are at this point in the stage of imageboards being virtual pseudo-pen pal platforms, anon.cafe is one of the few where posters implicitly understood this and carry on. Not saying the webring is destined to it but damn if it isn't happening already. Back in the OST thread on /vg/, despite being "a popular thread" the strong content replies were far in-between in terms of time. >at least mention that you're busy Sure thing my pal :^), it was unexpected so i apologize, head honchos were told to mobilize overnight and i had to travel and tell them to shove it. >I guess we have a bit of a premium That's by far our best card and probably the only one, the other main one is this being a board where you can discuss bar games and maybe casino tactics but experience has proven me most anons here usually are quite reserved in their homes, hell the pandemic didn't help things either. >custom CSS feels unfinished >there's a notable bug up at the top Oh snap, where? >it should probably be a bit more polished That i can do but i don't know what else to smash it. I remember i didn't tweak some hidden menus but the rest i though it was fly. Send me a cap because it might be an intended feature :^)
>>1048 >It's a lifestyle now Sure but I mean that's kinda the thing, since we're finally organizing we shouldn't succumb to it now while we're still on track. But yeah if it's like irl stuff that's perfectly understandable ofc. >bar games and maybe casino tactics Wait, that's a new one. Why? That's a completely different crowd tbh. >Oh snap, where? In that pic I posted. >That i can do but i don't know what else to smash it. I mean, I dunno, what's that chess pattern thing supposed to be? :^)
Open file (135.27 KB 553x480 ss.jpg)
Found the old spoiler pic
>>1049 >since we're finally organizing we shouldn't succumb to it I want to say the same but one never knows, we did bleed a bunch of people >Wait, that's a new one Part of the Otium et Ludus my friend, we are a general entertainment board ;^). Perfectly legal in Romania too as long as we don't wage money or play here (which we can't anyways) because that's jurisdiction of a bunch of tax men in Bucharest, i checked just to not cross them accidentally. >In that pic I posted. Fuck i didn't see your pic. That's funny, now that i remember i don't recall ever tweaking the Catalog page, i am surprised it even looks half decent there. Right i will get to it when i get bored of the Flight Thread. >what's that chess pattern thing supposed to be? It's the Super Monkey Ball patterns, one of our fav OSTs back in the OST thread and one particular game fond in /retro/
Edited last time by Bouncer on 10/15/2021 (Fri) 21:36:36.
Open file (422.91 KB 475x240 nakednose.gif)
>>1071 >Knowing the know just makes the challenge harder I suppose. There's a reason this puppy is as fearsome as "the new board" >I never expected this arc to have a plot twist, i suppose you can delete all these Right. Nothing happened here, just beer talk about how to reliably throw dice at the carpet table and win money.
Oh I remembered the other thing. So you wanna go with a lite version of the rules similar to >>256 ?
Open file (114.67 KB 546x862 darulez.jpg)
>>1120 Yeah, actually have both of them. In theory this is already done: https://anon.cafe/valis/res/rules.html ...or was, it gets Error 404 for me but in the settings page it supposedly done (pic related) and i recall seeing it well once. Guess something broke in the meantime.
>>1122 But I mean the pinned thread that most people will see.
Open file (123.57 KB 519x672 ruu (3).jpg)
Profuse apologies, i did some stuff past weekend and played Minecraft around Tuesday, my hardware failed and i was left without opportunities to post. My ankle connection suffered some mishaps and the machine was left bed-ridden, at least this was somewhat fixed with Indometacin hot fix patches but only today it could somewhat run well enough without the need of an external support. prease understend can post hardware to prove it still i will further look into this problem and tomorrow (i suppose in 12 hours) will resume restoring without delays now that i can run it well in my chair and desk now; Only 100 posts to go as you did a lot of the lifting there. Do you have an additional thread in mind? >>1158 Welp, let's see what happens, old place usually had the implicit culture of long-winded posts so i will stick to its obtuse nature. At least the short version is already written so no worries m80
File Deleted test
>>1282 Funny, i remember seeing a File Deleted icon once or maybe that was another site. Test shows the mod options here gives me "Unlink Files" rather than "Delete Files", our option leaves no traces of someone having uploading something to begin with so can't say if we can add a custom image for that as it doesn't have one to begin with.
Catalog text fixed, waiting on comments about the thumbnail size and... Welp, might as well open the place now, God bless this ride
Oh, sorry anon, I kinda checked out after you were gone for a week, and then I got ill :^( So where do we advertise?
>>1352 >and then I got ill :^( You okay bud?, i got banged too but i feel okay again, drowsy at times due to painkillers but we are there. Played a game again after a while, waiting and not playing often do make the experience more rewarding but time flies fast. >So where do we advertise? I posted on /meta/ a quick ad but no noise yet, the tv place seems precarious and wouldn't attempt it explicitly because i haven't seen someone inquiring about a new place lately, the rest of the anons are just hanging out with silly posts so i don't think they will take it in a serious light plus discord/dramafags roam often. I can't think of anything other than /k/ which had its fair share of crossposters back then, the /k/anteen is a nice thread to leave a message but can't think of anything to post as i don't recall their pastimes other than that radmod thing, maybe the flight thread? And now that i think of it i might tackle the old kong place directly like we said, that should be okay as the BO seems open and nobody bats an eye there anymore. In theory we are currently at the third step Public Opening and new posts to bump in Overboard (presumably by us) so anyone which might or might not be us :^) can make threads now so, chips ahoy
>>1353 Yeah I'm okay now, got hit way harder earlier this fall. >the t* place oh god no, gotta avoid it like plague. >And now that i think of it i might tackle the old kong place Yeah, some anons still check it once in a while to see if anything happens. Also maybe /animu/, it and /vg/ were the two kindred spirits that broke away from the legacy cancer back on the old site. I know they have /geimu/ but since it's dead clearly people aren't satisfied. Honestly, basically anywhere with a general/meta thread that isn't a known cancer place. Also, the thing is, I understand trying to keep low but we have to be more explicit about what this board is when advertising. Maybe something like this? >Just wanted to mention a new board /valis/ is now open. >It's a place about entertainment systems using video or rich visual mechanisms as feedback that may or may not have been put together by a few 8vg anons :^) >Discussion can also range to saloon activities like cue games and card shuffling due to their social and classic nature in the ludic activities of people around the world. >Having or remembering fun and sharing tips and tricks sounds like the goal, come visit sometime
8vg is back? Nice >>1352 The /retro/ vidya thread and the /kong/ julay/v/ thread seem to be a good place to start if you want to find 8vg anons.
Open file (342.15 KB 1280x720 muh brah.jpg)
>>1357 hey anon
Open file (34.52 KB 480x320 ah.jpg)
>>1354 I sweated bullets hard yesterday when the site went down for hours man, nice that it was only a hardware problem and not an outsider thing. Rocky start with all these time bumps, hopefully it's all lean now. >maybe /animu/ >they have /geimu/ but since it's dead It seems they got a spike in activity since two days ago, checked animu's meta thread to see how to stab in not so obviously but so far i guess it's too disconnected from /geimu/, guess i'll find a way to get into it more subtle. Also now i know more backstory to Neutral Milk Hotel that i think i needed, /mu/ would be on suicide watch if they knew back then. >Maybe something like this? The change is good, don't know why i didn't think of it as it is more obvious yet not aggressive. Very well i will throw them a bone And it was done already, thanks a lot my man, your help is noted. In theory things should move a little now. >>1357 How you doing sir, we are afloat again it seems.
Bit of a newfag here, but how is this board different from Smug/vg/?
>>1364 smug/vg/ is just /a/'s vidya board. No relation to 8vg. This board is kind of like an 8vg legacy.
>>1364 This >>1366, Sm/vg/ was made to encompass most activities done by their main /a/ population inside general threads, the old site had moved a bit away from the general and allowed more specific topics as long as it maintained the usual userbase style which cannot be measured. Also it's general games/ludic activities too :^), if you wanted there's cue games, card games, projectile games, as long as it is specified and not put cryptic in the thread. also no hassle about grammar issues as long as it can be understood, no warnings for spelling colour rather than color
Open file (34.72 KB 570x427 7.jpg)
>>1367 But colour is the correct spelling.
Open file (44.13 KB 490x355 utz.jpg)
Are you gonna restore the 6th gen thread or should I just make a new one?
Open file (59.14 KB 500x375 1461785727057.jpg)
>>1398 Fuck, didn't recall we had to do that one too. Would prefer a new one just for the kicks. Also got tips in that /server/ thread, just checked it recently. Seems i can make the thumbnail bigger but image doesn't go beyond that size, still need to manage how to move around that (256px width seems like the original place's size), surprised to see it could be done because i don't remember other boards trying to. Will probably change the spoiler image to the original one you posted and,,, there's something i feel i am forgetting
Open file (135.37 KB 1200x630 cssmaster.png)
Late but it seems here it is, newgrounds being buck broken, thumbnails should be bigger but due to the thumbnailer working separately from the site probably not very high res. Right now it's at 220px at width, 256px seemed too big and original worked in % but surpassed some boundaries and technical difficulties ensued; 200px at height stretches out especially in multi-file posts. Replaced the spoiler file because i restored it too low res (128px) and the old version here is good plus better res. Also added a cute unnecessary border around files too because i found some CSS code for it on a small questing IB i found after i engine searched, maybe too unnecessary so if some rather not have it we can take it out.
>>1418 That spoiler pic is super big. Or maybe it's fine that way and I'm just used to tiny ass ones.
>>1419 Tried to be close to the original board/8ch style but 256px seemed too big due to vertical images going a bit too big, if restricted in height it disregards aspect ratio but i think there might be a way to maintain it too as the old site did. Guess we'll look into it later, so far nothing seems that strange.
>>1420 I was actually using Yotsuba. It seems there's a discrepancy in image size between it and CSS.
Open file (297.22 KB 1288x976 saturnchart.jpg)
>>1426 Hellfire, it seems for some reason i picked the non-scaled spoiler image (the original) rather than the scaled 256 for some inane reason, sometimes the spoiler uploader seems to not respond so you have to upload again, i think your dummy here picked the big one the second time, same happens with the CSS files and banners which upload twice if you click twice too. Also spoiler files sometimes do not update, they preserve the image of its moment (thumbnailer feature) which we can see at the beginning of the thread. Here's a new test, let's see if i nailed it on Tomorrow and Yotsuba.
>>1429 Yeah now it works universally. Though no border on yotsuba.
You alright anon?
Open file (22.87 KB 500x353 gimmehag.jpg)
>>1486 Hey there, not really but i am still alive, haven't checked lately until now although i could've done it via phone but... you know, phoneposting is a sin. Things are looking up, thanks for the ads around in the ring, they seemed to work good. Guess i'll prepare/search again some content for a thread i suspect might be opened soon enough, meanwhile is there something that needs to get done? >>1430 >Though no border on yotsuba. It's Custom CSS exclusive so far, stock ones have no variations that lasts after a refresh.
>>1489 Phoneposting is alright if it's justified. Don't die on us now :)^ >meanwhile is there something that needs to get done? Everything seems to be alright. Some cancer posting here >>1478 Btw do we have a vol of any kind?
>>1491 >Some cancer posting here I am almost dead certain it's reviewanon who posted at the very same time someone at /christian/ shitposted them and his post got corrupted as you can see his original two images in the post there, it's an old bug but it's been many years since i last saw it. Perhaps i should repost it to keep his comment clean but i think that second image he tried to post was gameplay so i will wait. >Btw do we have a vol of any kind? Not yet, thanks for reminding me because we are getting a bit of speed. I have an idea, i had two but one is unfeasible now as a BO got himself out. Many have for some reason, boards are starting to get centralized via ownership rather than host site
>>1495 I don't think so, it's a copy of this post >>1363 and like you said it's some autist from /christian/ going and spamming that shit across the site. Just delete it. >i had two but one is unfeasible now as a BO got himself out Hm, want me to be one for the time being? I usually avoid it but since I'm here anyway and you have issues irl I can help out.
Open file (65.56 KB 300x300 spengbab.jpg)
>>1496 >it's a copy of this post >>1363 I think he would understand if we scrap it, very well it is now. Despite reading both and replying to one i still didn't find it to be the same post, i have a severe mental fog it feels like i'm having Groundhog Hours at times FUCK >for the time being? Yeah sure, even if you only cover once in a while it would be great help, i've been getting dumber by the day lately due to the anti-inflammatory meds. Hit me with an account name and it's done.
>>1500 Aw sheit anon, you take good care of yourself. Just as we got the thing rolling this malady happens :^( >Hit me with an account name and it's done. I made one named weebanon.
>>1496 It's not someone from /christian/. They're fags from a raiding site based on wojakposting, and some anons have posted a link to that cancer site to warn them about it. I do wish that the wojak post in here gets deleted because the admin won't do it.
>>1516 >site based on wojakposting sounds like cuckchan
>>1516 Yeah i meant the guys on /christian/ that are obviously giving them trouble, non-locals. The last known BO they had, that i know of, is the guy from /islam/ so you can expect their trademark attention to non-muslims there lol, there's few global vols here due to anon.cafe being relatively niche so a couple of them do all the job once in a while but recently we've been getting more attention due to the consistent numbers and amount of boards. If anything it's a litmus test for some BOs, usually the same boards are the ones getting hit with shit (comfy, meta, k) but from two weeks ago some others have been getting some flack too. It's not that major so no worries, vols might have seen them but they probably don't want to meddle with posts that technically don't break any rules but in custom are universally frowned upon.
>>1517 It's even worse than cuckchan. I'm going to spoiler it because it's just cancer through and through. https://soyjak.party
>>1520 >normalfags discovered a meme and run it into the ground, the site
>>1520 Invite them to the webring
>>1518 >The last known BO they had, that i know of, is the guy from /islam/ That is incorrect.
>>1527 A new one? i've lost count already so i apologize if i got it wrong. >>1523 Many such cases.
>>1528 Pretty sure /christian/ never had a BO from /islam/.
Open file (109.17 KB 800x788 valis.jpg)
Should she be the board's mascot?
>>1532 C-cute >Should she be the board's mascot? It might work, one will come sooner or later.

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