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Open file (243.57 KB 384x224 Uiuw6wc.gif)
Fightan Vidya Anonymous 05/23/2022 (Mon) 20:11:15 No.2694
Why are fighting games dead? Is it something that fell out of favor with normalfags? What's your favorite fighting game/series? I'm a Tekken man myself. Do you play with a fightan gamepad like a good lad?
prbably died out together with the arcades
Open file (686.46 KB 1699x1181 YW1lPW9yaWc.jpg)
It is interesting why certain branches of gaming die despite being popular for a long time. Has something to do with the current year no doubt, needs some profound pondering.
>>2694 >Why are fighting games dead? Arcade games are dead, and with them difficult games in general. >What's your favorite fighting game/series? I'm a Tekken man myself. Tekken3 had such a strong impact on me from a young age that I'm probably always going to be in it's grip in some respect. I really enjoyed bloody roar extreme and wish there was a more coherent transformation 3D fighter. Some sort of limited air-movement magical girl 3D game would be my dream game, I guess, but these days I play tekken. >Do you play with a fightan gamepad like a good lad? I payed $500 for a fightstick only to discover it's basically a $2 piece of trash in a plastic box. Jesus fucking christ you people are scum and I hope the sanwa factory explodes and blinds you all. Where the fuck is the analog stick? What is this shit? The introduction of a space between actuation and release on any input device should be a crime punished by being tortured to death. It's ((current year)) and you'd have to file down the stems on keyboards and add shit to the springs or some shit to have a half functional device even though we had joysticks in the fucking 90s.
>>2698 >Arcade games are dead, and with them difficult games in general. fightan games survived way into arcades being dead tho >I payed $500 for a fightstick only to discover it's basically a $2 piece of trash in a plastic box yikes, but i feel ya, buyong joysticks nowadays is a gamble, they look nice but are cheaply made. I had to repair several myself
I remember really getting into fighting games in the mid '00s with Tekken 5 and Soul Calibur 3 and Guilty Gear XX and Virtua Fighter 5, and many more. Even M*rtal K*mbat. But after the '00s it all started getting kinda messy and I started to lose interest.
Open file (15.98 MB 480x360 TEKKEN 5 Intro.mp4)
When this came out I remember my mind getting completely blown. There were these PS2 demo stands everywhere and they were running the game with this intro, and I remember me and my friends stopped at every one and watched it from start to finish ever time.
>>2713 doesn't look very comfortable tbqhwy
>>2714 >>2713 In my experience the low-end fighting gamepads are way better than the overpriced "super professional" stuff.
Open file (2.75 MB 640x360 1.mp4)
Open file (1.34 MB 640x360 2.mp4)
Open file (1.33 MB 640x360 3.mp4)
Open file (1.10 MB 640x360 4.mp4)
>>2717 Super professional is a scam to bamboozle normalfags. Real pros play on whatever they're used to eben if its some potato glued together with duct tape.
>>2694 >want to get into KOF >nobody speaks english and everyone has 1000+ hours m-maybe later then...
Open file (175.47 KB 1400x700 kof.jpg)
>>2800 KOF is great. You don't have to get into competitive to enjoy it of course. But if you do you should get gid offline first naturally.
>>2801 im torn between 98 and 2002, which do you think is better for someone new to the series?
Open file (1.32 MB 640x360 TeemingLateBasenji.mp4)
>>2802 It is a matter of taste, both games are great. Personally I'd choose '98 over 2k2. 2k2 however is slightly more polished and balanced for new players I suppose - max combos are an easy win and guard crush is very helpful. On the other hand some people consider '98 to be easier than 2k2 because combos are not as tough.
how are 3DPD KOFs?
>>2804 Nobody played them to find out.
Open file (4.04 MB 321x263 virtua-fighter4.gif)
>>2804 Still look like shit.
I meant 98UMFE, in case you aren't aware that anyone talking about "98 or 02" are not actually talking about 98, nor 02.
Open file (114.38 KB 398x384 inu.jpg)
>>2939 >anyone talking about "98 or 02" are not actually talking about 98, nor 02 they do because >UM picrel
>>2940 >picrel wrong take that stupid fuckin coon and reevaluate yuor stance
>>2941 fight me irl
>>2942 ight bet
Open file (1.10 MB 640x392 t.mp4)
Open file (175.97 KB 695x493 Screenshot.png)
I guess Evo is happening this year.
Open file (633.35 KB 732x1721 lol.png)
Individual Banned From Fighting Game Tournament For Liking Young Anime Characters
>>3116 Might as well ban the games too
>>3117 Soon they'll start banning for booba as well. And then it's just gonna be the culturally enriched NuMK at the tournaments.
>>3118 >soon
>>3116 Many such cases.
Open file (2.98 MB 640x532 sagat-sakura.gif)
Open file (515.31 KB 1920x1080 snapshot.jpg)
>Street Fighter 6 was announced >I didn't even know kinda looks like crap
What's the most complex fighting game in your opinion ?
>>3324 Dunno about the most complex but the fastest is Arcana Hearts 3
because the timing only feels right on CRT screens and coding/graphics/display are so latency bloated that fighting game make that all too apparent so they're just avoiding that genre. MK feels too laggy, Soul Calibur too. The arcade by contrast was much more responsive
>>3442 I am surprised no one stepped in to make new CRTs, and it still is a kind of niche in non-first world countries as people still gift or thrown into the trash pretty fine pieces of monitors.
>>3443 >it still is a kind of niche That's probably the reason, not enough demand to justify the manufacturing cost. Now that I think about it most retro throwback hardware is built using readily available materials like PCBs and plastic.
>>3443 Television-grade cathode ray tubes - especially higher quality ones, but even low quality tubes too - are extremely non-trivial to produce, even putting all costs aside. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TVLVaoA-fic
>>3445 That's really interesting, a lot goes into making a CRT TV. Definitely not a small undertaking or even worth it given the current minuscule demand.
Open file (90.88 KB 525x700 Cat-TV.jpg)
>>3446 Why would anyone want a TV that wasn't warm enough and big enough to accommodate a napping cat on top on a cold winter day?
>>3450 You've got me there anon. Surprised the cat isn't bothered by the static.
>>3324 +R, Xrd, BBCF imo >>2694 It fell out of favor of the general public because it has no casual appeal. And even if a game is theoretically designed purely to be a competitive sport, it still needs casual appeal because the casual audience is who generates revenue, watches tournaments, attracts sponsors, creates content, creates buzz and news and hype etc. The last few years it seems like the idea was to simplify games to help attract casuals, it was proven time and time again that this does not work for a multitude of reasons. FG devs need to look at what other popular competitive games do and copy that. I think the best philosophy is to offer modes of play that are explicitly designed for casuals. Look at SC2, intensely difficult competitive game, but had a super fun campaign, custom maps and minigames and a good story which still let casual players engage with the game and have fun. Same thing with CSGO, it has tons of mods, surf maps, KZ maps, bunnyhopping, zombie escape and rp (idk if those two are still a thing in GO). Even LoL and DotA have stuff like ARAM. FGs need something similar. Let the competitive & ranked side of the game stay difficult but offer other things for casuals to do that are actually fun. Beating up poorly programmed AI with 5 sec slideshow cutscenes of story in between is not fun and that's the only casual content FGs have had. It's one of the main reasons i'm optimistic about SF6, it seems like the first FG to try this idea seriously. Anyways I hope to see some of you guys in SF6 when it comes out.

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