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Open file (20.21 KB 255x191 wesnoth-1.10-2.jpg)
Open file (20.79 KB 255x191 wesnoth-1.10-22.jpg)
Open Source games and gaming on Linux thread Anonymous 10/08/2021 (Fri) 19:08:55 No.258
[8VG04 ~ 28/03/2018] Given the speed of /vg/ it's probably a good idea if we just make a combined thread for open source games and gaming on Linux. Personally I mostly play FOSS games on Windows and a surprising number are pretty great.
Open file (10.61 KB 255x159 custom.jpg.jpg)
>>258 >hit reply too soon Typical. Right the images in the OP are from The Battle for Wesnoth a FOSS Turn-Based Strategy game. Actually looking at them they might be somewhat outdated nowadays - I'll go ingame and get some more up to date ones in a while I guess. I bring that up because on of the game's major strengths is its high quality art and sound along with a fuckton of campaigns and extra content you can easily access from ingame. It also has multiplayer and some of the custom campaigns can actually be played in coop for example the Ooze mini campaign from picrelated. Elvish Dynasty RPG can't be played in coop but is a highly popular single player campaign and is best played after the Ooze campign (same developer and it builds on the ideas). Elvish Dynasty plays less like the stock campaigns because you have the concept of trying to manage a (highly abstracted) kingdom and the game works based on a pool of hand-crafted missions given to you in a random order each time you play (you'll also not see all in any one playthrough).
Is Minetest good for anything but just building and crafting yet™? I remember one mod that added a rifle that might be good enough for Ace of Spades style faction wars or something, but that's it. Last I checked there's a shitton of mods that add mobs but none of them are decent even by Minecraft standards.
>>260 I've messed around with Minetest but I wasn't particularly impressed personally. Maybe it's improved or I was just too lazy to dig properly into it.
Any good open source rpgs where you build a whole part like wizardry,etrian oddyssey, Temple of elemental evil?
>>258 Ayy this is a bretty good game. Scratches that tactics ogre itch real good. I beat the 2 brothers campaign the otherday and wanna try another.
>>260 Create a camp where we force newfags to concetrate inside and stop all their attempts to tunnel out?
>>263 >I beat the 2 brothers campaign the otherday and wanna try another. Dead Water is pretty good
>We also have other Linux initiatives in the pipe that we're not quite ready to talk about yet Valve still contributes heavily to Mesa so they haven't abandoned Linux yet. Any ideas what these "other initiatives" are?
>>266 My take on it is that Steam Machines have always been a reaction to Microsoft trying to lock down shit with Windows 10, Valve are keeping them alive as a hedge on that.
>>266 >>267 Steammachines were essentially Valve running before they learned to walk. Valve needs to make a proper OS competitor to Windows with full functionality, not just rely on Steam. It's been proved in the mobile market that linux can not only beat Microsoft but Apple as well.
>>268 The problem on desktop is how little performance etc matters to the average human being compared to sheer convenience. Like it or not M$ pull out every scummy tactic in the book (e.g. DirectX being pushed on everyone) to keep their advantage.
>>269 Yeah I still remember Microsoft was going to get broken up before 9/11, Really the focus on beating their asses needs to not just be on performance but delivering a better product.
I've had this analog stick issue for a long time on GNU/linux and I only now realize what the problem is. I can't get the full range sensitivity for a maximum read on my down direction. There's nothing wrong with my controller so I know it's a driver or other software issue. It's a pretty consistent problem across a number of programs. Anyone ever dealt with this problem? How can I fix it?
>>271 Which distro? There's a few tools for calibrating joysticks, I think the easiest one is jstest/jstest-gtk
Open file (8.00 KB 255x218 X axis limit.png.jpg)
Open file (8.02 KB 255x218 y axis limit.png.jpg)
Actually it's a problem with both axes. I can't get the peak sensitivity in a particular direction from my driver. Down and right are limited, while up and left give me the full range.
>>272 Ubuntu 16.04 I've used jstest to give me info before, didn't realize it actually let you alter anything,
>>273 >>274 Have you tried a different distro?
>>275 Just to play games on? No I guess I haven't… I've used a bunch of different distributions but never really tried much vidyan on them.
>>276 I meant maybe it was specific to only one. I'm not exactly great at troubleshooting this stuff but it's a guess.
Do you fags play OpenArena on Linux or ioquake3?
I keep reverse engineering some proprietary game, and releasing foss crossplatform tools in hopes something goes from there.
Open file (30.88 KB 201x255 vicecity.jpg.jpg)
Any libre grand theft auto like games you know of? I know about OpenRW but it's still in a very incomplete state like I don't even think that wanted levels or ped physics have been implemented yet not that I know of. If you know of a game mod for another game like doom that's very grand theft auto like that's cool also.
Open file (12.90 KB 255x143 20180503124642_1.jpg.jpg)
I found this RTS and I'm having fun with it. http://zero-k.info/ I haven't played RTS in a long time so it's a little hard for me to explain what makes it cool over the others. I notice >not apm heavy like Starcraft and instead a lot of macromanagement >ai can be legitimately tough, and the developers claim the ai doesn't cheat >game is fine playing with high ping >there's in-game lobbies, matchmaking, and general notifications of player activity
>>281 >ai can be legitimately tough, and the developers claim the ai doesn't cheat bullshit, at least in campaign
>>282 I played a bit of campaign and co-op against. I didn't get very far in the campaign, but they were really aggressive in co-op.
>>281 that also have terrain manipulation
>>280 None that I can think of sadly. That type of open world game takes a lot of development time I guess.
Wesnoth tournament when?
>>286 Maybe a gamenight for Zero-K too. You can have 16v16 players, and its the kind of game that can be played with high ping. I barely noticed anything while playing with Australians and Swedes.
>>286 Nao
>>279 post some of them
Open file (14.55 KB 231x255 1454912212630.jpg.jpg)
>interested in trying out musl distros >musl is incompatible with Nvidia's crappy drivers >Slackware looks neat but hasn't seen a release since 2016 >Void Linux is great stuff but the maintainers are scrambling about trying to regain control from a missing project lead who tied all organizational shit to himself >GoboLinux's less standard quirks might not make it a great software development platform >stali is dead >GuixSD definitely won't play nice with proprietary Nvidia drivers >CRUX I know next to nothing about Fuck everything, I should buy an AMD graphics card when prices come down and I have money and set up a comfy OpenBSD system.
>>266 Maybe it's just meaningless, empty corporatespeak.
>>290 What's wrong with Noveau?
>>268 but nigga, > fully functional operational system isn't that what any other Linux distro is? granted steam has shit code on itself
>>292 Last I checked, Nouveau still doesn't have proper reclocking support for Maxwell and later generations.
Open file (12.39 KB 255x141 20180506145930_1.jpg.jpg)
>>284 Yeah it's real neat.
>>295 do units on higher terrain get a bonus?
>>296 I don't know- probably not. I elevated the turrets so it wouldn't hit the back of the ones in front of it.
>>295 does it have water physics?
Open file (17.25 KB 249x255 wesnothonsteam.png.jpg)
>Battle for Wesnoth is now on Steam! NOW THAT'S FUCKING BASED
>>299 Not sure how I feel about this.
Kind of disgusted actually. They also fucked up by merely calling it open source.
>>299 What do they even gain from it being on Steam?
>>302 Larger playerbase with more morons?
>>303 But what do they gain from that? The game is free.
>>304 Free games want more players so the community is kept alive and active i.e the Zero-K devs are happy with the surge of players from the Steam release. Xonotic also wants to be on Steam.
So does anyone have a distro recommendations for me? I've got a basic UNIX class behind me, so I'm familiar with making scripts in VI, Bash&C shell and a good bit with the CLI, but I've been in XP and 7 for most of my time. I'd also like to try out the different DEs that are available. I don't understand much about DEs, is it locked into a distro or can you change it on a whim?
>>306 >I don't understand much about DEs, is it locked into a distro or can you change it on a whim? You can change the DE when you log out or before log in, if you installed Xubuntu for example which comes with XFCE you can install GNOME, KDE and anything else on it that is out there. I am not sure how easy it is to remove distro specific DE as I haven't tried that myself.
Open file (11.86 KB 255x192 celular-de-pobre.jpg.jpg)
so what would you say are the best most polished games, regardless of genre? so far we can list: > xonotic > wesnoth > simutrans > 0 ad
>>308 Simutrans was complete ass last time I tried it out (~3 years ago). There is zero reason to play that game when OpenTTD exists.
>>310 how is simutrans ass? my comparison is that opentdd is like a train set for kids while simutrans is for the grown ups for example, just it bare gameplay is much harder to begin, if you're not efficient you wont even break even, in simutrans, every cargo has a destination, so its far more important to build a proper network as opposed to just connecting the most opposing industry of the map in openttd, is a lot more easy, and you end up with trains being like a gazillion ants all over the place, you need not to connect, or rather its even worse to make a proper transport network, on the other hand there some really neat little details I miss from it, like having trains perform maintenance, winning towns over, and its objectively better map generation
>>308 Should I try to learn 0 AD? It seems cool but I don't think people are going to move away from Age of Empires.
>>311 OpenTTD has had the CargoDest mod for several years now. You can play it exactly like Simutrans now, but with the added benefits of OpenTTD's superior interface and far superior networked multiplayer.
>>308 Maybe I'm biased because I've never played another Civilization game to compare it too, but Freeciv seems pretty polished and I play it a lot. Also SuperTuxKart.
Open file (12.44 KB 255x141 20180510114220_1.jpg.jpg)
>>298 I don't know. I barely play with maps with water or deal with a navy.
>>312 funny I was just playing a session of 0ad after a long ass while was kinda lost and got my ass handed to me by the AI in a 4 empire match it its pretty fun indeed, though I think may have some missing features when compared to AoE >>313 > CargoDest not that I'm used to modding in this type of game, but it doesn't nearly the same in concept and a bit convoluted still there are quite a few differences which I consider have more depth > superior interface bullshit, subjective at best to what the user is more used to, in either case they are just as bad as anything from that era > far superior networked how so? I wouldn't be able to tell because I never played mp, but would seem pretty similar > graphics not to be nitpicking here, but simutrans has 128 paks, and even bigger, which adds a lot graphical detail and pleasant textures > depth simutrans has lot more depth to the simulation, like different track types, more importance to engine power and proper track layering, interchangeable cargo types, requirements for industry to work, waiting cargo in station like I've said, it lacks some gamey but fun features, like maintenance, accidents, wining town favor
>>314 >Maybe I'm biased because I've never played another Civilization game to compare it too, but Freeciv seems pretty polished and I play it a lot. Freeciv's multiplayer isn't very developed or at least it wasn't the last time I played it ~13 years ago. This is assuming I'm remembering the right game, was Freeciv the one with Martians as a civilization?
>>317 >from that era Your mistake is assuming that OpenTTD has done nothing to update TTD. It really has a ton of nice shortcuts and management options to automate massive networking. The multiplayer system for Simutrans was just terrible last time I tried it. The method for communicating with other players was so awful we just opted to chat on IRC. I think the game might have desynched at one point too if I remember right. Still that was a while back, maybe something has changed since then. >simutrans has lot more depth to the simulation That doesn't mean the game itself has more depth. You can add as many fine details aping real life as you want but that doesn't always create meaningful choices. It's the same reason Chris Sawyer's Locomotion stunk compared to the original TTD. The most important options OpenTTD added to the physics system have opened up a massive reservoir of emergent gameplay mechanics.
guys, ive been playing serious sam 2. The problem I have is that it grabs the mouse cursor when you alt tab. Dunno if there's some way to avoid this. I don't think the game uses sdl so I can't just use sdlcl.
>>319 ok, fair enough, I remember now that OTTD can be easily expanded from its simpler form with easy to install mods I'm reading on it now, but what are the most recommended mods to play, with regards to it being polished and balanced overall? and on the subject, is it common to find to play online with still? like is it feasible for us to organize a game?
>>319 I just want to play OpenTTD with anons now.
>>289 Not sure if it'll make your life easier, but it may help other anons who are interested in busting open game files like me, so… http://aluigi.altervista.org/quickbms.htm This is QuickBMS, a tool used to open up game files and possibly alter them for modding purposes using scripts. It's based on this thing called MultiEX (https://multiex.xentax.com/), which I don't know too much about, other than that it's good for figuring out and opening game files and needs an email to download. What I do know is that QuickBMS has a huge list of shit it can get open, including some obscure stuff, with the right script. If you've got a game you want to take a look at, try searching for it. http://aluigi.altervista.org/quickbms.htm#search To download all the scripts, ctrl+f quickbms_scripts, there's a zip file.
The Dark Mod this shit just got an update, apparently better performance for Linux as well http://www.thedarkmod.com/main/
>>324 Did they fix the sound tech to be like original Thief yet?
>>321 >what are the most recommended mods I've been out of a loop on new mod developments for a bit, but the best mod bar none is still probably NUTS Unrealistic Train Set, which creates a set of train engines attempting to create real gameplay choices compared to the base engines and a sea of shitty realistic train engine sets that typically just see the player picking the most recent engine model until a new one comes out. Another useful mod is CHIPS Stations which adds graphics for material waiting at a station so the player doesn't always have to click on the station and check the info to find out. >like is it feasible for us to organize a game? I don't see why not. OpenTTD popularity ebbs and floods like a tide. Speaking from experience, we had huge games going last time I was hosting them a couple years ago, and that came after a couple years break from when I was hosting them before that. I've seen repeated posts recently of anons expressing interest again. >>322 We can make it happen again, I've been feeling the itch lately.
>>325 Probably not.
>>324 Did it just get another update? What version is it up to now.
>>325 That would require a lot of reworking and probably break many custom maps, so don't expect it anytime soon.
Steam client for Linux is such a garbage fire. I understand why would they want to ship their own set of libraries to remain independent of rest of operating system but why would they refuse to fix a seemingly simple bug like https://github.com/ValveSoftware/steam-for-linux/issues/4975? Now that systemd ships with its own gimped dnsmasq version users won't be able to fix it by "just installing dnsmasq over apt" and I do not think any sane documentation of enabling local dns caching with NetworkManager exist yet.
>>330 >I understand why would they want to ship their own set of libraries to remain independent of rest of operating system That prevented me from launching Steam on Mint just recently until I removed them and forced it to update itself. >but why would they refuse to fix a seemingly simple bug like https://github.com/ValveSoftware/steam-for-linux/issues/4975? Remember Valve works by its employees just doing whatever they want. Once the talented ones have left because they aren't making games anymore there's nobody around who wants to take on challenging or unrewarding tasks. That's why they keep introducing new ideas-guy features then abandoning long-term support for them.
I fucking hate open source gaming. It sucks big fat donkey balls!
>>332 n-nani?!
>>325 Any game that uses OpenAL supports HRTF automatically. You just have to enable it in an ini.
>>330 It's just as well, DRM does not belong on Linux.
I'm surprised nobody mentioned FlightGear yet.
>>334 I think he was talking about some of the Thief sound engine's other features, like crudely simulating wave propagation.
>>336 What is it anon?
>>281 Bored and going to give this a shot.
>>339 It's springrts if you haven't tried that before. It's alright but needlessly clunky with a terrible UI and bad performance.
>>340 When's the last time you played Zero K?
I went through a load of issues trying to get Divinity Original Sin 2 running on wine. I finally have everything as far as I can tell working perfectly, and I'm pretty excited not having to reboot to Windows just to play this game. In case anyone else might have to go through the same trouble I wrote down what I did. And for the sake of added confirmation, I'm on an AMD card (where a lot of YouTube videos and other tests were saying it was working on NVIDIA). https://v.teknik.io/v/8meMP The old bug where books come up as blank is fixed too.
>>338 It's a flight simulator.
>>336 Probably cause it usually gets forgotten about. I remember it being a bitch to setup and get controls in a way that felt natural but that was a long ass time ago with a very early version of it.
>>342 >Divinity Original Sin 2 released Holy shit buckets I forgot that game was even coming out.
>>345 Do you mean the re-release? It's probably getting close to a whole year since it was released and I've really been waiting for a Linux version since it was a lot of trouble setting it up on wine.
>>260 Been playing it on a server with my friends. My friend who's hosting got a lot of cool mods on it and honestly I've been having a blast. The mobs are kind of strange but I enjoy them a lot, and there were some cool boss fight monsters in there too. I had a really fun fight with the kraken boss mob, and with all of the mods and stuff we have there's a lot of shit to do. Plus the block depth is 32k blocks into the sky and then 32k blocks into the earth, meaning you get 64k vertical blocks. It feels like what Minecraft was back in the day but better and it's been great. I'd highly recommend it once you find a good set of mods to use, as it's made to be modded so it's super barebones without them.
The markers people put on each others bases are kind of funny.
>>347 What are some actually good mods?
>>348 Is that around 20 players in one match? The actual fuck? What game? I might need to play that. Also specs in case my toaster can't run it?
>>350 It's Zero-K. Minimum Processor: 2.0 GHz dual core CPU with SSE (Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent) Memory: 4 GB RAM Graphics: 512 MB graphics card with OpenGL 3 support (GeForce 8800 or equivalent); integrated cards may not work Storage: 6 GB available space My friend barely meeting minimum requirements can only play 2v2, 3v3, or small scale battles. Recommended Processor: 3.0 GHz quad core CPU (Intel Core i5 or equivalent) Memory: 8 GB RAM Graphics: 2048 MB graphics card with OpenGL 3 support (high GT 500 series or equivalent) Network: Broadband Internet connection Storage: 8 GB available space
>>351 I was going to say that Minimum seems a bit low but if it is minimum for low scale battles what is recommend for higher? Surely those specs are a tad low?
>>352 > minimum for low scale battles what is recommend for higher? Surely those specs are a tad low? I assume that'd be the specs listed in recommended.
Been playing more Wesnoth.
>>354 I'd like to get started again. Which campaign is that?
>>355 Under the Burning Suns. Not as difficult as the game would claim in my opinion, you just have to manage your terrain.
>>356 Did you ever beat it? Couldn't get past the penultimate campaign, right after you get out of the flooding caves. The ambush of ghosts and required militias made it impossible with little troops left.
>>358 >Did you ever beat it? Yup, took a few times of starting scenarios over when I fucked up though. >The ambush of ghosts and required militias made it impossible with little troops left. Yeh you've got to lay the groundwork of troops early. Helps to have levelled loyal troops too. The trick I used for the caves was to recruit very lightly at the start to save money and then recruit more troops in the little keep near the end, unless you mean the level after rather than the end of that map.
>>359 Oh and ally with the trolls.
>>354 I forgot they released that on (((Steam))) recently. I need to actually give it a go sometime.
>>361 Gamenight when?
are there any good Settlers clones for Linux? Or some other kind of a low-tension building game? I want to just chill at the end of the day, click something while watching something. Something turn-based could be nice too. Nothing too immersive or brainy, too old for that at this point.
Not sure if this is more of a /g/ question, but how would I go about setting my computer up to dualboot into Linux?
>>364 Install linux first.
Do you guys post feedback on winehq? Some of the pages for the games i have are outdated by a whole year.
>>366 I tried to maintain a game a while ago but their user account/submission system was really confusing.
Open file (5.67 KB 255x169 Untitled.png.jpg)
How do I make OpenXcom work on Ubuntu? I managed to install the thing and have the original games files, but where are they supposed to go?
>>260 I've considered making adventure maps for Minetest, more specifically Mineclone. Do you think doing so would improve the game's popularity, or is it a pointless endeavor?
>>367 I got maintainer status on DMC4 a while ago. It doesn't seem all that confusing in my opinion. I also started benchmarking the game like mad, and I notice people are really overrating how well games run on wine. https://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=20952
>>370 Is the DX10 test using DXVK+DXUP or just the regular OpenGL translation layer?
>>371 The regular. As far as I can tell, you're technically not supposed to submit results based on third party projects like DXVK.
Also how the fuck do I say anything on freenode? I get +R and I can't send messages to tell these guys it's not even close to native Windows performance.
>>365 dont listen to this this troll
>>368 here you go https://github.com/SupSuper/OpenXcom#linux >>373 do you have a freenode account? it's a requisite to have voice in most channels. Anyway, I don't think gallium nine is an actively worked on project, and it's only for direct x 9 games, though I don't know if you used it for the benchmark as you don't specify.
>>375 >do you have a freenode account? it's a requisite to have voice in most channels. I don't, but that makes sense. I did use it for a benchmark test (2nd screencap, bottom most), and it has an impressive 30-40 fps improvement over wine; bringing games like Bayonetta to playable frame rates. My concern is the claim of matching native performance in which it has a very long ways to go. i.e DMC4's native performance being 300-400 fps vs Gallium Nine's 80-100 fps.
>>376 Guess it'd depend in the game and setting. I don't think over 1080p is ubiquitous and there might be some bug with the drivers or drivers/card combination that only appears in some scenarios. If I were you, and if you have the time, I'd go to the irc and mention the problem and ask how to gather more information to open a proper issue in the bug tracker https://bugs.freedesktop.org/
>>364 you probably don't need advice anymore but… first step, have windows already installed, step two either partition your drive or install linux in a new drive. That's all. you need to install windows first, because if you install windows when linux is already installed, microsoft will replace the bootloader and their bootloader of course doesn't acknowledge the existence of linux, which can be fixed with a live cd/usb but it's better to avoid the problem altogether.
>>364 >/g/ You mean /tech/.
I neeeeeeed more freeee games! most of them suck
>>380 Just pick one at random and try it out.
>>380 Well anon if you don't tell us what you want we can't give it to you. What are you even looking for?
so here is something important that I found out rutracker have a unique section for linux releases not only they share a decent enough collection of native released games, they also share some kind of homebrew ported wine, for example https://rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5576180 seem to be all three stalker games (from gog) I haven't tested but I imagined just pre packed wine prefix with they proper tricks to get it working, so they have starting scripts and I imagine wouldn't be too hard to customize if needed there are quite a lot of these games readily available there, to mention a few of the threads I saw, The Witcher 3, GTA4, Fallout series and a bunch more
>>383 I've used rutracker for years but haven't tried the wine wrapped games (stalker works perfectly fine in wine without doing much fiddling for example). rutracker generally gets P2P as well as scene releases. I also got a script to dedrm games with steam drm, but haven't had the chance to actually test it.
>>384 >dedrm games with steam drm how does that work? isn't it just a custom steam_api.dll?
>>385 linux uses .so for libraries, the way the script seems to work is that it is based off releases' cracks, if the game you want to crack uses a steam api that is the same version or lower than the one you have a cracked library for then it will crack it. Otherwise you're fucked.
>>383 Neat.
>>383 But what bitcoin miners do they contain?
>>388 they'd have to find a way to modify the binary, which isn't trivial. Some games include an .sh (for windowsfags, that's kinda like a .bat) but it's both optional and all of what I've checked ( at least two dozens) have been clean.
>>388 They would have to be pretty smart to sneak malware to Linux users And besides rutracker seems to be a user driven community
help me anons, with the demise of linuxtor.org where can I now pirate my linux vidya?
>>391 We will have to crusade and find a new place.
Open file (3.34 KB 255x159 ufo00.jpg)
Open file (10.13 KB 255x159 ufo01.jpg)
Open file (9.07 KB 255x159 ufo02.jpg)
Open file (10.24 KB 255x159 ufo03.jpg)
Open file (12.77 KB 255x159 ufo04.jpg)
UFO:AI is neat.
Open file (11.45 KB 255x159 ufo05.jpg)
Open file (12.01 KB 255x159 ufo06.jpg)
Open file (8.78 KB 255x191 nati-on.jpg)
Have you played Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory? Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory (ET) is an open-source and gratis multi-player-only FPS game. The community has developed an enhanced version of the game called ET-legacy (https://www.etlegacy.com/) Download ET here: https://www.splashdamage.com/games/wolfenstein-enemy-territory/ (If you are on GNU/Linux, use your distro's package manager) You need to get a file called etkey to be able to play. The everyone has their ownetkey. Don't share your etkey. Pls make backups. Get etkey from one of these sites: - http://etkey.org/ - https://fearless-assassins.com/etkey-enemy-territory/index.php - http://etkey.net/ - If you are on GNU/Linux, place the etkey in /home/Anon/.etwolf/etmain/ - If you are on Windows, place the etkey in C:\Program Files (x86)\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\etmain\ Download fix for the Master Server here (sadly, only Windows version is available; use ET console to connect to servers in other platforms or get a custom Main Menu that has buttons to connect to servers): https://fearless-assassins.com/files/file/1755-et-masterlist-hacking-and-redirect-fix-for-players/ Lastly, I usually play on the Fearless Assassins' servers, which can be found here: https://fearless-assassins.com/enemyterritory-servers.html
>>396 >et-legacy Please no.
Open file (4.24 KB 255x188 Absolutely Not.jpg)
>>396 >et-legacy ET is already Open Source, Legacy is just made by retarded shit flinging apes
Open file (11.52 KB 255x191 nope.jpg)
>>396 >ET-Legacy
Open file (12.21 KB 255x159 xonotic1.jpg)
Open file (13.80 KB 255x159 xonotic3.jpg)
Open file (17.85 KB 255x159 xonotic4.jpg)
Open file (11.15 KB 255x159 xonotic5.jpg)
Open file (15.75 KB 255x159 xonotic6.jpg)
Xonotic (http://www.xonotic.org) Really fun arena FPS. Pretty good bots that don't lag the game. Lots of different game modes. Has quake inspired weapons, but also has many original weapons. Most weapons have a secondary fire that does something different from the primary fire. Bunny hopping is very useful, and not very hard. Very fast paced game overall. The bots work very well in every base gamemode that I know of. Has multiplayer, but most of the servers are empty and laggy, but, if you go around to many servers and tell people to join a specific one usually you can get at least 10 people that way. Has cool graphical effects and explosions, which don't give me FPS issues at all even on an intel iris embedded GPU. Supports dynamic global lighting (as in dynamic ambient light), but not sure how good it is as it is too much for my GPU. Has single player missions, which don't seem to have any story, but are a good way to try out different game modes. The map graphics are not the greatest or most detailed, but the other graphical effects definitely make up for it. I recommend trying this one if you like FPS games, especially quake-like games.
>>400 we know
Open file (11.00 KB 255x159 hedgewars.jpg)
Open file (4.70 KB 255x159 pioneer.jpg)
>>401 Ok, then two not mentioned anywhere on /vg/ Hedgewars (https://hedgewars.org) Similar to Worms Armageddon, but with hedgehogs instead of worms. Really fun, especially multiplayer. AI is ok for normal games, but for special game modes using special game mechanics (like shopa which is focused on using the grappling hook to slide hogs off ledges), the AI isnt very functional. Also has two story campaigns which are a series of single player missions, some of which have decisions that can result in different endings to the story line. Pioneer (https://pioneerspacesim.net) Open galaxy space simulator game set in the milky way. Has warp drives which are needed to get between solar systems, but rest of physics in the game are based on standard non-relativistic physics. Graphics are ok. The graphics of cities are trash (think that is being worked on though), but space looks fine. Has a wide variety of mission types which can be accepted at a space station or city. No overlying storyline the player takes part in, however, there are factions and different governments, each of which have their own defining characteristics such as police force strength, laws, illegal goods, and expansion policies. Works very well with a joystick. You can either primarily use autopilot for navigation, or do it manually, however, I don't think you could do it completely manually like in KSP. Compiling it from scratch gives you many more features as the official release lags behind development versions significantly.
>>402 We know https://osgameclones.com/#worms-series-games #elite-ii-games Damn newfags
>>403 >>> anywhere on /vg/ Ok one not on there either. Caph (http://caphgame.sourceforge.net/) is a drawing/2d physics based puzzle game. Pretty simple, but enjoyable. Doesn't support saving progress AFAIK so to skip levels I just rename the level I want to play to map01 in the data directory. Read the README for list of controls. Seems abandoned.
>>402 >Pioneer Muh nigger Should get back into the game.
>>402 Is Pioneer that elite clone?
>>402 >Similar to Worms Armageddon, but with hedgehogs instead of worms. Really fun, especially multiplayer. AI is ok for normal games, but for special game modes using special game mechanics (like shopa which is focused on using the grappling hook to slide hogs off ledges), the AI isnt very functional. Also has two story campaigns which are a series of single player missions, some of which have decisions that can result in different endings to the story line. How's the online? Direct connect only or are there servers. >Pioneer Neat.
>>393 Is the single player campaign finished yet? It's the best X-Com like game around, but I'm not going to start a fourth playthrough before I know it can be finished.
>>402 and theres http://www.oolite.org/ elite clone with a friendly community
>>402 >Pioneer I just want to say fuck you anon for introducing me to this game. It's addicting as fuck and taking up all my schedule
>>409 >Friendly community Will I get spanked for saying fuck or something? Cause that usually what it means.
I'm surprised nobody mentioned Star Ruler 2 which became Open Source few months back. https://github.com/BlindMindStudios/StarRuler2-Source
>>412 Think cause most fags didn't care so much for Star Ruler 2
>>412 Maybe we can make it playable?
Any good skinner box ARPG like games?
>>415 Well you got a lot of suggestions but depends on what setting you want?
>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QnxOvkQDcbM Liberal Crime Squad is a satirical game about changing the political orientation of the nation via radical activism. You start off as just one guy with an angsty past, recruit followers and organize cells to keep the organization running. The things you can do vary from playing hippie music and spraying graffitis all the way to kidnapping and brainwashing sleeper agents and outright terrorism. Basically, the game parodies the complete lack of self-awareness that people like Antifa operate on. In this game, breaking into a cosmetics lab to vandalize the place makes you a hero! The game was made by Tarn Adams, but the community has been updating it ever since. You can get the latest version here: http://www.bay12forums.com/smf/index.php?topic=159540.0
>>417 This sounds neat and a good idea for a shitpost. Reminds me of that game I struggle to remember the name of but it was made by the devs who made Evil Genius.
>>417 Antifa simulator?
Open file (8.14 KB 255x143 2018-11-18-165118.jpg)
mkdir -p quake3e/baseq3/; cd quake3e/; wget https://chiru.no/u/quake3e.x64; wget -P baseq3/ https://github.com/nrempel/q3-server/raw/master/baseq3/pak{0..8}.pk3 https://chiru.no/u/autoexec.cfg; chmod +x quake3e.x64; ./quake3e.x64 +connect chiru.no
Who is up for some Cake tonight?
Open file (3.93 KB 255x143 huutisat.jpg)
>gaymen on loonix
linux but with builtin denuvo
>>422 Interesting. I never saw it that way before.
>>424 dinux?
>Install zero-k >desktop's task bar still visible >this blocks my cursor making me unable to scroll the view downward >displaces icons so you have to click lower than where your cursor is >don't know how to fix it Any help would be appreciated.
>>426 not being retarded helps set game to full screen, alt+enter twice, if that doesnt help manually click the maximize button, if that doesnt help self-billy is your only option
Open file (5.86 KB 255x93 2018-11-30-035145.jpg)
>>428 What OS?
>>428 Right Wing Zero-K Squads night when?
>>428 I keep meaning to get some anons together to play that game some time. Probably should ask /rts/ thread.
>>427 None of that worked, and re-starting the game doesn't work either. >>429 Mint.
>>431 It's one of these games I keep meaning to play myself but I get distracted or end up playing something else.
>>433 That's because it runs like ass and you're better off playing Supreme Commander.
>>432 >Mint. What DE?
Are we gonna play some fucking Wesnoth together or not?
>>436 Only if you spank some anons into submission and get them to sit their asses down. What time?
Open file (14.96 KB 255x238 de7928608d63e141.jpg)
>>438 Nani?
>>438 That's not how software works. Toilets don't have magical revert buttons that remove the faggot's shit from the floor.
>>440 >Toilets don't have magical revert buttons https://git-scm.com/docs/git-revert It's ok to be Nodev.
>>441 >White Fake image.
>>441 That was my point nigger. Hospitals don't have a magic revert button for toilets. If someone shits all over the floor they have to clean it up the hard way.
Open file (16.81 KB 246x255 suped1.jpg)
Open file (18.46 KB 246x255 suped2.jpg)
>playing Chromium B.S.U >it's a lot harder than I expected >letting enemies past you costs lives >realize it's designed for mouse movement >certain enemies in the second stage are designed for rapidly circling around them at speeds faster than they keyboard movement can handle
Open file (7.95 KB 255x143 20190104034510.jpg)
Open file (8.59 KB 255x143 20190104020556.jpg)
Open file (7.31 KB 255x143 20190104005331.jpg)
I've been playing War for Overworld. After I finished downloading it, I got that new game rush and played for some unholy amount of time.
>>445 Is this supposed to be like Dungeon Keeper or something?
>>446 Pretty much.
>>447 Does it have the same problems that Dungeon Keeper had where basically lack of information prevents meaningful decision-making and skill on any given level?
>>415 >Any good skinner box ARPG like games? Depends on how FOSS you want it. I have not kept up with how far Freeablo is doing right now. If you just want something on Loonix no matter what, there's Torchlight 2 and Victor Vran, but yes they are on Steam loonix.
Open file (11.33 KB 255x191 supertuxkart.jpg)
Just got through with some SuperTuxKart netplay alpha testing and it works great. You fags need to compile this so we can get a tournament going.
>>448 they tried to remove that by just adding more money sources, also they don't have the room requirements for special minions
>>450 How is the netcode? Do we also have any custom models?
>>452 I only played it with one other person on a 100ms server so far, but it was smooth and desync-free. I know you can customize STK with your own custom models like crazy offline, but I dunno how that all is going to work with online multiplayer yet.
>>448 The real big problem I'm having with this game is the lack of keybinding options(?) I'm way used to hitting QWERT/ASDF/ZXCV to select the items on the bottom left grid, and the control groups is exceptionally obtuse compared to RTS.
Open file (10.78 KB 255x143 20190104221221.jpg)
Open file (9.29 KB 255x143 20190104222835.jpg)
Open file (9.76 KB 255x143 20190105033139.jpg)
>>450 More screenshots. >>454 + for example If I want to assign units to a control group to tell them to attack something, I expect to click and drag for a selection rectangle instead of CTRL+# and click on each and individual walking and semi-autonomous minion. Also I don't think I can remove minions from a control group, just move them off to another one. E.g I tried adding all of my flying units that can go across chasms and lava and I accidentally added one normal ground unit to the warband.
>>446 It's named after the cancelled third original game Bullfrog we're going to do but I think they were going to literally let you invade the actual overworld but this is a clone instead. Problem is that the devs were from the DK2 competitive multiplayer community and they tried to 'balance' the SP game for MP. I hear that they tried to address it with patches though.
>>445 >>455 Good one anon, always wanted to try some Dungeon Keeper, and this seems reasonably new.
Unrelated, but just today I've come to play Opus Magnum and its pretty interesting.
>>457 Why not just play the original Dungeon Keeper though since it still works and has aged well?
Open file (18.00 KB 255x185 Tsar_Cannon.jpg)
>>435 Sorry I never responded, the problem literally fixed itself and I forgot to post.
Just install a proper operating system like TempleOS.
>>462 Whatever you say Terry. I miss him lads.
Does Wesnoth have ships?
>>464 There's a bunch of dedicated aquatic terrain units but I'm not aware of any "ships".
>>464 There's a 17th century mod that's fairly well-made, it has galleys, galleons, ships of the line, frigates and sloops.
Open file (10.44 KB 255x107 racemix1.jpg)
Open file (8.11 KB 255x96 racemix2.jpg)
Open file (10.27 KB 255x105 racemix3.jpg)
>download a Wesnoth custom campaign because it has neat caves-under-mountains feature listed >lore-dump after a few missions >the matriarchal society (antagonists so far) was formed because the fucking furries starting giving merwomen presents and fucking them which accidentally bred a race of half-human half-mermen amazonians Worst part is they are clearly top half woman bottom half fish which is the worst possible combination. >>464 >>465 Depends on the campaign, custom ones will occasionally feature boats.
Open file (9.64 KB 255x135 kino1.jpg)
Open file (10.07 KB 255x142 kino2.jpg)
Open file (10.17 KB 255x140 kino3.jpg)
>>467 >>468 those mountains are from Age of Wonders 1 if i am not mistaken.
>>469 Possibly inspired by it but I think those are default Wesnoth textures rather than ripped from a different game.
>>467 >Lolita Absolutely based.
>>467 >mermaids >furry
>>472 Well they do tend to have a hairy tuna.
>>472 Scalie is the same thing as furry.
>>474 I'm pretty sure people don't dress up as fish to have weird sex at conventions.
>>475 About that anon….
I was here to talk about games but now I want to understand mermaid porn.
>>458 >those machines You must improve your work Anon
Open file (13.17 KB 255x192 about-shot2-full.jpg)
Word of advice: if you ever try Kobo Deluxe (modernized port of XKobo), disable the motion interpolation feature. The game runs at 30Hz internally but the interpolation adds some inaccuracy which makes tracking and dodging bullets harder, making what's supposed to be a twitchy bullet hell shooter about dismantling procedurally generated fortresses into a slow cheesefest. Have the Japanese made any other freetard games?
>>477 Would you prefer a mermaid with the bottom or top fishy half?
>>479 Free as in freedom or free as in freeware?
>>290 no reason not to use amd on linux now tbh.
>>481 Free as in freedom.
>>441 Being smug when you can't even read
>>480 I'm just a lover of plain vanilla, I like a cute face and nice tits on a maiden of the sea, and I'm okay with "only" having her give me blowjobs and breast play without her having a vageene. So give me the classical mermaid with the fish bottom. A mermaid's smell down there is basically almost identical to regular women anyway.
>I wonder what Kobo Deluxe's final level looks like-
I know you can get into the desktop mode of SteamOS, would it be fine as second OS?
>>440 Yes lets just REVERT systemd. Lets just REVERT pulseaudio. Lets just REVERT all the bad code. It'll be fine. I wish it were that easy. At least shit you can clean up, once the bad code is in there, its probably there forever.
>>487 For what purpose?
>>489 To train my stupid ass how to use linux preferably in a slightly more fuckup proof environment
>>458 Got a torrent for it?
>>490 Just use Xubuntu or Lubuntu. Steam is already a fuckup.
>>488 Audio-wise, OSS4 and sndio are still options. Untying software from systemd is much harder and since Poettering's huge fuckups haven't already scared people away from systemd, I'm not sure what will.
>>492 I see, thank you for the advice Honestly I tried reactos and had to format my hard drive several times over because something I had managed to do put it in a state of shit itself and can't boot, and somehow I had fucked up linux to where it wouldn't render right and it had this odd, stacked lines thing going on
>>490 Then use a linux platform, get a cheap ass computer and run something like mint or something idiotproof to get a feel for it.
>>490 Then why use an app?
>>496 >>495 >>492 Again, thank you for the advice and the reason I'd be using steam is that I have a bunch of games and software I got with tf2 hats and shit
>>458 Here's some of mine. This game is pretty fun.
How does one actually make an Open Source game? Or should I ask the /agdg/ thread?
Open file (2.09 KB 64x56 MusicBee_Logo.jpg)
Open file (1.11 KB 66x68 quod libet.jpg)
Continuing from the other thread: Musicbee and Quod Libet are the best media players. Winamp/winamp clone niggers and their playlist + shitty UI fetishes can fuck right off.
Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup is really good.
>>499 You make a game, then you release its source code to the public. If the game's good it'll get co-opted by a Chinese game company who'll port it to mobile and charge $0.99 for it, and under a different name too!
>>502 >You make a game, then you release its source code to the public. More specifically you release it with a license. Most likely you'll want the GNU GPL license which means any changes to the source code is similarly made free and open source. Licenses like MIT or Unlicense don't obligate that condition. I don't know firsthand how Chinese companies and courts react to it, but it looks like it's upheld? http://archive.is/http://www.chinaiplawyer.com/china-court-protects-violation-gpl-license-agreement/ http://archive.is/https://www.lexology.com/library/detail.aspx?g=597bfc93-0e53-4ffb-8311-a8fe3129d7f8 https://www.fsf.org/blogs/licensing/update-on-artifex-v-hancom-gnu-gpl-compliance-case-1 I am not sure the cases with obvious Overwatch and Team Fortress knockoffs, but those games I assume would have to be reverse engineered.
Open file (7.20 KB 255x172 free_orion_furries.jpg)
At least the game lets you research concentration camps.
Open file (6.16 KB 255x117 d.jpg)
>>504 >this is one of the possible system names
>>504 Been a building for quite some time actually.
>>505 What the fuck, that's new.
>>499 >>503 A few corrections. An open-source game doesn't necessarily need to be free, there are some out there but I don't know them, one good example of this is Civ4, where Firaxis opened up a good portion or their gameplay source code libraries to open public (long after they released all their dlc none the less), this opened up the community to make all sorts of really deep modifications that kept the game going long after its expected period. I remember reading about another example of this, one guy publishes all of his games open source, but required payment to play on his server, download from his site and whatever. Per experience, when this happens it usually opens up more of a community than it would do otherwise.Its a similar parallel to how open music works, anyone can get it for free, but commercial uses give it revenue and a large community supports it. This is a whole different deal than with chinese knock offs, you don't need the source code of reverse engineering, just copy the concept, context, style and crap. In fact, very similar games can pretty much look the same, but run very differently under the hood.
>>508 "Free" as in libre.
>>504 >Bad Industry >No Research >Bad Supply >ULTIMATE GROUND TROOPS Do they yiff enemies to death?
>>510 They aren't a playable nation just a neutral native one. You can conquer them and they're mildly useful if they're on a border planet.
>>504 >>505 >So bad at gnuing I cant even get this to build Why
>>512 There's a PPA for the latest version here https://www.freeorion.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=10942 and if that's not good for you try following the relevant instructions here https://freeorion.org/index.php/Download
>>412 If they open sourced SR1 I would have been all over it. All Star Ruler 2 needed to do was fix the netcode of SR1 and address a few small power scaling issues. Instead they made that bizarre abomination.
>>514 They probably lost Star Ruler's source code which is why they can't open source it.
>>500 Quod Libet should have a Client mode for mpd
FreeOrion multiplayer when?
>>517 As soon as i get the basics t. just downloaded it
>>517 That has multiplayer that works?
Just trying out performous.
>>520 That game seems a bit pointless?
>>521 It's a rhythm game. Exactly what point do you want?
>>519 Yup, it's had it for some time now.
Open file (19.64 KB 255x204 14-04-19-1555252818.jpg)
Open file (14.96 KB 255x204 13-04-19-1555192744.jpg)
Open file (12.92 KB 255x204 14-04-19-1555252948.jpg)
>OpenApoc >ground vehicles are a viable tactic now to defend key position Now all that is missing is a mod that adds a few more ground vehicles, helicopters or adding even naval combat. Its a bit disappointing to see that Griffon AFV and the Wolverine APC can only carry one weapon while air vehicles have more weapon choices. Or better yet being able to use vehicles in tactical missions too seeing that the previous X-Com series had a weapons. >>408 Looks like this game development has been stalling for quite some years now, they haven't made much progress with the upcoming never ever release.
Open file (19.57 KB 255x204 15-04-19-1555365242.jpg)
Open file (20.04 KB 255x204 15-04-19-1555365339.jpg)
Open file (22.13 KB 255x204 15-04-19-1555365422.jpg)
Open file (9.38 KB 221x255 kuumotus.jpg)
>next week passes >ayy lamo invades now with stronker UFO >my initial vehicles are getting obliterated with only 1 downed UFO >load up older save game >upgrade my land and air vehicles with better weapons and appropriate engines >they are downing all UFO's now >managed to piss off 3 more organization including big guv' >theoretically have dem shekels to befriend with the guv again but I'm kind of low on cash already IT AIN'T GONNA BE ME.
>>524 I am amazed in how many years how quickly this became a meme to a good game.
>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lm1TFDBiIIg SuperTuxKart v1.0 RELEASED Finally, you can play networked multiplayer games with your favorite libre pals. No more pissing and moaning about muh compiling, anon. Are you ready to race?
>>524 >>525 Damn this looks good. Making a mod for the vehicles shouldn't be too hard if there's even a bit of documentation around on their forums or whatever the graphics for it would be the pain.
>>528 Yes it plays pretty nice most of the time, I haven't found any game breaking bugs yet so its relatively stable. I really like it how much chaos erupts now when I am raiding the cult of sirius with my nigger squads. Fucking chaos everywhere and their corpse are like a volatile ammunition dump now which causes even more explosion, I find it a damn shame I cannot finish my task to wreck some more havocs as the mission quits immediately once all hostile forces are killed. The raid was quite a success, I looted around 6-8 Psiclones which is quite a lot of shekels. Regarding modding well I pretty much figured out now and one of my Issues I had all the was I forget to change the commenting in one of my XML file which causes it to give a cryptic error message because OpenApoc removes all spaces which makes it for me very hard to debug. I wrote also a few bash scripts which automates this mod creation process quite a bit apart from hardcoding the values in the source code directly, I made even a script that automatically generates OpenApoc friendly CRC checksum file. So all I need to figure out is how the fuck making the savegame applys my changes too then I can mod pretty much in the usual fashion. I think I will start by adding a few more cold-war era weapons and vehicles, though it makes me wonder how well OpenApoc behaves when I use a vehicle as a agent or something because I would like to have vehicle combat in battlescape too. >>526 Yeah its pretty great to see OpenApoc is in playable state now, there is still some features missing such as weekly reports and appropiate income so I guess for the time being I would have to raid the sirius cultist a little bit more often for ancient Egyptian gold.
>>529 >I haven't found any game breaking bugs yet so its relatively stable. Even if you find minor ones it doesn't hurt to report them, that's how FOSS projects improve. >Regarding modding well I pretty much figured out now and one of my Issues I had all the was I forget to change the commenting in one of my XML file which causes it to give a cryptic error message because OpenApoc removes all spaces which makes it for me very hard to debug. I wrote also a few bash scripts which automates this mod creation process quite a bit apart from hardcoding the values in the source code directly, I made even a script that automatically generates OpenApoc friendly CRC checksum file. So all I need to figure out is how the fuck making the savegame applys my changes too then I can mod pretty much in the usual fashion. I think I will start by adding a few more cold-war era weapons and vehicles, though it makes me wonder how well OpenApoc behaves when I use a vehicle as a agent or something because I would like to have vehicle combat in battlescape too. If you make one that works report back and consider sticking it onto their official forums or something so maybe it gets adopted more widely.
>>530 >Even if you find minor ones it doesn't hurt to report them, that's how FOSS projects improve. I did my first report now, I will do more when I can find more reproducible bugs, I did have a few frequent crashes today but I have a bit hard time to track them because it happens sometimes not always. Also I commented on a few other existing issues that it also happens on my own end too. >If you make one that works report back and consider sticking it onto their official forums or something so maybe it gets adopted more widely. I released my used bash scripts now, its rough on the edges but for the most purpose it works. I did my best effort to document it so hopefully other anons can read it well enough. Actually I could have released my testmod too so that other anons can see how I did it to get my mod to load, oh well at least I documented how to get a mod to load which requires a bit more fiddling but nothing too much. >official forums I am not so much keen on using a forum, considering OpenApoc hasn't been pozzed yet like it is with Spring RTS or OpenRA I guess I will make another "throw away-ish" account. So before that happens I would like to make a few significant changes too so that I have something to show off instead of just simple variable tweaks.
>>527 I tried this with a few fags last night. The netcode left much to be desired although was fun.
>>532 How bad was it anon?
github.com/OpenApoc/OpenApoc/issues/555 >heavily stresses on a few pages (UFOPedia, Git itself) that OpenApoc supports modding >file a bug report that ground vehicles cannot have more than 1 weapon slot <our main goal now is to finish vanila mechanics first just for info Welp looks like I have to wait a little bit longer with my vehicles stuff then. I guess the idea of modding OpenApoc has to live on the backlog for a while then.
>>534 Seems they are keeping open source features in the backburner?
>>535 Its hard for me to tell, I'm not that familiar with their "developer hierarchy". From the recent exchange I had over IRC with JohnnyH he was receptive of my bash scripts and might probably use as another source for inspiration, he wrote to me he made a Qt based mod editor which is not completely done and its old so he hasn't much time working on it much so he definitely wants to have modding support. Also they are looking for people that are willing to completely replace all the art asset with open source ones in his words "Replacements to be all-or-nothing. Not much worse than different-res slightly-different-style assets on the same screen", though it would be quite hard to find a person or two that is willingly to do this mammoth task. For example Freedoom replaced pretty much everything but there is still a few sprites left that is not yet done and it existed for a long time too, so I guess he wants to avoid this "pitfall". Art assets are not important right now, so if I understand it right they are looking mainly for more programmers and people that are documenting things such as updating the wiki or developing tools, any kind of tools will do that will help with OpenApoc development either directly or indirect. Regarding my bug well I formatted the entry wrong which caused OpenApoc to not read it properly and I fixed it now so ground vehicles can have more than 1 weapons which I just did. I also made a fork so I can publish all my changes now without having to wait for the pull request to get accepted. For the "Makus" guy he didn't wrote much just that he told another guy that the UFOpedia wiki should be updated soon, he doesn't lurk at the IRC at all so I have no chance to talk with him outside of Micro$ofthub. I just found his response irritating and I'd wish he would explain his point of view. Anyway yeah I can continue on my thing as usually such as documenting stuff, making a few examples mod and working on the bash script. Today I documented the vehicle_types.xml https://github.com/JohnSmith25/OpenApoc/wiki/Vehicle_Types which is not perfect as I need to improve the formatting more but I will do it later, I want to try to add a new weapon with custom sound and some graphics for it too it will be a AKM-47 also I would have to skip with the agent weapon sprite for now as I haven't looked yet how this whole graphic format stuff works.
>>536 >AKM-47
>>536 >a AKM-47
Open file (12.85 KB 255x151 huh.jpg)
>>536 >1 weapons
>>537 >>538 AK-74s >>539 Of course it will be 1 weapon only for now, it depends if you want also the fancy battlescape sprites or not which will take longer because I need to figure out that one too and that means I need to work on a Blender template. Also I would like to try making my own file translator to xml which supports multiple inheritance because working with xml is fucking gay. Well what raifu do you want to see in this mod?
>>536 >AKM-47 Is this a gun that was ahead of it's time? >>540 >AK-74s Please tell me that's meant to be plural?
>>541 >Is this a gun that was ahead of it's time? All I know is that this weapon is a bit more common than AK-47 and it has a dovetail mount for scopes, I am not /k/ autistic enough to tell you more about it. However I am not sure what kind of differences I could make between AKM-47 and AK-47 except for a bit better accuracy and damage as well weeks availability I guess. Now come to think of it I better start separating the mod now because I am not sure if its a gud idea pushing ripped content into MacroshartHub because I just took those images and sounds from a bunch of stalker mods. I already have some idea that Megapol will supply eastern block weapons and Marsec western ones, the player should also have the ability to create all the weapons and ammo from its own workshop too because just in case you are in very bad terms with other orgs or something so that workshop isn't limited to special weapons only for some reason, and if possible make the equipment about 5-10% cheaper so you can have anuda source of income. So yes I gave in to >>539 a bit but that's so far I will go now because I want to work on a custom parser with batch and/or bydlon, as I am not even sure if XML supports inheritance or some kind of global custom variables. Also I wrote a basic guide now github.com/JohnSmith25/OpenApoc/wiki/Modding-guide—basics . I think I should try figuring out loading stalker models into blender soon I think the plugin for that is around the Macrosharthub too or I might have downloaded it already I haven't checked it yet. Oh yeah I will open soon another repo at gitgud instead then I don't have to worry about their stupid policies. >Please tell me that's meant to be plural? lad… You're supposed to continue the line.
>>542 I look forward to your finished result anon. And what abomination is created
>>542 >AKM-47 I mean why? Why even do this? Not even should be a copyright issue at all should there? I don't even want to know what they call the nugget and PPSH, we are too dangerously close to starting G3 tier memes.
>>543 th-thanks for stopping by. >>544 The issue is not in weapon names but in using content such as sounds and the GUI "sprites" themselves from other stalker mods which I'm not sure what will happen over there in SJWhub and I don't want to jeopardize myself that way unnecessary, I mean they banned "Webm for retard" because it was a insult to people with disabilities or something so the project had to rename itself. I still want to provide with them crash logs and documenting stuff a bit more. So my other mod called "coldwar" for now as I wrote before will be published at gitgud instead so you anons don't have to worry about this stuff. Moonman mod is already hosted in that fashion I made some bit of progress with my custom format parser now its not completely done and I still have to do a lot of work to get the basic stuff working, the idea is that I use a plain text format with a different syntax improved for human-readability then the parser checks if the block type is right for example the definition of a ammo which uses different variables set then the weapon block does then it should check for typos or any variables which is not defined in the format and printing out a error, when "actor" definitions is correct as in it passed all checks in the custom format parser then it sends the content to another program which converts it to OpenApoc friendly xml file. It shouldn't be that hard to do it just takes a while since with Python I don't have to reinvent every wheel and I am bit more familiar with that then bash+awk scripting which I know (very-) little of. This tool set might be published somewhere else since it could be used as a general purpose program for modding which is used in intermediate fashion. Stuff that I need to figure out is how I want to handle variables, variables that acts as a block (list of variables) and so on. <vehicle_equipment> <entry> <key>VEQUIPMENTTYPE_AIRGUARD_ANTI-AIR_CANNON</key> <value> <type>VehicleWeapon</type> <id>VEQUIPMENTTYPE_AIRGUARD_ANTI-AIR_CANNON</id> <name>Airguard Anti-Air Cannon</name> <weight>20</weight> .... </value> </entry> .... </vehicle_equipment> That is a average commonly used pattern for OpenApoc. The first <entry> is a "actor" block I don't know the exact generic term for this so I'm gonna stick with that, which has 2 other variables that is often used. The first <key> variable purpose is something I don't exactly know because it seems to be used 2x times with different variable names, then the first <value> variable is actually a list of variables which can or can not be further "chained". So it will be a bit difficult but doable making a appropriate XML converter. The future workflow could look like this: >modder fucks around with the "actors" in intermediate format >modder thinks everything is okay and uses the intermediate format parser >parser check is complete and it goes to another program in OpenApoc case a XML converter >the program converted all the files >the modder can now use these converted XML files to his mods and that's it, its enough work trying to get balancing stuff to get right so it is unnecessary. The advance of such workflow is that errors get checked before the mod gets loaded, its easy to understand and it is not filled with unnecessary clutter. Theoretically it should also make the work of migrating content also easier because you could use a different converter but you are still using the same intermediate format. Once I have that basics working I will try to do a bit more modding stuff, I might have to learn the basics of lua too for this.
>>545 Keep posting you glorious autistic fuck. I enjoy reading your posts.
>>546 th-thanks, I don't have much progress to post now because the past few days I was busy dealing with other stuff nothing related to programming and I often up end up becoming tired so I couldn't work on it much. I managed to get a very basic check going and the text reader function works somewhat correctly so far so I still need to figure out that the format checker function also checks if the variable type is valid as in a integer variable cannot have a string variable, I probably also have to look for a actual parser module which does the task better as mine probably wouldn't be able to work that reliable but I will see. Most of those parser modules seems to have a way too complicated syntax for my liking so it will take a while to find one that is easier to read. And as I have guessed the basic "parser" already fails when the variable contains a comment like this: garbage = crap // crap comment, because all it does it reads line by line with some few conditions thrown in, however it does ignore the comments when it is on its own line so there isn't a problem with that. Once the few basic functions are working better I can start looking how I should deal with variables containing another variables, then support for inheritance and a constant sort of variable which should working with copies of a "actor" much simpler to deal with. opening file. <FORMAT BEGIN> var: ID = String var: maxammo = Integer var: garbage2 = crap2 <FORMAT END> Format: ['ID = String', 'maxammo = Integer', 'garbage2 = crap2'] closing file. This is the result of readblock() function, which is pretty simplistic but its a start so what is left in for that is that I need to clean up the format variable which should end up something like this: Format: ['ID', 'String', 'maxammo', integer, block, [block1, block2, ….], …]. Then I can just use the split "function" or however it is called [0:1] or [1:2] and so on which I already wrote a function for this if I want a specific type of the variables. It is sufficient enough to check if the data file variable names matches the names defined by the specification and eventually a check if the variable type is correct too. When all those basic functions are finished I can work on a XML converter which will be easier to work with as all it has to do is just slapping the variable names and its values on the XML syntax and then OpenApoc should be able to read those values just fine assuming the specification uses the OpenApoc variables. I already did something similar for the XML "translator" in form of a checksum bash script.
Open file (20.28 KB 255x224 1458940802539-3.jpg)
So any anons played Endgame Singularity? It's where you play an AI trying to stop mankind trying to purge your software. http://www.emhsoft.com/singularity/
Open file (5.83 KB 120x255 Gaming On Linux.jpg)
Wew Officially Year of the Linux Desktop! https://archive.vn/https://www.wired.com/story/enemies-no-more-microsoft-brings-linux-kernel-windows/ I forgot how cancerous Mark Mann is. Anyways I hope everyone embraces the new distro!
10 projects to stay away from now that Pajeets are supplying code for it http://archive.fo/cbWvN
>>548 I've completed that, it's fun but not very replayable.
>>547 So anon it's been a week. Anything else updated? I normally read your stuff at work but don't post often in thread.
>>552 I don't have much to post right now because the last week I was busy playing City of Heroes on coxg serb so that I could shitpost with other anons. Right now I have to orient myself how I can put all the functions "together" as it comes quite close as being capable of doing some workable outputs. I think I have to refactor some parts of it soon because I probably want to use a multiple list of list sort of loop, obviously because of all the definitions as it doesn't make sense that a item definitions has the same "maxammo" variable for example. So I need to also figure out how to do that so that the semi-parser outputs several definitions instead of making a gigantic blob. Also I forget to mention previously that adding a new vehicle in OpenApoc wouldn't be as easy because it doesn't use traditional hitboxes but a list of voxel positions which is far outside of my knowledge field and none of those other OpenApoc goys have it figured out either, which blows.
>>553 >Playing City of Heroes >But not with anons TRAITOR!
>>553 >doesn't use traditional hitboxes but a list of voxel positions Sounds like Novalogic tier.
>>555 Don't Novalogic games use voxels?
Is there like, a .bat file for linux? This is probably a retarded question but I got this piece of shit that'll only run out of the terminal
>>557 .sh
>>558 Thanks buddy
>>559 don't forget to put #!/bin/sh at the top and set the file as executable (0755)
Open file (16.29 KB 248x255 2019-03-15-160904.jpg)
Found this on reddit https://gitlab.com/librebob/athenaeum Meant to be steam for open source games, might have potential.
I currently have a laptop with Nvidia optimus, and it's shit because I can't get good performance with OpenGL and Vulkan doesn't work with optimus. Are AMD gpu laptops better, I'm not a big desktop guy so I would be sticking to portables. Otherwise, until then, anything I can do to get Vulkan working? I tried out Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, Arch and none have it working correctly.
>>534 Keeping focus on vanilla first is good. You don't want the project to die because everyone gets hung up on utopic ideas. That's what happened to the XL Engine, everyone just wanted the original games in a new Engine, but Lucius just couldn't stop adding more and more crap to it. And now we don't have anything.
What the fuck is with open source game console handheld things coming out that nobody hears or cares about? http://archive.fo/80Ssp
>>564 Some people want to play weird freetard games on the go. The one you posted looks more like a weird hobbyist toy than a regular game console.
>>565 >The one you posted looks more like a weird hobbyist toy Think you just described a game console, before gaming got big.
>>566 Like the Gameboy? It's just sad that when libre hardware is actually available and in the market people don't give a damn.
GoG Galaxy to become an open sauce platform? http://archive.fo/tof8z Am I reading this right?
>>568 Is this trying to be an open source xfire or something?
>>569 No idea.
>>568 Isn't Galaxy already open source?
>>568 No, you're a fucking idiot.
>>554 Pardon? I did played with anons, here is proofs. I hate to realize the fact that my Sentinel build cannot into munition mastery as I'm not found of magik attacks, abilities and all that sort of stuff. I did expressed some ideas at the City of Heroes threda at cakejew board for more firearms, but none of those modder guys have responded to my post yet so maybe they have might taken notice at least I think. >>555 >Novalogic tire They used voxels technology since their first X-Com game m8. >>563 Fair enough, it's a shame that XL Engine got abandoned as I did followed it when it was still active. Well for my format semi-parser, I think I fucked it up big time by using lists and splits as I realized this mistake a little bit too late because I had some cases where comparing same string values didn't worked right and I forget those details now as I have just let it collect some dust again in the past few days. The other part is that I spend the past few days trying to make maps for ftequake but I have nothing noteworthy to show now as I run out of ideas way too quickly which ends up with me just staring at the map editor (trenchbroom) and doing nuffin as I have hard time coming up new ideas to make details, I had this same issues when I was trying to make a urban dood map for moonman mod I could make progress for around 2-3 days and at 4th day I feel completely burned out and that was around 8-10 months ago or so which I haven't touched the urban dood map for a good while. Going back to the semi parser which I worked on it a bit yesterday I only wrote 1 new crude function and changed a few other functions because comparing lists and dictionaries of 2 variables is too different so I have to rewrite almost all of my functions now because they all worked with lists only and then I would have also to make sure that none of the functions or at least the important ones are crapping itself when it is going to deal with 4-5th level of key:value nesting, for example the module variable of a vehicle is such a 5th level nesting which. The 4-5th nesting might sound for some of you a lot which isn't really the case, the first 2 nesting are just a list of variables in key:pair fashion so for example the data[file_type[0-1]] is the top most level and it looks like this data = {"g_spec_ammo": {bunch of vars…}, "g_defs_ammo": {bunch of vars…}, }, file_type[0-1] is a list of concatenated strings which I use it for book keeping purpose. Internally Python saves all variables in a dict variable too so my approach is not that crazy. So my main function is already made in mind that it should manipulate several files and variables which does so by having 2 phases, the first phase is reading the file and separating it so that it makes sense, the second phase is all the additional cleaning and comparison checks so that the user definitions matches with the specification. I cannot give a rough estimate right now when its finally ready for release as I have still to check what other functions needs to be rewritten.
>>573 >Playing with /v/eddit There's a number of anons I discovered on /vg/ who downright refuse to play with anyone from /v/ as /v/ are retarded newfag niggers who are shit at video games Then again they are not above blame since now they refuse to advertise on 8chan at all Sage for off topic.
>>574 Is the leddit infestation in /v/ really that bad? I only know a few obnoxious redditor retards who tried to sabotage the /agdg/ threda a few times such as rust redditor and some other fag whose name I forget. Though I do question sometimes myself if its even worth continuing lurking /v/ when mark still goes full retard and banned me a few times because apparently I was derailing a threda too much with political stuff, which pisses me off because I have often a long period where I don't post at all.
>>575 There a fags on /v/ who don't even know who Mark is but name themselves like "Mark's Asshole" in gamenights Then there was what they did to Barotrauma fags who once they stopped inviting /v/ actually enjoyed their gamenights So yes, it's that bad
Open file (9.25 KB 255x214 1506505017373.jpg)
>>576 I see, yeah I better should get used to stop lurking at /v/ then. I recently got banned again for shitposting a little bit too hard at the dood threda and as a result all of my post got deleted even the on-topic ones, I couldn't be bothered to look up who did this as its probably cake kike himself or one of his lackeys. Can't have even a little bit fun with some shitposting on that fucking board, it's a bit hard for me trying to quit that way in "cold turk" fashion because I am too used lurking there as I don't know much other places asides from /vg/ where I could also lurk. It would also explain why /v/ is getting a lot of low quality threda too because cake kike doesn't care about it and he is also pretty hypocritical with his ban enforcement, for example the gamergate, 4am threda and a couple other seems to enjoy a more lax enforcement than the other thredas I guess those are cake kike favorite hangout or some shit. Man I never thought the very same board that I used to post a lot of progress a few years ago on the agdg threda would become much more worse on par of halfchan "quality", its a abstract kind of feeling.
>>576 >who don't even know who Mark is The vast majority of 8chan doesn't know nor do care who the owner of the site, Jim, is or what does he do with his online show or his past government career, nor why his local filipino servers are in the embassy area or why did a CIA contractor wanted to go around getting imageboards as a hobby
Also >>574 Knowing how this place got its real kicks started, why are you surprised at all by that fact?
>>578 I haven't seen those information posted after around 2nd-3rd exodus if I recall it correctly, which was around the time before Hotwheels gave his administration over to Jim. There was a attempt to migrate to endchan instead but it was very futile as their /v/ board is dead and the /agdg/ board is filled with spam as nobody maintains it at all. Part of /int/ anons from krautchan I think migrate over there and some other imageboard group migrate to endchan to unrelated from halfchan and 8chan. Actually I just digged through my files which is from 2015 that has a good chunk of information related to Brennan and perhaps some related to Jim too called the brennan dossier which is 25mb big. Gibs me a gud link to upload the zip file.
>>577 Honestly, minus the mandatory political tilt, I'd have to say mark/v/ is probably worse than 4/v/ like a month after TORtanic where newfags were trying to claim everything was going to be the next TORtanic. It was fucking annoying.
Anyway enough off topic talk. More AKM-47s!
I got Lutris running and every plug-in for Diablo II working as far as I can tell. Now a little curious with the hours tracking i.e how long it'll take before a high rune drops for my new necromancer. (It happened before on LAN.)
>>567 >right >physical keyboard I don't play handheld or mobile games, but I would actually dig using that as a general mobile device.
>>574 Let's get real anon, this board is full of newfags pretending to be oldfags just like most of 8ch at this point. The vast majority of oldfags that came with the exodus/returned to image boards after seeing a glimmer of hope have given up on this shit site after witnessing board after board run into the ground by inept narcissist owners who don't have a clue how to moderate a forum, while the community proves itself too chickenshit to take a stand and migrate when the chips are down. /animu/ and /tech/ are almost the only boards worth a damn left on this shit site. >>581 It'd put it right on par with the shithole that was 4/v/ circa 2011/12, which coincidentally was when that newfag Mark first got into image boards.
>>585 Take it to the meta thread. But I have my own disagreement with the mindset behind these posts. It's fine to be pessimistic and critical, but you're giving in the least no detail, no direction for the situation to improve itself, or an idea of what constitutes a good video game discussion board. Neither are you taking any initiative to lead the community by example with a quality thread when the option is well available to everyone including yourself.
>>586 >Neither are you taking any initiative to lead the community by example with a quality thread when the option is well available to everyone including yourself. And you know this because… ?
>>587 Because unless you want to compromise some of your anonymity, the best you can do is pretend to be an OP for another thread.
>>588 Mmhmm, so you're a vol abusing your power by casually spilling information about user hashes, and at the same time also oblivious to the concept of a dynamic IP. Thank goodness for that at least, it's the only protection from people like you that don't actually understand anonymity. It's not about whether I want to compromise some of my anonymity, you've just done it without my consent. I suppose it would surprise you to learn that I've been posting in this thread from the beginning.
>>589 I'm not a board volunteer. But there is no identity on an anonymous imageboard and it's counterintuitive to try and "prove" your contributions outside the context of a current ID. You're just whining about the state of the board to no productive use.
>>590 >But there is no identity on an anonymous imageboard and it's counterintuitive to try and "prove" your contributions outside the context of a current ID. Let's recap what you've done here. You start with an ad hominem falsehood, claim that it can never be proven or disproven, and then continue to use it to beat up on your opponent. How about presenting a real argument? You've contributed the least of all to this tangential discussion while hypocritically bumping the thread with your garbage posts.
Open file (21.41 KB 255x191 2019-06-07-141631.jpg)
>>591 Again, go take your concerns about quality to the meta thread. I don't claim to be the best poster or a judge on quality. But this personal back and forth, not so much a structured argument with a premise and conclusion, does not belong in this thread. I don't, in the least bit, have a charitable perspective on informationless whining about quality. It reads more like catty behind the back drama between two self-perceived types of posters. And no posturing or attempt to persuade could change that. I'm quite entitled to my own opinion, correct? But here's an argument since you want one: If meta thread is for meta discussions, and this is the gaming on Linux thread, then you should take your board and site wide concerns to the meta thread. I'll be playing my vidya.
[End of Dump 8VG04 ~ 08/06/2019] I didn't recall our vol being that much of a nigger back then, kinda wish i know what happened later
Open file (159.94 KB 1475x994 ClipboardImage.png)
>Frogatto is still being updated >the last full release was 1.3 in 2012 >it just hit 4.27 several minutes ago >absolutely nothing about this on the blog or twitter >the blog has been dead for years
>>3379 FOSS games have serious longevity, stuff like SuperTux is over 20 years old and still being actively developed. Generally this is because they're hobbyist projects that people chip away at when they have some spare time.
>>3380 Even if development is glacial compared to regular games (even indie games and free indieshit), I can't deny there's a weird charm to the results and I hope it's still in whatever the fuck 2022 Frogatto looks like.

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