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Anonymous 05/13/2022 (Fri) 12:33:40 No.2517
Photorealism ruined games. Now everything is this horrible uncanny valley nightmare. Everything must be ugly now.
What I like about pre-7th gen era is that before photo-realism was possible, developers didn't even try at it and instead created their own unique styles and looks. Out of this necessity the best days of gaming were forged.
Open file (1.39 MB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)
I wish realism niggers would actually try to make games look like reality instead of gay hollywood movies with bad CG.
>>2523 Man, Crysis (2007) still looks appealing, the realistic palette has a lot to do with that. The industry shift from 'everything is brown' to 'everything is oversaturated' was an over correction I think, realistic color tones have their place.
Open file (119.42 KB 750x422 76123-12.jpg)
>>2523 Trying to make games look and feel like film is one of gaming's greatest follies. Though it's interesting as an experiment in some niche form, I certainly wouldn't want games to look like reality.
>>2524 early attempts at realism hold up much better for some reason
Normalfags need everything realistic for it to be considered serious and justify them liking it. Cartoons = for kids. Live action remake of a cartoon = serious and smrt.
Open file (165.43 KB 640x480 1.jpg)
Open file (178.46 KB 640x480 2.jpg)
6th gen attempts at photorealism were interesting. Have they tried it earlier than that?
Open file (257.22 KB 853x480 Gran Turismo 3.jpg)
Open file (3.35 MB 468x262 Gran Turismo 2.gif)
>>2591 Def. Gran Turismo and some other racing games. GT3 came out in 2001 and was considered the epitome of photo-realism. Hell, even PS1 Gran Turismo games were trying for photo-realism as much as that was possible back then.
Open file (202.82 KB 640x480 maxresdefault.jpg)
>>2592 The Driver series also tried.
fug, why are modern games so fucking ugly...
>>2759 It is a mystery.
>>2760 Why would jews need games to look ugly?
>>2761 no whites allowed and non-whites are ugly
>>2761 >Why would jews need games to look ugly? Nation-destroying 101 Heh, how many times do we need to cover this Anon. Basically, when you want to destroy a people from within (the cheapest way, those miserly kikes) you want to demoralize them. 'Celebrating' diversity (eg, stronk, independynt fuglies, niggers with black & brown bodies, various stripes of troons and other sodomites, general freaks, etc.) all degenerate the common moral fiber of a people, and therefore weaken their tribal and national spirit.
>>2764 whats the point in "destroying a people from within" when you already have total control over people openly
>>2765 >what is 'muh_optics' I wonder what do they teach these kids at school these days tbh?
>>2767 >optics when you control everything
>>2765 >>2770 Plausible deniability is a thing even in the high level trolling acts of the overlords
>>2774 this is a meme
Open file (30.12 KB 545x454 soa1.jpg)
Another shit thing about the age of realism is that every game must be "super serious" now, both visually and tonally, to reflect the realistic graphics. Can't have comfy, colorful or simple games anymore outside of indieshit.
A big issue with modern games is that they try to match gameplay to the cutscenes as close and seamless as possible.
Open file (111.44 KB 736x981 comfy kot.jpg)
>>2818 what was it about the 90s and 00s that made the game so pleasant and cozy? >>2847 this is thought a virtue but it's actually shit
>>2853 >what was it about the 90s and 00s that made the game so pleasant and cozy? Vidya had to go the exact opposite approach of photorealism and relay on art design and visual language.
Open file (185.11 KB 960x720 snapshot.jpg)
Visuals already peaked in 2003.
>>2517 God this modern shit is so vile. Perfect representation of the current year.
Do you think there's some intrinsic point where there's just too much realism, both in visuals and gameplay, that it's just not fun anymore? Normalfags might wake up to that.
>>3039 Normalfags of today are not the same normalfags of even 10 years prior. They've been groomed since childhood into thinking this is the new norm. There's nothing for them to wake up to, this is their world. Everything is fucked. It's either video game crash or decades of this to come.
>>3170 Tru

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