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Amateur Game Development General /agdg/ Anonymous 05/11/2022 (Wed) 15:12:27 No.2475
>Valis <no /agdg/ Let's fix that! Links: >#8/agdg/ via irc.rizon.net >https://matrix.to/#/+agdg:matrix.org via matrix programs >Dev resources: http://8agdg.wikidot.com/resources >Wiki: http://8agdg.wikidot.com/
Hey /agdg/ bro, how's it going?
Open file (4.94 KB 255x166 un.jpg)
question: is unity overkill for 2d games? ps. i use gmstudio atm.
>>2477 Use Godot instead of unity, unity is overkill in terms of running like ass for no reason with ridiculous requirements even for basic 2D games
>>2479 What about 3D?
If you just want to make a simple 2D, consider using Lua and Love 2D. >>2480 Unity is probably the easiest engine for 3D.
>>2488 Easiest as in cattle friendly or comfortable for agdg-img?
Open file (1.92 KB 82x82 frostbolt.jpg)
whats a good simple way to learn c# while using unity? also how do i make the next world of warcraft?
>>2490 DO NOT use unity, it is spyware and runs like ass even if you optimize everything. use godot for basic 3D games and if you need anything more complex than bing bing wahoo then use unreal engine
>>2492 They do make real games in Unity.
>>2497 >unity <real games In your dreams nerd, unity is for asset flips and shitty non games
>>2491 Read Microsoft Visual C# step by step (published by M$ Press) to learn C#. >>2492 Wasn't aware of the spyware.
>>2499 Cuphead is Unity
>>2501 yeah me neither until i read up on it a while back, apparently it tracks user and dev data so that you are always being watched 24/7 through their services with people getting emails to tell them that they have been inactive for an hour or two, it sends player data to their servers even if you pony up and buy their super exclusive good goyim edition that turns that shit off (but not really)
>>2502 >cuckhead is in unity Shit game, shit developers and shit fanbase, yandere dev was made in unity doesn't mean its any good, cuckhead is a shite gaem made for the most retarded niggercattle and is only remembered for its art style its a meh at best game with crippling bullshit hitboxes like dark souls so people think the game is hard when its just poorly coded
>>2504 go back
>>2505 >go back to where exactly?
Idea guy times. What about a dungeon renovation game? You buy up dungeons at auction, fix them up and then auction them off to make money to repeat the cycle. Have different races attend different auction houses with different tastes. A swamp dungeon won't appeal to a necromancer who wants corpses but will appeal to fishmen. So if you build a necromancer themed swamp dungeon it'll flop, but if you build a fishman themed swamp dungeon it will sell well and make you a profit. Think Dungeon keeper but instead of managing it yourself you're building it to sell it on and make a bigger better one. Repeat until you become super rich and can retire to Transylvania.
>>2600 Shrek MMO?
>>2600 idea goy here, I've always wanted to see an FPS/RTS hybrid African warlord simulator, one where you build up resources and manage your bases with different staff and equipment sorta like MGSV but with a more in depth system on what you can do and have your staff actually able to go with you on missions. imagine being the next big Kony in town teaching children to shoot before they can walk whilst killing niggers in droves. gameplay would be a mix of farcry 2 and STALKER CoC and would have various nigger and white factions to fuck around with.
>>2603 So you play as Kony or just order nigger units around?
>>2604 Both, you would order niggers around AND be kony at the same time, like how you are big boss in mgsv and order your troops around at the same time, bonus points for child soldiers
>>2605 And what would the story be?
>>2606 The story is that you are some poor african looking to make some money and power in the wasteland that is sub Sahara Africa and you'll do it by any means, no deep lore here only surface level niggatry
Open file (158.24 KB 516x561 8769566.jpg)
Open file (329.37 KB 512x512 Gatling_camel_aoe3.png)
Open file (1.17 MB 445x250 sips.gif)
Another idea here, what if we, the /valis/ hivemind made our own game together? it could be anything we want and i was thinking that we should get someone such as the BO to sell the game on steam or some other digital marketplace and then use the proceeds to buy a VPS server so we can host our own gamenights? Thoughts?
>>2610 >Thoughts? Not to be impertinent, but have you considered the possibility that a Robowaifu-themed game might offer? I think you lads might just have the right stuff to pull off a good one. >t. /robowaifu/ :^)
>>2611 some cuckchan anon made one, don't remember the name but it'a about finding a discarded robo wife and making porn with her so that you can pay your bills aka gay and diagusting
>>2612 >aka gay and diagusting Undoubtedly. However, my thinking was more along the lines of /robowaifu/'s goals, not some m00t-acolyte's. I think there are plenty of fun stories around the basic idea already out there. For example, "Boku no Marie" (or "My Dear Marie")
How should I handle a turn based game? State Machine? That's what I'm leaning towards right now but if anyone has any other bright ideas I'm up for it.
>>2630 What kind of turn based game?
>>2600 You mean something like Dungeon Keeper+?
>>2654 Meaning that the game would be like expanded Dungeon Keeper.
A reminder that your game will never see the light of day.
>>2667 n-not true...
I want to make my own 2D Zelda-style game...
>>2743 There's a couple of engines available for exactly that purpose: https://solarus-games.org/ https://www.zeldaclassic.com/
>>2747 Solarus crashes on me and the other one is just a Link to the Past map editor basically.
>>2743 3D Zelda is easier tbh
>>2610 >the /valis/ hivemind made our own game I thought about it but glad someone brought it up, i think it would be a great exercise considering the first one would be a small game (aka 3 levels at most). The thing is here we will get struck by the very first rule of making things: The ones who build are ultimately the rulers, so in this case the anon who knows how to code will be undeniably the VIP. If we have one codeanon then it could work, if not then we possibly would only make schematics and ideas rather than a tangible product. >use the proceeds to buy a VPS server so we can host our own gamenights? Sounds good although i would donate a few coins to anon.cafe first just as a goodwill sign, then the server. Still, i know for a fact some anons know their shit and know how to express them in a concise mental map manner, some others anons even know how to graphic the ideas, problem is having someone who knows how to actually make shit work on an engine. I find that making assets is easy enough for a beginner to do in terms of Gen 5 or Gen 6 ways, Gen 4 needs some crafty pixel art making and Gen 7 falls into polygon and photorealism hell. >>2611 You guys i suppose are somewhat seasoned in coding stuff although i ignore if with engine shit, as said the coders are the rulers, so i don't think anons would mind a robowaifu spiced game if it means being able to do one in the first place (if they really wish so).
>>2775 Mock PS2 game here we go
The amount of pseudo-PSX games that don't understand anything about PSX games lately is getting cancerous. Are they finally getting tired of pixelshit?
>>2792 Vertex warping is cruise control for uncanny, horror is a genre where walking simulators seem to be accepted
>>2794 A lot of horror games yeah but also "PSX demakes" - the new trad thang. >horror is a genre where walking simulators seem to be accepted A really terrible tendency, basically an excuse for not trying. Horror games used to be as much of actual games as anything else but then this notion that walking around and looking at things was enough because das scarry and in a horror game that's the point right so no need to bother with designing an actual game.
>>2775 >>2780 Why don't we make a small game with 5 levels or less and give it a level editor? that way if the levels are shit or if the game is good the community can just make their own thing without needing to beg the devs to get off their asses, like with doom snapmap but better
>>2809 I have a lot of game designed, written and done in my head but have no means to actually make them :^(
How about making a shmup?
>>2850 >How about making a shmup? I know exactly what you are looking for! is it https://github.com/davexunit/gnumaku ?
Open file (182.78 KB 335x330 f0c1a.png)
>>2891 I'm more of a design guy, you do the codemonkeying.
>>2892 Idea guys are dime a dozen anon.
Open file (334.39 KB 392x653 fagcha.png)
>>2893 In an idea, design, art, music guy. Anything but programming.
>>2894 You're subhuman trash If you were willing to do anything you'd already have a full set of concept art, an OST, and some initial attempts at neutral pose art. >3dpd
Open file (415.60 KB 1280x1440 robo waifu.jpg)
>>2895 I do have all of those things. For multiple games. But what's the point if there's no codemonkey.
>>2896 You do none of those things
>>2897 I do all of those things.
>>2897 >If i can't do it, nobody can What's your end goal here, buddy?
>>2899 Crashing /agdg/ with no survivors
A reminder VNs aren't video games.
>>2932 b-but
independent "game devs" and their fans need to all be gassed and bombed. p;rove me wrong
>>3132 explain
>>3189 he's not wrong
>>3132 Sure thing, Goldberg
>>3263 >seething
why must people respond to the lowest effort shitb8 imaginable
Open file (281.06 KB 1920x1080 2022-08-01 10-18-53.webm)
>>2475 Something is going on.
>>3384 Optimize your shit. That framerate makes me sad.

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