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Open file (8.67 KB 255x197 Wu3U.jpg)
Retro Vidya Mk.II Anonymous 10/08/2021 (Fri) 10:29:44 No.204
[8VG03 ~ 04/09/2018] Previous thread sunseted. Pre-2000 Whatcha playin. >tfw found an old '97 gaming magazine with an article that ends with: "…bright future lies ahead [of gaming]". Why wasn't it bright, anon. Why wasn't it bright.
Well in the 90's they were expecting domestic nuclear terrorism to occur with the fall of the Soviet Union which in reality everyone was looking forward to in hindsight. That's what they meant with the future is bright but sadly it never happened or hasn't happened yet Now pre-90's opens up pretty much anything and everything good. Hell the first game whenever I install on any new PC I own is Homeworld 1 followed by Unreal Tournament, Command and Conquer Tiberian Sun and pretty much every pre-2000's classic. I maintain there's very little that has exceeded the grandure of vidya from the 90's even to this day.
Open file (10.22 KB 255x218 circle.jpg)
>>205 >I maintain there's very little that has exceeded the grandure of vidya from the 90's even to this day. I agree, there's a pottery going on, a semi-circle of sorts, not to call it a horseshoe, for obvious reasons.
>>206 Show this image to any cuck that believes that there is any hope that anything good can be made in current year. Great to see that /vg/ isn't full of bluepilled autists and can actually see the real world for it's shittiness.
>>207 BUT MUH LE UNDERGROUND INDIE MARKET LE SELF PUBLISHING XDDDDD ITS LE PROOF THAT ALL IS NOT LOST AND YOURE GAY FAG CUCK XDDDDD Expect cuckchanners to invade this thread with responses similar to the above. [Editor's Note: It Happened]
>>204 >Why wasn't it bright, anon. Why wasn't it bright. Gaming became popular with normalfags.
"For gamers autists, by gamers autists" turned into "For gaymers niggercattle, by gaymers cucks". I still find a lot of 90s games more awe inspiring than more recent stuff. 19 years have passed since the release of Freespace 2, but nothing has yet to top it and most likely won't during my lifetime.
>>210 /vg/ is blackpilled as FUCK today. And that's a huge fucking relief. Too many people on this site have become fucking delsuonal to reality, they need this fucking wake up call.
>>206 I could post what I was going to say but your image covers it. If all I may add is how expensive development has become and how saturated the market is. Simply put a dollar won't make you as much game as it did 30 years ago same can be said for a lot of things but the principle stands If I were to get more complex there's two major factors that come into play: Number one is talent; it's pretty much gone. Most of the people who knew how to write stuff from scratch are retired and they haven't really passed on the knowledge onto the next generation. You have a situation now where current devs are working off of old engines and code that they know how to work it but have no understanding of it. This stagnates a lot of development and innovation. Number two are accountants; now these are the fags that dictate what money gets spent on. They tell the devs what to make. The issue here is that accountants rarely if ever understand the product a company is trying to sell, they only see what is making money and order a company to then make that cause it's making money, failing to understand what the company they work for makes it's money off of and failing to understand how their competitor makes money. It's literally like telling a company that makes garden tools to stop making garden tools and go make cutlery instead. Think of how many times a company that specializes in a certain genre of vidya has made some sort of game in a completely different genre out of their comfort zone and lost a lot of money? The only real group that ever takes risks into new markets now are Slavs. As much as I dread to use this as an example when World of Tanks came out it was groundbreaking. It was a leap forward in cancer vidya that would have been impossible from a Western developer as they would have been unable to afford such a risky venture at such time but now they are all seething with envy since they can't bite into that slice of pie they want. Not wanting to praise Wargaming too much but from a business standpoint it was a good gamble into an untapped market that business in the West are frankly too pussy to try and thus will never explore avenues that are potential goldmines. >>208 Do fags still believe in that crap? Almost as bad as those who still back Kekstarter. Now to get back to matter at hand we can circlejerk hard about how vidya is dead or we can start talking about 90's vidya that still gives you a hard on? I personally find great delight in games from the fucking 90's that are still actively modded and kept up to date to the point they even look better than some vidya that is being released today! >>210 is a good example because Freespace Open makes a game from 1999 look better than games from 2018. Plus has better gameplay
>>212 >how expensive development has become That's just a meme. AAA developers hire way more people than necessary, and spend way too much on marketing. It doesn't have to be expensive.
>>212 >Do fags still believe in that crap? Oh they absolutely fucking do. At least we haven't fallen for the fucking scam and remain proudly blackpilled.
Open file (15.32 KB 255x170 xm16e1 xm148.jpg)
>>213 It's not really a meme anon. Say you have a 10 person studio. When you factor in things like the cost of electricity, rent, living costs, then equipment and dev tools we could go full Novalogic here but there's a damned good reason you don't a $1 today flatout does not buy you a dollars worth back then. I know anons can be sustained by the power of rage and shitposting alone but most fags do have to do normalfag shit like eat and sleep. This is before you get onto the time consuming process that is making models today that aren't terrible versus back then. If you were to make a good and I mean properly detailed 3D model say like an XM16E1 in black with XM148 attachment chances are if you wanted to do a complete job on it and I mean modeling it, texturing it, animating it, the works, it will take about 3 months at the very least. If I was doing this in the 90's and depending on which point I could likely get it done within a week to a month.
>>215 >this wall of truths >and cucks unironically post about their DOA bullshit in (((/agdg/))) threads I swear to fucking god /vg/ is the only board on this site that can actually take the truth like a man instead of calling us arbiters of truth "jewish agents" or some schizophrenic shit.
>>216 Well if you want another truth a lot of fags that have experience making or at the very least modding games don't really post on the /agdg/ thread. We probably should but we don't. Mostly cause we don't have that much to talk about and sometimes after you've stared at a model all day trying to figure out how to get to position properly you don't want to talk about it.
>>217 And then we give up because we don't have the fucking manpower to make it through. Underground gaming is on its deathbed. The kikes always fucking win.
>>215 I can see making a massively and pointlessly detailed model of a generic real world gun being a massive waste of time, yeah. Dumb graficsfag.
>>219 Hahahahahahahaha How The Fuck Is Mass Market Appeal Real Hahahaha Nigga Just Don't Make The Models So Realistic Like Nigga Make Whatever You Want Haha
>>221 >what is reading comprehension See the pic in >>206. Normalcattle will only buy the latest popular shit, and will never consider anything else. In order to grab their attention, you fucking need realistic graphics as well as a bunch of other horseshit industry buzzwords in order to even make the smallest profit. Otherwise your game is DOA.
>>222 How do so many games that look about as realistic as animaniacs keep being successful then lmao
>>222 So stop catering to them, they are the problem.
>>204 >have massive collection of old big box games >can't find a 5 1/4'' drive to save my life >no scanner to scan manuals with copy protection stuff inside Suffering.
>>224 >So stop catering to them And then your game flops our of the gate because nobody fucking wants it. There's a reason we aren't doing anything to fix the current situation in the industry, because we can't.
>>226 No, if you cater your game toward a niche audience then you don't have to spend millions on useless shit like graphics and voice acting, so you can sell less to make a profit. Why do you think Japanese games still stand out as relatively good in the sea of modern gaming shit? Because that's their business model rather than trying to appease every normalfag.
16-bit is not retro.
>>227 >No, if you cater your game toward a niche audience then you don't have to spend millions on useless shit like graphics and voice acting, so you can sell less to make a profit. And then your game is forgotten after a month at best unless you keep supporting it. The sucess of underground gaming will only ever be short term. This is why we have no fucking hope for any future attemps at self-publishing. While it may look """""""""profitable"""""""""" at first, history will tell you that it ends in failure 100% of the time. Anyone who still believes that an underground gaming scene can continue to exist in the future is a delusional cuck who probably thinks Kikestarter is a viable platform for indie projects. Underground gaming has never been closer to its deathbed. AAA kikery is eternal. Also refer back to >>206 and >>212. Once again, if your game isn't pandering to mainstream, it's dead on arrival. No questions asked.
Open file (6.42 KB 255x170 Intel_C8086.jpg)
>>228 Fuck off pic related
Great The fucking nigger autistic from /v/ now blast his bullshit all over the site Good fucking run 8gag, its been 10 different boards I've been in, and in ten of them at least 5 were filled with this nigger's ramblings, one of which was a fucking joke board. Good idea allowing niggerkikes to hotswap IPs and get away by shilling their brainwashing mechanics, really grating to my ballsack is leaving these Jewish parasites that rely on demoralization to get rid of the will of people, striping power and castrating whoever's around them Fucking great, this yid roams around in the whole fucking site now, I shit you not, I don't commit a mass shooting thanks to having regulations up my ass, fucking niggerpill kike. You're the fucking vermin from which I fled, and you catch up and shill your niggershit here, promote people to do jackshit, put everything in niggershit, and dissidents you redirect them to a fuckign CIA meme. I shit you not, how the fuck, are this many paid activists alive? And don't put your shit views on me, I know your fucking tricks you nigger, you'll come to me, redirect me to a federal agent prefabricated macro, put some meme text formatting, don't even mention yourself as the yid you'really and just use >we to refer to yourself, and keep repeating the same bullshit you were repeating in theisozone thread. Kikes are these kinds of breed. Fuck. Everywhere I see is just fucked, but not because of your bullshit, its because agents like you're everywhere! And if its not shilling blackpill niggerkikery, they're shilling communism, or anti-right wing bullshit, such big bullshit that it makes 911 look like a petty lie. Is the fucking internet filled with agents? Its this what fucking freedom leads up to? To a fucking psyop trying to subvert dissidents to bullshit? WHAT THE FUCK
>>231 At least we know Terry isn't dead.
Looks like /v/ is here.
>>231 wew
>>231 What did he mean by this?
Open file (11.68 KB 204x255 saddam1.jpg)
>>231 Now this is good shitposting.
>>231 Well you're not wrong
>>231 Nice copypasta, faggot. Saved
>>233 >anyone who says things I don't like is /v/ Truth hurts, doesn't it. The fact is that nothing can save us. The kikes will only keep winming and winning and winning until all of us are eliminated. There is no alternative to this future, and anyone who tells you otherwise is an autsitic cuckchanner who forgot what our culture is all about. >>231 Blackpilling is chan culture, kid. Deal with it.
Jagged Alliance 2 is the greatest thing I've ever played, and I'm not even a mil-sim autist
Crystalis has been properly translated. Play it niggers. https://www.romhacking.net/translations/3793/
>>231 If you haven't realized the gravity of our situation and surrendered to the kikes already you need to >>>/cuckchan/ Edit: stop with the blackpill spam faggot it's your entire damn post history. (JEW WAS GASSED FOR THIS POST)
>>227 >>231 Back to resetera with you cucks
>>242 MODS: GODS
>>241 On that note, Aretha for the SFC has also been fan-translated. Not sure if it's good or not, but figured I'd mention it.
Man, this is a good week, there's now a fix for Laplace no Ma, a cool Lovecraft-inspired horror rpg for SNES, very unique. https://www.romhacking.net/translations/308/
>>246 While I can appreciate an overhaul of an early patch, it's a bit disconcerting he's still trying to go back to his older stuff rather than get one of the thirty or so projects without even a base English release done. Also still no news on SMT: if or Romancing SaGa 2 despite them having been priority projects in the past.
>>247 >>246 >>241 Just learn Japanese instead of waiting on table scraps, you fags.
>>248 I know japanese good enough from watching my animes, but leaning all that shit to read? Nah.
>>249 I found reading Nip easier than speaking it.
>>250 I don't need to speak it, just understand what animes are saying.
>>236 Scatman John is fucking pissed.
>>247 Some day. That's the thing with backlogs, there's enough stuff to distract you from stuck projects.
[End of Dump 8VG03 ~ 07/09/2018] Man what a mess, i tried to avoid some obvious shitstirring posts until i realized the entire thread was a troll since the first reply, still it's good to restore this as an example on what NOT to do around here as it blatantly breaks rules #3 and #8. That original ban came 3 or 4 posts too late.
Open file (126.73 KB 640x480 titlescreen.png)
Racing Lagoon, a unique racing RPG from Squaresoft has been translated - https://www.romhacking.net/translations/6352/
Open file (555.69 KB 1280x720 snapshot.jpg)
How can normalfags play games this way?
>>1646 People born or used to the 4k days have low tolerance towards visual abstractions or interpretations, also a sign of mental problems at least for young people.
>>1648 the funniest thing is when you see normalcattle asking "what are those black bars to the sides and how to get rid of them" when talking about old games they are content with the image being stretched the fuck up and all deformed as long as it's 16:9, the subhumans
Part 2 of the retro grading scam investigation. https://www.yewtu.be/watch?v=mKbuNwS-gaI Recap ends at around 8 minute mark.
Open file (5.29 KB 256x224 dw.png)
Dinowars - Kyouryuu Oukoku e no Daibouken has been retranslated. https://www.romhacking.net/translations/6379/

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