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Open file (763.31 KB 1210x898 FFX.jpg)
Open file (65.71 KB 450x470 FFX a.jpg)
Concept Art Anonymous 02/20/2022 (Sun) 22:33:05 No.1945
Why is video game concept art always more interesting than the final version? No matter how good the game is, whenever you look at its initial concept art it's always way more fascinating. Is it just the technical limitation that forces to scale down on all the free-flowing idea spitballing or is it the inevitability of having to scale it down for a consistent, believable world? I always wanted a game where all the 'out there' concepts are actually implemented and not finalized into something more conventional. Post your favorite concept arts.
Open file (279.36 KB 1300x889 1.jpg)
Open file (52.50 KB 342x402 Sora.jpg)
Open file (47.59 KB 740x370 Midna.jpg)
>>1945 The concept art can always get closer to "the real idea" When you try to turn that into a video game theres stuff that has to be toned down, or shortened, engine limitations, etc etc
>>1954 Maybe back in the day engine limitation was a thing, but in modernity you can pretty much do anything. I think it's more of a disposition towards realism - an artist can do something out there but then a producer or whatever says that it's too out there and won't sell, make it more realistic.
Open file (139.31 KB 1024x786 Sims1Vacations.jpg)
Open file (294.47 KB 1280x903 Sims2University.jpg)
Open file (1.44 MB 1920x1083 automotivekidsroom.png)
A concept, in its complete form, rarely gets made due to limitation like you said but more than technical i would say it's more around scale and everyone in the team being "on the same page". You can put into paper all the reaches of said concept and have some technical dudes translate it into work plans and divide the team into sections but we would be talking about a very intricate product even if it is a small project. Wasn't that the reason the Final Fantasy games were called like so? Also as a somewhat related note i was re-playing a game recently and thought back then that games in the Gen 6 were already pretty good and only needed to be scaled up rather than perfecting them, for example San Andreas in my eyes was already pretty good, only needed a map with more interactive things and another plot line for the sake of selling something new. IV in its initial concept tried to make a smaller map but much more interactive and with sideline activities, kinda like a criminal Shenmue, but they toned it down and we ended up with a sort of in-between, not as pure action fun like San Andreas nor fully completely immersive like Shenmue attempted but still was decent. Sad to think Gen 7 went for the kike route of deconstructing and going towards mass multiplayer while Gen 8 was a further deconstruction not only of genres and icons but of the medium itself. Long ago those dreams of vastness reside, some examples did happen like Forza Motorsport 3/4 with the 500 something cars with interiors and customization on full HD which kinda achieved the only thing close to a Gran Turismo 2 on steroids many dreamed in the 90's with those HD cinematics. The Sims 3 attempted (and mostly got) to make the original customizable Gesamtkunstwerk workflow Will Wright dreamed with the first game but deeply flawed due to its focus on sims rather than architecture/interior and, by far the biggest problem, being coded weirdly/dumb and having piss poor performance even with super computers of nowadays if you add more than 3 families more or a couple of mods even when many actually also work as performance enhancers. Hell, still to this day people are expecting a Sims 3 remake made with real intention, some devs even said that game wasn't supposed to support expansions. I say this because it is widely rumored the current game, Sims 4, was actually a side project chosen to be the main one after a hypothetical catastrophe inside EA/Maxis residue studio, that or they went full jew
>>1945 Creative works rarely turn out as originally envisioned, people's ambitions often exceed what they're able to produce given the available time, skill, resources etc. >>1962 >kinda like a criminal Shenmue So Yakuza? >Sims 4, was actually a side project That's right, it was meant to be an online multiplayer game.
Open file (266.46 KB 640x480 OKAMI.jpg)
Open file (1.62 MB 1280x720 ninokuni.png)
>>1962 >You can put into paper all the reaches of said concept and have some technical dudes translate it into work plans and divide the team into sections but we would be talking about a very intricate product even if it is a small project. I don't think it's too hard. Okami is a good example of something that could have been just a concept art, deemed too hard to realize in actuality, made into a game. And originally it was going to be a much more conventional game with a regular wolf iirc. I wish more projects tried this approach. Like this concept art for the 2008 Prince of Persia reboot, ever since I saw it I wished a game would actually look like that. And looking at something like Ni no Kuni technology, where they took backgrounds painted by Studio Ghibli, applied them over 3D models to a point where it feels like you're in one of their films, doing stuff like that seems more than plausible.
Open file (37.46 KB 420x600 1.jpg)
Open file (95.42 KB 580x1100 2.jpg)
Open file (190.64 KB 642x452 3.jpg)
Open file (127.45 KB 1132x857 Sims2DS.jpg)
>>1966 >So Yakuza? Less gay, less idyllic and more gory/gritty which was the fad back then. The melee system was expanded to give a sense of a very rudimentary criminal, stores had small interiors with a crackeable cash register and sometimes backdoors (first island only), the fact there's scrapped mechanics for security boxes also implies low-scale robberies. It was noted back then you could only bring the weapons you placed on a car's trunk (mechanic seen later with gun runners' cars) and cash had to be taken out from ATM's (hence some of them being around, particularly near hospitals or police stations). All scraped or toned down way too much due to the traditional GTA gameplay being too distant but some "realistic" or expanded elements remained like hand-to-hand combat and cars all feeling different from one another, internet also remained mostly and in terms of gun shooting you could also slide either into attack or in defense but very few used those and rather took cover behind a wall. It did suffer from being too ambitious but had it released it would've been an industry changer again, it ended up feeling like a more refined/streamlined GTA and V felt less refined but much more streamlined which is what some people oddly wanted, it did work in the online portion because it rarely lags like IV due to physics being simplistic (IV's car weight being simplified in online modes was known to be erratic as cars moved like clouds sometimes) >it was meant to be an online multiplayer game. Exactly, in spirit of one of my favorite games of all time Bustin' Out in combination to the online portion of what Sims 3 attempted but ran like shit due to the customization options (and being coded like crap), even the concept art implies such (or all the artists liked to reference it often, which is understandable in some sense) and the speculation has some points about it. I wanted to review both Sims 1 for consoles and B'O in the thread but i haven't finished the former to add some comparisons to it, and the number one rule of the thread is to finish them lol. Shamefully 4 went astray from B'O, became even more lunatic in its concept except in the bad sense of being 10's gay rather than 00's zany and EA pushing for full-on object packs, not even expansions. >>1967 It shouldn't be hard but coordinating 120+ people who are most high on college ideals is tough, for asians i suppose it should be easier but then again their boss/subordinate culture is the other way, even with good ideas they reserve it to avoid controversy. Like everything teams should be compact and well-coordinated rather than big and varied in pace, 30 average minds focused on the job in spirit and mind can outperform 200 thinking minds living mundanely and seeing their work as a paycheck, and this has happened often everywhere. And that goes without the account that some of those games were made by established leaders, Okami was the work of Inaba+Kamiya, who had in their list Devil May Cry, Phoenix Wright and Viewtiful Joe along with prominent interim roles in the Resident Evil series; they practically had a "free play" hand from Capcom even if they pissed in the coffee machine and in the end the game sold poorly (bad marketing campaign) despite being great fucking hell the PS2 version costs a lot
Good old Hashimoto, ex-SNK artist very recognizable in both digital and paper mediums due to his shading techniques in muscles and fabrics but also due to the facial features, can also camouflage in other more common styles so you never know sometimes. I thought he was more of a promo art guy who seems he did also some explorations towards scenery mood and recently some character costumes and general body forms for Soul Calibur 6 i think. Also props for being the first ballsy fellow to use movie version Bison as a reference.
>>2027 I wish they actually made in-game characters looking like his art in at least one game.
>>2024 >V felt less refined but much more streamlined which is what some people oddly wanted I definitely prefer IV, especially the pure chaos of the online. >I wanted to review both Sims 1 for consoles and B'O in the thread Sounds great, those 6th gen Sims games are fascinating.
Open file (370.89 KB 1024x768 darchigh.jpg)
Open file (219.06 KB 1000x750 kerrhigh.jpg)
>>2028 They would all look the same tho
>>2013 AcId is so underrated. Way better than what Cuckjewma was shitting out.
this is actually something modern graphics could do but never do. whenever you see these concepts in their final form it's always boring generic photorealism
>>3062 very interesting. could do but never do.

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