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Fad Thread Anonymous 11/24/2021 (Wed) 16:10:32 No.1541
As you all may be aware the vidya industry is plagued by flavor of the month bullshit trying to sucker fags into spending a bunch of shekels on crap that has the depth of a puddle and no long term entertainment. Remember shit like DayZ, H1Z1, Ark Survivial? could almost say generic open world survival shit is going to be the fad of the month They were all popular for a few months before everyone dropped them for the next big thing. At moment it's all those Cheese Royale games that are the big fad with retards moving from one to the next, each time the game being even more horrible.
Are they really fads when they have been present for so long? I remember zombie stuff being absurdly burned and played out by 2010 yet it had a second wave to the point we are still seeing products from it, it practically is a genre by itself rather than a fad. Battle Royale stuff doesn't seem to go away anytime soon just like CoD small-urban skirmish gameplay didn't go away either.
>>1542 >Are they really fads when they have been present for so long? They are. The thing is, we live in this horrible future where nothing new is being made and things are regurgitated endlessly. Because of this the fads last much longer and don't go away when they should. Happens not just in gayming, look at capeshit. And since there's nothing else to play/watch/read, normalfags who have pea-sized brains as is, evolved to gape their mouths at the flavor of the season game #5456 like it's something new.
>>1541 Funny thing is, the fads you mentioned are all interconnected. Without the DayZ mod no Battle Royale, Survival, Crafting and Early Access combo.
>>1572 >Without the DayZ mod no Battle Royale I doubt that anon.

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