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Open file (559.64 KB 1400x1400 h6.jpg)
RIP games Anonymous 11/21/2021 (Sun) 16:56:58 No.1506
Post games you were looking forward to that are rip. Especially if greedy jewish publishers were responsible. >tfw you will never play as cheeky millennial with headphones flying on his dragon
Open file (19.84 MB 1280x720 The Getaway 3 Demo.mp4)
When PS3 was just coming out, or still advertised even, there were a lot of games announced for it that never saw the light of day. Can’t say those were some amazing titles but for some reason they stayed with me. Probably due to 7th gen hype at the time.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tyElyVeNdYo SWAT 4 with zombies, this was before Left 4 Dead and could've been a great coop survival horror experience.
The tale of Vegas, back in the 00's days still a trendy place. I recall very well when i was a kid checking Gamespot some usual chatter about a project called back then 2 Days to Vegas, some scots trying to do a GTA-tier thing but timed or something like that but that would've had tons of variations in its single player. This was around 2003 i think, nothing came out of it but very detailed (back then) concept art renders which implied a next-gen thing. Then many years later a trailer came out of nowhere from Midway about a GTA-esque open world game called This is Vegas, many included myself thought it was finally that hyped 2 Days thing but much in form, seems Midway saw Saint Row actually succeeding and wanted some pie. Then nothing came out of that either and it died. Until years later it was known that both projects were seemingly totally unrelated and both vaporware, but in very recent years (3 or 2 from now) it seems tons of disgruntled devs leaked their stuff made for This is Vegas and sadly seems it was almost finished but shelved due to Midway shitting itself into liquidation, it was more of a Saints Row clone than GTA's but with a more "serious" tone. There's a bunch of gameplay videos in contrast to the obscure trailer we got from back in the day, you started from scratch and later went on being a hitman/loan shark thing for the big honchos at Vegas (Trump-inspired character included) along with barman and dancing side activities plus racing customizable rides. A shame it never went out, very flashy looking, but more interestingly for me is that the 2 Days thing project was never mentioned again and very few remember it when doing those fag lists about vapoeware either in articles or juvenile YT videos. Also while trying to remember the This is Vegas name i found out that other famous game that made americans butthurt as fuck, Six Days in Fallujah, will get a release soon or so some devs say. It seems some dude bought the shelved build time ago and contracted a studio consisting of some Bungie devs to optimize and release it, but i read they also tampered with the graphics and campaign mode so it probably isn't the unbiased controversial take it originally was hyped to be anymore.
>>1508 Looks pretty cool. The way it's played it reminded me of a rail shooter. But it's fascinating, this looks like a pretty finished working build and it got dropped.
Open file (5.22 MB 1280x720 This is Vegas.mp4)
>>1509 Cool post anon. Very much the story of my life as well. This is Vegas actually looks pretty good. Since during the 7th gen we only got the two opposite ends of the spectrum with sombre desaturated GTA4 or silly Saint Rows buffoonery, it actually looks like a middle ground more inline with 6th gen sandbox games. Shocking how complete it was, they were already doing interviews and stuff, playing it publicly. The wet t-shirt minigame is nice.
>Stargate SG-1 The Alliance >The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse >The original Splinter Cell Conviction with hobo Fisher
>>1525 >The original Splinter Cell Conviction with hobo Fisher Didn't know about that one. What were they planning to do for the game?
>>1525 >>The original Splinter Cell Conviction with hobo Fisher Goddamn, i haven't recalled that one in a long time, as far as i remember from that one teaser trailer it's no wonder it got canned. >>1526 >What were they planning to do for the game? It was noted at the time that Hobo Sam was in all but name a domestic terrorist, a teaser had him plant a bomb in a park bathroom so you can imagine some people got their underwear twisted into a knot after having seen it. I imagine he also broke into guarded houses like what happens in the side-missions that do appear in the final version of Conviction, so add that he also was an elite house thief.
>>1529 What was the story justification for that?
>Zone of the Enders 3 never ever because the godawful HD collection flopped
Open file (89.65 KB 1280x720 prepsam.jpg)
>>1530 I think he got kicked out of the organization at the end of Double Agent for being a double agent :^) plus to clean the image with higher ups, i don't recall well and it also depends what you consider canon but i suppose Gen 7 was the "real" one. The released version goes around him quitting instead and investigating a personal matter but acting as always against some goons and with no funds instead of waging a very low profile infiltration war against something, it implies government associated because he evaded public cameras and used the mob to cover his tracks. The game was postponed at its late stage and released some years later, hence the "gap" many people perceived for a bi-annual release series, so something definitely was tampered with. Long time i haven't look into this, one of the first streams i saw with the old board back in the day was checking some events and a trailer for this came up.
>>1534 don't really like that whole direction tbh. I just want to be the cool CIA guy in a latex suit doing cover ops.
>>1535 What's wrong with that premise? one could be a glownigger in a gimp suit for 4 games beforehand, being the Unabomber for once never happened at that point in a major game i think.
>>1536 Not really an interesting concept to me and the fact that you have to wear regular clothes and be in boring mundane environments just strips the title of that exotic espionage romanticism. Plus it reeks of 'muh realasm' plague. You probably weren't allowed more than but a few items on you.
There was this gen7 Indiana Jones gam I wish was released.
Open file (85.66 KB 256x325 Staff_of_Kings.jpg)
>>1540 Staff of Kings was eventually released on PS2, Wii and handhelds. The more advanced 360/PS3 version was cancelled however: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSDFgm7wSys
>>1576 There game's pretty decent actually. I wish it was released.

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