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Open file (559.64 KB 1400x1400 h6.jpg)
RIP games Anonymous 11/21/2021 (Sun) 16:56:58 No.1506
Post games you were looking forward to that are rip. Especially if greedy jewish publishers were responsible. >tfw you will never play as cheeky millennial with headphones flying on his dragon
Open file (19.84 MB 1280x720 The Getaway 3 Demo.mp4)
When PS3 was just coming out, or still advertised even, there were a lot of games announced for it that never saw the light of day. Can’t say those were some amazing titles but for some reason they stayed with me. Probably due to 7th gen hype at the time.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tyElyVeNdYo SWAT 4 with zombies, this was before Left 4 Dead and could've been a great coop survival horror experience.
The tale of Vegas, back in the 00's days still a trendy place. I recall very well when i was a kid checking Gamespot some usual chatter about a project called back then 2 Days to Vegas, some scots trying to do a GTA-tier thing but timed or something like that but that would've had tons of variations in its single player. This was around 2003 i think, nothing came out of it but very detailed (back then) concept art renders which implied a next-gen thing. Then many years later a trailer came out of nowhere from Midway about a GTA-esque open world game called This is Vegas, many included myself thought it was finally that hyped 2 Days thing but much in form, seems Midway saw Saint Row actually succeeding and wanted some pie. Then nothing came out of that either and it died. Until years later it was known that both projects were seemingly totally unrelated and both vaporware, but in very recent years (3 or 2 from now) it seems tons of disgruntled devs leaked their stuff made for This is Vegas and sadly seems it was almost finished but shelved due to Midway shitting itself into liquidation, it was more of a Saints Row clone than GTA's but with a more "serious" tone. There's a bunch of gameplay videos in contrast to the obscure trailer we got from back in the day, you started from scratch and later went on being a hitman/loan shark thing for the big honchos at Vegas (Trump-inspired character included) along with barman and dancing side activities plus racing customizable rides. A shame it never went out, very flashy looking, but more interestingly for me is that the 2 Days thing project was never mentioned again and very few remember it when doing those fag lists about vapoeware either in articles or juvenile YT videos. Also while trying to remember the This is Vegas name i found out that other famous game that made americans butthurt as fuck, Six Days in Fallujah, will get a release soon or so some devs say. It seems some dude bought the shelved build time ago and contracted a studio consisting of some Bungie devs to optimize and release it, but i read they also tampered with the graphics and campaign mode so it probably isn't the unbiased controversial take it originally was hyped to be anymore.
>>1508 Looks pretty cool. The way it's played it reminded me of a rail shooter. But it's fascinating, this looks like a pretty finished working build and it got dropped.
Open file (5.22 MB 1280x720 This is Vegas.mp4)
>>1509 Cool post anon. Very much the story of my life as well. This is Vegas actually looks pretty good. Since during the 7th gen we only got the two opposite ends of the spectrum with sombre desaturated GTA4 or silly Saint Rows buffoonery, it actually looks like a middle ground more inline with 6th gen sandbox games. Shocking how complete it was, they were already doing interviews and stuff, playing it publicly. The wet t-shirt minigame is nice.
>Stargate SG-1 The Alliance >The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse >The original Splinter Cell Conviction with hobo Fisher
>>1525 >The original Splinter Cell Conviction with hobo Fisher Didn't know about that one. What were they planning to do for the game?
>>1525 >>The original Splinter Cell Conviction with hobo Fisher Goddamn, i haven't recalled that one in a long time, as far as i remember from that one teaser trailer it's no wonder it got canned. >>1526 >What were they planning to do for the game? It was noted at the time that Hobo Sam was in all but name a domestic terrorist, a teaser had him plant a bomb in a park bathroom so you can imagine some people got their underwear twisted into a knot after having seen it. I imagine he also broke into guarded houses like what happens in the side-missions that do appear in the final version of Conviction, so add that he also was an elite house thief.
>>1529 What was the story justification for that?
>Zone of the Enders 3 never ever because the godawful HD collection flopped
Open file (89.65 KB 1280x720 prepsam.jpg)
>>1530 I think he got kicked out of the organization at the end of Double Agent for being a double agent :^) plus to clean the image with higher ups, i don't recall well and it also depends what you consider canon but i suppose Gen 7 was the "real" one. The released version goes around him quitting instead and investigating a personal matter but acting as always against some goons and with no funds instead of waging a very low profile infiltration war against something, it implies government associated because he evaded public cameras and used the mob to cover his tracks. The game was postponed at its late stage and released some years later, hence the "gap" many people perceived for a bi-annual release series, so something definitely was tampered with. Long time i haven't look into this, one of the first streams i saw with the old board back in the day was checking some events and a trailer for this came up.
>>1534 don't really like that whole direction tbh. I just want to be the cool CIA guy in a latex suit doing cover ops.
>>1535 What's wrong with that premise? one could be a glownigger in a gimp suit for 4 games beforehand, being the Unabomber for once never happened at that point in a major game i think.
>>1536 Not really an interesting concept to me and the fact that you have to wear regular clothes and be in boring mundane environments just strips the title of that exotic espionage romanticism. Plus it reeks of 'muh realasm' plague. You probably weren't allowed more than but a few items on you.
There was this gen7 Indiana Jones gam I wish was released.
Open file (85.66 KB 256x325 Staff_of_Kings.jpg)
>>1540 Staff of Kings was eventually released on PS2, Wii and handhelds. The more advanced 360/PS3 version was cancelled however: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSDFgm7wSys
>>1576 That game was actually pretty decent. I wish they released the proper version.
Open file (81.75 KB 481x128 prey2.png)
Prey 2 was the sequel to the technically impressive 2006 original. The game would have been set on an alien open world and put you in the role of a bounty hunter who could kill or capture targets like in Stranger's Wrath or Red Dead Redemption. The game was cancelled in 2014 but a completely different System Shock inspired reboot developed by Arkane Studios was released in 2017. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZh6vTxRDnw
>>1619 Did Prey have anything going on for it except for graphics?
Open file (10.54 MB 480x272 NICO.mp4)
Nico, the original concept behind Shadow of the Colossus that was meant to be an online game. Though SotC came out perfect the way it is, and I don't want to choose between it and Nico, but the prototype is absolutely fascinating. Despite being similar in concept and featuring gameplay element that found their way into the final game nearly unchanged, the world and the style feel different - truly epochal in scale and giving somewhat of a wild west vibe even; seemingly more upbeat and less depressive as indicated by the gang of riders and a more heroic score. And then the enigmatic online element. Fuck I want both games to exist.
>>1623 2006? I must admit I haven't played it but AFAIK it's regarded as an enjoyable if short FPS for the time, also there's that Portal with guns aspect (pre-Portal even) that has its novelty. >>1626 Online as in MMO? Either way I can see why they switched focus, SOTC already pushed PS2 hard enough without having to worry about multiple players.
>>1623 God tier aesthetics, groundbreaking gameplay with the portals and gravity changes, pretty good story. Shame it's all ruined by the fact that you literally cannot die.
>>1627 >Online as in MMO? Thankfully no. Just an online multiplayer game with I assume about as many players as the trailer shows. There are no details on how it would have worked but I imagine you'd have to team up with a few people to take down the colossi. I do wonder about the logistics, like whether you could play it offline or just by yourself with no other players, or if you had to sit and wait while the group fills. But it was during the early days of the internet when seemingly every project wanted to be online- something but they had no idea on how it actually should have worked, so that aspect was always dropped eventually.
Open file (7.40 MB 640x360 Gotham by Gaslight.mp4)
>>1628 >God tier aesthetics i wouldn't go that far
>>1643 Gotham by Gaslight is fucking kino. I wish there was more of that aesthetic in the batman comics instead of the short story arc we got. A game would have been amazing.
>>1874 I dunno, feels kinda random to me.
>>1875 Thats why it worked so well. It was unusual and unexpected.
>>1891 Did he fight Jack the Ripper?
There was a cancelled Tintin game for PS2 that I'd like to see. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VoioNH-mkMw
Does this count?
>>2110 The original vision sure is RIP.
Open file (28.04 KB 400x300 08.jpg)
Open file (33.46 KB 400x300 01.jpg)
Trans Am Racing '68-'72. Years ago I was able to contact somebody who worked at the game, and they told me that it was cancelled by the publisher, but they didn't give me the reason. Interestingly, it looks a lot like Grand Prix Legends.
>>2882 >Trans Am Racing Today that would be a completely different game.
>>1506 The Last Night, a beautifully aesthetic game that got taken out back and shot thanks to the Gamerg*te cumdumpsters. Absolute fucking travesty. >b-but it's still in develo- Delevopment hell. Spare me your hopium.
Open file (99.73 KB 960x540 snapshot.jpg)
>>2887 Oh yeah I remember it, they dug the guy's twitter post from like 5 years ago where he said something that disagreed with their politics and they canceled him. Many such cases. The game looked nice for what it was for sure. Wasn't just some lazy pixelshit.
>>2889 >>2887 What did he say?
Open file (19.51 KB 600x179 t.png)
>>2959 he even said he's still progressive but that wasn't enough, didn't bend the knee low enough lol
Open file (3.47 MB 1915x1076 Duke20012.png)
I keep reading the Duke Nukem Forever original dev build (back from 2001) was leaked and many say it's Deus Ex-tier, so those loony ex-devs who said the game was intended to be a spearhead of its era weren't trolling that much... or so they say.
>>2982 Inderesding. Though I don't see the appeal of a Duke Nukem game being a spearhead of anything.
>>2983 It supposedly was quite advanced for its era regarding grafix and gameplay details but i haven't seen footage, i guess i will check it and come back with something because supposedly the base gameplay was finished and only the levels and set-pieces needed polishing. It's funny, it took almost the same for this leak to appear after the new game build announcement by Gearbox (12 years, 2010-2022) than what people waited for an Unreal Engine version to release (13 years, 1998-2011). Some people legitimately waited since its E3 2001 announcement to play the thing because they missed the on-site demo, 21 years man.
>>2986 Link to the article? >the new game build announcement There's a new game?
>>2988 >There's a new game? No, the announcement of the Gearbox version of DNF.
>>2988 It's a bunch of them it seems, it was the meme of the day a month ago but i didn't hear from it until yesterday. I am downloading jewtube videos to up some gameplay parts and goddamn it really was Deus Ex-tier at times, reminds me a lot of Red Faction but a bit more fancy given its 2000-2001 dev time. Probably going to upload two or three vids from the first section just to show the general idea. Still here's the full walkthrough with a dude on a decent computer, the ones i'll upload are from some fella who separated the sections but had some hiccups here and there for some reason. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Wbm1sjOWSA >I don't see the appeal of a Duke Nukem game being a spearhead of anything Thematically speaking it's the samey but they play a bit more on the futuristic setting, tech wise there's tons to pick from, some stuff wouldn't be seen until Soldier of Fortune (limb-based gore) for example which was i think the same year or 2003 i don't recall. It's overall a much endearing experience than what the really greasy 2011 version was, here it still feels like a parody under a clear drama setting which was Duke getting his ass Waco'd by headcrab-possessed ZOGbots. Funny how all these Vegas games like Rogue Agent, Rainbow Six and Duke play under the same script: Semi-futuristic setting with blue neon, rooftop evacuations, general lockdown, ambiguous terrorists vs. law enforcement all under the same uniform, civilians getting it for no reason, late levels being always on Hubbard Dam at sunrise It's like i am being programmed or warned or something >There's a new game? Meant the 2011 dev release
Open file (182.21 KB 2048x921 FSpP0TSXsAAIFjx.jpg)
Open file (200.67 KB 2048x921 FSpPdXzXwAMXlYY.jpg)
Open file (249.79 KB 2048x921 FSpP0BrXsAApv6M.jpg)
>>2995 Dude who divided the sections stopped after Rooftops for some reason, shame but it's enough footage i suppose. Bike footage too, pretty cool. Hope one day some modders finish the game, being in the Unreal Engine 1 one would think at least the models and grafix can be done relatively good with mods. Also digging the main menu where you can change the HUD, colours and the backgrounds with saucy all legal pics, most obviously made by devs for personal use lol. Truly something the homosexual community would not allow anymore nowadays.
>>2995 They should have released this in 2011 instead of the garbage that we got. Just add some bamp maps and whatnot. This was right at the zenith of game remasters so people were accustomed to paying full price for old games they already owned, and in this case they actually didn't. >Funny how all these Vegas games like Rogue Agent, Rainbow Six and Duke play under the same script: Semi-futuristic setting with blue neon, rooftop evacuations, general lockdown, ambiguous terrorists vs. law enforcement all under the same uniform, civilians getting it for no reason, late levels being always on Hubbard Dam at sunrise A very generic western near-futurism tbh. Many such cases.
>>2997 >This was right at the zenith of game remasters >2011 I don't know man, if anything we are still at that point, in 2011 at least some stuff still came out based on not so old stuff. But if nowadays they still shill for old remasters like Destroy All Humans or the rumored coming soon Goldeneye a release based on an also leaked 2010 build of the remaster rather than a newer one say some voices then i can't see why they wouldn't release this one aside from the obvious copyright problems. It is a Gearbox game nowadays after all, no longer from its original owners.
>>3001 >I don't know man, if anything we are still at that point, Nah, nowadays it's all about remakes. Very few games receive "remasters" because for one thing they have already ruined "remastered" virtually everything popular, but also because all these remasters flop due to poor quality and zoomers not being interested in old games; hence why remakes with shiny new graphics and dumbed down gameplay. In the early to mid '10s the remaster scene was booming with market being flooded with re-releases of 6th gen games, it may not seem so long ago but all the MGS, FF, DMC, RE, SH, ZOE, ICO, Ratchet and Clank, God of War etc, etc, etc, "remasters" came out between 2011 and 2015.
>>3002 Oh okay now i get your point, yeah that is correct although we still are getting early 10s-tier "remasters" but not as much as the era you mentioned, the 3x1 packages with stuff that was unlike the original versions. One example i recalled not long ago was the Hitman Collection for PS3 and 360 which changed music, which is bad, but also crouch speed which is essential as fuck in a stealth game and i remember that changing certain popular tactics and time lapses to take out guards or reach a place unnoticed. Supposedly the ZoE pack was also a mess.
>>3003 >Supposedly the ZoE pack was also a mess It was horrendous. Silent Hill HD is the worst one of the bunch. But to be fair all of them were, there's not a single good "remaster" out there, at least none that I know of and I've seen most of them, and how could there be when you have a bunch of random whos poking inside under the hood on the cheap and tinkering with stuff they have no connection to. Probably the worst fucking gimmick ever and it's good that it died out, even NuMakes aren't as bad because you can just ignore them as their own thing and whatever. But these remasters are an actual plague as they're heralded as the optimal way to experience games when they have all these bugs, glitches and fuckups that the originals never had, destroyed art direction and gameplay, all of which will now be forever associated with those games because normalcattle never gonna go and play the original versions.
What do anons think is worse, a game that was never released or a game that got released eventually but in a mangled state?
>>3016 hard question, both have pros and cons
>>3016 A game never released give no closure to the fans or people waiting for it, that empty feeling i think seems worse than knowing something came out despite its shittiness.
>>3023 I disagree. A game never released lives on in your mind as something positive. A shitty end result game crushes your hopes and dreams, making you want to erase it from your memory.
>>3025 Depends, a game never released does not live positively in your mind as you always think about how it could've been when the topic is at hand, a shitty or merely mediocre end result will give bad but momentarily taste that fades after a while. >crushes your hopes and dreams Well, an overhyped shitty release really is a bad thing but the hype factor is the key here, GTA V was a piece of shit for me and a really bitter memory despite not being half bad, just nowhere near what it promised and had as legacy in past games. The pain is there, for example guess which one of these examples is most remembered nowadays.
>>3026 > does not live positively in your mind as you always think about how it could've been when the topic is at hand How is that not positive? You always think how good it would have been.
>>3029 Are you retarded? That's stupid, you can never have it The point of a video game is to play it, if you can't play a good game, that's far worse than a game being shit but playable because there will always be plenty of shit games But there aren't many good games
>>3036 >can't even comprehend the talking point. Go back to /v/.
>>3029 >How is that not positive? >You always think how good it would have been I don't find it positive because it's an itch you cannot scratch, knowing it probably was pretty good but you will probably never play it. In the other case it's an unsatisfactory scratch but one that ceases to be an itch, it has a closure and lives goes on with a mildly sour memory, unlike the other feeling of anxiety or forlorn stings. All relative of course, it's just media products but some people do invest some free time thinking about it, some might have different feelings towards it. >>3036 Having a bad day, fella?
I wanted to say Last Guardian but then I remembered they actually released it...
>>3080 Was it really that forgettable?
>>1506 I wanted scalebound too. I hate thinking about all the wasted effort. I hope at least platinum games might have salvaged some of it for a remake of the first drakengard.
>>3083 The game itself is great but circumstances around its production shot it in the knee. For one thing it came out on PS4 instead of PS3, so now you had to get PS4 to play it which was already a tall order. I had to go through pain in the ass to rent one. Then also it was quite literally a PS3 game running on PS4, so you had to get a new console and a full-priced game out of the previous generation. Then, because of the lackluster transition to a new hardware the game had some performance issues which it likely wouldn't have had if it came out nice and polished on PS3 like it was meant to. The game also got so overhyped that it could never live up to those expectations, especially riding on the coattails of Shadow of the Colossus, which it was not even conceptually. All of that added to general disappointment and memoryholing the game out of existence. If it came out in 2008 it would have been a classic masterpiece.
>>3084 >remake of the first drakengard what, that's happening now? jfc
>>3089 I can only hope
Open file (216.52 KB 892x675 reminder.jpg)
>>3090 i can only hope it's not
>>3091 Ninja Gaiden in the OG Xbox was pretty good, i disagree with your image Mr. American
>>3091 Nier got a remake so I wouldn't mind if they did the original Drakengard
>>3092 Thats a sequel :^) >>3093 >brother shit version Eww
>>3095 I don't know what you're going on about.

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