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/pgg/ - Puzzle Games General Anonymous 10/08/2021 (Fri) 07:54:08 No.104
[8VG02 ~ 12/05/2017] Discuss puzzle games.
>>104 Puyo's fine but have you ever played shoulder to shoulder Puzzle Bobble? Ever elbow shoved your opponent to finish a match?
>>105 Tell me more.
bump because /vg/ is getting new traffic
>>105 Reminder that the new Puyo has (((Denuvo)))
Is The Talos Principle worth getting?
Open file (12.32 KB 182x255 talos_principle.jpg)
>>109 Yeh, it's like a non-casual Portal.
>>108 (((Denuvo))) is actually only one of PPT's many problems. Mind if I infodump?
>>111 That's what the thread's for anon.
>>109 It really is. Fantastic puzzles that never feel cheap or unbeatable, but are still hugely challenging at times. Also a really neat story (that's entirely optional) if you're into that. Even has Steam workshop support for fan made levels tho a lot of them are shit
>>113 Don't forget the fucktons of secrets and top-tier OST.
>>108 Is the puzzle getting it to actual play without Denuvo fucking up the game?
>>115 Luckily the port as a whole was a bit of a shitshow as >>111 was going to explain.
>>104 >puyo Heh. Real men play the superior Columns.
>>114 The secrets are fucking amazing, actually making you break the rules of the game OST really is top tier, got the LP of it
>>118 >OST really is top tier, got the LP of it Downloading it is still on my backlog actually, currently working through the entire works of Hawkwind first.
>>119 -old non-working mega link with the entire OST plus bonus- 4U
>>120 Love you anon how fucking fast is your upload though? This would have taken me hours to get on mega.
Open file (12.69 KB 255x143 fucked up graphics.jpeg)
Open file (10.64 KB 139x255 some of the bugs.jpg)
Open file (12.01 KB 255x143 top 20 leaderboards.jpg)
>>112 Alright. >even without (((denuvo))) the pc port was immensely fucked on launch, loads and loads of bugs >one of the worst bugs resets your online ranking to default without warning >most of these bugs have not been resolved until very recently and IIRC some remain >only 5 multiplayer rule sets as opposed to 20th Anniversary's 20 or even Chronicle's 18 when Chronicle had an entire RPG mode included >puyo vs tetris matchup is immensely fucked, it is almost mathematically impossible for a puyo player to beat a tetris player that can competently 4 wide however puyo can competently wreck tetris until that point ensuring neither party is satisfied >swap mode still favors people who are better at tetris because 4 wide is just that powerful >sega didn't bother giving the pc port the ability to play only puyo mode or tetris mode online even though they knew that the balance had severe issues as evidenced by last year's balance patch (which didn't do shit) and they were still able to edit the game if the undub option was anything to go by >the garbage system for tetris allows you to attack with your garbage and does not prevent the same column from being the garbage space in a row, meaning that the garbage system can and has given players free tetrises for nothing >guideline tetris just doesn't work as a vs game, all you do is make a perfect clear setup and then the remaining round is a pure DPS race until someone's arm gets tired or the RNG arbitrarily decides a winner Also, just as a nitpick: >most of the tetris characters are clones of other characters and are either boring or irritating If you want to get a more in-depth explanation on why the gameplay is flawed, you can check out this forum post (please put this up on archive.fo if you can, it's not working right now for me for whatever reason): https://puyonexus.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=40&t=3481
>>122 I always want to know how fuckups like this even happen when you're working with an established series and aren't planning radical gameplay overhauls: it's pretty much just taking an existing project and putting some polish on. >>120 Could post this in the vidya music thread unless (((Mega))) will try and jew you for it.
>>121 No problem, my man Was playing FFXIV and using PingZapper at the time of testing this so no idea if that effects the outcome, but it looks about right >>123 Didn't know there was a music thread, but I'll go share some stuff I got there soon, assuming it's not already part of the /v/ music pastebin
>>110 I lost it once and decided to wait for the vulkan renderer to get solid before downloading again. Does anyone know its current state?
>>122 You'd think it wouldn't be rocket science to fuck this shit up but here we are.
>>122 so what I understand is that the PC port has a lot of problems, but it seems the base game itself has severe balance issues (as I assume the puyo vs tetris thing behaves the same on consoles). What a shame. And archive is still down.
>>124 >Didn't know there was a music thread, but I'll go share some stuff I got there soon, assuming it's not already part of the /v/ music pastebin Just link the /v/ music pastebin too, doesn't hurt. Mods will just edit it into the OP. Jealous of that upload speed, takes me actual minutes to upload webms. >>125 Of the renderer? No idea. Game is still great though.
Rate my Puyo waifu harem.
>>129 Red/10
Open file (8.52 KB 255x153 german-war-ensign.jpg)
>>130 Best colour, along with white and black.
>>131 Superior flag coming through.
>>132 Willy2 was a pretty cool guy, shame he got redpilled on the jews and bolsheviks too late, though.
>>133 He was also a bit of a retard when it came to diplomacy.
>>120 >Talos Principle OST >In FLAC Fucking sweet.
>>127 That's the idea, yeah. You're better off using Puyo VS if you want a dedicated online experience. >>129 Just curious, why Scylla?
Open file (19.59 KB 182x255 project_eden.jpg)
Any love for Project Eden?
Open file (13.17 KB 255x255 kawaiinazi.jpg)
>>136 Cute design.
>>137 Isn't this that Tomb Raider coop thing?
>>137 >>139 It's a four player coop puzzle game made by the same devs as Tomb Raider but otherwise no relation. The game has a spooky cyberpunk setting and it's pretty great all around. Only thing that arguably holds it back is that you respawn if you die during combat because it's meant to be a puzzle game and not a third person shooter.
So Q.U.B.E. 2 finally came out. Who here's played the first one/what are your thoughts on the first one? I played the directors cut a few months ago, thought it was pretty ok, but beat the whole game in one sitting, so wasn't too enthralled by it.
>>142 I've still not tried Q.U.B.E. got a download link?.
>>144 >got a download link? You could try your luck with IGGGames, but I hear talk that they put bitcoin miners and shit in their games now. Could always check the share thread on v
>>145 Can confirm that you shouldn't trust IGGGames.
Open file (16.80 KB 255x191 columns_fast3chain.jpg)
So I think I've found the fastest way to a 3-chain in Columns, unless someone else has any better ideas?
>>104 I wanna fug aruru
>>148 We all do anon, we all do. >>147 Better than I've ever managed. >>142 >So Q.U.B.E. 2 finally came out. Report back on how it is.
>>137 I'm surprised anyone else has even played this game wasn't it a bit of a flop? >>133 >the man who ruined Germany and Europe >cool guy >>109 >>110 I've still not gotten to play it yet but I keep hearing good things.
Puzzle League > Puyo
>>151 How's that animal crossing cameo working out for you?
http://store.steampowered.com/app/329110/Gems_of_War__Puzzle_RPG/ I play this on my phone but they recently ported it to steam. It's not filled with disgusting 2dwaifus so if you want "100% original do no steal" art and a nice match 3 puzzle gaemu then give this one a look see.
>>154 Better late than never, many thanks. >>153 Anything put it above other match 3s?
>>155 The reason I dump so much time into it is there's like a hero based system with cards (but they're not cards). It's hard to explain. Best thing I can say is try it and get past the tutorial level and if you want to keep playing then play, if not then don't. It's F2P so worse comes to worse you just waste time but you're doing that already rite?
>No mention of Professor Layton >>156 How bad is the P2W?
Open file (17.38 KB 178x255 ★.jpg)
Open file (18.37 KB 255x170 わー わぁっ.jpg)
Open file (21.57 KB 255x242 ぺろり.jpg)
Open file (20.61 KB 212x255 おんぶ.jpg)
Open file (11.83 KB 191x255 ひみつ.jpg)
>>129 puyo has some cute characters
>>157 I've never bought anything from the mobile version. If you join a guild they throw extra shit at you all the time because the gold donation give everyone prizes at every level. Just make sure the guild is active. Let the other goyim there work for your benefit.
>>159 That doesn't tell me much besides that you have a chance to get good shit via guilds. Like is there items exclusive to the store only? If so how strong are they? I play one mobile game that locks exclusive units behind paywalls and I barley tolerate it because they aren't very good. Only reason I've given them any money is because I sank a ton of hours into it (12$). I hate the practice, the f2p model i agree with is either EVERYTHING is free or Warframe's model.
>>160 ehhh, just play it and see for yourself. Everything should be free but the uber rare cards/heroes aren't going to fall into your hands the second you start playing like in Fire emblem heroes.
>>161 Ill give it a shot
I've been working on a Puyo VS. modpack for the promised /radcorp/ puyo tournament but I fucked up and deleted the file. Luckily I had mostly all of the custom content backed up but just in case I do something even more retarded I've put up a copy of the build I just finished online so at least it'll still be up somewhere. https://mega.co.nz/#!WH5EUBRa!-HSgKk32nXyVLYweSCZChjwjztSPUfeqseqaeRrmrRc Features Puyo VS. itself, all currently available Compile Puyo characters (including the ones made using graphics from the mobage), some 8chan related content and other assorted mods including one or two mods that were previously only featured in another modpack that is now deleted. Also I've been working on a better OP, this is my first draft: https://pastebin.com/Lx6Lk3AU Feel free to give input or suggestions for additions on either. >>158 Why is Sig such a popular sega puyo character? Is there just something others consider really appealing about "deadpan loli but it's a guy"?
>>163 >Is there just something others consider really appealing about "deadpan loli but it's a guy"? Probably the same kind of fags that like traps.
>>163 >but I fucked up and deleted the file. Luckily I had mostly all of the custom content backed up but just in case I do something even more retarded I've put up a copy of the build I just finished online so at least it'll still be up somewhere. Do you work for Pixar?
>>165 Nani?
>>163 >Is there just something others consider really appealing about "deadpan loli but it's a guy"? He isn't annoyingly wacky, he is calm
Open file (13.30 KB 255x145 Yes - Roundabout.jpg)
Going to bump this thread with some Lumines. Anyone waiting for the Remaster? Anyone still playing it on Xbox Live?
>>166 They infamously almost lost all of Toy Story due to a typo.
>>166 >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8dhp_20j0Ys >pixar uses unix >some retard types the command that deletes everything on the whole drive instead of just deleting a folder >their backup system fucked up so all the backups were corrupted >only reason they were able to restore what they deleted was because one of the animators was a mom and took backups home so she could work while taking care of her kid >iirc (not said in the video probably) she didn't even have permission to do that for obvious reasons
>>170 I remember that. Didn't the mother get fired in the end?
>>171 >modern Pixar Wouldn't be surprised. >>170 Thanks anon.
>>170 This is why I just use mv <files> into a folder called .trash, which is set to automagically move files older than a week to /tmp. rm is too destructive.
>>171 Joking aside, it surprises me everytime how jewish americans are and can be, taking into account most of them i've met are pretty swell people
Anyone here play Zachtronics games?
>>175 I've tried Opus Magnum, but I haven't finished the 2nd chapter yet and I'm already way over my head.
I have spoken: making a GameCube Panel de Pon tourney for CEOtaku, if not, SFC. Double elimination, dunno if I'll stream, recording maybe, no promises.
>>177 You have an archive for that?
>>178 If you mean the thread&post, I don't have or recall the exact thread: it was either EVO cyclical thread or a Smash reveal. I do recall 3 Lip fans, and made my decision there. It would have been too costly a setup for Milllion Arthur Arcana, and I didn't want to get sponsored. However, if you are seeking the games, SFC backup & eye has both GC & SFC. Decided on the Dolphin port since I had a complication w/obtaining a JP GC, and no longer possess the Xeno modchip one. If someone has one, I can def. bring my legal copy of Nintendo Puzzle Collection and Panel de Pon.
>>180 Okay. I doubt the thread is going to die before late September but I updated the pasta with a news section and added this just in case.
>>181 >I updated the pasta with a news section and added this just in case. elaborate I just had someone bail on me yet again, and I am highly considering not going now, and just focus on my other projects.
>>182 >elaborate I updated my copy of the thread pasta I made >I just had someone bail on me yet again, and I am highly considering not going now Can you update me when you have a definite answer?
>>183 >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNoZNzZk2H4 and with one stupid law, I aint going Gonna miss it. Loved CEOtaku 2016&17. Weird it is to find PsychoJosh is one of the Lip fans. But he has ok taste.
>>185 >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dODGA2JW9xc Sucks. You could probably just host a tournament on /v/ and /vg/ though, using Panel Attack. Just make sure to wait until a few weeks after the Soku tournament and check the /radcorp/ schedule so the tournament doesn't conflict with anything. https://www.dropbox.com/s/1m6ic1o9tfh1p09/panel-attack.zip?dl=0 Embedded is some footage of Panel Attack being played.
>>186 This has been around for a while apparently. Curious why people were/are still playing Tetris Attack over emulation netplay. Is the clone not very good?
>>187 Might not be 100% accurate to the games somehow.
I'd like to recommend Jelly no Puzzle and Snakebird. I recently beat them both. They are pretty fucking hard, but well-designed and satisfying. Jelly no Puzzle is freeware, Snakebird can be torrented.
Forgive me for asking but how do you even improve upon the classics? It seems kind of futile to try?
http://archive.is/wJAVj Please kill me.
>>191 Anon I am building a gas chamber for us all.
>>191 >Well this can't be so ba- Oh
>>192 >>193 OK, there was some footage of it at TGS. It looked okay, there was only a few seconds of footage but there wasn't anything in there that raised any red flags or anything. First off it's not full 3D like Chronicle, which is something I was worried about as the models in Chronicle aren't exactly visually pleasing. Seiri, Lagnus and Harpy (?) is back which is neat, also there's a bunch of new chicks including one that looks like a J-Pop vampire. I think that means that story mode is back as they probably wouldn't just dump a bunch of new characters on you without explaining who they are or what they're like. Maybe the title's just a misnomer and it's "esports" because they're going to have more tourneys or something, guess we can't say for sure until we have more footage of it but I'm a little bit hopeful. Here's the trailer if you want to do your own research, sorry if the resolution is shit, I had to crop it from a reaction video because I don't think the trailer video is out yet.
>>191 >e-sports and Sonic autism Disgusting.
>>195 Yeah, it's a travesty what Sega is apparently going to do to the series. Even if the game itself turns out fine it's probably going to become harder to talk about the series in general because of the stigma.
>>104 I like puzzle games a lot, played all the arcade Puyo Puyos and on the Dreamcast and the PSP, but TGM2+ is what I play the most nowadays. Wish I had a 4-way stick. Much harder to not fuck up my inputs with an 8-way, and it just got more annoying as I improved over time, but it's what I have, and I can't play it at all without a stick, just like fighting games. Something else I don't have is money, so it's my only option. I fuck up my inputs enough that normally, by the 900s (that's where it gets uncomfortably fast, before that it's easy), my stack isn't nearly as clean as it should be and would have to be. And it doesn't exactly improve my times either. I might get a stick just for that if I get good enough to consistently get to the credits regardless of the controller handicap. Until then, I will keep punishing myself for not being good enough. >>191 I don't know if I want to see that whatever is in that link.
>>197 I don't think a stick is that important, the arrow keys feel fine enough for me when it comes to puzzle games. Unless there's something about TGM2 that I don't know about that makes a stick more preferable.
Open file (9.60 KB 255x144 22 September 2018.jpg)
>>199 It's not the normal thing to do, but it can be played with a keyboard. It's not so easy to just explain, you kinda have to play it well on a stick to understand, but the motions that you do to play really fast feel much more natural on a stick. I originally used the stick just because it was more fun (and because it's an arcade game), but now I can't play without it (and I have never played Puyo Puyo with anything else either, except the ones on the PSP). Besides, I have played this game for a few years using my stick. The keyboard could even be better as far as I know, same as in fighting games (keyboards could even objectively be the best way to play those, at least to me using a keyboard seems to give you more accurate inputs), but to me it just feels wrong anyway, and I don't think it's advantageous for this game. I tried playing a bunch of games using a keyboard, and I thought it was actually easier to do even something like a spinning piledriver with Zangief in SF2, just because the keyboard makes your inputs so precise (and in that case it's a lot more forgiving in general), and I had no practice using the keyboard at all. I still use the stick for everything regardless, because using a keyboard is just weird, and the game wasn't made for that so it could technically even be cheating (you can do some really retarded bullshit in SF2 if you use a keyboard). In TGM, I don't think it matters. If it's a 4-way stick, I think it should at least be as good as a keyboard. In my case, I am handicapped because I don't have one of those. My stick is for everything, not just games that benefit from that. It's a lot harder to not mess up, though. I consistently get to the 900s and lose. Still, it's not like I can't just improve even more so I mess up even less. Might benefit me in the long run.
I saw some gameplay footage of PPe at TGE today. None of the characters have any animations, just lazier versions of PPT's cutouts. I didn't realize this at first, but apparently Sega is wholesale ripping assets from that Puzzle & Dragons clone without even bothering to edit them at all. Also they spent about a minute before and after the section to shill a fucking energy drink. >>200 Must suck to feel more comfortable on expensive arcade cabinets. I guess that's why something like the mixbox was made, so something like that doesn't need to happen.
[End of Dump 8VG02 ~ 22/09/2018]
Columns is possibly my favorite Genesis game. I ended up getting really in the zone once and made it to 111 starting on hard mode. I've never been able to replicate that feat since. Now I can't even get 10 levels in without dying. Yoshi's Cookie is underrated. I'd much rather play that than Tetris, which I've never gotten the appeal of.
>>1380 Tetris is the grandad. People played it when nothing else was around.
>>1381 I understand that it's historically important, but I don't find the mechanics to be very enticing.
Open file (774.84 KB 1024x1024 bffc8.png)
>>1384 You're looking at it through a prism of spoiled modernity. Nowadays I won't really play it myself but back in the early '90s I had one of those brick games with tetris, and being able to play it on the go was very enticing indeed.
>>1386 Even as a kid I didn't like it. I just played Dr. Mario instead.

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