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Open file (10.00 KB 255x159 are-they-ours.jpg)
Flight Vidya Thread Anonymous 10/15/2021 (Fri) 19:24:54 No.1009
[8VG07 ~ 03/04/18] Time to get this started. News In Acefag news Ace Combat Infinity shutdown recently and there seems to be a hint of a remastered collection coming. IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad released Battle of Kuban last month to skub tier applause. IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover looks like it got a remaster not that nobody seemed to notice nor care. DCS world looks like it's getting the F-14 in game soon. Microsoft Flight Simulator X updated the Spitfire model so better spend those shekels goyim :^) Vidya Unfortunately don't have anything really in the way of downloads for anons to enjoy at present, but hopefully that will change soon. All I can recommend is Ysflight, a flight sim made by an Autistic Nip Student that is pretty easy to get into. Loads of addons as well, could easily recreate the plane scene in game. https://ysflight.org/
>IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover looks like it got a remaster not that nobody seemed to notice nor care. Does it finally have dynamic campaign?
Open file (10.21 KB 255x138 45319.jpg)
>>1010 From what I gathered all they did was polish up the graphics a little and that was literally it.
Open file (16.79 KB 178x255 Blazing_Angels.jpg)
Underrated games right here, nice arcadey fun.
>>1012 >Blazing Angels 2 boxart Is that bait?
>>1013 It's a retarded version that shows up in google. Here's the proper one.
Open file (21.70 KB 180x255 974.jpg)
>>1014 Well I had a look and found this. Is there some sort of weird shitposting cult about making terrible coverart? Also found the fag that made it http://vgboxart.com/designer/crazymaniac9/
>>1013 >>1014 Also before you ask I'd only ever 'acquired' the second game through questionable channels so I'd never actually seen the box art.
>>1015 Ah right VGBA. It all makes sense now.
>>1017 The shitposting potential here is through the roof.
>>1018 Nice.
Open file (16.88 KB 242x255 911.jpg)
>>1018 Well I don't think even /bane/ could have crashed a flight thread and my sides this hard.
Open file (7.09 KB 105x150 strike_fighters_2.jpg)
I mean some games just naturally have crap coverart.
Open file (12.43 KB 181x255 JASF.jpg)
>>1023 And so on.
Open file (13.89 KB 212x255 big_pic7.jpg)
Blazing Angels seems to be a whole host of shitposting material.
>>1025 BO needs to fix this theme so transparent images don't have blue behind them. Go ask on /sudo/.
Open file (17.80 KB 179x255 66.jpg)
>>1022 Speaking of. No related, but this always makes me laugh http://archive.is/5Q1g5
Open file (6.97 KB 179x255 Blazing Angels 2.jpg)
Go nuts.
Here's a better quality version of the first game's cover if anyone wants it. >>1029 But I can only use paint.
Open file (11.02 KB 179x255 Blazing Angels 2CIA.jpg)
Open file (7.99 KB 179x255 65.jpg)
>>1029 Don't mind if I do.
>>1021 Not proud about how long it took me to get this one. >>1033 I'd probably play that one, I'm picturing something like Army Men but for paper aeroplanes.
Open file (18.51 KB 177x255 hh.jpg)
Open file (12.33 KB 179x255 9525.jpg)
>>1034 Toy Commander sound like it'd be up your street. >>1035 Nice
Open file (3.21 KB 255x213 angles.jpg)
Open file (13.32 KB 191x255 my boy pythagoras.jpg)
Need one for Blazing Angles.
Open file (18.11 KB 185x255 h6.jpg)
>>1040 >>1032 >tfw paint.net At least I'm still better than this >>1030 paintcuck over here.
Open file (15.13 KB 179x255 pyathagorasAngels2.jpg)
>>1038 An attempt was made. >>1040 hop lel.
>>1042 It doesn't work unless you swap the E and L around silly.
>>1043 >>1042 Also might work better if you stick the triangle in the blank spot in the middle.
Open file (11.87 KB 218x255 Untitled.jpg)
Open file (17.30 KB 173x255 p4picket.jpg)
>>1045 >>1046 We're gonna need a banner at this rate.
Open file (17.18 KB 179x255 invisibleplane.jpg)
>>1043 >>1044 Would fuck around with it more if I wasn't lazy. >>1045 Best one >>1046 Some of this could be some /k/ tier shitpost material.
>>1054 Reminder one of these was shot down by drunken Serbians with outdated equipment.
Open file (19.48 KB 179x255 bikeplane.jpg)
>>1055 At least it flew :^)
>>1056 also reminder it was only given a fighter designation because the air force knew nobody would want to fly it if it was classified as a bomber
Open file (16.09 KB 172x255 77.jpg)
>This whole thread
Open file (6.86 KB 255x170 the virgin f-117.jpg)
>>1058 perfect
>>1059 We do what we wanadoo. >>1057 Well the chairforce is the most autistic branch. /r/ing that webm of the fag with loli shit all over his room when it gets inspected.
Open file (17.36 KB 179x255 atruehero.jpg)
>>1058 Glorious >>1059 US Navy wasn't hit nearly as hard as this thread. >>1061 I'll dig around. Should have it in my /k/ webms but haven't sorted or labelled them.
>>1058 Perfect. >>1062 That face is fucking perfect, is it actually like that ingame?
>>1063 >is it actually like that ingame? Apparently so. I dug it from the old Blazing Angels 2 website. Apparently there's more images like that on it burried under it's broken flash.
Open file (9.33 KB 255x143 Hawx.jpg)
>>1061 >We do what we wanadoo I love this board
Open file (7.81 KB 128x128 7u.png)
Open file (11.86 KB 212x255 big_pic4.jpg)
Open file (13.18 KB 212x255 big_pic1.jpg)
Open file (12.91 KB 212x255 big_pic6.jpg)
>>1066 Goddamnit anon my sides. Also more pics I've been able to salvage.
>>1066 >Actual flight hostesses going with the flight theme of the games >But they're taking it in the puss despite the title being Anal Banging' Almost perfect
>>1065 >>1061 >We do what we wanadoo Probably a banner in that using one of these, the guy with the mug would maybe work best. >>1068 The one on top has got a finger in her fudge maker.
Open file (14.91 KB 255x170 BigJoeBanner.jpg)
>>1069 Trying to fit it in is a problem.
>>1070 Top left side maybe? With a shade of grey or black?
>>1072 I was thinking about an old timey comic style but beyond my talents honestly.
Also refresh page and look at the subtitle at the top of the page
Open file (9.60 KB 178x255 911 MAPS.jpg)
>>1074 the absolute madman
>>1074 Excellent
>>1009 >Ace Combat Infinity shutdown recently Huh. I barely played after I whaled for the A-10 -Oruma-. Was nice to have one thing most people didn't, but it wasn't worth the time, grind, or money. F-35 fags would just shit on everything anyway. I'm down for a remastered collection, but I imagine if that ever comes it will be well beyond Ace Combat 7's first year of release. What hint of it are you speaking of? The Ace Combat fanbase hasn't been shy about asking for it, but it's never been remotely thought possible.
Open file (9.13 KB 255x255 B_01.jpg)
>This voice acting
Open file (19.22 KB 183x255 hy.jpg)
>>1078 Hint as in talks of getting studios together to remaster the old games. Probably will happen since everyone remasters everything these days even remasters >>1079 A game of true quality. >>1080 I am honestly surprised something like this wasn't posted sooner nice edit though anon
>>1079 Are you telling me that man is not from Louisiana?
>>1080 Lovely.
>>1081 It's going to be a challenge to remaster Ace Combat Zero in particular, since they used real actors for the interviews, all of whom are about 12 years older now, if some haven't died. I suppose they could pay them a nominal fee for likeness rights and passably CG it these days, though. The interviews had a weird filter that made them look almost CG anyway.
>>1086 If they still have the original footage maybe it'll be in higher resolution? >>1080 Never forget. >>1074 Nice.
Open file (7.88 KB 255x255 B_03.jpg)
Open file (7.21 KB 255x255 B_02.jpg)
>>1079 The quality varies heavily with which voice actor is on it seems. These two aren't so bad.
Open file (9.91 KB 255x255 B_04.jpg)
Open file (4.61 KB 255x255 B_05.jpg)
>>1088 And then these are crap again.
>>1009 IL-2 CoD remaster is a nice bonus to anyone who had the game already, it seems to run better on my PC now, and the ATAG group gets nearly 100 guys on during prime time USA on the weeks. Maybe it's similar for Eurotime, but I can't say. Also, what is the best modern flight sim and why is it BMS? >>1010 No, only use for CoD is multiplayer. Dynamic campaign generator for 1946 is good enough.
Any good early 3D heli games?
Open file (4.12 KB 255x143 Banes Grandfather.jpg)
>>1088 >>1089 Why are they all Burgers? >>1091 What are you looking for in a heli game?
>>1092 Mostly the precision that requires manouvering it and it's tools. Also I find the combination of real world sequences with old graphx very charming
>>1093 For modern shit as weird as it sounds I'd probably recommend Arma 3 since it has a lot of shit to do with helis. For older stuff I would recommend the Comanche series and basically shit from the 90's. Maybe even 80's
>>1092 >Why are they all Burgers? I think it does that whole 'random excuses for burgers to take part in non-burger battles' thing.
>>1095 It's a trope done far too often. It should be buried.
>>1095 Burgers just don't know history to that extent
Open file (12.79 KB 255x191 1-henschel_hs_129.jpg)
>>1097 Well remember WW2 only started in 1944 :^) Anyway that got me thinking, most fun WW2 flight game?
>>1091 SimCopter. Thread theme embedded. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-BqrJi-LkAg >>1098 IL-2 w/ mods for the sheer number of aircraft, seeing what you can get working on a carrier, slow motion etc.
>>1099 >IL-2 Yeah but I always felt that IL-2 was more quanity over quality. I guess I kind of had more fun with the earlier 90's WW2 games like European Air War or even Air Warrior.
Are there any /cute/ plane games?
Open file (15.54 KB 255x204 aVaTGgx.jpg)
>>1102 >ASSault Horizon Absolute disgusting though to be fair the MP wasn't half bad
>>1103 Wait what's bad about Assault Horizon? t.faggot never played it
>>1104 DFM The whole story DFM Setting DFM Missions DFM
>>1104 nothing
Looks like Ace Combat Remasters won't really be a thing. http://archive.fo/pedzc
Any chance of an IL-2 gamenight?
>>1109 Might be worth asking >>>/radcorp/ for that since I think there was something sorted but arguments went on.
>>1096 What am I looking at here >>1097 Well yeh that doesn't help.
>>1111 Australians sacrificing F-111's to the Plane God through cermonial burial.
>>1109 >>1110 >IL2 radcorp gamenight That ain't happening. >>>/radcorp/4312
Open file (13.45 KB 218x255 s-l500.jpg)
>>1113 >Not having a stick Disgusting subhumans
Open file (14.83 KB 255x225 oh no.jpg)
>>1059 Why are airplanes so goddamn funny
>>1112 Typical aussies. >>1113 IL-2 isn't playable without a stick?
>>1116 You can play without a stick, but it ain't playable, except if you're gunning for a bomber.
Open file (19.65 KB 255x255 1449019097955-1.jpg)
>>1115 Why indeed Still think we are barely skimmed the surface of the shitposting potential in this thread
Open file (16.14 KB 254x255 795.jpg)
>>1115 >>1118 Their shape is very animal like and their weapons are usually expensive, uniaue and unorthodox due to how expensive they themselves are.
>>1089 Forgot to dump the rest of these.
I keep wondering what it'd be like to have a bomber game with anons as the crew.
>>1130 If my experience playing BF:1942 with an anon gunner is anything to go by a terrifying mix of incompetence and homosexuality. Kind of like the USN.
>>1131 I could just wager anons taking breaks to play volleyball with one another.
>>1123 >>1124 >>1125 >>1126 >>1127 >>1128 >>1129 The actual fuck are these? Is this a cringe thread? >>1131 Going to ask, why aren't we playing BF1942?
>>1133 Terrible voice acting the flight game
Any fags ever play OverG Fighters? >Inb4 Console Flight Sim Game It was. It was also really comfy with a mode where you just went around wrecking shit but could also go for a comfy flight.
>>1135 I've genuinely never heard of it, what's it like? Are we talking arcade end of simulation for example?
>>1135 >>1136 I've played this. For fags who don't know it's basically a game that sort of mixes Arcade and Sim together. It's basically a budget title but one that's actually good. Quite a lot of planes to play with even if a few are ones you probably will never use. Multiplayer was funny cause it was typically F-22 virgins getting their asses handed to them by F-14 chads who would at the start of the game launch all their phoenix missiles then turn around and kick down afterburners before the F-22's could activate stealth and get a missile lock.
>>1136 We need a flight chart with arcade, simcade and simulator to satisfy all the autists.
>>1138 Really what we need is an overall chart thread for working on this stuff. >>1135 Some really good arcadey flight games were console based. There's one where you can transform from a mech into a jet for the Xbox Hueg that was fun as fuck.
>>1139 I might make one honestly if only to get the ball rolling. Console got some surprisngly good and fun games when it came to flight. And are you talking about Gun Metal? >>1140 Don't share that in the Novalogic thread, whatever you do.
>>1092 this is the most boring aircraft scene ever bravo nolan
>>1140 Three of those are the same game anon.
So SkyRogue seems to be on sale on (((Steam))) Throwing words like Rogue-Lite around is already offputting but at least it's not (((Early-Access))) Does that mean it's finally worth a pirate?
>>1144 >Rogue-lite Pass
>>1144 >Rogue-lite Why do fags keep using this word when they don't know what it means?
>>1146 Cause it's a trendy hipster buzzword to score themselves tumblr points to attract fags that really don't play games.
>Thanks a lot for the reply and thanks a lot for creating this wonderful game so that I can live my childhood dream to be a fighter pilot. I had won the air force military school 25 years ago but they had not accepted me because of a small leg issue although I was a star nearly in every sport in school years. I made another career but 2 years ago, I started DCS and now I'm feeling completed.
>>1148 You going to need archive butt buddy
>>1148 >DCS >Not Falcon BMS Nothing went right in his life.
So there is a dogfighting bundle on fanatical but it looks kind of like shovelware games so not bothering. In other news should I do a plane dump?
>>1151 Planes aren't for dumping, cherish them one at a time you disgusting polyplaneist.
>>1152 An objectively correct opinion. Does this turn you on anon?
>>1153 You're gonna have to flip over some more and pull on that stick Tomca-tan if you want to get the Gs.
Did that WW2 china (((early access))) game go anywhere?
>>1154 But onii-chan how am I meant to launch my Phoenix? >>1155 You talking about that Flying Tigers game? It got released to not much fanfare. Supposedly it's alright just nothing special.
>>1155 Flying Tigers is ok . It's kind of jewish to include fucking types of weather and planes as DLC/Digital Deluxe when they advertised the game specifically as not having microtransactions or unlocks.
>>1159 You know when I looked up the (((Steam))) store page of Flying Tigers and looked at the reviews I was reminded how retarded the flight autist community is. Literally countless reviews crying about how an arcade game wasn't a full on flight simulator. It always baffles me that these retards will buy an arcade flight game knowing full well it is meant to be arcade then act suprised when it isn't a sim? I know this happens in some other games, Tank vidya for example, but Flightfags seem to be the worst for this.
I can't fucking wait to get a flight stick. I haven't played a flight sim since Microdong Flugsimulator 98. Is the T16000 as beef as it looks?
>>1161 It's a pretty good flight stick for the price, especially if you haven't used one in years. Also you can make it left handed if you are one of those mystical weaklings that don't exist.
>>1161 If you can, spring for the T16000 FCS, which comes with a separate throttle.
>>1163 >separate throttle I just can't understand how people manage to be proficiel at tracking ennemies without using a mouse with one hand, got to try out the thumb camera controls on three different sticks and it just felt shitty without a mouse don't say TrackIR nigger Speaking of throttles, for some reason in IL2 1946 on my T16000 I've got a dead zone from 70 something to around 30 40% throttle, but it works just fine in other sim games, at first I was afraid it was a hardware issue. >>1161 >T16000 I really like the sensor but the grip doesn't feel very strong when ruddering right and it could be more stable/heavier, but again my old one was pretty thicc. As said previously it's pretty good for the price.
>>1161 Real men fly planes using their numpad only.
>>1162 >>1164 >>1163 Aye noted. Thanks boys. >>1165 I've been flying Arma aircraft and spaceships masterfully with m+kb for years but I want the HOTASS experience
>>1164 TrackIR nigger
>>1165 >>1166 Yoke or broke. actually flight yokes are kind of versatile, great if you are a spacefag and racefag as well
Anyone played the Hawx games? Are they any good?
>>1169 1 was alright but honestly nothing special. I never tried the sequel.
>>1168 A yoke would be cool for a lot of things, but I've already got a racing wheel and it sure as fuck isn't going to beat that
>>1169 Hawx was missed potential. The whole Mercenary thing could have been expanded on a lot. Hawx 2 was just shit.
>>1169 What fags have said already, it was decent but nothing special. I too would have liked Mercs in planes angle but after a few missions they scrap that and go "MURICA FUCK YEAH!".They dropped the IP hard though when Hawx 2 tanked which actually had more replayability than the first one did although the custom loadout system was broken >>1171 Yokes actually are good as wheels if not sometimes a bit better. Problem is they are expensive, take a lot of setting up both physically and settings wise, and of course take some getting use to.
Why the fuck is it so complicated to get mods for IL-2 1946. Do I really have to download 30 GBs of mods just so I can play with better cockpit textures for 109? This is suffering.
>>1174 >30GB it's actually more than that to download if you're getting BAT (fully installed the folder is 76GB and I don't even have the latest updates). If you just want skins I'd simply grab sas modact and some from here https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/board,100.0.html
>>1173 >Yokes actually are good as wheels if not sometimes a bit better How much does a force feedback yoke cost?
>>1175 Are skins made for earlier version compatible with 4.13?
>>1177 yes
>>1176 A LOT
>>1179 Not gonna be better than a racing wheel per dollar then. For $1k+ you're getting into Direct Drive wheels that have the best FFB fidelity on the market. Definitely gonna stick with my $250 wheel on the racing front. If you don't have FFB, ya aint racin!
>>1180 >If you don't have FFB, ya aint racin! It ain't racin till it's pod'racin! And no it was meant to cover a lot of games other than racing, if I had the space and monies I would definitely have everything setup
>>1181 Reminder that got re-released recently.
Is Ace Combat gay?
>>1183 Come on anon if you are going to call it gay then you may as well post something gay.
I swear most of the flight community are faggots. I just want to fly nice planes with /cute/ anime girls but it seems too much to ask. It's like this genre is no fun allowed?
>>1133 They're from Blazing Angels, also, BF1 was a shit game and you're a nigger if you like it, and the trailer was shit and the memes were unfunny, but sak0 did a good with this.
>>1186 BF1942 =/= BF1
>>1187 When did I say it was, faggot? I was talking about the trailer you posted, obviously, because I specifically referenced it.
>>1186 >>1187 >>1188 Are you niggers okay?
So Project Wingman had a kekstarter and it got backed. It's also got a demo so wonder has any anon given this a try yet? The fact that it's got a Kekstarter already worries me. http://archive.is/lwyHZ
>>1191 He's making this a full game for shekels now huh? I wonder if Namco will sue considering Ace Combat 7 is coming out. You know how nips can be.
>>1191 Demo'd this a long time ago and truth be told I forgot it existed. I am glad you brought it up since I'll give it another go sometime. Though kickstarter means to be he will grossly underestimate his budget and deliver an unfinished project Never Ever
Alright boys I ordered a T16000 Hot Ass. The only games or sims I have I can use it on right now are Arm
>>1194 Good choice (at least based on my experience with the older standalone stick). All of these are worth trying: IL-2 1946 (BAT mod if you ever run out of content) & CoD Falcon BMS Rise of Flight (comes with 3 free planes) DCS (Su-25T and TF-51D are free) I'm still undecided on nuIL-2. Haven't played much of it and had some performance issues, but at least when it did work it felt great. Were you already flying sim in War Thunder? If not, prepare for low player counts and all the accompanying problems.
>>1195 Anon delivers > flying sim in War Thunder I tried it once so I know that it's incredibly barren for players. I don't honestly plan on using the thing for War Thunder MP if I can find some good sims to play on my own, which it seems like I'll be able to do based on that list.
>>1194 What >>1195 said regarding IL-2 1946. While I don't personally like the game that much actually it does have loads of content that will keep you entertained forever. Really can't go wrong with it.
>>1194 >T16000 HOTASS I am not sure but I am not sure that the T16000 is the best HOTASS for your buck there.
>>1199 What would you have recommended? The X52 looks pretty rugged, but I have some very specific needs for controls for Elite:Dangerous since there are 5 axes to control in spess. The throttle for T16000 has a hat and rocker switch that will be perfect for translational rcs.
>>1198 >While I don't personally like the game that much Is there another WWII sim you'd recommend?
>>1201 Not really no. The games I'd recommend are too old and/or a pain in the ass to get working. Hence why I do suggest going with IL-2.
>>1202 Haha fair enough. My Win7 rig has serious issues with old software, and I've become a bit of a graphics whore since I upgraded my GPU.
>>1203 You should have seen the flight sims from the 90's and 80's for that matter you will be disappointed how backwards we've gotten
>>1204 I played a little bit of IL-2:Sturmovik and MFS'97 but I was too young to judge quality. I just knew that planes go vroom and flying is rad.
>>1205 >I just knew that planes go vroom and flying is rad. That's really all you need. >8-10yo or something >blaying MFS2000 on m+k >plane autist uncle tells me to fly cessna to start off >big boeing for big boys >somehow manage to fly around and practice allah snackbar >eventually get bored and don't play flightsims for over a decade Now I don't remember if I did 911 before the jews or after, but I don't think I was innovative enough so most likely afterwards.
>>1206 I don't think there's a highschool anywhere running Microsoft Flight Sim that hasn't had kids crash 747's into the Twin Towers deliberately.
>>1207 Well I did it before it was cool so fuck those kids.
Just curious, does anyone here play world of warplanes?
>>1208 I was doing this shit in the 80's! Get on my level scrub! >>1209 It's still around? I thought it died?
>>1210 It's battles against bots with 3 human players per team at most. I just play it for freeā„¢ world of tanks premium time and I'm looking for someone to play it with me.
>>1211 >I'm just looking for someone to play it with me >Just to play with >Not wanting someone to be your wingman, become your best bud and team up with you for hetrosexual volleyball matches What are you, gay? Memes aside I don't think you will convince anons to download a game like that. It's like War Thunder which is just slavshit simulator that sucks all the fun out the game eventually
>>1209 I got drunk once downloaded it, tried it, threw my chair out the window and forgot all about it. I honestly can't remember much about it other than it felt so off and unresponsive that I felt like snoring.
>>1213 I suppose it sucks as a flight game, but it's alright as a point and click game, if you play ground attack aircraft.
>>1214 That sounds like it defeats the purpose of a flight game?
>>1195 IL-2 1946 won't run on my computer. I've just been cucked out of so much content.
>>1216 If you are on Windows 10 anon prepare your ass for ungodly amounts of bully.
>>1217 Win7 dag
Well I've been having a ball all day with the T16000. I tried it with Elite Dangerous, IL-2:BoS, DCS, and Mechwarrior. Gonna see how X-Plane 11 goes shortly. I got cucked out of IL-2:1946, and the separate throttle doesn't work with Mw4, so that's disappointing. I wasn't prepared for how springy the stick is. The buttons feel a little cheap on it but it is working beautifully. The throttle is out of control good though. It's not the smoothest thing in the world I'm sure, but the control options are outrageous. The rocker lever, the analog stick, the wheely dealy, THREE HATS, even a handful of nice regular buttons. I love having all of these options and it's perfect for space simming or 6DoF.
>>1219 > separate throttle doesn't work with Mw4 you could use Joystick Goblin to remap the stick and throttle to a single virtual input for games that only take one controller
>>1220 Dope thanks. I'm very much looking forward to slamming that throttle home to chase down some mechs.
>>1218 >won't run some specific error or it just doesn't launch? which release + patch?
>>1218 That's odd. IL-2 1946 should work with Windows 7 fine. May have to reinstall it myself and take a peak to see what's going on.
>>1222 >>1223 Something about my hardware configuration really hates old games. I couldn't even get Swat4 to run on this rig. But yeah it just had an error on trying to launch. It was the steam version. I might just pirate it at some point to see if I can get it to work, but I tried every compatibility option and everything people said on forums.
>>1224 >Steam version Oh well shit I've got the disc so not sure how it will compare. Although if you think it's hardware issues don't mind telling us your specs? Could even be something like your motherboard hates you.
>>1225 >Could even be something like your motherboard hates you. Probably. My FX-8350 processor is almost universally hated by games as well. Zotac 1050ti, 8GB DDR2, Gigabyte 970A-UD3P mobo.
Damn Ustio, destroying Excalibur and interrupting quest to reclaim rightful Belkan clay!!!!!!
>>1226 What's the error? The GOG version has a newer patch in its release (breaks compatibility with the big mods but also adds some new planes and features. Can be rolled back to 4.12 as well). I doubt that's the problem but here it is anyway if you want to try it. https://goggames.goodolddownloads.com/game/il_2_sturmovik_1946 Usually though if it's not an issue with the files themselves it's something in conf.ini causing the problem. There's nothing in your specs to point to an issue so I'd check if you have any background programs running which might cause a problem: RivaTuner, some antivirus software, Tueagles etc. It might also be whatever is breaking SWAT 4, another game which should run fine regardless of hardware.
>>1226 Have you checked PCgamingwiki?
>>1226 >ddr2 christ that's old. Can't say I've ever heard of il21946 having issues running on any particular rig, from what I recall 1946 had an external configuration exe. Try fiddling with that if you haven't yet. And can I ask why nobody uses WASD for view controls? The HAT switch is better used for trim adjustments than for something as vital as head movement. tfw too poor for trackIR
>>1230 I prefer to use WASD for Throttle and movement while using a stick.
>>1228 Steam also has the latest patch. >>1224 Try to look into conf.ini/setup.ini and change renderer to DirectX or OpenGL. There should also be a setup.exe in the installation folder but I'm not sure if Steam version has it.
>>1228 >What's the error? I forgot. I won't have time to reinstall til next week so I'll keep you updated. Thanks for the help! >>1229 Not yet >>1230 >christ that's old. Ya lol. >>1232 >change renderer to DirectX or OpenGL This could work actually. My rig gets picky with renderers
Is XPlane 11 worth buying over pirating? Does current version run better than 11.0?
>>1234 Considering they charge $20-40 for an airport you pirate that kikey shit. I presume you are meaning "Does it run better than X-Planes 10?" If that's the case, yes, but that's not a difficult achievement. I am not a big fan of X-Planes although it does have an autistic modding community that has a lot of content for download but you do have to sign up to access it. Think a few of the models you have to pay for though might be mistaking it for Microsoft Kike Simulator. >>1226 For all that not sure about build. Shouldn't honestly be an issue there despite AMD tending not to be liked by most games. Probably be more what >>1230 said. Not so sure what the Steam version is like but I'll dig around and see if I can find my disc copy and see if I have issues as well Speaking of looking for old game copies found Crimson Skies. Rather fun game that kind of got forgotten about but was rather ahead of it's time. Going to see about packing it up where anons can just unzip and play.
>>1235 > I presume you are meaning Nah the steam version is 11.2 IIRC, codex ver is 11.0. But Yeah it does have jew airports and some paid mods, but a lot of free mods and worldbuilding support. Gonna work on the 1946 thing in the week. Got enough on my plate with work, BoS, DCS, and Xplane for now haha.
Fuckin 3/5 tank in the 109 was not quite enough for a top-cover mission. Had to pull off as the needle approached 0, 90deg banked my ass onto approach vector on 0 throttle and made it work. One of my smoother landings in this rickity cunt, actually.
>>1237 2/5 tank rather. Thought it'd be no biggy since we didn't cross the front, but we certainly lingered a while for the operation to finish. Also, I cannot help but double or triple post constantly on this slow ass board.
>>1237 how active is the multiplayer for this anyway? Warthunder has like at most 20 people playing on 6 different servers during the weekdays, and Cliffs of Dover gets around that on weekends, so what's the player count for Moscow/Stalingrad/Kuban?
>>1239 Steamcharts indicate 50 with a euro-evening peak of 200. I haven't actually tried the multiplayer yet so I'm not sure how many of those people are on it.
>>1240 Steamcharts aren't really that accurate because there's also non-Steam version. Devs even encourage people to buy the game on their website rather than on Steam.
>>1241 Yeah you're right. I went and checked lobbies and there seemed to be about 150 total online right now. Gonna have to see what that's all about.
>>1242 Expect a bunch of autists.
>>1243 accurate
>>1244 Fingolian Spurdo Squadron?
Why is the F-18 beta for DCS more expensive than full price?
>>1246 It's (((DCS))) that should be everything you need to know.
>>1247 Goddamn. Flight sims are so fucking jewish but at least it's not loot crates and bullshit. Most of the DCS modules and X-Plane stuff you can at least tell that it took a lot of work and has its own value. Selling a beta F-18 for a higher Hype price is an extreme form of kikery though.
>>1212 >tfw you once had a wingman >tfw you flew side by side and looked at each other shit was so rad
>>1249 I hope I have a wingman someday
https://twitter.com/BandaiNamcoEU/status/1006454527577518082 >Ace Combat 7 is highlighted on the showfloor at E3 with an exclusive trailer that will be posted to be enjoyed by everyone on Friday 15th. ACE COMBAT 7 TRAILER ON FRIDAY
>>1252 CUM HISTORIA! Although I think we all knew this was happening, just that Sony wouldn't make a big deal about it
Short final to Flight Vidya, runway Dubs, Alpha November Oscar November
SOON Also I probably should upload some Crimson Skies.
What plane would you fuck
>>1256 You do not fuck a plane! Plane fucks you!
>>1256 You should spoiler those flaps.
Open file (7.81 KB 128x128 f-22 extra lewd.png)
>>1258 I'll spoiler it when I show you whats underneat those protective red pads
Open file (11.50 KB 178x197 lewd.jpg)
>>1262 O-OH MY!
Open file (12.55 KB 255x170 20070325.jpg)
Well this got lewd fast. Anyway Ace Combat tomorrow.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wvA2Qswz2xE US TRAILER https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=unmG7ewXE1M JAPANESE TRAILER https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NfRByopXiAI EU TRAILER (embed) >Japanese and EU trailers uses the same dialog >US trailer has different dialog from the girl Give all three hits. Raise that view count, it might convince Bandai Namco to give this series some more support! >E3 2017 trailer. >Farbanti attacked >"Osea attacks indiscriminantly and has remorsefully injured countless innocent civilians." >E3 2018 trailer >US Trailer: "Do you wonder what it means to be a prisoner here? Everything is rotten to the core." ""Hmmph, another newbie's been tossed into the mix. I wonder what sort of crap he's done." >EU Trailer: "How penal is this penal unit, you ask? This place is a shithole." " Today they tossed someone new into the mix. Wonder what he did to get sent here." >BOTH TRAILERS: "You have three sin lines, right, Trigger? The more scratches, the more heinous the crime." "Spare 15 [Trigger] work off your crimes." The E3 2017 trailer makes more sense now, especially with the line "remorsefully". So Trigger must have injured/killed civilians accidentally or on orders from the Osean Military. He may have been sent to the Penal Squadron as a "sacrificial lamb" in potential peace/cease fire talks between Osea and Erusea. Politics 101.
>>1265 I swear that Oseans are going to be the bad guys in this, Eruseans do nothing wrong and Belka will still not reclaim rightful clay.
>>1265 I feel like the story might be kind of shit with a lot of fan service.
>>1268 pull-ups?
>>1269 BINGO
>>1265 Lot of trailers but is there any new gameplay footage?
So any fags play The Bunch 2? If so thoughts on it? I kind of curious to see how the stunt flying was in game since I've never seen anyone really do a proper air display game before. Flight model does seem odd with no real weight to aircraft or sense of power
>>1273 Flight model on The Bunch 2 is absolute baby-tier easier than even GTA. Luckily the driving model is improved and drifting is real fun. Flying on it is mostly just for transit and sightseeing though.
>>1274 I saw WW2 aircraft. Can we shoot down people in game?
>>1275 There is a Shitfire and a P-51 variant in the game. I don't think there are any guns though, at least not in the early game.
>>1275 >>1276 No dakka sadly. Only shitposting as the Finngolian Flying Air Benis.
Open file (14.63 KB 181x255 over g.jpg)
Let's get this shit goin again
>>1278 Got a template?
Open file (15.23 KB 181x255 il2.jpg)
Open file (3.05 KB 157x255 switch template.jpg)
Open file (3.72 KB 255x143 xbox template.jpg)
Open file (4.77 KB 255x139 ps3 template.jpg)
>>1279 Not really for this one, just used the cover. Here are some other templates though.
>>1280 I wish I was a good drawfag. I can't think of anything to make.
>>1278 I should learn how to airbrush shit out.
>>1166 >I've been flying Arma aircraft. I hate to break it to you anon but you haven't been flying anything at all. Just steering a 3d avatar with vaguely plane like physics.
Open file (11.82 KB 255x255 ClipboardImage.jpg)
>>1285 >Arma isn't flying, it's falling with style! I'd agree with that sentiment though that Arma flight physics are kind of shit
Open file (8.86 KB 255x157 Making SourKrauts.jpg)
>You will never have your shitposting Bomber Squadron Why live anons?
What's the best dynamic campaign generator for Il-2 1946? Vanilla DGen, DCG or Asura DGen?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kDbM0C6Q5xg I just looked on the Humblebookstore and came across this. Would pass it up normally especially considering it's (((Early Access))) but then I saw this mechanic autism where you take apart the plane engines and look at their insides. It gave me an awkward boner
>>1289 Who's sullyyy?
Open file (9.31 KB 255x118 Can_Opener.jpg)
>>1289 >303 Squadron So the flying kurwas? Also it looks like a bad War Thunder clone when it comes to gameplay for want of a better comparrison.
>>1285 Heli physics are fairly complex actually, if you turn on Advanced Flight Model or whatever.
Finally got DCS to run smoothly, Ask me anything
>>1293 How much DLC did you buy goyim?
>>1294 Just FC3. I just started a couple weeks ago and promised myself I wouldn't buy DLC until I A) Actually got the program running smoothly, and B) Become proficient with the SU-25 and FC3 planes
>>1295 I would honestly not have bought anything till you figured things out. Especially since the DLC can get pricey. I actually never got into DCS much myself although I used to play Lock On a lot back in the day which is essentially Flaming Cliffs before it got ported to DCS. Still got the game disc around my house somewhere. I probably might return to DCS though since I am debating whether to try the F-5 Tiger out.
>>1296 Well yeah i achieved basic proficiency with the SU-25T before I bought FC3. After that I wanted to try the gamut of Air Superiority and Attack planes in FC3. Still shit at BVR and dogfighting and pretty sure I'm going to stick to strike planes later on, but I plan on getting good at all of these before stepping into a clicky cockpit.
>>1297 >BVR combat Usually the basics of that is understanding simple time distance speed, range and velocity of your missiles then factoring in the vector of the object you are shooting at. In otherwords simple maths. As for dogfighting the A-10 and SU-25 actually have turning radii similar if not better than a lot of Fighters but generally you'll have to force a Fighter to engage you in such a scenario where you could take advantage i.e. low speed low altitude and that rarely if ever is going to happen.
>>1298 Yeah. I get the basics of BVR and the instruments/weapons and how it can turn into a bad situation when you're facing the Mig in the F-15. My issue is that the early mission in the F-15 campaign that I'm on has the Migs force you into a dogfight. I can't get them on my radar at all until they're already shooting and jamming. Possibly my fault for being bad at radar, but I know which direction they're in and zero the fuckers in on my radar, but they're dark 98% of the time. I suppose if I want to practice BVR I should just set up a long range fight outside of the campaign. I have kind of shelved the F-15 for now in favor of the Su-33.
>>1299 You really won't win against a MiG in a dogfight. Very few Western aircraft could. No idea what campaigns are like but should be using wingman to get edge on them. If not well get the hell out of dodge as soon as they reveal themselves.
If we play DCS is it possible to play together? What is multiplayer a like?
>>1301 I haven't tried multiplayer yet but I'd be willing to give it a go. Been studying up on radio procedures and everything
Open file (10.37 KB 255x143 oh shit im sorry.jpg)
>>1302 >Anons using radio procedures I can only begin to imagine what code will be used >Kino Horse to Pizza Dog, we have a trap Walrus holding up a 7/11 <14/88 Kino Horse should we go in for a daily dose? >Negative Pizza Dog, we don't need the Doc yet <How many fists till degenerate? >$300 or <Oh shit I'm sorry >Sorry for what? Our daddy told us not to be ashamed of our payloads, especially since they are all such good size and all <Yeah I see that. Your daddy gave you good advise. >It gets bigger when I pull g's. <Hmm >Sometimes I pull on it so hard I rip the wings <Well my daddy taught me a few things to like how not to rip the wings by using someone elses mouth and steady your own flaps >Will you show me? <I'd be right happy to!
>>1303 Fuckin lol
Open file (16.45 KB 255x191 kek.jpg)
>>1303 You know I could see this shit happening now.
>Off the internet for an entire day >Just one new post in flight general Why you so dead /vg/
>>1306 Probably cause most of us are playing the gamenight and we don't have much to talk about at the moment. Unless you count Humble's flight sale a thing.
>>1306 Board dies down heavily during weekends cause we are all too busy playing vidya.
>>1307 >Humble flight sale Which was kind of shitty all things considered.
>>1306 Probably cause the vast majority of flightniggers have only heard of Acecombat and the Acefags stayed mostly on /v/eddit.
Why couldn't those fucking krauts actually build a proper long-range bomber like B-17 or B-29? Now we don't have any comfy games where you bomb soviet factories behind Ural mountains and then proceed to fly over whole of Siberia and land in Manchuria.
Open file (10.33 KB 255x172 Ju 290.jpg)
Open file (4.26 KB 255x143 Ha 142.jpg)
Open file (12.23 KB 255x199 FW200C1.jpg)
Open file (13.67 KB 255x169 He 177 Greif.jpg)
>>1311 >Now we don't have any comfy games where you bomb soviet factories behind Ural mountains and then proceed to fly over whole of Siberia and land in Manchuria. Krauts actually did specificially thatt. They just never built enough of them. There was the Grief which was the main one. There was also a few Maritime Patrol Aircraft that could do the job with that range; JU 290 and Condor come to mind. There was also a few refitted civilian aircraft that could do the job like the HA 142 which was designed to fly from Berlin to Japan. Not to say of the autistic flying boats they made.
>>1312 Why do the Maritime craft look sexy as fuck yet the Bomber looks like it was made by Orkz?
An anon mentioned flightgear in the opensource thread. I am scratching my head but what was the main reason anons shat on it again? I remember it having a major issue.
Open file (8.91 KB 255x143 Mission18.jpg)
>>1315 That webm is far too accurate.
>>1315 I should have saved a lot more of these when I had the chance. I am still worried about Ace Combat 7 on PC cause chances are it will have Denuvo.
>>1314 OpenGL is a bitch if I recall. It is not a toaster friendly game.
So are we making a /vg/ squadron sometime?
Open file (8.47 KB 255x114 117_d.jpg)
>>1319 Depends on what we can call it. /ogc/ thread already has the drift police so we'll need something like that to counter. Maybe some sort of flying circus.
I thought this would be interesting autism for the flight thread. Real F-18 pilot teaches fags how to land an F-18 on DCS. http://archive.fo/mLVPo I still think though Falcon BMS is better than DLC World if only for the value you will get.
What is the actual difference between Falcon BMS and DCS? I keep seeing those two thrown about but never explained which is better and why?
>>1322 Both are study sims (excluding the simplified planes of DCS' Flaming Cliffs) which are highly detailed Falcon: >Free as in piracy >Old base game upgraded by the community for years to very high standards >Good performance on toasters >One of the best dynamic campaigns in existence, the world really feels alive >Best F-16 simulator, other planes added in but they are forced to use some of the falcon's systems >Some graphics and UI leave a lot to be desired (original release 1998) DCS: >Two free planes without buying the game, >Expensive but good quality and variety of aircraft, however some 3rd party are not up to the same standards >Flyable helicopters >Great graphics >Faster development than BMS which is solely a community effort >No dynamic campaign which hurts SP but there's an easy to use mission editor Both are excellent and worth playing but as a complete game I have to give it to Falcon
>>1323 >DCS 3rd party planes not good I've heard that a lot about DCS. What planes are even worth getting for that game?
>>1138 >>1139 >Still no Chart How would even make one? Would it be a shitshow like the attempts at a Spacefag Chart?
>>1320 >drift police Officer. Glad there's some crossover in my favorite generals. Then again it's probably just us two populating both threads.
>>1323 I'm only just getting started on Falcon, and DCS for that matter. DCS has much higher performance demand than Falcon, even on beefy rigs. It's also easier to jump into the non-study level Su-25 or FC3 planes and have a good time without getting too far into it if you're more casual. Anybody else tried the Liberation Dynamic Campaign for DCS yet? I've flown 3 sorties on it and it's pretty good. Much better optimized than Operation Red Bear.
>>1326 There's a handful of us at least 6 I say who are regular posters and a few more who actually play these games. I have to use a proxy cause of where I am and even then I don't get to post much. You two fags seem to post the most content though. Also >Implying we can't drift planes as well Faggots
>>1325 It would be easy actually to make a simple one. Simply divide it into three categories at first; Arcade, Simcade and Sim. I'll draw one up tonight. I actually prefer the Simcade genre personally as it allows for comfy flights. >>1327 >Getting started on Falcon and DCS I'd definitely say that overall Falcon BMS and DCS Flaming Cliffs 3 are on par with each having advantages and disadvantages. >Liberation Dynamic Campaign I am actually trying to setup my whole station again just so I can get back into that. Seems like it would be fun. >>1328 You inspired me to make this.
>>1328 >>1329 Wicked sick. I'm impressed that person did all those donuts and then still had the speed to takeoff almost immediately
>>1330 Props are a lot more responsive and have infinitely better acceleration than Jet engines meaning they just don't need a long ass runway to takeoff. It also means they can generally turn tighter and are good for stunts like that. To put it in more interesting terms during the early dawn of the Jet Age when Piston Aircraft faced off against Jet Fighters there were indeed times when the advantage was more in favour of the Piston than Jet plane. For example during Korea there were notable instances where Pistons BTFO of MiG-15's with the Sea Fury notably kicking it's ass though in that instances that might have been cause the Sea Fury was the final word in Piston Fighter design and in fact a lot of aircraft you see in those Reno Air races tend to be Sea Fury's underneath There was also an instance where an F4U Corsair baited a MiG-15 into a turnfight and won.
Well an attempt was made at a flight vidya chart. I was aiming to have based on how arcadey or sim a game was but not sure it works well. Might just split them off into subcategories in rows rather than try this. Any specific categories anons envision?
>>1332 There should be a short description of the game and what features it has - single-player (dynamic campaign, mission editor, scripted campaigns, etc.), active multi-player, clickable cockpit, jets/props or both, active development, payware, etc. Also you forgot nuIL-2 and X-Plane 11. You might also put FlightGear and YSFlight there.
>>1333 I would agree with this. Needs to tell you pros and cons would be nice.
>>1333 >Add full descriptions If I did that I'd need fags like yourself to chip in otherwise it will take a while. >Why haven't you added "x" I did this quickly to get a rough draft on how it should look. As I stands I don't like it so that's why I didn't go full autism on it. If you want to contribute games you better start posting them.
>>1332 >no Blazing Angles
>>1336 Try drawing some triangles :^)
Open file (9.50 KB 255x191 bossofthehanger.jpg)
Well to bump thread while I try and figure out how to do Flight Chart Russian vs Americanski Aircraft What do you prefer anons? I honestly prefer Euro Also in a totally not datamining question is what roles do you often prefer in flight vidya? Do you attempt to be a typical chairforce faggot and hunt planes only or do you like strafing runs in a CAS aircraft?
>>1338 I like CAS/Attack/SEAD
>>1332 I didn't know "Simcade" was actually a term. I think it best describes what I personally want from a flight sim. I got into flight sims two years ago and while the plane autism was fun for a while, it got kind of tiring to have to turn to a pdf or a video to learn every little thing. All I really wanted was Ace Combat with more control over my plane. Anyways I think the categories on the chart are fine for now. Maybe anons could suggest a brief description for each game or some general features we could put next the game with a check mark or cross next to them to indicate whether or not the game has that feature. Also the games under Simulator should indicate if they're study sims or survey sims.
>>1339 >SEAD I like performing SEAD but I could take or leave CAS. There is a lot of fun flying low and fast hitting SAM's. >>1340 Simcade is a relatively old term that needs to be used more. Basically the sweet spot being not too arcadey but not being too much in the way of sim autism. It's sad nobody actually makes them anymore either focusing on full sim or full arcade.
>>1340 >All I really wanted was Ace Combat with more control over my plane. Have you considered the Strike Fighters series anon? More control over your plane but doesn't kill you with sim autism forcing you to read a 400 page PDF just to start your engine. Most of it is Cold War stuff so if you are Gen 4.5x or 5 gayboy you are out of luck.
>>1342 Yeah, I've been meaning to play but haven't gotten around to it yet. Are there any recommended mods or is it best played vanilla?
In terms of autism, how autistic are the old IL-2 Shturmovick games? I remember playing and enjoying them a long time ago, and I thought about getting back into flight sims but I suspect I could get a hard time to quickly master and enjoy anything more difficult than those old IL-2 games. Also what is the most difficult and autistic flight sim available for PC? Now I'm kind of interested to test my patience, focus and autism power levels.
>>1344 Stock IL-2 1946 can get pretty autismal heavy though most mods tend to feature recycled flight models so a lot of the time craft never feel right. It's all down to what settings you pick and choose.
>>1344 modded 1946 was the first flight sim I ever played and it's pretty simple compared to the ultra autistic shit like DCS (not counting FC3) and Falcon BMS, which are the most complex I've played so far. I don't know much about civilian sims though, since I've always wanted to go fast and shoot things and haven't played any.
>>1332 Where is AC Zero?
>>1344 Compared to things like X-Plane or Prepar3D, the cockpit level of complexity is babby-tier. You have a couple gauges to keep an idle eye on, trim, prop trim, prop feathering, radiator openness, general engine heat and that's about it. The combat part, though, adds a whole world of new shit you have to learn because, y'know, it's ww2 combat. DCS doesn't really compare, you effectively don't have fucking electronics period. I can only pray that Cliffs of Dover gets a workable singleplayer at some point, but until then and discounting it I'd rate the IL-2 games a solid 6/10 autisms, with 1/10 being CoD and 10/10 being a megamek lorefag.
>>1346 Most of the civilian ones tend to render cockpits and stuff inside rather well and have great controller compatibility but are arcadey as fuck when it comes to flying. Mainly to keep the ratings down for kiddies and grandmas. Still it allows sometimes for fun stuff like Hot Air Balloons going vertical doing mach 1+ and if you want to actually visualize a cockpit they are good.
[End of Dump 8VG07 ~ 12/07/2018] I decided to stop it here for the thread to have space for some posts and near where that chart was being made. Prease understandu.

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