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Open file (737.19 KB 1285x1054 emulation.jpg)
Emulation Thread Anonymous 10/10/2021 (Sun) 15:32:49 No.601
[8VG05 ~ 06/17/18] http://emulation.gametechwiki.com/ So what are ya >PLAYING >EMULATING >WHAT CONTROLLERS DO YOU USE >ORIGINAL HARDWARE OR EMULATION? Also I suppose console modification can come too if they don't want to make their own thread.
>>926 I am going to try this gain, and yeah this too >>925 Thanks
are mobile emulators any good? or should one stick to pc only ones
>>928 What exactly do you mean by mobile emulators?
>decide to finally play ocarina of time because of all the hype >worst controls i've ever seen in a videogame >camera is super mario 64 levels of garbage Is ocarina of time just a giant meme and i fell for it?
>>930 Just how underage are you?
Looks like there is a Breakfast emulator coming to Switch http://archive.fo/HlQnJ
>widescreen hacks for SNES games are a thing >after decades of claims that it was impossible Imagine widescreen hacks for GBA/DS games
>>933 >needing widescreen see >>931
So RPCS3 got some recent performance improvments with the Mega SPU cache size
>>935 >17fps Does it turn into a slideshow?
>>936 Its a 30FPS game in the first place that maintains gamespeed at 24FPS as it drops on a real PS3 too. The streets are also one of the most intensive areas in the game, the other being schools.
With the advent of high resolution rendering of Mode7 games in higan, mgba also gets a high resolution option for certain games. Also works for 2D games like Sonic Adventure and cleans up any artifacts : https://imgsli.com/MzcxNA
>>943 Do you think we will be free of the tyranny of HD remasters and play games naturally in glorious 16:12 resolution?
>>944 No company is going to put in the effort for an HD remaster of GBA games.
>>943 Holy penis sucking nigger faggot! I just shot cum into my own mouth!
>>946 So just you being a fag as usual?
Any good guides to set up RPCS3? Anyone got the website to get the games from?
>>948 nopaystation and downloadps3games It should be pretty simple to set up. You can follow their quickstart guide as you don't even need to dump anything from your console.
>>949 Thanks mate
>>943 Why are emulators priding themselves on autism accuracy suddenly doing things that aren't 100% identical to how it ran on the original hardware?
>>952 Why shouldn't they?
>>953 are you retarded?
I never owned a GBA so I never knew how those games looked but after discovering this GBA shader, most of the games don't look like garish Reshade trash anymore.
I was playing monsta hunta recently on ppsspp or whatever its called. I liked 3U a bit better because it had brighter colours but its still good ol monster grinding
anyone here know a good balance of settings for a ps2 emulator? i dont know which of these things should take priority over others. and am not sure what is unnecessary. i've been playing around with settings and really havnt found a good balance for best looking vs performance. any advice? should i try using a different rederer besides ogl hardware? should i be using a different graphics plugin altogether? should i be using a different emulator? pictures related.
>>957 Whats the game
>>958 I've been using katamari damacy as a test, but have a pretty wide collection of ps2 games. i just cant find a nice balance between looking good and performance and arent sure what settings i should prioritize over others when adjusting.
>>959 Katamari Damacy is a relatively lightweight PS2 game. You don't really need to configure much beyond just setting the native resolution and fiddling with hacks and blending to remove any issues. PCSX2 is a piece of shit emulator so you'll need game specific settings. The main bottleneck you're gonna get is with your CPU. Could also be that the 8x Native resolution is overkill for you but thats unlikely.
>>960 > lightweight in most levels, this is true, but the simple shapes combined with the sheer quantity that can be on the screen at the same time make it very easy to grind to a halt at higher settings.what do you mean by fiddling with the hacks? crc hack level? is there a better emulator? this is the only one ive been able to get running.
>>961 >but the simple shapes combined with the sheer quantity that can be on the screen at the same time make it very easy to grind to a halt at higher settings Whats your CPU? >is there a better emulator No
>>962 i7 3770
>>959 In speedhacks enable MTVU. That should give you some more FPS.
>>964 >MTVU. That should give you some more FPS. thanks for the advice. i turned it on. i updated to a recent build of 1.5.0 and am using opengl as my renderer. i keep it at 6x resolution for my 1920x1200 monitor. i have AF at 16x, texture filtering on display is off, FXAA is enabled, and everything else is automatic/default/recommended "accurate blending" is set to basic. with this set up im getting a consistent 60fps. my only concern is that the emulator defaults to GSdx32-AVX2 but im using GSdx32-SSE4 because AVX2 is apparently incompatible with my vidya drivers. my only 2 options were either SSE4 or SSE2 and i chose chose SSE4 at random because i couldnt tell the difference. any advice here?
>>965 AVX2 is related to your CPU, not to your video drivers though from what I can see 3770 does not support AVX2. SSE4 is better than SSE2 as its the more advanced instruction set.
>>966 so i made the right choice in picking sse4 over 2? awesome. what youre saying makes sense, i assumed when the error message said "hardware/software divers" i assumed it meant the video card. is avx2 better than sse4? do these differences really matter? also, do you know what intel gen had avx2 introduced?
>>967 axv2 was around before sse4 was a thing, it should be on your chip.
>>968 3770 doesn't have AVX2, only AVX >axv2 was around before sse4 was a thing Thats not true either.
>>967 >>968 >>969 I did some digging and found an answer to my question; thought i'd share. some people on the pcsx2 forum did some benchmarks comparing the different instruction sets. https://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-Comparing-GSdx-SSE2-SSSE3-SSE4-1-AVX-AVX2 They basically found that if youre running HW mode and not software mode, SSE4 is the best with AVX2 marginally behind. if youre running SW mode, AVX2 is better. the differences between all of these are pretty minimal. between SSE2, 3, 4 and AVX/AVX2 the biggest difference in performance on the same system was a 5FPS difference.
The downsampling option in Beetle PSX is really fucking good
>>955 which shader is that? I assume you're talking about the first image
>>973 its the gba color shader that comes with mgba
>>974 Cool, thanks. Guess I'll finally replay Golden sun
What are some good Wii games that you don't need the Wii mote for? I had one for years but I can't remember what I played other than game cube games and brawl.
>>976 You can map Wii mote controls to your controller now. Its not like the Wii mote had many buttons to begin with and mapping motion controls to buttons makes them bearable.
Why aren't you emulating GB games with color AND SGB borders? http://www.vgmuseum.com/features/sgb/
>>978 Because I have taste?
Anyone knows a way to dump textures/sprites from PS3 games? I'd like to rip the car's texture and many of the decals like on pic related, but I can't find an easy way to do it on RPCS3, unlike on PPSSPP which has that sort of feature which just werks.

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