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Open file (91.45 KB 800x600 DevKit.jpg)
Resources & Local Media Anonymous 10/06/2021 (Wed) 20:17:34 No.3
The place to discuss and post our assets like banners, CSS ideas or promo material; due to the site's policy of board meta threads needing to be inside the board itself this will also function, for now and reluctantly, as the place to do so too. Be not afraid to comment.
>>3031 >because no one threw me a bone with another CSS theme Just use yotsuba. >i want to filter darkthemephobics that don't know about the theme button in the top bar We can't afford to filter anyone. There is a tomorrow dark theme already if somebody wants to use it. The problem isn't with the darkness of the CSS but that it's just ugly and hard to read. Also it's completely broken on phones.
>>3033 We are two now :^) >>3035 >unreadable mess why, i still don't get it, is it the contrast levels? >>3038 >We can't afford to filter anyone I want to agree but someone who cannot click two times or doesn't want to lurk to know it might not seem like a constant poster to begin with BUT clicking two times every single time he comes by is another story, i would suppose those browser options save over time but i might be wrong unless they use private window for some reason. That constant clicking at every visit is my only gripe with this theme if it is so, i wouldn't know as i don't change it nor close my browser at all. >Also it's completely broken on phones. >Phoneposting Come on now, phoneposters are not human but i will entertain the idea, it breaks due to the wood squares in the left? or is it something else?
Open file (267.84 KB 1401x694 tt.png)
>>3042 >why The blue text on blue background is stressing on the eyes. The reply window is even more blue on blue and even harder to see. The orange of 'Anonymous' and 'No.' is butt ugly and jars with green an blue in an ugly way that's stressing on eyes also. The floating Top panel is barely visible and blends into posts. The CSS window hangs in the middle annoyingly and obstructs posts. Anon, it's just a mess of a theme. It's nothing like the tomorrow dark theme that's well thought out. Don't take it personal or anything, it's just ugly. No need to defend the theme tho, just change it to yotsuba, it's gonna be better this way. >Come on now, phoneposters are not human Nobody said anything about posting. When I'm away at work I browse on phone and it's completely unusable, forcing me to fuck about with trying to switch the theme on a phone.
If you wanna dark theme just make tomorrow the default one, I implore you.
>>3044 For the love of me i still cannot see the big deal, i consider myself with bad eyes but i see everything perfectly clear, the CSS window in my case also hangs comfortably in the top bar, perhaps resolution problems are at hand there along with bad CSS code somewhere. Very well, i am going to appease you and your lurking at work antics because it costs me nothing, hope the (very) few who liked the theme understand but there's always the CSS tab in the Settings menu up in the bar so they can paste the theme they like. >If you wanna dark theme just make tomorrow the default one I am going to use Yotsuba B as instructed and because i think someone else did want that one too as default.
>>3046 Thanks BO.
Open file (46.99 KB 617x473 sana.jpg)
horrible light theme for a vidya board :/
>>3058 best theme
>didn't have to change the CSS when I came here I am glad
I really enjoyed the CSS gave off a comfy vibe, people can't be bothered to post unless it's to try to make the BO cave in to their demands and anecdotes, and look at that, it worked. Now it's just like all the other /v/'s except even slower. Meh.
>>3066 Oh yeah, it's the ugly CSS that was the only good part about this place! Give me a break. Nobody cares about CSS, neither 8vg nor jula/v/ had any unique CSS. Now everything is at least easily readable and there's nothing to complain about on that front. Go post about vidya if you want the board to be faster, be the change you want to see.
>>3066 Yeah i really don't like seeing the place like any other board and i tried to stall it but there's 2 or 3 anons really wanting the light look/not the CSS so welp, board should be a matter of all of us rather than only a BO. Now 2 (or 3?) of us have to wait for someone to make a custom CSS that's better. Also we are not that many and the numbers kinda fit around the anons posting (5 to 7) so i trusted it's not outsiders wanting to fuck around just for the sake of it like it happened back in the old place when the BO had that silly thing around the news thread or not, phoneposters reading in heavily illuminated offices or not. >>3067 >Nobody cares about CSS I disagree, it makes a place stand out immediately although for good or bad reasons, you might say it's a cheap tactic but it gives a special touch if done in a way the majority agrees to. Also somewhat conditions some users to remember where they are and to post in a different way, or at least that's what i feel when i go to certain places, like /retro/ for example. >be the change you want to see. Can he convince the BO to put the CSS back in :^)?
Open file (171.48 KB 1410x688 8vg.png)
>>3068 The problem with CSSs is that most people don't like them and switch to Yitsubas anyway. Yotsuba B was the default 8ch look so it's appealing to many people for that reason. And also it's just optimal in every possible category. I'm not against a CSS but it has to be something well thought out or just copied from somewhere. Speaking of, 8/vg/ did have somewhat of a unique look, it looked like this. What do anons think, we can go with this again.
Maybe there's a compromise to be made? Yotsuba plus the old color scheme (with issues like contrast being fixed of course) might be a good mix.
Open file (92.74 KB 1440x767 tt.png)
>>3070 Nah, it'll likely be just as contentious. However, customizing Yotsuba might not be a bad idea. For instance, I was thinking about board mascot and using Yuko from the Valis game series. Maybe putting her in the background kind of like how /animu/ does. And maybe something else of the sort, to give the board look a bit of a unique spin.
>one retard doesnt like the css >changing to yotsuba or tomorrow is 2 clicks >but no lets just force the BO remove it lol Bravo
>>3073 >one sure thing, buddy
>>3066 >just like all the other /v/'s except slower >the only reason he came here was for the custom CSS You are an embarrassment.
>>3069 While I prefer yotsuba and would probably switch back to it, this is probably a fine default
>>3073 I couldn't read this fucking board with the blue theme without hurting my eyes, it basically made the board require javascript because it was unusable without switching the theme.
*the dark blue theme
>>3099 >it basically made the board require javascript >Not just switching the theme The hyperboles are starting to make me believe this was a psyop, just switch the theme you neurotic yid
>>3105 >having to switch the theme every time How about you switch to the ugly theme every time and leave yotsuba the fuck alone
>>3105 I've literally avoided using the board outside of replying to posts I see from the frontpage because the CSS made it not worth scrolling over the index. If you're aiming for a cyber style then you'd have light (usually green or white) text on the dark background, not some low contrast nightmare. >switch the theme There's no such thing, mistah cattle-kun. If you mean roll your own CSS/use a text browser that has it's own formatting then sure, >you could do that.
>>3108 >Not wanting to use the default Yotsuba theme is being cattle Do you even proof read before posting?
Open file (71.82 KB 860x375 capture.jpg)
Open file (114.28 KB 804x697 nigger u gay.png)
>>3110 Running every executable on the internet makes you cattle, yes >Do you even proof read before posting? You've abused quote formatting to imply I've made a claim that appears nowhere in this thread or any other, so perhaps you're just projecting your own dyslexia. Pic related is how the topbar appears to ~90% of users. If you're keeping a persistent session and running random executable code you're not just cattle, but a literal lobotomite that's been hit with the stun gun already.
>>3112 So allowing custom CSS makes me cattle, i take you don't browse boards with custom themes then and also discourage anyone from doing so >Pic related is how the topbar appears to ~90% of users I haven't seen that mentioned by anyone, it doesn't seem the case by the two different caps around here
>>3112 the icons show up as small boxes. that's odd. is this a firefox issue?
>>3113 <If I keep misquoting him maybe someone will miss that fact that I'm obviously wrong! Allowing the entire internet to run javascript on your machine makes you cattle and a cumdump for middle aged indian men. I don't use boards that require js, for obvious reasons (obvious to everyone on the planet other than you, maybe). If a site is gimped without js then I'll use it less. You can't really expect a site with a black/black layout that's been spammed everywhere like a patchchan to have new users not expect it to be a tired circlejerk between 2-3 dramafags. Whining and hitting the ground when the majority of standing users say the borderline unusable CSS is shit doesn't really dispel that illusion to anyone checking the frontpage either. >>3115 It's a font issue. This is basically stock TBB (maybe actually stock TBB now that they edit config settings like js directly), which is the development target for imageboards since it's what any retard will pick up and use. The characters aren't in the list of fonts that firefox ESR 91 comes with and for obvious reasons nobody's out here downloading every font some asshole pushes on you.
>>3120 >Trying to pink text At least now we know you are not a local >Misquoting I am just using your own words and the last one isn't even aggressively used, just a mere quote to point out the context for the next comment like i am going to do next >the majority of standing users say the borderline unusable CSS is shit Again you have no proof like the "90% of users can't see the top bar well", so far this seems like a polarizing issue with clearly two sides just as vocal, i can make a supposition and count 3 in a place and 2 or maybe also 3 in another. That clearly is not "majority of standing users" you stupid cunt, go ahead and make the same exercise, or not and just hang from a libre tree
FWIW I think custom CSS can help with board personality (and potentially put people in the right mindset to post better), Yotsuba isn't a bad theme but it's so burned into our retinas it would be nice to have something that's unique without sacrificing readability.
>>3124 Personally I'm tired of seeing Yotsuba B on every board. The problem is that it just werks and usually when someone tries to make custom board CSS it ends up either very ugly or less readable or both.
>>3134 So let's use Futaba >>3069 It's basically the same as Yotsuba but not Yotsuba.
>>3144 I concur, Futaba is pretty nice.
>CSS got changed <15 people instantly wrote to voice their disdain! >none of these faggots actually want to post about video games as the board stands for days Typical. Go back to /v/igger and don't complain how shit it is, you don't deserve anything better.
>>3370 It's standard modus operandi for many saboteurs in the webring, i browse many boards and the times that has happened is not even funny although it usually happens with a certain topic in discussion or someone getting banned than the CSS, or them deleting their own posts and blaming the BO; the intention is to cause stir and bring some anons to suspiciously new boards at other sites. I believe a couple of anons were sincere in both sides so i didn't look into it that much but i certainly want a CSS and i don't really like Futaba plus nobody has attempted to write it, which i believe is easy enough but last time i tried that i got flamed so i don't know what to do other than post and change the CSS back to Yotsuba every time i browse the overboard/another board.
Failed board, rip in pieces
>>3411 Samefagging is bad so i don't indulge in it, some anons made their effort but it seems we are mostly on our own niches and momentum went to a halt. The entire imageboard realm seems to be dying off and only the most persistent of us are being left, even in dreaded halfchan it seems the slower boards are slowing down considerably and the big ones are an eternal stream of buzzwords, memes and very, very few actual replies between anons making for a discussion. And i don't think discord is that big of a deal, from what i've seen they don't even discuss much things there, with topics going for 7 or 8 replies aside from the general dumping one used. There's nothing i can think of outside downright shilling and some anons tried doing that, in terms of paying ads in sites including the aforementioned big imageboard, with little success.
Open file (490.43 KB 245x188 1374618584059.gif)
>>3412 I've been tempted to try and learn to put together a /vr/ or /retro/-style redoubt on Urbit, but I have no expertise in that area and don't know how many people would be interested in using it. There's no way in hell I'm going to Reddit or Discord with how cancerous those places are.
>>3412 >an eternal stream of buzzwords, memes and very, very few actual replies That's exactly right. Every so often I visit /v/ out of curiosity and it's like groundhog day, I don't know what anons get out of reposting the same shit verbatim for months and years on end. >There's nothing i can think of outside downright shilling The risk of broad shilling is bringing in newfags who don't lurk. If what we value is good vidya discussion then that's the kind of anon to entice (personally I found the cafe after becoming disillusioned with my old haunt). >>3415 Looks interesting though a niche technology like that might hurt the potential to develop a healthy community.
>>3416 >Looks interesting though a niche technology like that might hurt the potential to develop a healthy community. There's actually a group on there for imageboard users that seems to have 1200+ members, and that's despite Urbit being paywalled by its very nature. I've read that it's not too difficult to host Urbit groups on there with a single-board computer. I'm just afraid of running into problems due to inexperience and the fact that it's a developing technology.
>>3419 Certainly more people than I expected. The paywall thing doesn't sound ideal though, seems contrary to IBs if you know what I mean. Is it possible to selfhost an instance (like with fediverse tech) so you can experiment risk free?
>>3420 The good thing is that you only have to pay for an identity once, and even though pseudonymity isn't ideal it provides skin in the game. That means things like bots spamming cheese pizza or whatever shouldn't be an issue at all. I know you can try posting with a Comet for free just to see how things work, but I don't think you can host without having a Planet of your own. I'm admittedly pretty stupid when it comes to things like this, although I've had no problem getting a Planet up and running.
>>3421 I guess the investment would make people care more but yeah pseudonymity does make the idea somewhat less appealing (in a sense you would have more of a forum-type environment than a chan, not that forums don't have their place of course). If you can post for free with Comets wouldn't that reintroduce the CP problem or am I missing something? There's lots of interesting technical solutions out there but I think the main question is about building a functional community that wants to keep posting because it's worth their time, which is a protocol agnostic problem IMO.
>>3422 I think groups can ban Comets from posting. It wouldn't surprise me at all if a lot of groups completely banned them from entering if things got that out of hand. In the imageboard group I mentioned, I recall seeing someone saying that they were surprised that people weren't using them for spam floods yet. I get what you mean about building a functional community. I do prefer anonymity and the imageboard format, but Urbit seems like it could offer a decentralized and private solution to the increasingly controlled and sanitized Internet in the long term while also attracting a higher quality of posters than the traditional Internet. If things really take off, I plan on buying up extra identities just to get closer to an anonymous experience.
Open file (38.76 KB 500x750 ynot.jpg)
In light that almost nobody posted after defaulting the look some did after the discussion to be fair, glory to the posters i put it again because why not :^) Haven't had a significant break in a long while so i hope i can post something these days.
>>3453 It's cool to see it again, nice one anon. >i hope i can post something these days. Oh yeah, let's bring back the /valis/ glory days!
>>3453 nobody will post after you put it back too, so

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