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Open file (20.21 KB 255x191 wesnoth-1.10-2.jpg)
Open file (20.79 KB 255x191 wesnoth-1.10-22.jpg)
Open Source games and gaming on Linux thread Anonymous 10/08/2021 (Fri) 19:08:55 No.258
[8VG04 ~ 28/03/2018] Given the speed of /vg/ it's probably a good idea if we just make a combined thread for open source games and gaming on Linux. Personally I mostly play FOSS games on Windows and a surprising number are pretty great.
>>546 th-thanks, I don't have much progress to post now because the past few days I was busy dealing with other stuff nothing related to programming and I often up end up becoming tired so I couldn't work on it much. I managed to get a very basic check going and the text reader function works somewhat correctly so far so I still need to figure out that the format checker function also checks if the variable type is valid as in a integer variable cannot have a string variable, I probably also have to look for a actual parser module which does the task better as mine probably wouldn't be able to work that reliable but I will see. Most of those parser modules seems to have a way too complicated syntax for my liking so it will take a while to find one that is easier to read. And as I have guessed the basic "parser" already fails when the variable contains a comment like this: garbage = crap // crap comment, because all it does it reads line by line with some few conditions thrown in, however it does ignore the comments when it is on its own line so there isn't a problem with that. Once the few basic functions are working better I can start looking how I should deal with variables containing another variables, then support for inheritance and a constant sort of variable which should working with copies of a "actor" much simpler to deal with. opening file. <FORMAT BEGIN> var: ID = String var: maxammo = Integer var: garbage2 = crap2 <FORMAT END> Format: ['ID = String', 'maxammo = Integer', 'garbage2 = crap2'] closing file. This is the result of readblock() function, which is pretty simplistic but its a start so what is left in for that is that I need to clean up the format variable which should end up something like this: Format: ['ID', 'String', 'maxammo', integer, block, [block1, block2, ….], …]. Then I can just use the split "function" or however it is called [0:1] or [1:2] and so on which I already wrote a function for this if I want a specific type of the variables. It is sufficient enough to check if the data file variable names matches the names defined by the specification and eventually a check if the variable type is correct too. When all those basic functions are finished I can work on a XML converter which will be easier to work with as all it has to do is just slapping the variable names and its values on the XML syntax and then OpenApoc should be able to read those values just fine assuming the specification uses the OpenApoc variables. I already did something similar for the XML "translator" in form of a checksum bash script.
Open file (20.28 KB 255x224 1458940802539-3.jpg)
So any anons played Endgame Singularity? It's where you play an AI trying to stop mankind trying to purge your software. http://www.emhsoft.com/singularity/
Open file (5.83 KB 120x255 Gaming On Linux.jpg)
Wew Officially Year of the Linux Desktop! https://archive.vn/https://www.wired.com/story/enemies-no-more-microsoft-brings-linux-kernel-windows/ I forgot how cancerous Mark Mann is. Anyways I hope everyone embraces the new distro!
10 projects to stay away from now that Pajeets are supplying code for it http://archive.fo/cbWvN
>>548 I've completed that, it's fun but not very replayable.
>>547 So anon it's been a week. Anything else updated? I normally read your stuff at work but don't post often in thread.
>>552 I don't have much to post right now because the last week I was busy playing City of Heroes on coxg serb so that I could shitpost with other anons. Right now I have to orient myself how I can put all the functions "together" as it comes quite close as being capable of doing some workable outputs. I think I have to refactor some parts of it soon because I probably want to use a multiple list of list sort of loop, obviously because of all the definitions as it doesn't make sense that a item definitions has the same "maxammo" variable for example. So I need to also figure out how to do that so that the semi-parser outputs several definitions instead of making a gigantic blob. Also I forget to mention previously that adding a new vehicle in OpenApoc wouldn't be as easy because it doesn't use traditional hitboxes but a list of voxel positions which is far outside of my knowledge field and none of those other OpenApoc goys have it figured out either, which blows.
>>553 >Playing City of Heroes >But not with anons TRAITOR!
>>553 >doesn't use traditional hitboxes but a list of voxel positions Sounds like Novalogic tier.
>>555 Don't Novalogic games use voxels?
Is there like, a .bat file for linux? This is probably a retarded question but I got this piece of shit that'll only run out of the terminal
>>557 .sh
>>558 Thanks buddy
>>559 don't forget to put #!/bin/sh at the top and set the file as executable (0755)
Open file (16.29 KB 248x255 2019-03-15-160904.jpg)
Found this on reddit https://gitlab.com/librebob/athenaeum Meant to be steam for open source games, might have potential.
I currently have a laptop with Nvidia optimus, and it's shit because I can't get good performance with OpenGL and Vulkan doesn't work with optimus. Are AMD gpu laptops better, I'm not a big desktop guy so I would be sticking to portables. Otherwise, until then, anything I can do to get Vulkan working? I tried out Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, Arch and none have it working correctly.
>>534 Keeping focus on vanilla first is good. You don't want the project to die because everyone gets hung up on utopic ideas. That's what happened to the XL Engine, everyone just wanted the original games in a new Engine, but Lucius just couldn't stop adding more and more crap to it. And now we don't have anything.
What the fuck is with open source game console handheld things coming out that nobody hears or cares about? http://archive.fo/80Ssp
>>564 Some people want to play weird freetard games on the go. The one you posted looks more like a weird hobbyist toy than a regular game console.
>>565 >The one you posted looks more like a weird hobbyist toy Think you just described a game console, before gaming got big.
>>566 Like the Gameboy? It's just sad that when libre hardware is actually available and in the market people don't give a damn.
GoG Galaxy to become an open sauce platform? http://archive.fo/tof8z Am I reading this right?
>>568 Is this trying to be an open source xfire or something?
>>569 No idea.
>>568 Isn't Galaxy already open source?
>>568 No, you're a fucking idiot.
>>554 Pardon? I did played with anons, here is proofs. I hate to realize the fact that my Sentinel build cannot into munition mastery as I'm not found of magik attacks, abilities and all that sort of stuff. I did expressed some ideas at the City of Heroes threda at cakejew board for more firearms, but none of those modder guys have responded to my post yet so maybe they have might taken notice at least I think. >>555 >Novalogic tire They used voxels technology since their first X-Com game m8. >>563 Fair enough, it's a shame that XL Engine got abandoned as I did followed it when it was still active. Well for my format semi-parser, I think I fucked it up big time by using lists and splits as I realized this mistake a little bit too late because I had some cases where comparing same string values didn't worked right and I forget those details now as I have just let it collect some dust again in the past few days. The other part is that I spend the past few days trying to make maps for ftequake but I have nothing noteworthy to show now as I run out of ideas way too quickly which ends up with me just staring at the map editor (trenchbroom) and doing nuffin as I have hard time coming up new ideas to make details, I had this same issues when I was trying to make a urban dood map for moonman mod I could make progress for around 2-3 days and at 4th day I feel completely burned out and that was around 8-10 months ago or so which I haven't touched the urban dood map for a good while. Going back to the semi parser which I worked on it a bit yesterday I only wrote 1 new crude function and changed a few other functions because comparing lists and dictionaries of 2 variables is too different so I have to rewrite almost all of my functions now because they all worked with lists only and then I would have also to make sure that none of the functions or at least the important ones are crapping itself when it is going to deal with 4-5th level of key:value nesting, for example the module variable of a vehicle is such a 5th level nesting which. The 4-5th nesting might sound for some of you a lot which isn't really the case, the first 2 nesting are just a list of variables in key:pair fashion so for example the data[file_type[0-1]] is the top most level and it looks like this data = {"g_spec_ammo": {bunch of vars…}, "g_defs_ammo": {bunch of vars…}, }, file_type[0-1] is a list of concatenated strings which I use it for book keeping purpose. Internally Python saves all variables in a dict variable too so my approach is not that crazy. So my main function is already made in mind that it should manipulate several files and variables which does so by having 2 phases, the first phase is reading the file and separating it so that it makes sense, the second phase is all the additional cleaning and comparison checks so that the user definitions matches with the specification. I cannot give a rough estimate right now when its finally ready for release as I have still to check what other functions needs to be rewritten.
>>573 >Playing with /v/eddit There's a number of anons I discovered on /vg/ who downright refuse to play with anyone from /v/ as /v/ are retarded newfag niggers who are shit at video games Then again they are not above blame since now they refuse to advertise on 8chan at all Sage for off topic.
>>574 Is the leddit infestation in /v/ really that bad? I only know a few obnoxious redditor retards who tried to sabotage the /agdg/ threda a few times such as rust redditor and some other fag whose name I forget. Though I do question sometimes myself if its even worth continuing lurking /v/ when mark still goes full retard and banned me a few times because apparently I was derailing a threda too much with political stuff, which pisses me off because I have often a long period where I don't post at all.
>>575 There a fags on /v/ who don't even know who Mark is but name themselves like "Mark's Asshole" in gamenights Then there was what they did to Barotrauma fags who once they stopped inviting /v/ actually enjoyed their gamenights So yes, it's that bad
Open file (9.25 KB 255x214 1506505017373.jpg)
>>576 I see, yeah I better should get used to stop lurking at /v/ then. I recently got banned again for shitposting a little bit too hard at the dood threda and as a result all of my post got deleted even the on-topic ones, I couldn't be bothered to look up who did this as its probably cake kike himself or one of his lackeys. Can't have even a little bit fun with some shitposting on that fucking board, it's a bit hard for me trying to quit that way in "cold turk" fashion because I am too used lurking there as I don't know much other places asides from /vg/ where I could also lurk. It would also explain why /v/ is getting a lot of low quality threda too because cake kike doesn't care about it and he is also pretty hypocritical with his ban enforcement, for example the gamergate, 4am threda and a couple other seems to enjoy a more lax enforcement than the other thredas I guess those are cake kike favorite hangout or some shit. Man I never thought the very same board that I used to post a lot of progress a few years ago on the agdg threda would become much more worse on par of halfchan "quality", its a abstract kind of feeling.
>>576 >who don't even know who Mark is The vast majority of 8chan doesn't know nor do care who the owner of the site, Jim, is or what does he do with his online show or his past government career, nor why his local filipino servers are in the embassy area or why did a CIA contractor wanted to go around getting imageboards as a hobby
Also >>574 Knowing how this place got its real kicks started, why are you surprised at all by that fact?
>>578 I haven't seen those information posted after around 2nd-3rd exodus if I recall it correctly, which was around the time before Hotwheels gave his administration over to Jim. There was a attempt to migrate to endchan instead but it was very futile as their /v/ board is dead and the /agdg/ board is filled with spam as nobody maintains it at all. Part of /int/ anons from krautchan I think migrate over there and some other imageboard group migrate to endchan to unrelated from halfchan and 8chan. Actually I just digged through my files which is from 2015 that has a good chunk of information related to Brennan and perhaps some related to Jim too called the brennan dossier which is 25mb big. Gibs me a gud link to upload the zip file.
>>577 Honestly, minus the mandatory political tilt, I'd have to say mark/v/ is probably worse than 4/v/ like a month after TORtanic where newfags were trying to claim everything was going to be the next TORtanic. It was fucking annoying.
Anyway enough off topic talk. More AKM-47s!
I got Lutris running and every plug-in for Diablo II working as far as I can tell. Now a little curious with the hours tracking i.e how long it'll take before a high rune drops for my new necromancer. (It happened before on LAN.)
>>567 >right >physical keyboard I don't play handheld or mobile games, but I would actually dig using that as a general mobile device.
>>574 Let's get real anon, this board is full of newfags pretending to be oldfags just like most of 8ch at this point. The vast majority of oldfags that came with the exodus/returned to image boards after seeing a glimmer of hope have given up on this shit site after witnessing board after board run into the ground by inept narcissist owners who don't have a clue how to moderate a forum, while the community proves itself too chickenshit to take a stand and migrate when the chips are down. /animu/ and /tech/ are almost the only boards worth a damn left on this shit site. >>581 It'd put it right on par with the shithole that was 4/v/ circa 2011/12, which coincidentally was when that newfag Mark first got into image boards.
>>585 Take it to the meta thread. But I have my own disagreement with the mindset behind these posts. It's fine to be pessimistic and critical, but you're giving in the least no detail, no direction for the situation to improve itself, or an idea of what constitutes a good video game discussion board. Neither are you taking any initiative to lead the community by example with a quality thread when the option is well available to everyone including yourself.
>>586 >Neither are you taking any initiative to lead the community by example with a quality thread when the option is well available to everyone including yourself. And you know this because… ?
>>587 Because unless you want to compromise some of your anonymity, the best you can do is pretend to be an OP for another thread.
>>588 Mmhmm, so you're a vol abusing your power by casually spilling information about user hashes, and at the same time also oblivious to the concept of a dynamic IP. Thank goodness for that at least, it's the only protection from people like you that don't actually understand anonymity. It's not about whether I want to compromise some of my anonymity, you've just done it without my consent. I suppose it would surprise you to learn that I've been posting in this thread from the beginning.
>>589 I'm not a board volunteer. But there is no identity on an anonymous imageboard and it's counterintuitive to try and "prove" your contributions outside the context of a current ID. You're just whining about the state of the board to no productive use.
>>590 >But there is no identity on an anonymous imageboard and it's counterintuitive to try and "prove" your contributions outside the context of a current ID. Let's recap what you've done here. You start with an ad hominem falsehood, claim that it can never be proven or disproven, and then continue to use it to beat up on your opponent. How about presenting a real argument? You've contributed the least of all to this tangential discussion while hypocritically bumping the thread with your garbage posts.
Open file (21.41 KB 255x191 2019-06-07-141631.jpg)
>>591 Again, go take your concerns about quality to the meta thread. I don't claim to be the best poster or a judge on quality. But this personal back and forth, not so much a structured argument with a premise and conclusion, does not belong in this thread. I don't, in the least bit, have a charitable perspective on informationless whining about quality. It reads more like catty behind the back drama between two self-perceived types of posters. And no posturing or attempt to persuade could change that. I'm quite entitled to my own opinion, correct? But here's an argument since you want one: If meta thread is for meta discussions, and this is the gaming on Linux thread, then you should take your board and site wide concerns to the meta thread. I'll be playing my vidya.
[End of Dump 8VG04 ~ 08/06/2019] I didn't recall our vol being that much of a nigger back then, kinda wish i know what happened later
Open file (159.94 KB 1475x994 ClipboardImage.png)
>Frogatto is still being updated >the last full release was 1.3 in 2012 >it just hit 4.27 several minutes ago >absolutely nothing about this on the blog or twitter >the blog has been dead for years
>>3379 FOSS games have serious longevity, stuff like SuperTux is over 20 years old and still being actively developed. Generally this is because they're hobbyist projects that people chip away at when they have some spare time.
>>3380 Even if development is glacial compared to regular games (even indie games and free indieshit), I can't deny there's a weird charm to the results and I hope it's still in whatever the fuck 2022 Frogatto looks like.

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