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Licensed games Anonymous 10/08/2021 (Fri) 06:48:28 No.20
[8VG01 ~ 12/04/2018] What are some good licensed games? What made them good? Did the owner of the franchise just pull the right strings like Disney's deal with Capcom, or did some unknown developer pull it off? Interestingly Shadowrun, Star Wars, True Lies, and Super Smash TV were made by the same people as those shitty Back to the Future games. According to one of the devs they got dicked around a lot by management which probably explains why they were hit and miss. What are some more cases like this? What about games that were ruined by corporate meddling? also, post unholy abominations like the last pic
>>75 Battle for Middle Earth 2 was fun, even if it was horribly balanced
>>83 horribly balanced suggests there was even a tiny bit of balance to begin with anon :^)
>>20 Literally almost every single one of the old Capcom Disney games.
Open file (30.99 KB 195x255 Thewarriorscover.jpg)
This game was the weirdest shit; >based on a cult classic from the late 70s >actually features as many of the original actors as were still alive >bulk of the game is a prequel of sorts >very authentic to the film >no PC release you'd think the market would mostly be 30-40 year olds who remembered the film and they'd tend to be on PC >R* never tried the same thing again >fun as shit This along with Bully was made by another one of Rockstar's fucking leaf studios (Toronto this time) which is interesting.
>>86 >R* never tried the same thing again Check "We are the Mods"
Open file (15.93 KB 255x239 1493860237516.jpg)
>Development on We Are The Mods was ultimately shifted from the PS2/Xbox to the PS3/Xbox 360 >ultimately it was this shift plus other issues that lead to the game being halted and presumably canceled.
>>88 One of the reasons why half of Rockstar's dev staff renounced or got fired for dissent They were also developing a Midnight Club sequel, alpha stage (actual game planning) of Agent, WatM and some say a Bully 2. And the culprit, Red Dead Redemption, wasn't even finished at all as it lacks tons of environments and resources in Mexico and the western part of the desert (the mines and valley area) And also the reason why GTAV feels so foreign and "unironic" from the rest
>>86 >>87 >We Are the Mods >Rockstar does Mods vs Rockers I'm fucking mad we didn't get this. Modern Rockstar have claimed they only want to do modern day, at least with GTA, so it's probably dead forever frankly I'd rather they didn't touch it with the shit they're churning out now. >>89 >And the culprit, Red Dead Redemption, wasn't even finished at all as it lacks tons of environments and resources in Mexico and the western part of the desert (the mines and valley area) Wait they were cancelled in favour of RDR?
>>90 >Wait they were cancelled in favour of RDR2? We can deduce that because studios were being redirected (forced) to help with models and other resources. Rumors say Midtown Madness/Midnight Club creators got fired because they wanted more resources for the next MC, if you recall MC4 was chuck full of advertisements to pay for the dev time. This is fueled by that one controversy regarding "the angry wives of Rockstar employees" some years ago. Agent concept art and map previews have been leaked thrice, one from an official ex-R* employee who used said pictures as part of his curriculum. Also it seems R* worked in 2 projects called Agent, the first back in 2003, then another in 2007. All the dates from these projects' sudden demise are around late 2008 to mid 2009, the "crunch time" for RDR2's development, but in Agent's case it seems most of them were redirected to GTAV instead, and its first version the devs got ironically redirected to RDR1. Sources: http://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/RockstarSpouse/20100107/4032/Wives_of_Rockstar_San_Diego_employees_have_collected_themselves.php https://www.engadget.com/2010/01/11/sources-rockstar-san-diego-not-working-on-more-midnight-club-ga/ https://www.gamewatcher.com/news/2011-11-04-we-are-the-mods-unveiled-by-rockstar https://gematsu.com/2011/08/rumor-first-agent-screenshots-leaked https://www.unseen64.net/2010/09/15/agent-xbox-ps2-cancelled/ Don't want to make it political, but it's clear that most of them blame R* New York and NYorkers themselves. That's catnip for more speculation. Also there's a mod vespa among the GTAV DLC
>>91 Thanks for this anon. >Also there's a mod vespa among the GTAV DLC You mean they stole it from a mod?
>>91 >>92 Oh no as in mods and rockers. My mistake.
>>89 What's the bet that the devs deleted Red Dead's Source Code out of spite?
>>91 More I read about Rockstar the more scummy they are as a company I discover.
>>30 sucks that the first one's remastering got cancelled because of egofagtor
>>96 what?
The Mummy Demastered was actually really fun
>>98 Never heard of it. What's it like?
Open file (17.62 KB 179x255 james bond jr..jpg)
Second game Eurocom made released on the NES the year SNES got released in US. A really good platformer focused around exploration and using your tools appropriately.
>>99 >What's it like? pretty decent metroidvania, came out last year or the year before. Art is pretty good, healthy variety of weapons. Bosses are a little meh though
[End of Dump 8VG01 ~ 06/06/2018] Eerie to discover some of these posts were my own, always strange to suddenly deduce it's you.
>>100 I remember renting the SNES version as a little kid, but I don't know how close that was to the NES one. The first level was an action platformer, the second level was a horizontal shooter, and I remember later in the game you control a boat.
Obligatory posts. To this day i find odd how everyone ignores both Butcher Bay and Dark Athena, easily among the best FPSs in their respective generations, tech-wise they squeezed the hell out of their consoles. Dark Athena is a properly remastered Butcher Bay along with a new story that had to be massively rushed due to publishers being jews about the mandatory online mutilplayer mode. The devs went on later to sell their souls but the games remain there.
Open file (2.94 MB 640x360 riddick.webm)
>>1370 Escape from Butcher Bay looked absolutely insane for an OG Xbox game.
>>1370 >>1371 I can't stand Vin Diesel and those Riddick movies so I didn't give it a shot back in the day. But apparently it was actually Diesel's push to have the game be as decent as it was iirc.
Open file (10.84 MB 640x360 Butcher Bay VA.webm)
>>1372 >But apparently it was actually Diesel's push to have the game be as decent as it was iirc He was both the main sponsor, as i recall he funneled money directly from his pocket and gave the VA for free so basically free ad as well, and don't know in the first one but in Dark Athena he play tested as permanent focus group and acted as some sort of creative consultant which is slur for "a robot fight here would feel nice" or "make the knife stab from behind animation also twist like the first movie showed". I rarely like his acting chops but the games come from the era where he still had in mind works like Find Me Guilty which are some of his rare actual acting works, plus the voice over direction is more akin to The Iron Giant or the Riddick animation movie than shit like Fast & Furious or xXx, no humor quips but deadpan serious delivery with the odd one-liners. Honestly i didn't expect to like it but i found it to be pretty good and memorable at times, the audio department must've boosted his voice with bass because his lines are always well-delivered and stand out from the rest. Normalfags and the original publisher commit a sin every day for having let Dark Athena go without having been completely finished but at least it was saved by Atari who had people inside being direct social friends from some of the devs, and the original Diesel pocket money story came from the said devs not hiding the fact he paid the rent money and living expenses of some of them while they finished it and completed the technical package to be presented as a product to a then-unknown publisher. Here's an example on the voice acting, some funny guy edited the gameplay of the "second act" of the game more like a movie where the protag gets thrown into the apparently rock bottom of the deserted planet prison a couple of kilometers under it; still the VA is mostly untouched. Quite through for an edit, strange account, 42 views despite 92,000 subscribers, shows either how much bots there's out there or how little people care about Riddick. >>1371 Indeed and the X360 remaster also looks like a Gen 8 game at times, easily one of the best looking games out there and the game is "short" enough to not mess with the gameplay segments.
>>1372 That doesn't surprise me. I remember him appearing on G4 talking about how into video games he was.
>>1374 >>1375 There's also a Fast and Furious game he produced, but apparently it's not that good. Although I haven't played it and only heard the normalfags' opinion, so maybe it's actually decent.
Open file (1001.44 KB 1000x1407 Wheelman [2009].jpg)
>>1376 I recall he picked some of the people left after the Dark Athena thing and made a Driver-esque game called Wheelman about, i don't remember well, some balkan Interpol spec ops in charge of dismantling some international car smuggling thingie in Barcelona. Flashy as hell but got very little advertisement time and some memes in the old IGN site which had some backlash as it implied Butcher Bay wasn't that good (this was "only" 3 years after its release and GOTY award). Still nobody played it, i got it sealed new for 10 dollars or something but because i don't have a X360 anymore i can't test it. Didn't look half as bad when i saw the gameplay videos but a common critic was it being an open world game with little to do outside missions. >only heard the normalfags' opinion, so maybe it's actually decent. Wouldn't surprise me one bit, don't know if the F&F game mentioned is the recent one from 2 or 3 years ago made for mobile but the Riddick games are well above average even for their day, nowadays they would be considered "hardcore" major releases. I suspect this one is a somewhat empty world with the story line having to be played as quick as possible to make it seem like an actual Driver style game but because those nords in the dev team were tech magicians perhaps there's more into it.
Open file (215.71 KB 462x650 snapshot.jpg)
>>1377 It's pic related. From the videos it doesn't look all that bad for a modern game or at the very least no worse than modern games of the same genre that your typical normalfag critics praise. Wheelman also doesn't look too bad. Both games seem similar actually. Nothing too special but I doubt they were meant to be anything more than well enough made dumb fun, which is not a concept MSM understands.
Best Berserk adaptation we'll ever get.
>>1379 I haven't seen that game before, not a fan of that movie series but for a video game, especially if condensed to have only the action-packed parts, i can't see it being that bad unless they cheaped out with pajeet code monkeys or gave the devs too little time, ironic coming from a Vin Diesel project lol.
Open file (256.91 KB 480x683 7.jpg)
i think this one was decent
Open file (23.87 KB 215x301 41YOg9l5aIL.jpg)
Made by the same people who made Devil May Cry. Not even kidding. Capcom got this weird license and decided to make a game out of it.
Open file (24.68 KB 256x316 Godfather.jpg)
In the mid 2000s there were some movie games made decades after the films they were based on. The Godfather is a GTA style game with a focus on empire building. You make your own dude and the plot is basically the movie but your guy is there for some reason. The best part is going into businesses and making them part of your racket using the intimidation system (smash shit, beat up the owner etc). Make money, buy weapons, upgrades (there's also an EXP system) and eventually become the don. It's surprisingly punishing too, if you run and gun like an idiot you'll get shot down pretty quickly. The PS3 version is definitive if you're interested. There was even a rushed sequel that lets you start your own mob family but it isn't as good.
Open file (95.20 KB 1280x720 8h.jpg)
>>1467 Yup. Scarface game is also a GTA clone and is also surprisingly decent.
>>1467 >In the mid 2000s there were some movie games made decades after the films they were based on. The Warriors comes to mind for me.
Open file (318.85 KB 912x578 maxresdefault.jpg)
>>1474 It was pretty alright, though graphics were butt ugly.
>>1476 I never actually played it, but I remember it being promoted on G4.
>>1480 Yeah it was heavily promoted for some reason, every magazine had a big ad for like a year, articles like it was some big deal must play game. Probably Rockstar money.
>>1481 I was thinking I saw it in GamePro too, but I'm not even sure if I was still getting that magazine at that point.
>>1482 I was way into gaming magazines by mid 00s, even though you could already feel the medium dying.
>>1484 At various points I got GameNow, GamePro,, Tips & Tricks, and one later called "Hardcore Gamer" or something like that. I don't know that I ever read EGM though. I'm sure I would have loved having old issues of Nintendo Power back then, but it wasn't really on my radar then at that point.
>>1487 EGM was probably my favorite in the 90s.
>>1432 Did that have an ending at least :^) ? >>1467 This scratches the territorial hoarding antics many people had, taking business' extortion plans one by one, honestly a great game with an excellent melee system and garish weapon finishers that i haven't seen get as good since it came out for open world GTA/crime games. Problem was the soundtrack, the car variety and the obnoxious rubberbanding. 2 introduced more weapons and armor but i heard it wasn't nearly as good and it went even more clown world with the missions, 1 was already stretching it by implying Trappani was the cause of everything. >The PS3 version is definitive if you're interested Is it? i recall i think it had Sixaxis support but that implies you have to move the controller to get certain movements instead of using the stick like the X360. That reminds me, this game was one of the earliest examples of jew-tier DLC, it was already in the game, but posterior ones made the game have a Challenge Mode which turned it into an arcade thing rather than an open world so it was half shit half cool. Surprisingly console-exclusive too, EA doesn't like PC. >>1476 It was pretty great and surprisingly hard to get these days, either few copies or people don't sell it. Never got a Greatest Hits label so i am betting the former. >graphics were butt ugly Gameplay helps a lot, original movie wasn't also an aesthetic haven as it relied on dilapidation and ghetto-at-nite looks.
>>1503 >2 introduced more weapons and armor but i heard it wasn't nearly as good The VO in 2 is hilarious, the cutscenes are worth checking out. >Is it? i recall i think it had Sixaxis support Content and graphics wise yes but you're right about sixaxis (might be optional?). >this game was one of the earliest examples of jew-tier DLC Rank 4 weapons IIRC, couldn't even find a pkg lol. >Surprisingly console-exclusive too, EA doesn't like PC Yeah the PC version was based on PS2 IIRC.
>>1503 >Did that have an ending at least :^) ? It doesn't since when it was released the manga was still going and Miura was still alive RIP. It ends on like volume 30. They no doubt planned on continuing.
One could easily consume Star Wars by its videogames only, well maybe not that much, a book might be cool in the way, but the stuff they churned for some years was top notch. Empire at War and Tie Fighter are honorable mentions of course. >>1504 >The VO in 2 is hilarious I checked a bit, did they really bump off 1's protagonist with a silly death scene with Wilhelm scream included? goddamn man. >Content and graphics wise yes Interesting, i have it for X360 but you are making me curious for the PS3 version. It's rough and needs more content but the gameplay itself was great stuff, shame EA never revisited it because they had something there. Coolest fire rendering i've seen too in a videogame, explosions and flames from weapons like the molotov or the 2X4 wood were rad as fuck. >Rank 4 weapons IIRC I remember some bodyguards too, practically invisible and had a Rank 4 weapon equipped. >>1505 It was a joke, Miura never planned anything lol
>>1580 >you are making me curious for the PS3 version It's the same game mostly but here's some of the new stuff (from https://godfather.fandom.com/wiki/The_Godfather:_The_Don%27s_Edition): >Five new hit missions >New layouts for Stracci and Cuneo >Upgraded character models >New businesses >Two new hubs >Blackmail missions It's easy to play if you have a hacked PS3 (released on disc so works with HEN too I believe).
>>1580 I wasn't talking about Miura. The devs.

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