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Open file (8.58 MB 1280x720 6th gen.mp4)
6th Gen Thread Anonymous 11/15/2021 (Mon) 11:22:57 No.1423
Happy 20th birthday Xbox edition What are you playing, anon?
>>1453 >they pulled it down off steam kek
>>1456 Floating point drift?
Open file (87.76 KB 520x721 criket.jpg)
>>1453 >>1456 Rockstar has been on a steady decline since RDR2 in 2009 and on a downfall since V's development around 2012. RDR3 was technically very good but the story and intrusiveness in the gameplay nullified most of its fun at times. These "remasters" were just cricket fan ports into Unreal rather than real refining of the old games. There's been several compilations of bugs and not a month has underwent, there's even a one hour video about them.
>>1490 Yeah that's the new trend to outsource these "remasters" to third world poojeet shitholes. Same thing happened with Prince of Persia. I guess the funniest thing is that there are normalfags who defend this shit.
Open file (54.39 KB 600x400 ncube03b.jpg)
Open file (1.62 MB 920x691 19.03.58.png)
>>1602 I have to say, those blue PS2 boxes were probably the hypest console packaging ever. Something about that color and minimalistic approach still gets me excited. No console pics, no slogans, even "Playstation 2" is in tiny font. It's PS2, bitch. That's what brand fucking confidence is. It's surprising that was the packaging across the world and even burgers didn't get to ruin it. I still have that box lying on the balcony in decent enough condition all the way since circa 2002.
>>1453 LOL
>>1616 Bwahahahaha, fucking retards. This might be the epitome of a shitty "remaster".
Open file (216.56 KB 424x673 EQPdjksW4AAw5HY.jpg)
I remember my first time playing a sixth gen game was on one of these. I believe it was Ratchet and Clank (it's even running on pic related). Spent like 2 hours in front of it in some small media store, holding up an acquaintance who just wanted to buy some blank dvds or something lol. Good memories.
Open file (173.95 KB 327x347 1.png)
Open file (30.77 KB 1000x1000 u5.jpg)
The last 5 videos on this channel document all the minute downgrades of the GTA "remaster". It's way worse than you think. https://www.yewtu.be/c/ENXGMA_YT/videos
What did he mean by this?
Open file (608.95 KB 1824x1026 1.jpg)
Open file (547.99 KB 1824x1026 2.jpg)
Open file (450.60 KB 1824x1026 3.jpg)
Open file (643.84 KB 1824x1026 4.jpg)
https://www.yewtu.be/watch?v=x9jvgVhPryY I stumbled on this retrospective about the Konquest Mode in MK Deception - an overly ambition open-world RPG they just made on a whim as an addendum to a completely different game in a completely different genre. Something about its comfy experimental nature aptly represents the 6th gen, with its unhasty and yet undefiled by corporate globohomo vibe.
>>2093 >they just made on a whim as an addendum I played it back in the day and i wouldn't say it was made on a whim, if it was then that was a great job but i think it was thoroughly planned, hell the game's main character/narrator is the Konquest protagonist and the main thing about it is exploring lands and duel important figures. It wasn't particularly good and the kredit system still seems like a pain but they tried, the plot was decent to even good but made barebones due to time constraints, as you said it was too ambitious. To help make it seem more "fleshed" out they did this system of things spawning depending on hour and day but some items, desirable ones, could be missed or were in overly specific windows like available around 2 hours in a certain day of a week of a year, the mechanic was that you could fast forward time via meditation but fast forwarding a year meant you had to wait for a long time, i remember wanting to unlock Liu Kang's alternative skin aka his original, human form aka the most emblematic character of the series in a game where unlocking the fighter itself was also tricky as fuck IIRC for a while and i skipped past the time so i had to do it again, who knows how much i was sitting there but it was easily more than half a hour. They were hidden also, i did this with a guide, if you didn't have one you wouldn't even suspect it and would've had to do the entire Konquest again which i recall well took more than a day to beat. Also has a definitive ending and some areas couldn't be revisited again either if you didn't finish it anyways so, more of a nuisance to play "like it should be" than anything but if you go at it without thinking about collecting or searching for shit then it was really pretty decent. Shujinko was honestly a cool character for me despite his obliviousness, many hate him but i can't, he's honest and a benevolent counterpart to Shang Tsung he was also killed like a dog in the nu games, while in the original story he was sacrificed for being too coy
>>2096 By 'whim' I meant that they didn't have to make it nor did they try and release it as its own thing. They just one day decided to include this mammoth of a project as just a bonus to a different game. I mean, can you imagine this nowadays? An entirely separate game, completely free, just part of the original finished product. This was only ever possible before the current year, the modern era, before excessive corporate jewisness completely took over.
fuck i love the sixth gen so much
>>2103 It was the peak of gaming.
Best gen, fite me irl.
Open file (321.99 KB 500x839 b2zib05h16q7.png)
>>2547 Ahem.
>>2573 Not as good. The limitations in both gameplay and storytelling were still all too apparent.
>>2590 >storytelling jewsih invention
>>2593 What isn't.
>>2652 holocaust? oh wait
>>2573 This. >>2590 A focus on storytelling hinders gameplay for most types of games. Games should be allowed to just be games and not get criticized for it.
>>2593 Perhaps in the video game market but doesn't deviate from the gameplay factor, Gen 6 still had many options including old form factors like scrollers, shmups and decent (but hard to get) pads to play them.
>>2720 I disagree. Story is a great reward for gameplay - you play to get the next portion of the story, it's a great loop that's beneficial for both the gameplay and the story and is a unique aspect of gayming. Sadly this loop has been broken now where gameplay is often an afterthought or even an excuse for hack faggot "auteurs", aka failed movie directors, to tell their "important stories".
Open file (3.27 MB 2090x1736 gens.png)
>>2721 6 gen had it all, 2D, 3D - everything, every genre every style. That's why is best gen.
Open file (758.66 KB 1024x537 vc.png)
RIP Ray Liotta. F
>>2723 The 6th gen was a lot more focused on 3D than it was on 2D.
Open file (613.53 KB 692x480 a1.png)
Open file (32.99 KB 429x300 a2.jpg)
Open file (52.89 KB 636x448 a4.jpg)
Open file (331.39 KB 1006x746 a3.jpg)
>>2736 Obviously. But there were still many, many 2D games and mixed games to a point that you never felt bereft of the 2D experience.
Open file (281.92 KB 640x480 6560screenshot1.png)
Sword of the Berserk - Guts’ Rage for Dreamcast has been translated - https://www.romhacking.net/translations/6560/
Open file (247.34 KB 627x360 627x360.png)
>>2729 Rest in peace Tommy boy.
Open file (279.50 KB 720x480 kl.jpg)
Klonoa Heroes: Densetsu no Star Medal, an action-RPG for GBA, has been translated - https://www.romhacking.net/translations/6491/ I didn't even know this existed. Time to play.
>>2738 I can't imagine having the 6th generation as their go-to one for 2D unless they've got a specific game in mind.
>>3008 As mentioned, 6th gen had a ton of 2D and mixed games. It's not a matter of being "the go-to" but rather having everything >>2723
Early gen6 was basically gen5 on steroids. Naturally it had many 2D games.
>>2729 RIP
OG Xbox Live is back thanks to Insignia - https://insignia.live/ Never had a chance to experience it back in the 2000s but I'm having a lot of fun, especially with the Battlefront games, Midtown Madness 3 and Crimson Skies. Friendlists and some leaderboards don't work yet but it's a closed beta after all.
>>3447 That's so cool, as long as the source is released when they hit 1.0 this will be great for preservation.
>>3447 I would have liked to have played Halo 2 online back in the day but don't know how much I'd even enjoy it now.
>>3460 For how much shit the Halo franchise gets on video game boards 2 and 3 easily had some of the most entertaining multiplayer on the OG Xbox and the 360 respectively. The other games suck total shit though, especially Reach and everything after it. Well I guess Combat Evolved's multiplayer was fun too but iirc it wasn't on Xbox live.
>>3468 The best thing to come from the first Halo was Halo Custom Edition by Gearbox, a PC exclusive version of the multiplayer with modding support.
>>3468 I remember playing multiplayer Halo 2 at my friend's house and definitely had fun with it. I played a newer one years later and didn't enjoy it much at all. It might have actually been Reach. I've been wondering for a while how much I'd even like Halo 2 compared to a game like Metal Arms if I went back and played it.
>>3470 >Metal Arms Never heard of this game before, looks like it's worth trying.
>>3471 The multiplayer was fun. There were vehicles you could drive around and different robots you could take control of. I only had a GameCube, and it was the closest thing to Halo I actually owned back then. Maybe TimeSplitters 2, I guess. What I don't like about Metal Arms is that you have to go through the single-player mode to unlock everything in multiplayer. The TimeSplitters games had that too, but I found the arcade mode or whatever it was called actually fun. I'm not big into story modes in those kinds of games.
Hey anons, we're trying to revive julay/v/. Do come if you're still around. https://alogs.space/kong/catalog.html
>>3473 How the fuck did this happen? That board was more dead than this place.
>>3474 Some old posters are still around, so we just decided to start posting again one day. Do come.

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