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Open file (190.75 KB 500x373 arcade.gif)
Open file (44.45 KB 449x567 1.jpg)
Open file (51.49 KB 480x640 2.jpg)
Open file (402.16 KB 1440x1080 3.jpg)
Arcadya Anonymous 11/12/2021 (Fri) 20:11:00 No.1400
'90s arcades had the comfiest aesthetics. Anon's favorite cabinet? Not just the game itself but the entire thing. Mine is pics related. An excellently put together machine from Sega. As you can see they took a regular arcade cabinet and attached a small frame add-on with curtains, two player seat and gun holsters. A simple thing, really, but it worked wonders in a dark smoky room, especially when you're a kid. The idea was to make it feel like you're in a jeep of sorts as that's the perspective of how the game is played. And they definitely succeeded in that. It is only much later in life that I realized what a simple construction this actually was, but as a kid I thought it was a full scale jeep model. Getting inside, pulling that curtain behind you, taking a gun from a seat side holster - all of that was an atmosphere building prelude, boosted by great sound design that was always emanating even from a vacant cabinet. I remember in circa '98 when it came out there was a queue around it, and that feeling of agitation to get inside fast and in a rush with some other guy next to you only added to the immersion. The game itself was great as well and emulated everything you want to get from a Jurassic Park experience. This was made in an era when licensed games didn't have the stigma of cheap lazy garbage yet and a lot of movie based games were actually pretty good.
Open file (127.66 KB 496x384 4.png)
Open file (156.57 KB 496x384 1.png)
Open file (165.65 KB 496x384 2.png)
Open file (156.25 KB 496x384 3.png)
>>2352 >>2366 They had the comfiest vidya estehtics too. Fuck I wanna play one right now, best childhood memories. FFFFFuuuuck everything I want to go back anons...
Open file (1.52 MB 185x199 fuzggghfuf.gif)
>>1441 So arcades are used for sex orgies nowadays? I have never been to an arcade, but I think I will avoid them from now on
>>2231 They are still popular in japan
God. You guys are depressing. Everyone is so pessimistic about everything nowadays
>>2434 That's because everything sucks nowadays.
>>2433 Actually they're closing down in Japan as well, two of the most popular ones closed this year, maybe more since I last checked. >>2434 Not true, we're very optimistic about the past. Past was great for vidya. And the best part is, you can still play it to make it present.
Has anyone ever considered buying an arcade cabinet?
>>2686 You'd have to be a richfag for that. You can probably afford buying one cabinet but is it worth having just one cabinet?
>>2688 in 10 years all of the arcades will disappear, we should set up the anons save the arcades foundation
Open file (147.35 KB 971x637 sleep.jpg)
>>2689 >in 10 years all of the arcades will disappear
>>2689 Neo Geo stuff for home use was expensive as hell some years ago and now the basic, non-fancy stuff made for arcades/businesses is getting ramped up, the only way to set a cool arcade foundation is merely to rip the games and put them in hardware especially made to run them as efficient and as legit as possible without having to spend Neo Geo fancy console prices for one (800 dollars) The TV screens are another problem, the CRT meme went too far and now mediocre shit is being sold higher than decent small monitors which some are able to pull the 144 range, the problem is simply that their screens are too clean and not meant to display the original graphics. The cabinets are easy enough aside from the very specialized stuff like racing cabinets' seats and gauges, the normal ones are just well made plywood with good quality printing on the sides, easy enough. In terms of "ideal" layout and art style of a physical space that's ironically the easy part, one can design a space and a way to represent it with today's architecture software, building it would be the most costly part but not that daunting in terms of effort (aside from being expensive), designing and building an arcade along with finding the materials and man force is much easier than finding 10 different cabinets in excellent conditions. Perhaps the foundation, in-joke, is not meant to "build" stuff but preserve the ideological bases but still, one can jokingly design even the layout for a "perfect" or at least dreamy arcade. Reminder Arcade is set of lined-up arcs which open a linear roofed space, most "arcades" weren't arcades but most malls or linear shopping corridors are arcades. That reminds me i have to post about that one arcade place i went to search like a dumbass without realizing the truth.
>>2724 I'd imagine the thought was to buy or procure otherwise the old cabinets and store them somehow, but the idea of opening an arcade is kinda interesting. There are so many richfag anons, I'm surprised nobody ever tried this but I suppose it's not something you can do anonymously unless you're like Andy Dufresne level bureaucratically smart. Not gonna lie, I to this day dream of opening an arcade but of course in my mind's eye it's like 90s and the arcade gets popular, but in actuality nowadays it will go bankrupt in 6 months because opening an arcade isn't that hard as far as small business goes but expecting it to bring any profit is a useless en devour unless you want like a faggy barcade. Arcades are an outdated format sadly. Best case scenario is renting some space in a mall but the malls are also dead. Just no luck for anything arcady. And then zoomers also don't like arcady games. >That reminds me i have to post about that one arcade place i went to search like a dumbass without realizing the truth. Do tell.
>>2427 so pretty and cozy i wanna go back too
>>2726 Depending how you market it or how to get a niche community it can be done. Locally one place lived through all the pandemic because they had two King of Fighters cabinets which also cost half the coins, every KoFfag in the city usually visits the place once a week and a group of 20 oldfags along with dozens of people who played those machines back in the day practically maintain the place which is one of the biggest in the mall. They pay the place, the profit come from the big machines like whack a mole or dodgeball holes, i think there was also a plushie clamp box thing, kids pass and want a try so a lot of money comes in there especially when the local is besides one of the exits/entries. If, and just if, you have a dedicated community nearby you can pull it out, the dimensions and ambitions depend on their size and autism. A small community of 20 Street Fighter faggots (Alpha, SF3) can maintain a small hole in the wall local if you charge them relatively low, give them a couple of chairs and tables besides a fridge full of ice cold drinks (obviously for sale), the money to profit would come in a general thing like selling YuGiOh/Magick paper, anime shirts or organizing tournaments. A real arcade would profit from having a big window for people to see your kid trap cabinets and shiny metal machines in the kitchen which means slushies or pizza/fried food. You can always put a room aside for billards or even a backroom for "staff" which usually means people you trust so they can play cards for money (aka illegal stuff). >but the malls are also dead Depends on your area, mine in my area are pretty much alive because they arrived 40 years later and people still use them for free air conditioning or to hang around with their girls, still no scene fags like mall goths because scenefags stopped existing aside from drug peddlers at parties just mostly people hanging out to eat fast food, watch a movie and windowlick. The culture of walking around with your pals still hasn't died in some places at least. I do have to say our local pizza place with the arcade, the second biggest around, died out in the plandemic so shit's fucked way more now. Wonder where those Time Crisis cabinets went to. >Do tell. I sure hope i saved some pics about that trip, will look for them.
Open file (25.74 KB 474x291 th-1962525486.jpg)
>>2730 >Locally one place lived through all the pandemic See, it already had some notoriety across the years. Opening one from scratch now will almost certainly go unnoticed. >A small community of 20 Street Fighter faggots (Alpha, SF3) can maintain a small hole in the wall Assuming there will be 20 faggots. You can't know this in advance so you could chance on a place without any faggots around. If you're a big arcade you can maybe have enough varied cabinets to get people invested but if you're a small place you're stuck with a few machines and if nobody is enthusiastic about them that's pretty much it. >Depends on your area, mine in my area are pretty much alive Embers of the former flame. Few vestiges are dotted here and there but even they are slowly dying out, I see them getting emptier and emptier each year. People come to buy some shit but barely any youngsters hanging out to facilitate the arcades. Sad.
>>2731 >You can't know this in advance You can if you are a member or worked in the scene before. The one who opened that local i mentioned was an oldfag with enough money and knowledge to find the machines marooned around the region. >Embers of the former flame There was no former flame, there weren't malls 20 years ago, only 10 years ago the AC units became cheap enough to buy and run to put them in line inside a big roofed area to make a mall, it is still a novel concept here so it still lives plus outside the big boy countries people still walk and see physical items to try and buy them hence the constant influx of passerbys and users. Imagine buying shoes or clothes without ever having seen or touch them like many do nowadays. >I see them getting emptier and emptier each year This is true but like said it depends on economies and culture, here paying the gas and food for your girl/kid/friend/yourself as a treat when you go to the mall is still considerably cheaper than paying the delivery fee from China/Japan or some european store for your item. Also sunday leisure walks are still a thing, it really depends on culture, memes aside. I will snap a picture of said places if i get the chance soon so you can see what i mean.
>>2732 >The one who opened that local i mentioned was an oldfag with enough money and knowledge to find the machines marooned around the region. That in itself is almost as much work as setting the place up. >There was no former flame, there weren't malls 20 years ago >Imagine buying shoes or clothes without ever having seen or touch them like many do nowadays I was talking about in general across the first world yikes anon where are you from
Open file (24.49 KB 268x261 kang.jpg)
>>2733 >across the first world Outside the US/Canada there's not much mall culture aside from some japanese cities and even then they actually use the original arcade/corridor meaning rather than cruciform galleries. I think italians did have some malls but they call them galleries, euros usually have shopping districts rather than roofed centers. In non-jap East Asia malls are relatively new (late 80's) with some places having them until the late 90's like Macau or Singapore. >where you from Thankfully not the US
>>2734 >Outside the US/Canada there's not much mall culture Most of the first world does in some shape or form, enough to relate. >euros usually have shopping districts rather than roofed centers That is absolutely not true, it's a very romanticized stereotypical view of Europe, all the major european cities are flooded with malls.
Open file (217.17 KB 943x630 southdale1.jpg)
Open file (75.36 KB 581x390 southdale2.jpg)
Open file (329.94 KB 1024x685 galleriasubalpina.jpg)
>>2735 >enough to relate. >a very romanticized stereotypical view of Europe, all the major european cities are flooded with malls Let's define mall then, at least what i consider a mall, which is what the austrian architect Victor Gruen (considered the father of the mall center concept) designed in his stay on the US around the 40's and 50's. A mall of his, the american/international-style mall center, is a couple of department stores with roofed corridors between them which also have smaller places, usually from several types like stand-off (type c or just a footprint for the rental man to design), "small" type a for small items or food stand inside a hole thing, and "medium" type b for more items or bigger things. These corridors usually find themselves in a center or several of them to link up the entire thing, these corridors are placed as cloisters as in walkways on the side with a view to a broad center area which is either an open space for the stand off joints or a garden or seats or what have you. Imagine a two level cloistered garden with tons of entries to businesses spaces rather than windows. This is not the only thing, due to jewi- i mean globali- international! due the international style of doing things and focusing on the individual automobile as the measuring unit of transport rather than anything else like a walking person or small train/bus the other factor to design was the place to park your ride, which means the parking lot is as integral to the concept than the interior, the complex has to have chunks of parking in the same proportions on each side of the main entries which usually also have the big department store buildings very near them and being a big part of the facade, these businesses usually called anchors in this context due to their importance; these by time also needed special entry spaces like gardens to provide visual or seating leisure and the parking lots also needed said gardens to surround them for the same reason, and by time again these parking gardens due to their cool factor also had stand out businesses like restaurants or big item stores which in turn also needed parking lots which in turn again also needed a garden to surround them. See what i mean? and i haven't even touched the food court aspect of it yet. What Europe has is certainly malls at times but said american concept is relatively new (late 80's, early 90's and only in the really big cities, the rest had old archetypes or market plaza) but most of their old school stuff is their own definition, for example in England there were the actual arcades, which were small streets filled with merchants or market stands which after a while decided to be closed/roofed and made fancy, the temporary building materials were replaced with sturdier stuff and sometimes they ended up being arcs+columns, which ended in a linear street filled with arcs supporting a roofed structure aka an Arcade. An arcade is usually a former narrow street in the middle of other streets and only has 2 entries, 3 if unorthodox or 4 if it is a south-north and east-west conjunction that was closed, their access is by walking only and the parking space is very usually the sides of the streets were you accessed them, if it is very fancy then you have a valet to a nearby lot used as parking. In Italy, due to their superior engineering and overall being much fancier and visual-focused, they went for the open gallery (or simply called Galleria) archetype, which is closed up market buildings (or merchant's fancy places) with the streets being floored with fancy shit and the roofing being made out of structures to support skylines or cool designs. These places were usually either a well-to-do conjunction of streets used by cool vendors that had the thing closed down to get status and modify them at will or extremely fancy projects which also had a couple of existing previous buildings inside, like the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. Parking space applies same if not at all due to them being inside giant plaza centers usually filled with pedestrian space. The trick between a Galleria and an Arcade, or at least what i was told, if that a Galleria is made to be that while an Arcade is an evolution, an adjustment of previous forms which were most usually the streets of a market center (thus the easiest way to add a structure for roofing was adding arc+columns every certain distance) and both don't have a central view, the arcade is two sided while the galleria at most will have very broad ways or junction areas working as centers. Then you have the japs/asians, in the former name the archetype is practically its own thing but rarely explored in western bibliography, i've been to 3 (jap-designed or jap-owned) and they share the same characteristics like the white square tiling, skylines either in ribbon form or complete skylines (somewhat rare) the low height overall, lack of central view to something (similar to the arcade aka two sided) and the really closed down feeling due to a combination of said factors. These usually are long corridors that end in a small square that serves as a mini center/garden and then make you go to another corridor that either gets you to another small square center or to an exit/entry space. They also change the levels just to fuck around using the corridors as a very long ramp or by putting something strange around like a bridge or a mezzanine. Imagine a supermarket corridor between shelves but considerably wider, colourful storefronts rather than shelves and the ceiling much lower yet all the light colouring tiling and finishing materials for easy cleaning are there, the slightly industrial feeling with some touches of fanciness but with some touches of spatial play and fanciness like a wooden walkway carrying you to another area of the complex or some flashy garden to make you turn right or left rather than walk forward. And i am not going to touch Strip Malls which is another thing by itself, let alone the aforementioned Super Market thing or the old Market Plaza which is as old as civilizations that had enough manpower to make permanent buildings and what Europe mostly has but in a much modernized or well-cared form like . Still, by these definitions i only meant the American/Gruen(baum) way, the mall center thingy, which sounds dumb on paper as they all function the same but walking them is very different, i can tell you people know damn well what a mall is compared to a closed street arcade when walking and shopping them despite being the same businesses inside. So with these said i can finally end by saying these mall centers weren't here until very recently but we certainly had several market plazas, two arcades and big ass department stores, but never a bunch of department stores unified by roofed broad walkways that had a center and junctions among them, plus with shitload of air conditioning units pumping in cool atmosphere to make it 15 to 20 degrees celsius lower than outside. If you put a mall center in a medium sized eastern europe city i can guarantee you it will be used every weekend, both the novelty and the different experience of it all is intriguing as it serves multiple purposes (leisure walk/windowlicking, shopping for both basic necesities/luxury, hanging out free of charge with buddis and spending low on snacks and entertainment). That americans charge tons of money for rental space, cheapen out of making the place uncomfortable "to scare the old people/mall goths away from hanging out too long" and overall because going to one is a long ride and implication they have to walk considerably to their store rather than just going to a giant parking lot with stores conveniently on the sides so you can just drive park and walk into the store directly (aka the strip mall concept) is what "killed" the mall center. I didn't want to write "americans killed the mall because they were lazy fucks" but well, there you go, it wasn't near the only factor due to shipping costs lowering/being easier to order and youths hanging on da intrawebz rather than outside among themselves but to be fair malls in the US have been reported to be suffering from problems since the early 00's so we can somewhat blame it on laziness/being weary to walk 100 meters inside + 200 outside in the lot to get a cinnabun or a pair of shoes.
Open file (170.21 KB 492x330 doesnt_get_it.png)
>>2739 fucking hell anon, are you some kinda mall venture capitalist or something nice read tho
Open file (11.44 MB 360x360 Bait VR.mp4)
Is it just me or VR games have a very arcady feel to them?
>>2771 comfy aesthetics?
Open file (263.47 KB 1280x960 SAM_7569crop.jpg)
>>2746 Had to design two small ones, an american and a jap-styled one, and wrote some extensive homework about it before and after Nothing like walking them tho, but their entrails differ a lot, some are very straightforward with the boxes having the installations seen clearly, others are confusing due to the silly decisions in making them (small bathrooms having the same height as the corridors aka fuckhuge) and some others are downright shady with handleless doors hidden in places and downright not subtle at all logos and sigils in places like pic related.
>>2773 >Had to design two small ones, an american and a jap-styled one Did they have arcadya in them?
>>2771 Come to think of it, a lot of VR games are short to the point experiences with just about more meat on the bones than an average mobile shit due to it not targeting the unwashed mouthbreathing masses.
>>2771 They're targeted to early adopters. Early adopters don't mind technical jank or incomplete inessentials but do mind (unnecessarily/intentionally) obtuse controls.
>>2783 >technical jank or incomplete inessentials but that's 100% of VR games
>>2782 As conventional games get more and more compromised and niggerized, real gayming will eventually move to VR? Is that we're heading?
>>2778 Video game locals? not really, i put 3 types of locals and made implicit the rental men could do whatever in them, in reality we both know an entertainment arcade needs special design let alone more installations like tons of 220v stuff for the racing cabinets and vending/food machines along with a more unique layout like level changes, perspective routes and/or special ceiling designs for cool points. A square-layout is possible and pretty normal in arcades but a cool arcade needs to make the user feel like walking on a ride rather than walking in straight lines looking for a machine to use. It's a sensory experience more than an utilitarian one although the japanese are pretty leaned on the latter at times with their general neutral use approach.
>>2790 Arcades where it's just lines of cabinets always look to me like pachinko salons.
>barcade open nearby >they don't have arcades
>>3310 Every barcade that has opened near me has had all its machines quickly destroyed by drunk hipsters, niggers, and/or drunk hipster niggers.
>>3314 nigsters?
>>3314 Aren't hipsters not the violent type? Also I don't think nigger hispters exist.
>>3316 Imagine a drunk "man" who has to hide his several repressed feelings, like the undeservingly ignored or just downright mediocre tastes in music or arts, along with forced decisions, usually fashion-wise, made to fit inside a group of people with other repressed feelings like rampant homosexuality or mental problems hidden as fetishes/social stigmas. A inhibited hipster is as dangerous as a nigger when given a slight amount of liberty and space.
>>3316 >manchildren not smashing their controller/etc. They're exactly the kind of effeminate cunts that would smash a plate just to get attention. Remember that 'hipster' designates that the person's interests are purely social posturing.
>>3317 >>3318 Why do hipsters need barcades and not just bars?
>>3319 Have you ever heard of a kava bar? Regular bars are too scary for them. Its a totally different atmosphere.
>>3316 There are many hipster domestic abusers, they have a lot of impotent bitch rage that they only ever let out when they're drunk or they think they can get away with it (2020 NLM riots for example). >don't think nigger hipsters exist What, yes they do they run in the same crowds as the regular hipsters. If you glance into a coffee shop and see a gaggle of faggots and there's a turd shaded creature with them then that's a nigster as >>3315 would say. They're usually mulatto instead of full on blacker than the void of space though.
>>3319 Because they would get their shit stomped in a regular bar. At nearly every bar there's at least one big motherfucker or a particularly angry small man just looking for an excuse to put a pool cue through someone's eye socket.
Fuck I didn't mean to derail I just fucking hate hipsters so god damn much. Barcades had potential to be fun but they got their soystained claws all over them and everything gets broken.
>>3327 That's what break it you buy it policies are for. "That'll be $2000 for a replacement cabinet sir."
>>3325 I would add that nigger hipsters are (unsurprisingly) some of the worst hipsters. They take the culture to an extreme, and it is even more synthetic. Truly disgusting individuals. Can't stand nigger tech reviewers either, or niggers on bicycles of any kind.
>>2787 probably a decent take. white males usually take the vanguard in anything new, and then it becomes infested with normies, women, and niggers.
>>3330 >white males will live in a controlled fantasy world lol
>>3331 White males already live in a controlled fantasy world, dipshit. The average white male doesn't even know the shape of the surface he stands on.
Pretty cool what these guys are doing. Though that shows that arcade is propably only for a few diehards who are nostalgic for the old days. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSToQ5H5s0Y
>>3410 I was at work and someone had a radio going and I heard an announcement about the town having an arcade built to give local kids something to do besides meth. This will either go exactly as expected or actually result in some good fun memories for the little shitheads and give them some decent taste in video games.
I remember chuck e cheese having this flight simulator type thing which was cool. My first experience with VR was there as well.

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