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Open file (4.29 MB 450x240 Header.gif)
Video-Assisted Ludic Interactive Systems Anonymous 10/06/2021 (Wed) 10:33:43 No.1 [Reply]
Hello and welcome to /valis/, a place to discuss video-assisted ludic interactive systems and miscellania regarding their function, implementation and venues where we can find them. Anything that uses a video signal return that also gives feedback after we commit an action on an interface for the sake of entertainment can be considered here; i must mention i'm going to try to be as off-hands as i can be regarding discussion but we are still bound to follow our hosts' rules plus some comments of mine: 1. Follow the global rules, which are based on the Romani 2012 Criminal Code. They can be found at our Home page but in short they state that we should: a) Avoid posting or requesting information that might harm something or someone, these include social security and/or financial card numbers, registration plates, an asshole's physical direction, comprehensive government structures' layouts, etc. b) Avoid posting sexually suggestive images of individuals from the genus Homo that were under 18 years old, or might appear under said age without ID confirmation, when the images were taken. b.i) In this segment images of "juveniles simulating sexual behavior in a credible manner" are also included, meaning realistic 3D renders are prohibited. Such are the drac laws. - Because of what constitutes "suggestive" is a subjective matter, the "Bas" Dost test can be performed by a judge (in this case the BO or A.C's administration). - It contains 6 questions or factors that constitute if the poster is guilty or not, the number of positives to give such judgement is where the controversy begins but to keep it simply i'm going to state that: If it is suspicious that's a spoiler, if it turns me or a vol on that's a delete, if it is highly arousing to any man then that's a ban - You might back an argument up under U.S. law but this site is based on gypsy land, so we reiterate an urgent appeal to avoid these images. 2. Off-topic discussion might happen naturally in the course of a discussion as one can make a passing comment on many things as consequence of the subject at hand but staying on-topic should be very important, creating off-topic threads and heavily, belligerently deviating a topic discussion are no-go's. 3. Despite /valis/ allowing the subject it is crucial to mention the board is not specifically a video games board, any kind of warring, tribalist and/or self-ID attitude from past and present boards strongly associated with such topic will probably be deleted with a warn or ban depending on the case. /valis/ is a clean slate, board of peace for some to enjoy :^). 4. In the meantime Meta content should be posted here >>3 to make things faster and cleaner for all of us. 5. Spoiler gore and other NSFW content if possible because sensitive ones might bug and harass our host's administration if otherwise. We are currently classified as NSFW but some still don't care. 6. Do not spam senselessly; "spam" will be considered the action of posting more than 5 times something tertiary to the topic at hand or from the reply chain.

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Licensed games Anonymous 10/08/2021 (Fri) 06:48:28 No.20 [Reply] [Last]
[8VG01 ~ 12/04/2018] What are some good licensed games? What made them good? Did the owner of the franchise just pull the right strings like Disney's deal with Capcom, or did some unknown developer pull it off? Interestingly Shadowrun, Star Wars, True Lies, and Super Smash TV were made by the same people as those shitty Back to the Future games. According to one of the devs they got dicked around a lot by management which probably explains why they were hit and miss. What are some more cases like this? What about games that were ruined by corporate meddling? also, post unholy abominations like the last pic
107 posts and 52 images omitted.
>>1503 >Did that have an ending at least :^) ? It doesn't since when it was released the manga was still going and Miura was still alive RIP. It ends on like volume 30. They no doubt planned on continuing.
One could easily consume Star Wars by its videogames only, well maybe not that much, a book might be cool in the way, but the stuff they churned for some years was top notch. Empire at War and Tie Fighter are honorable mentions of course. >>1504 >The VO in 2 is hilarious I checked a bit, did they really bump off 1's protagonist with a silly death scene with Wilhelm scream included? goddamn man. >Content and graphics wise yes Interesting, i have it for X360 but you are making me curious for the PS3 version. It's rough and needs more content but the gameplay itself was great stuff, shame EA never revisited it because they had something there. Coolest fire rendering i've seen too in a videogame, explosions and flames from weapons like the molotov or the 2X4 wood were rad as fuck. >Rank 4 weapons IIRC I remember some bodyguards too, practically invisible and had a Rank 4 weapon equipped. >>1505 It was a joke, Miura never planned anything lol
>>1580 >you are making me curious for the PS3 version It's the same game mostly but here's some of the new stuff (from https://godfather.fandom.com/wiki/The_Godfather:_The_Don%27s_Edition): >Five new hit missions >New layouts for Stracci and Cuneo >Upgraded character models >New businesses >Two new hubs >Blackmail missions It's easy to play if you have a hacked PS3 (released on disc so works with HEN too I believe).
>>1580 I wasn't talking about Miura. The devs.

Open file (91.45 KB 800x600 DevKit.jpg)
Resources & Local Media Anonymous 10/06/2021 (Wed) 20:17:34 No.3 [Reply] [Last]
The place to discuss and post our assets like banners, CSS ideas or promo material; due to the site's policy of board meta threads needing to be inside the board itself this will also function, for now and reluctantly, as the place to do so too. Be not afraid to comment.
88 posts and 34 images omitted.
>>1518 >The last known BO they had, that i know of, is the guy from /islam/ That is incorrect.
>>1527 A new one? i've lost count already so i apologize if i got it wrong. >>1523 Many such cases.
>>1528 Pretty sure /christian/ never had a BO from /islam/.
Open file (109.17 KB 800x788 valis.jpg)
Should she be the board's mascot?
>>1532 C-cute >Should she be the board's mascot? It might work, one will come sooner or later.

Open file (559.64 KB 1400x1400 h6.jpg)
RIP games Anonymous 11/21/2021 (Sun) 16:56:58 No.1506 [Reply]
Post games you were looking forward to that are rip. Especially if greedy jewish publishers were responsible. >tfw you will never play as cheeky millennial with headphones flying on his dragon
12 posts and 12 images omitted.
>>1535 What's wrong with that premise? one could be a glownigger in a gimp suit for 4 games beforehand, being the Unabomber for once never happened at that point in a major game i think.
>>1536 Not really an interesting concept to me and the fact that you have to wear regular clothes and be in boring mundane environments just strips the title of that exotic espionage romanticism. Plus it reeks of 'muh realasm' plague. You probably weren't allowed more than but a few items on you.
There was this gen7 Indiana Jones gam I wish was released.
Open file (85.66 KB 256x325 Staff_of_Kings.jpg)
>>1540 Staff of Kings was eventually released on PS2, Wii and handhelds. The more advanced 360/PS3 version was cancelled however: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSDFgm7wSys
>>1576 There game's pretty decent actually. I wish it was released.

Open file (737.33 KB 1200x1355 snapshot 1.jpg)
Open file (818.18 KB 1280x1443 snapshot 2.jpg)
Open file (1004.45 KB 1280x1442 snapshot3.jpg)
Open file (2.47 MB 1400x1191 oceanhorn-2-sized.png)
Anonymous 11/11/2021 (Thu) 12:28:46 No.1388 [Reply]
>Modern game has a "minimalistic" UI with stock white text and black-and-white transparent rectangles Instant into the trash. Man, what the fuck happened to game UIs? They used to be elaborate, cool and fun. Having as much iconic gusto to them as the game itself, adding to the experience. Nowadays it seems they're trying to make games as forgettable as possible even down to most basic minute features.
13 posts and 11 images omitted.
Also kind of a UI thing, but I miss the save/load screens. Even the most minuscule utilitarian thing like that used to be unique and personalized for each game, keeping you in-universe for every second. Nowadays everything either saves through the generic console's save menu and insta breaks the immersion or just riddled with autosaves. What an unnecessary loss, especially since there are some games that still used unique save screens so it's not a technical limitation, everyone was just getting progressively more complacent.
Coolest UI?
Open file (202.33 KB 1280x720 snapshot.jpg)
Open file (178.69 KB 1280x720 snapshot2.jpg)
Though nowhere near as bad as Soyrim but even Bloodborne and DS3 were already afflicted.
>>1408 Sadly no. It just uncluters and de-consolifies the ingame menus, the artstyle stays the same. I wouldn't be surprised if that's the limitation for modding the UI, thanks Todd.
>>1573 Fuck that sucks. So you can mod all bunch of shit into the game but UI is unmodable? The absolute state of Soythesda.

Open file (53.24 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
Fad Thread Anonymous 11/24/2021 (Wed) 16:10:32 No.1541 [Reply]
As you all may be aware the vidya industry is plagued by flavor of the month bullshit trying to sucker fags into spending a bunch of shekels on crap that has the depth of a puddle and no long term entertainment. Remember shit like DayZ, H1Z1, Ark Survivial? could almost say generic open world survival shit is going to be the fad of the month They were all popular for a few months before everyone dropped them for the next big thing. At moment it's all those Cheese Royale games that are the big fad with retards moving from one to the next, each time the game being even more horrible.
Are they really fads when they have been present for so long? I remember zombie stuff being absurdly burned and played out by 2010 yet it had a second wave to the point we are still seeing products from it, it practically is a genre by itself rather than a fad. Battle Royale stuff doesn't seem to go away anytime soon just like CoD small-urban skirmish gameplay didn't go away either.
>>1542 >Are they really fads when they have been present for so long? They are. The thing is, we live in this horrible future where nothing new is being made and things are regurgitated endlessly. Because of this the fads last much longer and don't go away when they should. Happens not just in gayming, look at capeshit. And since there's nothing else to play/watch/read, normalfags who have pea-sized brains as is, evolved to gape their mouths at the flavor of the season game #5456 like it's something new.
>>1541 Funny thing is, the fads you mentioned are all interconnected. Without the DayZ mod no Battle Royale, Survival, Crafting and Early Access combo.
>>1572 >Without the DayZ mod no Battle Royale I doubt that anon.

Open file (233.53 KB 960x892 1526429562271.jpg)
Anonymous 11/24/2021 (Wed) 21:45:27 No.1544 [Reply]
Man, when did this shift from Nintendo to Soytendo happened? Nintendo used to make powerhouse hardware and tried to dominate the industry like a Chad.
22 posts and 1 image omitted.
>>1565 You are obliviously passing that in third world countries a PS2 was still cheaper than a fancy DVD player until the same years you mention, around 2004. >It's really only those first 2 years PS2 was launched in 2000. >I had a PS2 and was still using VHS In those said third world countries (as in non-aligned aka non-compliant to commercial laws) DVD was very quick to gain ground due to ease of piracy, sure Blockbuster still got its VHS rents and sales in the mid-00's but the rest of the world was in the disc bonanza pirating anything and ditching tapes faster than the legal countries who sought after pirates way harder than Hong Kong, Eastern Europe or Latin America. Still your point about the Wii years having DVD as a non-factor is true, by 2006-07 people bought slim PS2s, OG Xbox or supermarket DVDs that had tons of shitty speakers hardplugged into the drive. >>1557 Well said, many forget Wii was a massive hit with the elderly, especially in old folk's houses where they could do basic exercise while playing Wii bowling or Sin & Punishment: Star Successor.
>>1567 >You are obliviously passing that in third world countries a PS2 was still cheaper than a fancy DVD player In third world countries PS2 was an elitist toy when it launched that only a small percent of the population could afford. To what extent those contributed to the first year sales? Not much. >PS2 was launched in 2000. I know when it was launched, I was there. >but the rest of the world was in the disc bonanza pirating anything and ditching tapes faster than the legal countries I just explained how that wasn't actually the case at all. That's the image you see in magazines where all attention was shifted to DVDs. In reality most families used VHS far into the 00s. The "super based pirating pirates" was the niche for relatively tech savvy people. >In those said third world countries DVD was very quick to gain ground due to ease of piracy By quickly you mean years behind the west.
Why is this obvious cuckchan bait thread still up?
>>1570 Because it's proof that no matter how much of a faggot OP is, if the users are good quality, good discussion will come out of it. And it did to be fair.
Open file (61.53 KB 721x600 ps2dvd.jpg)
Open file (1.05 MB 920x893 ps2netflix.png)
>>1567 >>1568 In an attempt to gauge the popularity of DVD on PS2 I looked into the DVD remote accessory but couldn't find any sales figures unfortunately. I should clarify that I don't think that DVD would have had a big impact on Wii sales, rather that the PS2 had the right value added feature at the right time to have some benefit in sales. The Wii didn't really have an equivalent until the Youtube Channel in 2012 (although the Internet Channel could be used before then of course) and the Netflix Channel in 2010 (fun fact: the PS2 got Netflix in Brazil).

Open file (190.75 KB 500x373 arcade.gif)
Open file (44.45 KB 449x567 1.jpg)
Open file (51.49 KB 480x640 2.jpg)
Open file (402.16 KB 1440x1080 3.jpg)
Arcadya Anonymous 11/12/2021 (Fri) 20:11:00 No.1400 [Reply]
'90s arcades had the comfiest aesthetics. Anon's favorite cabinet? Not just the game itself but the entire thing. Mine is pics related. An excellently put together machine from Sega. As you can see they took a regular arcade cabinet and attached a small frame add-on with curtains, two player seat and gun holsters. A simple thing, really, but it worked wonders in a dark smoky room, especially when you're a kid. The idea was to make it feel like you're in a jeep of sorts as that's the perspective of how the game is played. And they definitely succeeded in that. It is only much later in life that I realized what a simple construction this actually was, but as a kid I thought it was a full scale jeep model. Getting inside, pulling that curtain behind you, taking a gun from a seat side holster - all of that was an atmosphere building prelude, boosted by great sound design that was always emanating even from a vacant cabinet. I remember in circa '98 when it came out there was a queue around it, and that feeling of agitation to get inside fast and in a rush with some other guy next to you only added to the immersion. The game itself was great as well and emulated everything you want to get from a Jurassic Park experience. This was made in an era when licensed games didn't have the stigma of cheap lazy garbage yet and a lot of movie based games were actually pretty good.
13 posts and 9 images omitted.
>>1431 >i suspect swinger parties happen there Baste.

Open file (305.92 KB 640x480 q0m.png)
Post about a game that you recently finished Anonymous 11/07/2021 (Sun) 09:32:45 No.1362 [Reply]
And whether you had fun
6 posts and 8 images omitted.
Flight of the Amazon Queen – a classic '90s point-and-click adventure goodness. Exactly what I was looking for, I played most of the well known ones but this one somehow slipped past me. It’s right up my alley with the whole exotic adventure thing that I like the most. The game is a bit too joke-y for my personal taste, but ultimately I quite enjoyed it. The puzzles are pretty good, not too hard and with just the right amount of challenge. I wish you could interact with more things though; there are at times entire chunks of the screen that aren’t utilized at all. A few questionable design choices here and there but it’s expected and nothing significant, goat puzzle those are not. Although I think they slightly overdid it with the temple at the end – you get so many items by that point and only four slots to view them in, which just becomes an annoyance. There’s also some technical issue where hovering your cursor wouldn’t show the interactable text properly, it’s solvable by shaking it about but that can lead to missing something important early on, I missed an entire screen and got stuck because of that. The graphics are kinda primitive for ’95, looking inferior to the Fate of Atlantis which came out 3 years prior, but they are still charming in their own way. Since the game goes for a more comedic, cartoon-y vibe it’s really not that big of an issue. The music present is alright, it’s understated but works well for creating the necessary atmosphere. And the voice acting is also alright, especially since everyone is doing an intentionally silly accent. Like I mentioned, the story is pure meta buffoonery and I’m not really a big fan of that, but there’s just about enough effort put into it to keep me invested. Especially later on, when it clearly heavily borrows from the LucasArts’ Indiana Jones games and almost becomes serious. And I do like lighthearted stories with a serious core. Interestingly, it deals with the famous crystal skull and aliens just like a certain film that doesn’t exist. I wonder if the whole crystal skulls legend was already well known at the time. The writing itself is actually pretty good, I chuckled at a few jokes. This is a real must for all the point-and-click savants.
Open file (674.46 KB 762x1072 Devil May Cry cover.jpg)
Open file (1.29 MB 1920x960 Devil May Cry.jpg)
Devil May Cry – featuring Dante from the hit Devil May Cry series. Last time I played the original DMC was somewhere in the mid '00s so this was basically like playing it fresh. The first thing that really struck me was just how gorgeous the game looks, the art direction and lighting are absolutely incredible, it can honestly rub shoulders with DMC3 in that aspect and this is a 2001 game. It’s definitely up there with early gen trailblazers like MGS2, Shenmue2, FFX and the like – games that looked like something out of distant future in an unbelievable leap from the 5th gen with its barely definable blocks to something that still looks good today… Man, the 6th gen shift was truly the greatest in all of gaming; you almost feel bad for newfags who will never experience something as groundbreaking, with modern vidya doing just light cosmetic upgrades every new gen. But anyway, gameplay wise it’s still very much recognizable as a DMC game but understandably humbler. Kinda amazing how a lot of core elements carried over all the way up to 4, although the control layout is different to the rest of the series and it took forever for my brain to adjust. Where it definitely differs is in variety of objectives, you’re mostly just meandering through castle grounds collecting keys in a very down to earth manner for someone like son of Supada. It’s quite comfy in its own way and there’s much more flavor text than in any other entry to go with it, but all that definitely cements the game as Resident Evil with swords. There are also uncharacteristic underwater FPS levels that had the potential of being a major pain in the ass but thankfully they are so short that it's not really an issue. Boss battles however are excellent, just what you'd expect and probably where the game stood out the most at the time as this new sub-genre. They're not as tough as DMC3 but have a nice flow and still provide some decent challenge. Music is good but it doesn’t leave such an impression as it did in 3 and 4, there’s much more ambience and kinda flaccid one-note techno rather than the KUHRAYZEE techno rock of the sequels. The story is mostly bare bones, more of a premise really, and instead it's more interesting to look at it retroactively through the prism of the franchise. For instance, even though I vaguely remembered that the mysterious knight was Vergil, I didn’t expect to actually see his face in this game and even some iconic moves like Summoned Swords. Or how Trish did nothing of value but forced herself onto Dante to give her free housing. So the original DMC definitely aged like fine wine, good time.
>>1477 They really went all hands on deck in the 6th gen transition, some early games had the art style pinpointed hard and makes sense, some devs had the concept art and theory behind doing them for years, waiting for the technology to come while they were polishing stuff. I remember playing SSX around early 2001 and being amazed at how solid it felt and looked, for someone who had just recently grabbed a N64 it was a shock, you well said it, it's unfathomable to think a leap like that will happen soon. Now i am curious what do you think about DMC2 heh.
Open file (897.03 KB 1024x768 mgs.png)
>>1519 >some devs had the concept art and theory behind doing them for years, waiting for the technology to come Right, and it makes sense - for almost two decades they had to work with extremely limited technology, art from adversity type of thing, where art design was king that carried the game. And so in that peak form they suddenly got access to this new technology that allowed previously unimaginable results. They weren't yet thinking about visuals in terms of "re*lism" but rather how far they can push the artistry with this new tech. >I remember playing SSX around early 2001 and being amazed at how solid it felt and looked, for someone who had just recently grabbed a N64 it was a shock I haven't played SSX but looking at it, it definitely looks very impressive for a 2000 game with that lighting and all, arcade quality. Definitely mind blowing at the time for a home console game. >Now i am curious what do you think about DMC2 heh. I actually hunted down DMC2 recently, was looking for it for quite some time. Wasn't easy, it's a relatively rare game in good condition and for a reasonable price. Will play it sometime next year already seeing how there's only one month left.
Open file (426.81 KB 922x1300 Max Payne 2 cover.jpg)
Open file (3.95 MB 4320x1800 Max Payne 2.jpg)
Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne – I got a sudden hit of nostalgia to replay Max Payne 2, to see if it holds up, used to play the shit out of it back in '00s. And the answer is, well, sorta. The gameplay is still fun and I especially appreciate that oldschool non-scripted mayhem. This was the dawn of Havoc physics and the game utilizes them to the fullest, for good and bad. A lot of great memories of fucking about with them all day long, and it’s still pretty impressive to have every object affected by your mass and bullets. Also it’s like they programmed every guy to fall down only in the most comedic way possible. The combat is very simplistic, there are no mechanics or anything, but there is something appealing in that simplicity; you just get a lot of guns and shoot at enemies while jumping at them in slow motion. Sometimes it's the simple things in life. And I still remember everything, first person MP5 in bullet dodge mode is how you do it. Graphically the game looks subpar overall. Not so much in polygon count or texture resolution, but more in art direction department; it’s pretty drab. It does somewhat compensates for that with its weird and moody atmosphere. Though it works fine it is also somewhat sloppily put together – all the in-game cutscenes are clunky as all fuck, objects would clip through camera, hands not align with weapons, something would just pop-in, and so on. In the game itself you often encounter something like a story related dead guy who’s been Havoc dropped in a bathtub in the most comedic fashion. The devs went to great lengths to allow you to flush toilets and switch coffeemakers off but no attention was paid to such in-game esthetics. It is the game’s good fortune that it decided to tell its story largely through a graphic novel, if it was done with clunky cinematics you would be hard pressed to take it at all seriously. I know it’s a western game but still. Speaking of the story, it actually holds up pretty well – a depressing noir detective drama in constantly rainy Noo Yoik. Good shit. The voice acting is surprisingly really good as well and elevates the entire experience. Interestingly, I remembered the game having good music but I guess that was one of those Mandela effects because there’s barely any music at all, with the main menu theme and the main song being the only standouts. It’s largely just ambience. Kinda sucks but at least those two compositions are strong enough. Also the game still has the worst sounding weapons. Maybe because I was constantly replaying it back in the day it wasn’t apparent to me, but the game is pretty short. Naturally I remembered where to go and what to do but it would still probably take about 5 hours max to complete without rushing things. Overall this was very nostalgic. The game is still fun but it’s one of those cases where none of the individual elements are particularly strong but they do come together nicely to create something special.

Open file (172.80 KB 846x668 5.jpg)
Open file (3.06 MB 1280x1280 d936e.gif)
Zelda and Zelda-esque gaems Anonymous 11/19/2021 (Fri) 19:33:35 No.1459 [Reply]
Not at all a thinly veiled excuse to post Midna's ass I just can't stop playing 2D Zelda clones, that style of gameplay is probably my favorite, especially when good clones add a little bit of their own personal spice into the mix.
11 posts and 9 images omitted.
Open file (6.48 KB 480x432 033.png)
>>1483 Yeah the atmosphere was mega comfy and the bitter-sweet feel to the story and ending felt way more emotional than the standard defeat Ganon fare.
Open file (401.00 KB 790x715 lewd.jpg)
>>1488 (heil'd) And don't forget full frontal hippo nudity.
>>1459 >2D Zelda clones Any in particular you'd recommend?
Open file (310.30 KB 960x672 The Story of Thor.jpg)
Open file (634.70 KB 768x720 Grand Master.jpg)
Open file (25.51 KB 961x721 King Colossus.png)
Open file (428.61 KB 768x672 Gunman's Proof.jpg)
>>1497 Of course. This year I played The Story of Thor, Gunman's Proof, Tōgi Ō: King Colossus, Shin Souseiki Ragnacenty and Grand Master. All of which I really enjoyed.

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