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Open file (235.76 KB 2000x1000 i6.jpg)
Summer games thread Anonymous 05/03/2022 (Tue) 13:18:55 No.2389 [Reply]
Things are warming up in the northern hemisphere, and that means sweaty fat folds and Hawaiian shirts. It also means E3 and other shitfests are coming up. What are some things you're looking forward to this season? Any games you're in the mood for that you only play while its warm out?
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Open file (144.08 KB 960x951 doge.jpg)
When you think how cringE3 been going since 1995 it becomes almost sad to see it go. No matter what it was part of gayme culture.
>>2656 TGS was always better tbh
>>2657 Watch they cancel it as well.
u wot? E3 2022 was cancelled but 2023 is still on the cards (for now anyway).
>>2662 >for now anyway Key words here. Will likely get cancelled as well.

Licensed games Anonymous 10/08/2021 (Fri) 06:48:28 No.20 [Reply] [Last]
[8VG01 ~ 12/04/2018] What are some good licensed games? What made them good? Did the owner of the franchise just pull the right strings like Disney's deal with Capcom, or did some unknown developer pull it off? Interestingly Shadowrun, Star Wars, True Lies, and Super Smash TV were made by the same people as those shitty Back to the Future games. According to one of the devs they got dicked around a lot by management which probably explains why they were hit and miss. What are some more cases like this? What about games that were ruined by corporate meddling? also, post unholy abominations like the last pic
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>>71 I know this is an old post from the old place but something makes me wonder, probably in a negative way. It seems that, according to some freaks/trannies/badly-accompanied folks in the Lost Media community have realized that Snoopy Flying Ace is a "partially lost game" due to the Xbox Live Arcade getting some licensing issues and taking down the game, the XBLA from the 360 being shut down and the newer versions none having it reuploaded. What makes me wonder is... how is it "lost"? i highly doubt no one out there doesn't have the game installed for offlines uses and really, how are normalfags that retarded to search in torrent trackers and not finding packages with it for mod piracy uses? Is something not being able to be attained "legally" really an impediment for digital releases? because i don't think it can be even considered lost, i have it in my hard drive to begin with.
>>2196 A surprising number of people are moralfags about illegal downloads, even games like Scott Pilgrim (pre-remaster) were considered lost even though you can still download it from PSN despite it being delisted. Perhaps all the DMCA shenanigans have had a chilling effect on your average games enthusiast, it kind of reminds me of people who exclusively play on original hardware and have an irrational dislike for emulation.
>>2197 >A surprising number of people are moralfags about illegal downloads You mean normalfags? A reminder to pirate everything.
>>2219 >You mean normalfags? Not necessarily, I don't think your average normalfag is savvy about if they're consuming an 'officially licensed' release or not, instead it's more about convenience (whether that's streaming services like Netflix or those Android-based pirate boxes). Once you get into the realm of enthusiasts where spending hundreds on a copy of some dumb shit isn't uncommon is where that moralfagging seems to occur most.
>>2222 (checked) >Not necessarily, I don't think your average normalfag is savvy about if they're consuming an 'officially licensed' release or not They absolutely are. Soytendo, Soyple and so on - must only consume official products.

Games that predicted the future Anonymous 03/01/2022 (Tue) 12:17:56 No.2089 [Reply]
>Predicts the rise of ISIS and flood of sandniggers into Europe didn't invade but were invited in >Predicts the withdrawal of US from Europe Pay for NATO you fags or we're out! >Predicts the encroachment of China in Europe Chinks recently have started deploying military vehicles to Germany and part of me is begging to see one of Merkels Rapefugees try and bomb the ant people in Germany to see how they would react I know that's not all but only things I remember off the top of my head is that Homefront game predicting Kim Jong-Il's death and the EA Sports titles having an uncanny ability to predict some major results.
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One that isn't exactly a prediction but more of a modus operandi bullet point list by big agencies: Rainbow Six Vegas >Separate terrorist attacks in the hotel strip coordinated at the same hour >Civilians being seeming obvious target but VIPs start disappearing or quickly moving >Spec Ops send to neutralize wrong doers ASAP and realize it was mainly a distraction >One event includes the extraction of a VIP from a gambling area >Despite obvious separate incidents the government decides to run a shaky fictional recount of the events to not scare people even more >Both teams travel suspiciously in helicopters >Both leave compromising tools (drop guns and such) in construction areas and airport near areas Obviously the real deal was much, much more subdued and quick than the fictional events but the places also do meet at times like the Arya and the Mandalay. Rainbow Six Vegas was a strong and perhaps unnecessary departure of the series but it was well made and i highly suspect it wasn't a Rainbow Six game in the beginning but a remake/rip-off of an earlier game, Goldeneye Rogue Agent, that few bought but had strong concepts that were most retrieved in Vegas and its sequel in explicit form. That's another story i suppose.
>>2090 9/11 is probably the most predicted event in history.
Open file (1002.11 KB 640x909 mgs2.png)
>>2092 True dat, there was even an attack in 1993.
Are there any non-military games that predicted the future? In a positive way maybe?

Open file (236.94 KB 728x546 1644528761445.png)
/gwg/ Guild Wars (2) general Anonymous 02/14/2022 (Mon) 14:38:54 No.1922 [Reply]
End of Dragons is 2 weeks away! Can we scrounge up enough players here for a guild in that time? Gw2 >Official site: https://www.guildwars2.com/en/ >Halfchan resources pastebin: https://pastebin.com/ZU4uUREV >EoD Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MUpAxUcCpyg GW Official site: https://www.guildwars.com/en/ Wiki: https://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/Main_Page
My PC won't handle it sadly.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=clmeN-5RWUo Well to anyone has a computer that was made this century I want to get the feeling you only get from being in a new guild at the launch of an xpac so message me in game @ smashed.8536 I will be posting around elsewhere to so hopefully I will be able to pull some group of rando friendless neets even if it falls apart in a month.
explain guild wars
>>1948 Its like wow but with no sub fee and better build craft
Open file (182.78 KB 335x330 f0c1a.png)
>>1964 >Its like wow Not very promising.

The unapologetic awfulness of the game box screenshots Anonymous 01/23/2022 (Sun) 16:39:29 No.1787 [Reply]
I've noticed that starting with the 5th gen, basically the 3D era, the screenshots on the back of the box became bafflingly terrible, at least for the western releases. Often showing some crap detrimental to selling the game, stuff not really indicative of the gameplay or outright lazy, like dumping images from cutscenes or trailers. How hard is it to put like 4 good screenshots on the back of your box that represent the game well? Use the promotional screenshots or anything. Who's the retard in marketing that's allowed to just put random garbage on the back on the box that will stay there forever?
Open file (2.66 MB 1715x2167 DMC3.jpg)
Great screencaps assholes.
>5 screenshots from a cutscene bravo
You're not wrong, but in all fairness I typically didn't buy games based on what was on the back of the box/case; I'd read games magazines, play demos, and go off recommendations from friends. Maybe they just put these cool-looking "cinematic" screenshots on the back to impress clueless publishers and parents.
>>1890 >I'd read games magazines, play demos, and go off recommendations from friends That only works for the mainstream games that they cover in those. Often, especially back in the day, you would come across a game you never even heard about and the only thing to help you on the spot are the screenshots. But of course this is more about the mystery of how these screenshots even come to be. Though it's still not well illustrated in the thread, there are some truly awful and bewildering screens selected for some games. Like look at DMC3 here >>1789

/pgg/ - Puzzle Games General Anonymous 10/08/2021 (Fri) 07:54:08 No.104 [Reply] [Last]
[8VG02 ~ 12/05/2017] Discuss puzzle games.
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Columns is possibly my favorite Genesis game. I ended up getting really in the zone once and made it to 111 starting on hard mode. I've never been able to replicate that feat since. Now I can't even get 10 levels in without dying. Yoshi's Cookie is underrated. I'd much rather play that than Tetris, which I've never gotten the appeal of.
>>1380 Tetris is the grandad. People played it when nothing else was around.
>>1381 I understand that it's historically important, but I don't find the mechanics to be very enticing.
Open file (774.84 KB 1024x1024 bffc8.png)
>>1384 You're looking at it through a prism of spoiled modernity. Nowadays I won't really play it myself but back in the early '90s I had one of those brick games with tetris, and being able to play it on the go was very enticing indeed.
>>1386 Even as a kid I didn't like it. I just played Dr. Mario instead.

Open file (10.00 KB 255x159 are-they-ours.jpg)
Flight Vidya Thread Anonymous 10/15/2021 (Fri) 19:24:54 No.1009 [Reply] [Last]
[8VG07 ~ 03/04/18] Time to get this started. News In Acefag news Ace Combat Infinity shutdown recently and there seems to be a hint of a remastered collection coming. IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad released Battle of Kuban last month to skub tier applause. IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover looks like it got a remaster not that nobody seemed to notice nor care. DCS world looks like it's getting the F-14 in game soon. Microsoft Flight Simulator X updated the Spitfire model so better spend those shekels goyim :^) Vidya Unfortunately don't have anything really in the way of downloads for anons to enjoy at present, but hopefully that will change soon. All I can recommend is Ysflight, a flight sim made by an Autistic Nip Student that is pretty easy to get into. Loads of addons as well, could easily recreate the plane scene in game. https://ysflight.org/
312 posts and 139 images omitted.
>>1344 modded 1946 was the first flight sim I ever played and it's pretty simple compared to the ultra autistic shit like DCS (not counting FC3) and Falcon BMS, which are the most complex I've played so far. I don't know much about civilian sims though, since I've always wanted to go fast and shoot things and haven't played any.
>>1332 Where is AC Zero?
>>1344 Compared to things like X-Plane or Prepar3D, the cockpit level of complexity is babby-tier. You have a couple gauges to keep an idle eye on, trim, prop trim, prop feathering, radiator openness, general engine heat and that's about it. The combat part, though, adds a whole world of new shit you have to learn because, y'know, it's ww2 combat. DCS doesn't really compare, you effectively don't have fucking electronics period. I can only pray that Cliffs of Dover gets a workable singleplayer at some point, but until then and discounting it I'd rate the IL-2 games a solid 6/10 autisms, with 1/10 being CoD and 10/10 being a megamek lorefag.
>>1346 Most of the civilian ones tend to render cockpits and stuff inside rather well and have great controller compatibility but are arcadey as fuck when it comes to flying. Mainly to keep the ratings down for kiddies and grandmas. Still it allows sometimes for fun stuff like Hot Air Balloons going vertical doing mach 1+ and if you want to actually visualize a cockpit they are good.
[End of Dump 8VG07 ~ 12/07/2018] I decided to stop it here for the thread to have space for some posts and near where that chart was being made. Prease understandu.

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