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Open file (278.79 KB 2048x1534 hmm.jpg)
Anonymous 04/27/2022 (Wed) 19:32:20 No.2292 [Reply] [Last]
Do anons think that a non-powerhouse console can ever take off in modern climate? I keep thinking to PS1 and PS2 who were the weakest contemporary consoles hardware-wise but at the same time were by far the most popular ones. Power didn't matter that much since games came in all varieties from all types of devs and only a very small percent was pushing the hardware. Sure you can point to Nintendo but I feel it's a different situation with Nintendo having a groomed cult-like audience who will consume literally anything they produce. With PS2 Sony made a conscious choice not to go for raw power but if PS5 or Xbox whatever, or some new console nowadays was only moderately powerful could it ever succeed or would it be considered "insta owned" cause it can't ray trace?
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Open file (41.84 KB 852x356 soyman.jpg)
>>2971 >seething soytendrone >n-nooo Shitch is doing great! kek
>>2972 lol try arguing anytime, shitposter
>>2972 I don't even like the Switch, its just wrong to be saying that game consoles will be displaced by phones when there's evidence otherwise.
Where do I start If I wanted to make my own gaming console for mass production and selling? I was thinking about making a console similar to the PS1 so that it has both 3D and 2D capabilities and later down the line making a portable version of the system for playing on the go. I want to keep the system cheap a la under $300 or less is it possible? How much niggers could I scam out of their shekels on kikestarter to make this dream a reality? I have a few monies saved up but I don't think it will be enough to start development and production of the system. I have no experience with vidya hardware but I'm willing to learn!
>>3172 If you just want to bamboozle cattle out of their shekels why even go to all this trouble? There are countless Chinese Gamestations 5 which are just famiclones or androids with shitty emulation, designed to fool grandmas into buying their Billies a new nintendo for christmas. You don't even have to build your own, just buy some of those and sell 'em online. If you actually want to build a small-time console, even if just for fun, I'd imagine you have be at least a bit into programming. But likely it's just gonna be android, in which case look at Ouya and do everything opposite.

Open file (243.57 KB 384x224 Uiuw6wc.gif)
Fightan Vidya Anonymous 05/23/2022 (Mon) 20:11:15 No.2694 [Reply]
Why are fighting games dead? Is it something that fell out of favor with normalfags? What's your favorite fighting game/series? I'm a Tekken man myself. Do you play with a fightan gamepad like a good lad?
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Open file (175.97 KB 695x493 Screenshot.png)
I guess Evo is happening this year.
Open file (633.35 KB 732x1721 lol.png)
Individual Banned From Fighting Game Tournament For Liking Young Anime Characters
>>3116 Might as well ban the games too
>>3117 Soon they'll start banning for booba as well. And then it's just gonna be the culturally enriched NuMK at the tournaments.
>>3118 >soon

Open file (737.33 KB 1200x1355 snapshot 1.jpg)
Open file (818.18 KB 1280x1443 snapshot 2.jpg)
Open file (1004.45 KB 1280x1442 snapshot3.jpg)
Open file (2.47 MB 1400x1191 oceanhorn-2-sized.png)
Anonymous 11/11/2021 (Thu) 12:28:46 No.1388 [Reply] [Last]
>Modern game has a "minimalistic" UI with stock white text and black-and-white transparent rectangles Instant into the trash. Man, what the fuck happened to game UIs? They used to be elaborate, cool and fun. Having as much iconic gusto to them as the game itself, adding to the experience. Nowadays it seems they're trying to make games as forgettable as possible even down to most basic minute features.
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>>3154 what are you talking about, /v/ pushed minimalism all the fucking time back in the day >>3157 >there isn't anything intrinsically bad highly depends on the game, but I would argue games without UIs tend to be pretty shit, while soulful UIs are some of the most memorable like Diablo or Fallout or HoMM
Open file (62.02 KB 710x533 Commandos2.jpg)
I love the Commandos 2 in-game manual.
>>3164 The notebook inventory is overused but that's a really nice looking one I gotta say.
>>3161 >I would argue games without UIs tend to be pretty shit If it's something dull like a walking simulator then absolutely, but then there's games like Abe's Oddysee/Exodus and Ico which aid their immersion by removing 99% of UI or integrating it into the game world (the LED displays in Abe for instance). >while soulful UIs are some of the most memorable Giving a UI personality is definitely important, even a minimal UI can have a recognizable identity through things like font choices, unfortunately most developers don't really try to give their minimal UI a defining quality.
>>3161 >but I would argue games without UIs tend to be pretty shit Only if the game is heavy reliant on UIs.

Open file (47.12 KB 640x400 3.jpeg)
Elder Scrolls Anonymous 06/19/2022 (Sun) 17:29:42 No.3072 [Reply]
>2024 >After Starfield How will Todd fuck it up this time? Also what's anon's favorite ES game? Mine is probably Oblivion. Now I know what you be sayun and I know of all its shortcomings but ultimately it has the comfiest atmosphere and aesthetics for me. Also the radiant AI or whatever system is interesting despite not working. In fact, a lot of things about Oblivion are interesting despite not working. It's kinda fascinating deconstructing it as you play, what could have been and they were going for. Especially back then. >inb4 horse armor Listen, horse armor is obvious and it's really easy to get hung on it but it overshadows other DLCs like Frostcrag Spire that were decent additions and didn't feel overpriced. Given you patched that shit.
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>>3138 like a unity one iirc
>>3135 The scale is very impressive for the time but I think Bethesda made the right choice by shifting to a smaller handcrafted world full of little details in Morrowind. Daggerfall being larger than Great Britain or whatever doesn't really contribute to the game itself (funny how we now have an overabundance of procedurally generated worlds with fuck all in them). >>3138 >>3139 Yeah, an open source fan recreation made with Unity.
>>3141 >Bethesda made the right choice by shifting to a smaller handcrafted world full of little details in Morrowind Probably. But it was also part of the appeal, the insane 7 layers deep dungeons.
I'm willing to be ES6 will be a remake of Daggerfall. Imagine a modern game that's not a remake of something.
>>3158 I actually thought this was already confirmed...

Open file (91.45 KB 800x600 DevKit.jpg)
Resources & Local Media Anonymous 10/06/2021 (Wed) 20:17:34 No.3 [Reply] [Last]
The place to discuss and post our assets like banners, CSS ideas or promo material; due to the site's policy of board meta threads needing to be inside the board itself this will also function, for now and reluctantly, as the place to do so too. Be not afraid to comment.
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FWIW I think custom CSS can help with board personality (and potentially put people in the right mindset to post better), Yotsuba isn't a bad theme but it's so burned into our retinas it would be nice to have something that's unique without sacrificing readability.
>>3124 Personally I'm tired of seeing Yotsuba B on every board. The problem is that it just werks and usually when someone tries to make custom board CSS it ends up either very ugly or less readable or both.
>>3134 So let's use Futaba >>3069 It's basically the same as Yotsuba but not Yotsuba.
>>3144 I concur, Futaba is pretty nice.

Open file (8.67 KB 255x197 Wu3U.jpg)
Retro Vidya Mk.II Anonymous 10/08/2021 (Fri) 10:29:44 No.204 [Reply] [Last]
[8VG03 ~ 04/09/2018] Previous thread sunseted. Pre-2000 Whatcha playin. >tfw found an old '97 gaming magazine with an article that ends with: "…bright future lies ahead [of gaming]". Why wasn't it bright, anon. Why wasn't it bright.
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>>2026 of anything really
>>2186 Might do.
Open file (49.97 KB 960x720 6535titlescreen.png)
Harmful Park, a colorful shooter for PSX, has been translated - https://www.romhacking.net/translations/6535/
Open file (96.68 KB 640x480 4755titlescreen.PNG)
Popolocrois Monogatari II, a PSXRPG, has been translated - https://www.romhacking.net/translations/6457/
Open file (70.43 KB 1056x720 1.png)
The original Saturn version of Grandia has been translated - https://www.romhacking.net/translations/5871/

Open file (1.15 MB 1920x1080 000.png)
Open file (574.61 KB 1200x900 gamepads.jpg)
Controllers Anonymous 04/30/2022 (Sat) 13:12:58 No.2339 [Reply] [Last]
What is anon's favorite controller? What do you think about pressure sensitive buttons and vibration? Also, how do you store your controllers? I'm trying to collect usb gamepads to emulate games in an authentic manner but storing them is definitely a hassle. I had to go and buy craft paper, and make myself boxes to house them (pic related). Though it only works with small oldschool gamepads but maybe I'll try making boxes for large ones as well, at least you can easily stack them that way.
50 posts and 19 images omitted.
>>2977 Weird that they never figured that combo out. Although with that d-pad/analog stick placement it would be unplayable which shows they never even considered this possibility. I don't think any playstation game used both analog sticks for camera and movement control either despite the optimal placement.
>>2976 BLACK
>>2977 >Otherwise in many games the character control and camera control were both the same stick what?
Open file (115.85 KB 1068x1056 3ebcf6b21.jpg)

Open file (737.19 KB 1285x1054 emulation.jpg)
Emulation Thread Anonymous 10/10/2021 (Sun) 15:32:49 No.601 [Reply] [Last]
[8VG05 ~ 06/17/18] http://emulation.gametechwiki.com/ So what are ya >PLAYING >EMULATING >WHAT CONTROLLERS DO YOU USE >ORIGINAL HARDWARE OR EMULATION? Also I suppose console modification can come too if they don't want to make their own thread.
359 posts and 91 images omitted.
Why aren't you emulating GB games with color AND SGB borders? http://www.vgmuseum.com/features/sgb/
>>978 Because I have taste?
Anyone knows a way to dump textures/sprites from PS3 games? I'd like to rip the car's texture and many of the decals like on pic related, but I can't find an easy way to do it on RPCS3, unlike on PPSSPP which has that sort of feature which just werks.

Open file (559.64 KB 1400x1400 h6.jpg)
RIP games Anonymous 11/21/2021 (Sun) 16:56:58 No.1506 [Reply] [Last]
Post games you were looking forward to that are rip. Especially if greedy jewish publishers were responsible. >tfw you will never play as cheeky millennial with headphones flying on his dragon
66 posts and 32 images omitted.
Open file (216.52 KB 892x675 reminder.jpg)
>>3090 i can only hope it's not
>>3091 Ninja Gaiden in the OG Xbox was pretty good, i disagree with your image Mr. American
>>3091 Nier got a remake so I wouldn't mind if they did the original Drakengard
>>3092 Thats a sequel :^) >>3093 >brother shit version Eww
>>3095 I don't know what you're going on about.

Open file (763.31 KB 1210x898 FFX.jpg)
Open file (65.71 KB 450x470 FFX a.jpg)
Concept Art Anonymous 02/20/2022 (Sun) 22:33:05 No.1945 [Reply]
Why is video game concept art always more interesting than the final version? No matter how good the game is, whenever you look at its initial concept art it's always way more fascinating. Is it just the technical limitation that forces to scale down on all the free-flowing idea spitballing or is it the inevitability of having to scale it down for a consistent, believable world? I always wanted a game where all the 'out there' concepts are actually implemented and not finalized into something more conventional. Post your favorite concept arts.
11 posts and 18 images omitted.
>>2024 >V felt less refined but much more streamlined which is what some people oddly wanted I definitely prefer IV, especially the pure chaos of the online. >I wanted to review both Sims 1 for consoles and B'O in the thread Sounds great, those 6th gen Sims games are fascinating.
Open file (370.89 KB 1024x768 darchigh.jpg)
Open file (219.06 KB 1000x750 kerrhigh.jpg)
>>2028 They would all look the same tho
>>2013 AcId is so underrated. Way better than what Cuckjewma was shitting out.
this is actually something modern graphics could do but never do. whenever you see these concepts in their final form it's always boring generic photorealism

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