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Open file (16.93 KB 278x181 images (12).jpeg)
Open file (915.33 KB 800x1437 illust-gormitiato.png)
Forgotten toylines Soldier 12/18/2020 (Fri) 23:56:33 No.813
Does some one remember gormiti? Yet through that they are still made And also you could tell me your wierd toys that nearly noone remembers. Sorry that the second pic is in czech
>>813 i remember there was an Alien gormiti-like line by the same company, but dont recall the names.
Gormiti was one of those toylines I remember seeing on tv but never in physical stores.
Open file (434.99 KB 1200x900 xenox-1.jpg)
Open file (45.16 KB 480x640 xenox-2.jpg)
>>814 Xenox
Open file (869.74 KB 800x600 bb1.png)
Open file (349.37 KB 600x450 bb2.png)
Open file (3.34 MB 1173x1080 bb3.png)
Bone Brigade (alternatively titled Ghost Battalion) by Jasman Toys from 1995. These 3.5 inch figures came in 2 varieties - as regular soldiers or as astronauts. From the photos I've seen online they're 5 POA, with the head, arms, and legs having pivot joints. It's no wonder it didn't take off, American war toys at the time didn't really promote the idea that soldiers could die and I doubt in a post-9/11 America these toys would ever gain traction. I really like the sculpts of the figures and their accessories, especially how they made skeletons somehow buff!
Open file (3.04 MB 1067x1600 bb4.png)
>>817 What's even more incredible is that despite being fairly obscure, a bootleg version of these popped up. These are about an inch tall, and lack articulation and a decent paintjob. Supposedly these were vending machine toys.
The most badass girl toyline ever made, Golden Girl and the Guardians of the Gemstones by Galoob from 1984. There was barely a month difference between Golden Girl and She-Ra release! So one cannot say Golden Girl was She-Ra copycat. Overall, Golden Girl was definitely the superior toyline, out of the two; with ball jointed hips and bendable knees, * beautiful diecast shields that double as a cloth pin, reversable capes, better and greater variety of fashion packs and more different characters. The only aspects in which Golden Girl is pathetic compare to She-Ra; the good and male characters were generic and so were the playsets. Worst of all was the animals; it was a boring ass unicorn and freaking plain horse. I mean with how edgy and groundbreaking the line was and considering the main villainess was called Dragon Queen, you would've expected that at least there would be a dragon for her to ride on, dammit Galoob, Dragon Queen deserved better. The line was canceled after its first year and only had one wave which make sense since it didn't have any cartoon and a toyline without cartoon in the 80's was a death sentence. On the bright side, Golden girl stayed dead and dignified meanwhile She-Ra got shitty tumblr tier reboot on Gayflix. *They do suck however as shields as they put weight on the plastic arm t. owner of new Dragon Queen best toy villainess ever and secondhand She-Ra >>817 Never heard of these before. I'm not fan of the soldiers (I get a strong 'Nam vibes) would've prefer knights or WWI soldiers imagine plastic zombified Kaiser and Bismarck never ever, but the astronauts are really cool. There were a lot of gritty toys in the 90's and as far as I know Americans love zombies, I think the reason for this line failure is the lack of bad guys. You can see in the comics of the soldiers and the astronauts there's a main villain, but they never made a toy of him, shame his design was quite neat. >>818 >tfw even bootlegs were cooler because they had better toys to knockoff
Gormiti still exists in Italy.
Open file (309.98 KB 1648x1168 false advertisement.jpg)
>>820 I didn't care for the original ones desu. I saw some of the new ones on Toys R Us and maybe other stores (?) , but since they had no knee joints, I didn't bother to get any. >Italy Any other interesting toy companies/line from there you know about?
>>821 >No knee-joints >Picture shows knee-joints >False advertisement elaborate anon
Open file (37.83 KB 832x859 no knee joints.jpg)
>>822 That pic was either early stock photo or prototypes, the actual released figures had no knee joints and into the trash they go .
>>823 fuck, what a waste! With kneejoints those would have been totally decent. something like this happened to those Wakfu figures back in the day i think.
>>821 >>823 Yeah but they look like trash and they also don't look like gormiti to me and also the show is twice as trash the previous one.
>>823 The toys are lame, I've seen playline fashion dolls with more articulation than these playline action figures. Anyway, back to topic, what other obscure toylines do you know of?
>>826 The toys are good and fun, too bad America won't see retail release of these great designs.
>>819 I'm no /doll/ guy but these are incredible! Such fantastic designs - Dragon Queen and Wild One look are my favourites. Ogra is decent but what the fuck is up with Prince (extra) Kroma(some)? He looks like He-Man with a troll head. >the good and male characters were generic and so were the playsets Going to have to differ with you there, I think the playsets are interesting though the Palace of Gems could do with a better interior. >you would've expected that at least there would be a dragon for her to ride on Definitely missed opportunity there. >would've prefer...WWI soldiers Now that would've been something, holy shit. >I think the reason for this line failure is the lack of bad guys. I didn't think of that but it is definitely a big reason, especially when you consider the target audience.

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