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Open file (3.12 MB 4896x3672 DSC01357.JPG)
Open file (2.31 MB 4850x2391 DSC01373.JPG)
Open file (1.66 MB 3793x3328 IMG_2247 edit.jpg)
Open file (1.54 MB 3430x3334 IMG_2248 edit.jpg)
Open file (1.58 MB 3000x4000 Inferno.jpg)
Open file (4.43 MB 4000x3000 Darkbummer.jpg)
Open file (5.14 MB 4000x3000 Darkbummer_2.jpg)
Open file (3.20 MB 4000x3000 No Buts.jpg)
>>99 Here's the Darkbomber pics I promised to take. As mentioned previously, I was quite disapoointed by this figure; while I appreciate McFarlane for not being a cheapskate when it comes to new molds, unlike Mattel and Hasbro, a retool of Cuddle Team Leader would be much better choice. Not only the proportions are far more slender and feminine, but the articulation range is also superior. If you look closely at the first pic, you would notice a stress mark, that because the geniuses at McFarlane have decided to make the crotch/panties area from hard plastic, in contrast to previous figures. Furthermore, that stupid fragile belt exetension isn't even accurate to the character design (or more precisely "skin"), in fact her belt should look more like Cuddle Team Leader Belt. It's really frustrating how it seems McFarlane keep taking one step forward, two steps back. In regard to previous posts that sadly were deleted: Yes, Fortnite' success did influence playline action figures for the better; Jazwares got two new licenseshit: Halo and AEW (All Elite Wrestling). By disliking typical Fortnite designs did you mean the boring basic ones like Jonesy? I can see that, I dislike them as well.
Open file (92.32 KB 600x600 175437.jpg)
>>163 >By disliking typical Fortnite designs did you mean the boring basic ones like Jonesy? I can see that, I dislike them as well. I meant the overly-specific, can-only-ever-be-Fortnite figures. Some of them look great for customs fodder (notably ones like Wildcard, Inferno, the more generic looking soldiers) and some work on the merits of just being a bit more wacky (banana guy and Leviathan springs to mind). Then you get shit like the rabbit raider and tomatohead which just don't look good. It's like they couldn't tell if they wanted a realistic soldier or a wacky character so they compromised.
Open file (110.75 KB 1500x1456 Nitehare.jpg)
Open file (99.19 KB 1920x1282 Big Mouth.jpg)
>>171 Ahh..yes, the wacky designs aren't my cup of tea either, but I still appreciate them. My favorite ones are the edgy designs; they bring back that 2000's spirit of edginess and fill the gap that Monster High have left. I really hope they will bring Ice King back after the Corona will end
Open file (893.49 KB 2854x4287 chirico.jpg)
Open file (923.68 KB 4288x2854 elenor.jpg)
Dusted off the camera and took some shoots earlier.
>>240 Great pics soldier and good taste Did you use green background?
>>240 Did you use a green background or a computer screen? Really liking the elenor pic
>>242 >>244 Used a pc monitor for the background and attempted to match the lighting with my shitty set up of a desk lamp and flashlight. Thanks for the compliments lads.
>>245 No problem man, for such a quick and simple setup it's really effective.
Open file (2.01 MB 3264x2448 DSC04318.JPG)
Open file (1.89 MB 3264x2448 DSC04332.JPG)
Open file (1.92 MB 3264x2448 DSC04327.JPG)
Open file (2.09 MB 3264x2448 DSC04324.JPG)
Bought a fox and took some pics recently.
>>378 Nice pics, the one in which she is walking on a log is my favorite.
>>378 Very nice photos and posing anon. Bet it took a while to balance her on the log, but the results were worth it!
>>378 this is nice t. not toyfag
I took some pics and a short video appropriately to upcoming October
Open file (6.25 MB 1080x1920 SPOOKY SKELETON.mp4)
>>456 >Spinning skeleton of death Pretty spooky
Open file (2.66 MB 3695x2825 DSC03132.JPG)
Open file (2.98 MB 4445x3655 DSC03134.JPG)
Open file (1.76 MB 2874x3656 DSC03139.JPG)
After ages of not having the time to take photos, I've finally gotten back into it and it feels good. I was a bit nervous with taking the CaRB out as he's the most expensive and delicate toy I've owned but thankfully everything turned out ok. My posing needs a little work (again not used to having so much articulation in a figure lol) and I'm hoping there's a re-release of the Synthetic Human so I can get him somebody to fight.
Open file (1.69 MB 4266x3665 DSC03151.JPG)
Open file (1.07 MB 2601x4214 DSC03168.JPG)
Open file (1.28 MB 3306x3502 DSC03184.JPG)
>>519 Honestly, don't be too worried about using the CaRB. I have (accidentally) dropped mine several times, I've popped off his arms and legs and swapped them with my Synthetic Human and I've put him in some really crazy poses - and there's been no joint looseness or damage of any kind. And yes, they're amazing figures!
>>521 Oh that's very reassuring to hear! Thanks anon.
>>519 >>520 Great photos anon! My two favorite are last ones in each post (CaRB looking up and the sniper hiding in the "bushes"). >>521 Solid adult collector toys are so rare, I wish it was the standard. In contrast my S.H. Figuarts Battle Droid is so fragile, I'm considering it more as display piece. I really need to add some 1000toys to my collection. Fun Fact : Jhonen Vasquez, the creator of Invader Zim owns CaRB.
>>526 >I really need to add some 1000toys to my collection. They're my favourite toy company. I have never had a single figure from them that wasn't exactly what I wanted. That's a pretty cool fun fact! How did you find that out, I can't seem to find any information on him lately.
Open file (197.61 KB 650x975 JohnK.jpg)
>>530 It was few years ago when there was talking about new Invader Zim movie by nickelodeon; I checked his blog on tumblr and then somehow got to his instagram and just happened to see CaRB, he said it was a gift given to him. I bet, many, if not most animators naturally own toys. I can imagine Genndy Tartakovsky own some Shogun Warriors/Poppy Chogokin.
>>526 Thank you; they were my favourite photos too.
Open file (2.26 MB 4825x3119 Sut 1.JPG)
Open file (1.52 MB 4702x3043 Sut 2.JPG)
Crazy Bones are fun things to carry around in case you get photo opportunities.
>>653 Cute, I have Mighty Beanz, but they can't stand like Crazy Bones.
Open file (302.98 KB 1134x744 IMG_0108.JPG)
Open file (357.06 KB 1288x798 IMG_0109.JPG)
>>653 i remember those, too bad the painted ones were hard to get
>>661 What country are you in? There weren't any unpainted ones that I remember and I've looked online but nothing is coming up. Maybe your region got unpainted ones?
>>663 yeah, on my region most were unpainted, came in blind-packs of 3 or 4 plus stickers Painted ones were rare (got 1 out of like 5 or 6 of those packs)
Open file (466.23 KB 400x500 ClipboardImage.png)
>>664 Oh that's interesting, in my region there were only painted ones. Like yours they came in blind-packs of 3 or 4 with stickers. I think I still have the sticker albums somewhere too; I remember getting them because the albums came with a pack and the local shops had them discounted so much they cost the same as an individual pack.
Open file (1.56 MB 4565x3258 DSC03334.JPG)
Open file (3.70 MB 3293x4896 DSC03339.JPG)
Open file (2.94 MB 4507x3290 DSC03340.JPG)
Open file (2.77 MB 4598x3376 DSC03349.JPG)
Open file (3.18 MB 4888x3621 DSC03364.JPG)
Open file (262.16 KB 900x826 IMG_0116.JPG)
Open file (360.65 KB 1288x966 IMG_0114.JPG)
Open file (342.99 KB 1219x694 IMG_0112.JPG)
Open file (304.32 KB 1288x966 IMG_0113.JPG)
Open file (322.72 KB 1069x782 IMG_0118.JPG)
Open file (288.17 KB 1052x728 IMG_0119.JPG)
Open file (413.15 KB 1180x908 IMG_0120.JPG)
Open file (259.04 KB 1100x728 IMG_0117.JPG)
Oi little shits post more toy pics in the toyboard!
Open file (301.30 KB 1091x749 IMG_0122.JPG)
Open file (199.83 KB 984x825 IMG_0123.JPG)
Open file (299.55 KB 1288x743 IMG_0124.JPG)
Open file (220.55 KB 926x642 IMG_0126.JPG)
Open file (306.03 KB 950x836 IMG_0127.JPG)
Open file (116.82 KB 644x410 IMG_0128.JPG)
Open file (277.74 KB 1098x708 IMG_0129.JPG)
Open file (300.35 KB 1030x717 IMG_0130.JPG)
Some turtle-mountain gacha toys, not articulated at all
Open file (327.81 KB 1223x784 IMG_0131.JPG)
Open file (128.89 KB 975x426 IMG_0133.JPG)
Open file (87.70 KB 518x570 IMG_0134.JPG)
Open file (55.99 KB 369x460 IMG_0138.JPG)
Open file (57.98 KB 361x483 IMG_0140.JPG)
Some legendary weapon pencil caps I think there was a 2nd series, but could not get em.

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