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Soldier 10/09/2020 (Fri) 07:27:11 No.716
Toy Soldier appreciation thread
Not a bad selection there but where is the guy wading through water with his rifle over his head? I also see no minesweeper doomed to be useless in the fight. I guess the grey and/or beige bad guys have been defeated already too, or are they waiting in a meticulously placed ambush off camera?
i recommend you the "Lanard corps" 120 pieces playset bucket comes with 120 soldiers (in 3 colors) 4 vehicles (tank, plane chopper and Mech) a base and some extras
The old Marx western playsets were glorious
>>718 Saw these today and they're good quality for toy soldiers, no mold lines and nice sculpts. My only problem was the price - £10 for 104 pieces isn't bad, but not cheap enough for an impulse buy.
Back in 1991 Dragon magazine made a game where Army Men are pitted against an invasion of Dinosaurs- a game anyone could play with cheap dollar store toys. DINO WARS! allows you to use any army men & plastic dinosaurs you have lying around to re-enact both childhood play and lost-in-time B-movie action, only this time with dice, tape measures, and shiny rules instead of just your lousy imagination. It is really geared towards two-sided battles, humans vs. dinosaurs, but you can have as many players as you have room and figures for per side. Overview: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/145720/us-army-meets-dinosaurs-and-fight PDF of the magazine with rules: https://annarchive.com/files/Drmg166.pdf (Starts on pg 50)
there was a russian brand named Technolog or Tehnolog, i think, they made untraditional platisc soldiers, fantasy stuff and robots, but those were kinda expensive ($10 or so for 6 or 7 units) saw em mostly on ebay
>>722 >Technolog or Tehnolog Tehnolog These are awesome anon and I'm saying it as someone who isn't really into miniature figurines. I just searched for them and found out they're sold on Amazon too (not a scalped price). I don't know if the company changed it's name..it says by Fantasy Battles. >kinda expensive Seems like they have good reason behind that, it's not just the company itself being Russian, but it's also being made there.
>>716 i remember seeing once a Alien vs space Marines (from the Alien movies) plastic soldier stuff, also a Gundam-esque japanese one some years ago.
>>722 Fuck those are good, very warhammer-esque >>724 >Alien vs space Marines They're great, its just a shame about the price of them - its $17 for 10 of them
Open file (296.43 KB 1500x1556 tehnologmecha.jpg)
>>723 >>725 Tehnolog made some REALLY warhammer esque figures back in the 90s. I think GW told them to cut it out, or they decided to stop for better chances at exporting their figures. They're right on the edge between "serious" miniatures and plastic army men. They use hard and soft plastics seemingly interchangeably in their molds, and most of their models are bigger than common western gaming scales. It's a tradeoff for a little more detail in cheap plastic. I use their castles and industrial walkways as cheap terrain for /tg/ stuff, but listings for the figures don't seem all that great value to me. Their giant robots are (were?) nice and chunky though.
>>726 last thing i saw from Tehnolog were these Cyberons stuff, they were around ebay, but were kinda expensive. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfJkMRrbcgk (ignore the male vtuber)

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