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Open file (189.63 KB 798x1168 1614653366451.png)
Soldier 03/02/2021 (Tue) 22:03:36 No.695
I'll avoid mentioning his name because he google searches it every 5 minutes due to his ego. We need to discuss what's wrong with this idiot & encourage staff to make sure he doesn't frequent here, because he will kill this board just like he ruined 4/toy/. Their janitor is also his good friend & a /pol/tard and lets his troll posting slide, another factor that ruined their board. Everything you will read here can be verified easily. He got semi-famous when Toyfare featured his customs in the 90s and he's thought himself important since. He was banned from the old spawn.com forums for treating others like garbage. he got banned from Fwoosh for signing up multiple accounts to harass other customizers that were getting more praise than he was- Fwoosh can confirm that, he didn't use a proxy so all these "new" accounts signing up to target specific users had his IP address. Fwoosh staff later sussed out that he was buying his own customs on eBay with secondary accounts so people would think they were worth thousands of dollars. He's a huge racist that cried about Barack Obama, supported Trump, denies COVID, has said he wants Anthony Fauci to be shot, brags about his fantasies of killing minorities & liberals, supported Gamergate(though he's such a piece of crap that even GG didn't want to associate with him) despite, funny enough, not being white himself. His skin is a bit brown. He got banned from TFW2005 rather recently for more of his racist attitude. Funny enough he's only welcome on Allspark- a place that coddles liberals, LGBT, etc. About 15 years ago he had sex with an underage girl who called herself Sinno. This happened at Botcon, it came out because Sinno bragged about it. He gave her one of his customs as "payment" so not only was it statutory rape(in addition to adultery, as he's married) it was prostitution. He has a severe hatred of 3rd party Transformers and almost got in trouble at a con once for impersonating a police officer and trying to "confiscate" a dealer's stock. He didn't walk far enough away from the table to be arrested for shoplifting, unfortunately. He also used to go around claiming to be a Hasbro employee until their legal department made him quit. Hasbro did bootleg one of his customs for GDO Laserbeak, but it's not unusual for Hasbro/Tomy to steal fan works in recent years(Platinum Sixshot's box lifted an artist's work). Hell, it's Hasbro, they steal every idea they have. One incident on 4/toy/ in their BST saw him go on a rant praising Hitler, George Zimmerman, etc because no one would sell him toys due to his bad attitude & reputation- plus he had defrauded a few sellers there before with bogus SNAD claims to get free toys. He lost his ad partnership deal with BBTS because they didn't want to lose customers to keep an insane racist as an ad partner. He's also had an obsessive hatred over someone who made a 12" GO Joe Cobra Commander custom because it wasn't done using "his methods". The man has a huge ego and a "my way or the highway" attitude. It's been about 8 years since that was made and he's still angry over it, still attacking the person who made it. It's another thing to live rent-free in his head along with Obama and Zoe Quinn. Back when the country music concert in Las Vegas was shot up by a sniper, he impersonated a "friend" on 4/toy/, claiming to have been killed, asking for "funeral" donations. This was felony fraud. The official victim list came out, he wasn't on it, then he backpedaled and pretended he never made the post. As for his details, he's from Florida(BIG SURPRISE!) and currently lives in Nashville. He has no employment but has impersonated law enforcement on social media. He relies solely on his wife's paycheck, which he blows on action figures. He's also been secretly involved with furries, going by names such as DMZ and Segalicious on a /b. clone called Lulz, where he defended pedophilia. Someone on 4/toy/ connected the two very easily as they had near-identical views & typing habits. Facts don't care about your feelings.
He does have an ED article though it hasn't been updated in many years. Maybe that needs to change. This info needs to be updated and made public in a single spot that can be easily accessed, no matter how much of a whiner he is. He's left 2 decades of a paper trail documenting his stupidity, anger, hatred, etc, he can't run from the consequences.
Extra recent info- He hates Youtubers Thew, Patriot Prime and CrafsMan SteadyCraftin. He's also been fighting with RetroBlasting a lot as RB is highly critical of Hasbro. Though his love of Habsro might be questionable now. He's upset over Gina Carano's toy being cancelled(because she pushed and pushed until it bit her) and he's mad over the Potato Head "controversy" because his political party told him to. Don't be surprised if he abandons them... or not. Hasbro's been leaning that way since the 80s and he hasn't cared before. Oh and while he's upset over Carano's firing, he also openly believes women shouldn't be allowed to have jobs. I guess he looks the other way when they say stuff he agrees with(or he needs their income to buy toys). He also claims to be a Christian but doesn't act like one... or at least, not someone who listens to Jesus. He's a typical "christian conservative". He did rage hard over Mr Rogers as well.
>>695 >muh racists You're that guy that exploded in the corona thread, aren't you? >We need to discuss Who's we? YOU want to discuss this guy I've never heard of. Please keep your /cow/ drama quarantined there. Don't infect this board with garbage.
Rule 5. No YouTube/e-celeb drama Locking this thread as it violates the above rule. I appreciate the heads up but I will always delete off-topic shit, especially political posts. I don't care what your politics are, this board is for toys and not political discussion. Again brand wars and any attempt to troll/start flame wars will be moderated accordindly.

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