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Pantsu_0000020 Anonymous 04/11/2020 (Sat) 23:01:32 No.68
good luck /toy/ b
Open file (147.00 KB 1448x1086 20190928114414.jpg)
Open file (139.26 KB 1448x1086 20190928114417.jpg)
Open file (132.72 KB 1448x1086 20190928115458.jpg)
Open file (148.10 KB 1448x1086 20190928115502.jpg)
Open file (163.85 KB 1086x1448 20190928115505.jpg)
Open file (153.05 KB 1086x1448 20190928115509.jpg)
Open file (23.27 KB 360x480 cutie1_011.jpg)
Open file (23.86 KB 355x475 cutie1_012.jpg)
Open file (379.88 KB 4000x2250 imag0198.jpg)
Open file (14.82 KB 500x375 IMG_2141.jpg)
Open file (12.27 KB 500x375 IMG_2143.jpg)
Open file (21.82 KB 500x375 IMG_2190.jpg)
Open file (17.67 KB 500x375 IMG_2192.jpg)
Open file (17.32 KB 500x375 IMG_2193.jpg)
Open file (17.21 KB 500x375 IMG_2406.jpg)
Open file (18.42 KB 500x375 IMG_2412.jpg)
Open file (18.84 KB 500x375 IMG_2721.jpg)
Open file (17.54 KB 500x375 IMG_2722.jpg)
Open file (23.92 KB 500x375 IMG_2753.jpg)
What's with all these precures with their skirts removed? Are they by amateur/doujin circles?
Open file (101.65 KB 1224x1632 61cfGwrgfjL.jpg)
Open file (91.83 KB 1224x1632 61KqZzuz7AL.jpg)
Open file (159.28 KB 1080x1905 EdiBAvIU8AEFg1I.jpg)
Open file (245.50 KB 1152x2048 EdwCR0BUYAMYZv8.jpg)
>>415 They're all official figures. The skirt is a separate part for a lot of figures manufacturing reasons.
>>415 >he has never experienced the joy and pleasure of taking his figures skirts off They also make figures with a reflective base to look up their skirt.

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