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Soldier 12/28/2020 (Mon) 22:17:43 No.586
Anyone here have/buy Mega stuff? If you ask me Mega is a lot better now that they dropped the whole knockoff Lego approach and instead focussed on doing their own thing. Don't get me wrong, Dragons was an incredible toyline (with some exceptional lore) but it was limited by the ugly sub par figures. Pyrates was a much better approach with the mini articulated figures (and the still deep lore) that really distinguished Mega as something different from Lego. The washes on the figures were quite heavy but this actually worked with making the pirates and skeletons looking dirty and grim.
Open file (83.91 KB 960x720 5lfb6hlvkb241.jpg)
Fuck their current distribution though, I haven't seen them in physical stores for years now. All I want is the Alien eggs. Fuck the guy who decided to cover the xenos in slime, why do I have to sift through slime and then wash and dry my figures before they can be used? Slime should've been in a separate packet for those that wanted to use it.
>>587 couple of years ago ran into some Halo Megabloks packs in my country (wich normally doesnt have that stuff) and bought em Then bought some of those Destiny Megabloks online when they popped up (never payed the game) its ok mostly for the figures
Open file (1.97 MB 770x966 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (709.70 KB 425x612 ClipboardImage.png)
>>586 >Anyone here have/buy Mega stuff? I have like three items; Mag Warriors Hawkblade, Halo Covenant Ghost set and Call of Duty Icarus Troopers set (first release with 5 figures). >Mega is a lot better now that they dropped the whole knockoff Lego approach Actually, they fully embraced it; in the past they made non-brick related toys which were far better imo Mag Warriors and Dragons eggs were the best. >Dragons was an incredible toyline I remember how I wanted one of the eggs and kept checking it and seeing it in stores, but they were quite expensive and I got other toys instead. It was such a cool and basic concept; getting big dragon figure in an egg, you just couldn't go wrong with it. I see they tried to bringing it back with the Breakout Beasts line, but they're small cheap blind bag crap, nowhere near as impressive as the original Dragons eggs. >>587 >Fuck their current distribution though To be fair, this problem isn't limited to them, many toy companies suffer from it, to precise mostly for boy toys. It's quite depressing to have witness the boy toy aisle getting deteriorate as years pass by; all there's Lego, Playmobil, blind bag crap, diecast and RC cars, Playmates' Ben 10 and flopped TMNT rise. It's not like the girl toy aisle is great either, but at least there's more variety and greater quality MGA made fashion dolls great again! . >Slime should've been in a separate packet for those that wanted to use it But the blind bag crap gimmick, anon! How can you sell toys to children without relying on cheap gimmick instead of making high quality toys that can sell them on their own?! >>588 You lucky bastrad! A year ago or so, I saw some leftovers of Mag Warriors in some toy stores in my country, sadly they were the shitty ones (picrel) of course .
>>586 No I didn't, moatly because they don't sell in my country and that there is an obviously supperior product, that being cobi. This also remanded me of those transforming brucks with armor and shit, I don't kniw hiw wete they called anymore.
>>596 i think those were called "Tenkai Knights" those were japanese , i think
>>597 I think that's it.

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