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Transformers_0000253 Anonymous 04/11/2020 (Sat) 23:42:01 No.133
good luck /toy/ j
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I saw a reviews of the new Sky Lynx (and the G1). I fear the upcoming Sky Lynx will have a QC issue as in one review he couldn't stand properly and his wings were floopy. Seeing also the old G1 version, it was able to stand straight and the legs were positioned in much more accurate proportion. Overall the G1 one looked better besides the neck IMHO. The Bird mode is also a main selling point, now I'm not sure how I feel about it...
>>206 I wonder if whoever designed this was solely using some digital 3d modelling application because having him being able to stand up properly and not have his wings droop should be one of the most obvious priorities.
>>220 Enginreeing haven't been the strongest side lately of neither Takara nor Hasbro. I think changing the position of legs would've help and even go as far as making the legs from diecast, but that would've required an extra effort and budget from Hasbro and their half-assed "adult collector" wannabe line.
How do this thing with those "3rd party" not transformers Transformers work? How do they avoid getting sued? i can see they are chinese but they seem of good quality and also not cheap
>>322 Because China doesn't abide international copyright laws. As for the high quality of 3rd party TF; don't forget most products are made in china and ranging from low quality to high quality so it's not impossible to have high quality products by Chinese companies despite being less common. 3rd Party companies are founded by passionate fans so of course they want and try to make high quality and original figures by themselves.
>>322 How much high quality is Ocular maxs Assaultrus?

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