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Playmobil_thread_0000174 Anonymous 04/11/2020 (Sat) 23:22:55 No.100
good luck /toy/ d
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New 2021 catalog have been released! https://www.playmobil.de/content/katalogviewer/KatalogViewer.html#1 https://www.playmobil.us/content/katalogviewer/KatalogViewer.html#1 Take the Playmopill anon! >comfy to collect - no need to worry about getting it immediately or fear from scalpers, easily available by being sold both at regular toy shops and online. Even if you do miss some sets, most parts would likely to be reused in future sets >pure playline - great variety of playsets and vehicles which is rare sight nowadays, adult collector pandering is kept to minimum and doesn't hinder the play value >insanely high play value - figures, accessories, playsets and vehicles, this line has it all. Each set you add increase the play value >isn't made in chinkland - meaning high quality, workers are being paid well and work in decent conditions, most importantly the origin land of corona isn't getting any money Which Playmobil sets you bought in 2020? Which sets are you planning to get this year?

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