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imagedump - Alter_Nation_toys_0000087 Anonymous 04/11/2020 (Sat) 21:57:42 No.1
These are images from /toy/ saved with BUMP
Open file (383.96 KB 1696x1940 Crabinaut.jpg)
Open file (305.95 KB 511x768 Daart-41.jpg)
Open file (571.30 KB 1024x681 Daart-42.jpg)
Open file (548.69 KB 1024x681 Daart-44.jpg)
Open file (572.23 KB 1024x681 Daart-46.jpg)
Open file (540.01 KB 1024x681 Daart-47.jpg)
Open file (565.71 KB 1024x681 El-Ray-94.jpg)
Open file (562.67 KB 1024x681 El-Ray-95.jpg)
Open file (341.10 KB 511x768 El-Ray-96.jpg)
Open file (339.17 KB 511x768 El-Ray-97.jpg)
Open file (353.41 KB 511x768 El-Ray-99.jpg)
Open file (205.06 KB 1722x1920 Pyronaut.jpg)
Open file (644.14 KB 1024x681 Quillroy-21.jpg)
Open file (620.38 KB 1024x681 Quillroy-22.jpg)
Open file (359.06 KB 511x768 Quillroy-23.jpg)
Open file (358.77 KB 511x768 Quillroy-24.jpg)
Open file (372.67 KB 511x768 Quillroy-26.jpg)
Open file (101.47 KB 1359x1359 Razornaut.jpg)
Open file (568.88 KB 1024x681 Sabotage-74.jpg)
Open file (578.41 KB 1024x681 Sabotage-75.jpg)
Open file (354.84 KB 511x768 sabotage-76.jpg)
Open file (348.60 KB 511x768 Sabotage-77.jpg)
Open file (333.80 KB 511x768 Sabotage-78.jpg)
Open file (330.35 KB 511x768 Sabotage-79.jpg)
Open file (565.49 KB 1024x681 Sabotage-93.jpg)
Open file (544.33 KB 1024x681 Sham-56.jpg)
Open file (588.59 KB 1024x681 Sham-57.jpg)
Open file (293.20 KB 511x768 Sham-59.jpg)
Open file (289.60 KB 511x768 Sham-61.jpg)
Open file (538.68 KB 1024x681 Sham--73.jpg)
Open file (181.57 KB 1024x768 ToyFair2019_Morphonauts.JPG)
all i had ITT. good luck /toy/.
Open file (332.35 KB 552x523 522523.png)
>>1 Ahh...that great Alter Nation thread I made I was planning on getting Daart this month, but Corona and shit I just hope Amazon free shipping will come backT_T
Open file (1.91 MB 3760x3000 Daart_profile.jpg)
Open file (1.79 MB 3753x3000 Daart_comparison.jpg)
Open file (1.43 MB 2933x3909 Daart_abs.jpg)
Open file (1.46 MB 3000x4000 Daart_Panda Mony.jpg)
My Daart finally arrived, so here's my review; He's quite big as expected and got some nice heft to him. The plastic is good quality and feel sturdy, the squishy part feels nice to touch and so is the rest of the figure. There's isn't much of painting (which is good, meaning less paint rubbing) and its mostly colored plastic; the blue one got nice *swirls and shimmer, the red is a bit dull, but not bad looking (slightly darker shade of red would've been better imho). The sculpting is very detailed through the entire figure and the copyright marks are nicely hidden and limited to the foot (noticeable enough without being intrusive). There's no year marked there which could be problem in the future for archiving. The knees joints are your typical ugly hinge joints from the 90's oh, the nostalgia, whereas the elbows are something between them and Marvel Legends type joints, with the exception of both (knees and elbows) having much smaller pins which is more pleasant looking. In addition, he has swivel joints in the wrists and ankles, as well as ball joint for the neck. There are 11 PoA which is standard for playline, however due to the flipping gimmick the articulation is somewhat useless (what's the point of knee joint if you can't move the hips?). Despite that, I think the gimmick is worth it; it's a bit tricky to pull off as an adult, but it's really fun and you just want to keep trying! *I know many "adult collector toys-only" plebs fail to appreciate the unique beauty of it and it's Wabi-Sabi aesthetic
Open file (1.63 MB 4000x3000 Daart_face-front.jpg)
Open file (2.41 MB 4000x3000 Daart_face-profile.jpg)
>>385 Overall, he is very colorful and full of detail, yet simple which makes him a truly charming toy. I'm very fond of his fugly-tough look.
Open file (2.04 MB 4000x3000 Darrt_accessories.jpg)
Open file (1.79 MB 3459x2536 Daart_bola weapon.jpg)
Open file (1.17 MB 3455x2871 Daart_Iron Stomach.jpg)
And if the big figure itself wasn't enough, he comes with nice amount of stuff. First there's comic the last time a toy came with comic book was during Toybiz days, fuck I hate hasbro, it's kinda small, but still well drawn and got enough meat for a plot. Then, there's the two weapons he can hold: a boomerang and a bola. They're nice looking weapons (personally I prefer the bola because it's strings playability) and he does hold them, but due to his hands position, it's not the most impressive/great looking, I still appreciate it and think it adds to the figure. Lastly, his mini "action figure", the superhero Iron Stomach which I like the least out of the accessories; at its size (bigger than a titanmaster), it could easily have 5 PoA instead of being a solid brick, plus his arms are too long. To conclude, this gotta be one the best playline toy in years and maybe even in a decade! Finally, a unique and fun playline toy that truly meant for kids without faggy adult-collector pandering and made with quality and care. I feel like a child again whenever I hold him! Go get at least one figure from this line. Alter Nation truly deserve more love and attention, and while I know that posting about it in obscure leaf animation forum wouldn't help much, I still want to post about it and discuss it here. P.S. almost forgot to mention some small QC issues: the right upper arm joint at the top is a bit loose/detached, but I don't think it will apart. Also, a few minor paint defects.
Open file (977.26 KB 4000x3000 It's Sabotage!.jpg)
Open file (937.86 KB 2582x2499 Sabotage_front.jpg)
Open file (967.90 KB 2658x2623 Sabotage_back.jpg)
Open file (1.44 MB 3742x2135 Sabotage_comparison.jpg)
>>607 At least! I finally got my hands on Sabotage from Alter Nation directly from Panda Mony store on Amazon fuck scalpers . He was a lot smaller than I expected, I thought he will be much bigger than Daart, but he's just slightly taller than him which is a bit disappointing. Thanks to his light&sound he's quite hefty, even more so than Daart. The plastic is study and got more matte finish to it, in compare to Daart. I love his design you can't go wrong with gas helmet and cyberpunk look, though it's less unique and eye-catching as Daart. The color scheme consists of a lot more colors than Daart including my favorite color, purple which is more interesting, however it's somewhat messy; the yellow, purple and the bright blue goes very well, but I do question the purplish-brown for the belt. I dislike the white color chosen for the feet, I think they should've used the dark blue or the blue color surrounding the eyes instead, or maybe replace the positions between the light blue to the white. In addition, I think the dark blue color for the grenades is an odd choice.
Open file (1.16 MB 4000x3000 Sabotage_QC Issues_1.jpg)
Open file (819.53 KB 4000x3000 Sabotage_QC Issues_2.jpg)
Open file (869.00 KB 4000x3000 Sabotage_QC Issues_3.jpg)
Open file (994.98 KB 4000x3000 Sabotage_QC Issues_4.jpg)
Open file (712.71 KB 4000x3000 Sabotage_QC Issues_5.jpg)
>>608 Before I go deeply into articulation, gimmicks and accessories, I must address the pink elephant in the room; QC issues. I already saw bad reviews regarding that on Amazon and in fact being the majority of them. My Daart is pretty much perfect and QC Issues have sadly became rampant problem among many toy companies so I don't think is systemic problem for Panda Mony, or at least isn't unique to them. When I got Sabotage his elbow joints were very stiff, whereas the legs were and are still a bit loose, but he can hold poses and stand well though it's a bit tricky sometimes. I had to use hair dryer to loosen up his arms which is unacceptable for playine toy that should be ready for playing out of the box for kids. His left cyber arm is still hard to pose/move due to that stupid unnecessary ledge in the hinge joint part. If I gave this toy to a kid, I would be really mad about it. Other issues are sloppy, scratched and smudged paint/dirt, scratches on the plastic, slightly cracked/not well-sealed plastic, plastic leftovers of badly done seamlines. It's kinda suck, but I see it as "battle damage" and since the toy still works well and still overall look good, I let it pass, although I can understand how others wouldn't.
Open file (847.64 KB 4000x3000 Sabotage_QC Issues_6.jpg)
Open file (1.06 MB 4000x3000 Sabotage_QC Issues_7.jpg)
Open file (770.24 KB 2751x2498 Sabotage_QC Issues_8.jpg)
Open file (822.73 KB 3403x2996 Sabotage_QC Issues_9.jpg)
Open file (1.05 MB 4000x3000 Sabotage_QC Issues_10.jpg)
>>610 The articulation is of course, superior to Daart. He got 12 PoA: ball hinge shoulders, single hinged elbows, swivel with hinged wrists, ball jointed hips, ball hinge knees and swivel and hinged ankles. Sadly, he got no head articulation due to the light&sound feature which I think is worth the sacrifice. Even with all those PoA, the articulation is quite limited; the right hand can barely move outwards and the left hand can't do the at all, the knees can't bend to 90 degree and the hips can't fully move forward. I wish the ball hinge joints were used for the elbows instead for the knees, it would've been a lot more functional and better use of resources. >>608 P.S. I used the grenades to hold his cyber arm straight, otherwise it looks like this >>6
>>611 The light& sound feature is freaking awesome and I can totally see kids getting stocked on it and parents getting annoyed by it, lol. The *cyber punch feature is also pretty neat and works well, I do worry the hydraulic bar might break as it does look rather flimsy with its thin tubes, but it's been holding up pretty well so far and I've been quite rough with it. *I didn't take a video of it.
>>612 Like Daart he comes up with three accessories, but unlike Daart, all of his are weapons! My favorite one is the gatling gun, the combat knife isn't bad either just not as impressive as the other two and the laser gun while looking cool suffers from inconsistent thin paint and it's sadly too heavy for Sabotage to hold. I do like how ridiculously big are the weapons to the point they fit Action Man scale though unfortunately, he can't hold them properly, sad noises in the background Hasbro please do something good for a change and bring back Action with new highly articulated pinless body, high quality clothes, spring-loaded weapons and cool gimmicks, if you do so I would stop rooting for you bankruptcy , however the guns should've been made of far lighter plastic. Overall, I think his accessories are cool and I like them a lot more than the ones coming with Daart.
>>613 Last, but not least, Sabotage also comes with a mini comic. For some reason, his comic is made from less smooth and slightly thinner paper in compare to Daart, although it's no big deal it's a bit disappointing to see nosedive in quality for the mini comics, but they're still added to the toys so there's that. I hope Panda Mony will make the Cyadog companion of Sabotage at some point. To concluded, I love Sabotage and happy I've added him to my collection despite the certain flaws. It's hard for me to choose who I like more, Sabotage or Daart, I think I like them about the same, however if it weren't for all Sabotage flaws (smaller size, QC issues, difficulty to hold the laser rifle and hinged elbows instead of ball hinge ones), I'd probably like him more than Daart. Panda Mony does it again, making the best playline action figures on the market! Being original designs (no licenseshit) and unique molds, fair amount of articulation and fun gimmicks truly makes Alter Nation a pinnacle of playline toys and I'm looking forward to see more from this line. Once again, I highly recommend getting one, they're extremely fun and unique toys that both adult collectors and kids alike can appreciate and enjoy.
>>607 >>608 >>609 >>610 >>611 >>612 >>613 >>614 I haven't followed these but I'm taken by surprise that he has light and sound functions. For such a big guy 4u the articulation is a bit lacklustre and I was not expecting so many issues in terms of quality. Out of all the Alter Nation figures, I think he has the best sculpting and his accessories are very cool looking. >I had to use hair dryer to loosen up his arms which is unacceptable for playine toy that should be ready for playing out of the box for kids. I'd go one further and say that this unacceptable for any toy/collectible. You shouldn't be forced to have to fix your purchase just because the company's QC is sloppy.
Open file (849.75 KB 598x598 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (859.12 KB 598x598 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (931.21 KB 598x598 ClipboardImage.png)
>>624 >I haven't followed these You should, they're like currently the best and most innovative playline action figures. >the articulation is a bit lacklustre That's a downside that relevant to all the figures, however I see it as a nostalgic gesture to 90's action figures which I'm fond of. >Out of all the Alter Nation figures, I think he has the best sculpting IMO they all have great sculpting, it depends on personal preference to decided who is the best which is clearly Daart:P . >I'd go one further and say that this unacceptable for any toy/collectible. You shouldn't be forced to have to fix your purchase just because the company's QC is sloppy You right, we got too used to shitty QC.
Open file (916.95 KB 599x597 Bomber.png)
Open file (928.52 KB 597x597 Bomber_2.png)
Open file (859.57 KB 597x597 Bomber_accessories.png)
Open file (540.09 KB 599x597 Alpha.png)
Open file (791.01 KB 596x597 Alpha_2.png)
Open file (717.19 KB 595x597 Alpha_3.png)
>>630 Maybe I'm being pessimistic but I see him either being a really heavy, hard to pose figure or Panda Mony cheaping out and him being an empty shell with cheap plastic.
>>629 why is this one connected to a paltform by wires? whats the gimmick?
>>633 Maybe the tail lights up? The red bits on the sides.
>>632 >Panda Mony cheaping out and him being an empty shell with cheap plastic Panda Mony is a new toy company and Alter Nation is their very first toyline, if they wanted to cheap out, they could've done it from the start and avoid the risks they have been taking for so long. They aren't big old corporations like Mattel and Hasbro run by CEOs who only care about profit and I don't see them becoming that way any time soon. >hard to pose figure More likely, articulation was never one of Alter Nation' strengths. From what I've read the straps on the arms going to be movable separate piece, >>633 >>634 From what I assume and vaguely remember, he supposed to have light up feature with the ability to shoot the ball which would probably include some spring loaded gimmick as well. I don't see any signs for speakers, so I'm not sure if he will have sound gimmick too.

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