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Meta thread Anonymous 04/11/2020 (Sat) 22:29:51 No.31
Looks like we're starting from scratch (again). I'm sure we can rebuild ourselves, though we need some more anons to keep the board going. I'm fine with this place being advertised, but only when and where appropriate - no spamming links please.
>>271 >by not shitting this place up and driving away anyone with common sense. With all due respect, one BO to another, it's your responsibility to ensure no one 'shits the place up'. Think of your users BO, and stay on top of the bad guys.
>>277 Didn't word that so well but yeah if anyone unsavoury finds here then I would be on top of it.
heads up the site might die soon >>>/japan/7642
>>390 Thank you for the heads up. I doubt it will happen but I created a backup board: https://anon.cafe/toy/
>>391 It doesn't appear on the board list of anon cafe, however.
>>394 As the board is a backup one, I delisted as per the rules of anon.cafe. Hopefully we never need to have it
>>395 Oh, good to hear. Thanks BO
>>391 I accidentally banned forever someone on the board, I meant to impose only a temporary ban and I can't figure it how to undo it. Please help and I'm really sorry to bother you for such a stupid reason.
>>404 I've lifted all bans that you've made. On your account page go to the moderation manual which should help understanding how bans work.
>>406 Thank you so much. I did look up the moderation manual, but for some reason I can't find my account page like I used to...it seems like the site structure have changed a lot since the last happenings.
Open file (73.16 KB 300x100 ClipboardImage.png)
For anyone interested, /doll/ has updated their rules to now include "fashion dolls, porcelain/bisque dolls, china dolls, paper dolls, rag dolls, dolls of specific cultures, as well as doll-like constructs such as puppets. Dolls of all materials are welcome, as are dolls aimed at all age groups and interests"
Open file (83.57 KB 585x450 4trash.jpg)
It's for the best if 4chan /toy/doesn't come here, honestly. They went to shit a long time ago. Now it's mostly a single /pol/tard spamming the place and the janitor is either him or one of his friends. I won't name him as he google searches himself every few minutes but he's been a long-time troublemaker with an ego & inability to tell the truth, banned from places like Fwoosh for blatant rule-breaking & treating others like garbage. This is the state of 4/toy/, anyone who says certain things- either "too left", too anti-corporations or even outing janny's pal no matter how factual, they hand out IP range permanent bans. Pic related. Hiro is content to allow such moderator abuse hoping people will buy passes to get around it, fuck him, his site isn't worth paying money to bypass abusive jannies. Hopefully COVID will get rid of the sorry faggots who killed /toy/, they would deserve it
>>428 4/toy/ is defiantly awful, but there are still few decent anons from there like yourself. If you know any other places to advertise plw /toy/, please do so and mention them in a spoiler . >"too left" I don't care if it's "too right", "centrist" or whatever, I don't want any stupid off-topic political flame wars here.
>>428 I hate the modern state of 4chan, it's became little more than a fucking forum at this point. All of them are so content on sniffing their own farts and sucking Hiro/mod/janny cock that they can't take a step back and objectively look at what a shitshow the entire site is. The majority of the users are post-2016 users that don't even remember m00t and have only known 4chan in its current state, so this is completely normal to them. I never used the term cuckchan but the more I look at it, the more I realise how cucked the average user is - no VPNs, 1 image per post, like 3 different allowed file types, max of 4-5mb per file, actual censorship in the form of getting banned if you don't appease the mods, your data getting sold, Discords raiding boards and all the anons can do is stand by and watch, and so on. Anybody insane enough to still use 4chan is the equivalent of a battered housewife at this point, still trying to convince themselves that it isn't happening or that it will change for the better. Even if they do leave they eventually go crawling back because they can't handle anything less than a 300 PPH board or having to actually type something more than a single sentence post. Fucking nutters. >>429 >but there are still few decent anons from there like yourself The problem with even the decent ones is that they've been so conditioned by cuckchan they can't leave it. It takes a big push to actually get them to leave, otherwise they'll continue to put up with it. >I don't want any stupid off-topic political flame wars here. 100% agree. I don't care what your political view is, don't post that shit here. I'm here to discuss toys and if I wanted to talk politics I'd take it elsewhere.
>>440 >It takes a big push to actually get them to leave >Even if they do leave they eventually go crawling back because they can't handle anything less than a 300 PPH board Exactly, they don't have the patience and dedication to truly small and slow board, they come here once and that's pretty much it in most cases. So, the main problem still remains; where else can we advrtise the board?!
>>441 No where. Because over socialisation out competes niche communities. People would rather chase fads than invest long term.
>>445 <blackpilled There's still place for imageboards including the more niche ones. I'm sure there's other places, we just need to look for.
>>441 >where else can we advrtise the board?! The only place we'll find potential toy soldiers can be broken down into 3 main categories: -4chan -forums -social media (i.e. instagram, twitter, facebook) Of course 4chan is pretty much beyond hope, you could continually post there and you may eventually convince one of them to join, but it involves investing a lot of time to shill the board and chances are you'll just get jannied. The more I look at forums, the more I think they're a lost hope too. The established users are never going to leave because they've got their own cliques/circlejerks and don't want competition. Advertising there would be tricky and the only users likely to leave are new users who aren't heavily invested in the forum yet. Social media is a double-edged sword. While it's probably the easiest place to recruit, you open yourself up to the biggest pit of retards imaginable. Most of these people are shunned from forums for a reason or they're trying to create their own clique in their own facebook page, hashtag, etc. And another problem with advertising is that we don't have our own site so we could potentially affect other boards too. Not to mention the majority of people we are advertising to haven't used imageboards before either.
>>461 >-4chan >you could continually post there and you may eventually convince one of them to join, but it involves investing a lot of time to shill the board and chances are you'll just get jannied True, however it worth noting that's how we got the most of our very few anons here. I probably I got lucky as I never got banned but some of my posts did get deleted. Last time I've checked the moderation there was so shit that they didn't even bothered to delete posts that bluntly and directly badmouthed them. >-forums >Advertising there would be tricky TNI seems to be pretty lax about it. >-social media Absolute normalfag cancer, at best you will find faggots using/know about 4chan. The only SNS I would consider is reddit DUN DUN we need to look for small subreddits but I've never been in the belly of the beast so I don't how and which to look for. >so we could potentially affect other boards too I think it's very unlikely secenrio as we advertise in same niche toy related places and sepcifically our board only and not the site as whole which is impossible due to the go away:^) . >Not to mention the majority of people we are advertising to haven't used imageboards before either Moving from forums to IBs isn't so hard and comes more naturally than from SNS cancer.
>>462 Another problem is that there needs to be a reason for people to leave so advertising on places where people are happy with the site/forum/moderation/etc isn't probably going to work. How do you convince namefags to become anonymous?
Open file (10.53 KB 300x100 banner.jpg)
Greetings from /lego/. Noticed you don't have many banners so I made one for you.
>>508 >How do you convince namefags to become anonymous? As former namefag (I used to be on toy forums before moving to imageboards) at some point you get tired of the censorship and the ego trip. I think normalfags are becoming more aware of that. >>512 Thanks /lego/!
PLEASE MAKE YOURSELF AWARE OF THE CURRENT BACKUP BOARDS >>17 Just a heads up but CP has been posted regularly on /animu/ the past few days, the admin of the site hasn't been heard from since Loleron left, and now there's talk on /animu/ of migrating the board elsewhere. Hopefully this won't affect /toy/ but please be aware. >>512 Thank you /lego/
Open file (876.51 KB 882x3337 toy_is_retarded.jpg)
I'd rather 4chins /toy/ regulars avoid this place- that board is full of some genuinely retarded people who are allergic to facts & spout this kind of stupid drivel. Please tell me you had the good sense to ban that redneck loser toy customizer who flips his lid if you don't agree with him.
>>524 It amazes me that there are still a handful of oldfags using 4/toy/ when the board (and site) is a shell of itself. Just like what >>440 said they'll occasionally whinge about the state of it but they're ultimately choosing of their own volition to stay there and continue to force themselves to put up with it. >Please tell me you had the good sense to ban that redneck loser toy customizer who flips his lid if you don't agree with him. Who? I haven't banned anybody though unless you count a CP spam not.
>>525 anon is talking about Jin Saotome, they're treating him like some Voldermort Boogeyman. Netflix shera was a flop of a toyline by the way, Mattel didn't want to invest in a property they had no creative control over. Go ahead, call me wrong.
I've saved all active pages and threads just in case. I've also posted them on the bunker board on anon.cafe. First/main page- https://archive.vn/1rtC3 Second page- https://archive.vn/EkF64 Forgotten_toylines_0000362 thread- https://archive.vn/b0zxC#selection-741.0-741.26 Corona thread - https://archive.vn/NQ60W Meta thread - https://archive.vn/chw8S Pantsu_0000020 thread - https://archive.vn/QXkzV Photography_thread_0000244 - https://archive.vn/AQq4r Warhammer toys thread- https://archive.vn/Z0M8I Toys on Twitter thread- https://archive.vn/mlTfg (small) Articulated animals and where to find em thread- https://archive.vn/YWmEV Cobi thread- https://archive.vn/YkUwd MicroMachines come back? thread- https://archive.vn/ZOMoT Fun thread- https://archive.vn/bJgov /icup/! thread- https://archive.vn/xT7ek The_Incredible_Crash_Dummies_0000075 thread- https://archive.vn/H10gU Toy identification thread- https://archive.vn/hNdIQ#selection-597.0-599.1 Star_Wars_thread_0000186- https://archive.vn/Eq2TK#selection-789.0-789.24 imagedump - Alter_Nation_toys_0000087 thread- https://archive.vn/iWA34 Transformers_0000253 thread- https://archive.vn/w4SSH (Kaiju? Kaiju.) -thread- https://archive.vn/eb0QO (Toy Soldier appreciation thread)- https://archive.vn/CRSBM#selection-627.0-627.31 P.S. I tried saving also through waybackmachine, but it didn't work. Maybe I'll try again later.
>>554 Thank you anon. I'd also add that /robowaifu/ made us a copy of the board, and can be downloaded here: https://anonfiles.com/J7f2aen8p2/plw_toy_7z
>Don't check this place regularly as it's pretty slow >Come back and find it's suddenly really active Dare I jinx it and say that /toy/ is alive again?
>>575 this site hasn't even broken 1000 posts, what are you smoking?
Open file (120.79 KB 1903x805 more than 1000 posts.png)
>>575 >/toy/ is alive again? YES >>576 NIGGER
>>576 579 posts of complete quality is better than 5790 low effort posts >>579 NICE
Hey BO, why did you change the board theme? I like the previous one a lot more...can you bring it back?
>>581 Really? I much prefer this. Guess we'll put it to a vote, so what does everyone else think of the new CSS?
Open file (31.35 KB 300x100 ClipboardImage.png)
Another banner
>>654 Added
Thoughts on adding a rule to stop generals being created? Didn't want to add it without seeing what you guys thought first.
Open file (200.35 KB 2340x1080 1614176146250.jpg)
If this image offends you by stating facts, you have autism
Is it worthwhile moving to anon.cafe as the main board and keeping this one as a bunker? I'm worried about the site just disappearing one day because nobody is actively maintaining it.
Where the fuck did you guys go?
>>703 we ded (plus theres only like 3 or 4 of us)
Open file (278.71 KB 613x480 ClipboardImage.png)
>>704 /toy/ wouldn't be /toy/ without the occasional necromancy. Let's get this board going again!
Ok seen as nobody responded I've decided that this board will remain our primary one. Should plw go down again, for whatever reason, this board will become the bunker and anon.cafe will become the new main board. I don't particularly want to move but anon.cafe is the more secure site and I have no clue who is running/maintaining this site. Last thing /toy/ needs is the board disappearing again.
>>706 PLW went down again and for the same reason as the past few times. This board is now the bunker; please head to anon.cafe/toy
>No Data So you guys have been so long without posts that it stopped recording?
>>845 I don't know if anyone will be reading this at this point, but the board has been dead for while and BO gave up and left.
>>846 Then how come the board got migrated? someone did made the petition after all
>>847 It was shortly after the board moved here
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