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Warhammer toys Soldier 04/22/2020 (Wed) 22:51:25 No.200
So GW has finally started opening up to other companies making merchandise, what do you think? So far we've gotten: -Bandai Primaris Ultramarine -Chibi Series -Funko Pops -Upcoming McFarlane Primaris Ultramarine and blank Primaris Marine body
>>300 >provided the pricing isn't GW levels of retarded McFarlane makes toys for retail and more in like with NECA rather than say Mezco in terms of pricing and distribution. Even the KS Spawn cost 40$ max. Good news is the 40k figures gonna be 20$. >I'll get one and touch up the weathering on him I'm probably gonna get one too when Amazon global shipping rate going to be reasonable again, dammit. I don't plan on adding touches, but I would love to see how yours would end up. The Sergent primaris ? 40k noob looks really jarring; too many insignias and colors and worst of all is the contrast between the blue body and the red head. I heard they're going to release regular blue version as was shown at Toyfair, but I wonder if should I just skip it in the hope that Raven Guard ver would be made at some point. >Hoping more off my list here >>202 make it Yeah, Warhammer got some nice toyetic aesthetic now that I think about it.
Open file (619.92 KB 2000x2786 chaos.jpg)
>>302 >Good news is the 40k figures gonna be 20$ Nice, that's good news. > too many insignias and colors and worst of all is the contrast between the blue body and the red head Peak Warhammer design is cluttered design, but the clashing colours have always been a problem (at least for me) with Ultramarines. >Warhammer got some nice toyetic aesthetic now that I think about it. There's loads of untapped potential in both 40k and Fantasy, but translating it into toy form would definitely be a challenge. GW designs work on how cool something looks, not how practical/realistic something is.
>>304 >but translating it into toy form would definitely be a challenge. GW designs work on how cool something looks, not how practical/realistic something is Well, it didn't stop Todd from making toys of Spawn. Makes me wonder if he got personal interest in this line considering the aesthetic similarities.
If you need any more evidence Warhammer is dead look no further than all this garbage. GW finally gave up being a games company entirely and said fuck it, funko pops junk. This along with their nigger loving has killed any support I had for them. Even oldhammer can get stuffed now, not promoting their models in the slightest.
>>317 >look no further than all this garbage Do you hate the idea of 40k action figures in general or just these specific ones?
Open file (2.15 MB 2404x1196 fanbasehobby.png)
>>317 First sign of this was other media tie-ins that don't relate directly to the game, such as videogames, but allow secondaries to enter the hobby through the non-traditional methods. Warhammer has been a perfect example of how a hobby is infiltrated and subverted by a group of outsiders to the point where it's almost surreal. Pic related is a very basic run through of the process, but this https://meaningness.com/geeks-mops-sociopaths covers the process a lot more in-depth.
Open file (1.22 MB 1500x1500 ClipboardImage.png)
What do you guys think about the Necron? I'm on the fence about pre-ordering it, while I like the figure and I'm fine with the pricing (it could be way worse, especially with GW), the paint job is lazy and uninteresting, the gauss flayer appears to be made of soft plastic, and some joints look too delicate (the wrist has actually popped off in some of the photos >>296 )
>>348 From a filthy casualfag PoV and an avid toyfag, of course, he looks interesting and fun. Quite refreshing in the current toy market, just like how the Fortnite line is. However, I wouldn't bother to pre-order, since it's more of mass-produced *"playline", so it's unlikely to be unavailable afterwards like what happens with most Japanese adult collector lines. You better wait for the reviews to look for articulation, QC, etc. Promo pics aren't the most trustworthy source, for better or for worse. Don't judge a toy just by that. *Although by all means, McFarlane make "adult collector"-only toys, they're actually aimed at ages 12&up and being sold at local retailers.
>>350 Thanks for the solid advice, I really appreciate it. I'll put the money for the pre-order into something else instead. Here's to hoping the necron turns out ok!
Open file (22.05 KB 274x189 Gorkamorka_box.jpg)
>>319 Why not both? If you're a serious model collector or a gamer why would you ever want action figures involved in your hobby? They're cheap mass produced tat made for children. If they sell well then your hobbies is going to shift focus towards them and fuck you over. If they sell poorly they will find other ways to water it down until nothing remains of the original high quality models. >>333 Warhammer had games way back on the PC and then playstation which never hit critical mass. They were niche titles for a niche(ish) fanbase. What killed Warhammer was mostly Americanization. Warhammer was mainstream for teenage boys in the UK for decades and didn't see serious declines until warhammer 40k 3rd edition. The games weren't all great but they appealed to the right market. Dawn of war took off and places like /b/ got hold of 40k and dragged it through the mud. The hobby still hasn't recovered and has only got worse with time. I'm positive the series nerd types have moved onto3D printing models to get back to the original core excitement of modeling over buying expensive over designed junk. Ironically complete design freedom but technical limitations is producing better models than anything being manufactured today. That articles a bit shallow. It doesn't explain how any of them act. Interesting site though
Open file (49.72 KB 824x626 angrycanadiandad.jpg)
Open file (568.48 KB 1600x1097 Glorious playline.jpg)
Open file (321.36 KB 1024x768 Glorious playline_2.jpg)
Open file (1.07 MB 2400x2579 Glorious playline_3.jpg)
Open file (622.34 KB 720x1116 Glorious playline_4.png)
>>392 <They're cheap mass produced tat made for children Your fragile overpriced blank miniatures are cheap tat, fa/tg/uy. I don't go around /tg/ board just to say their hobby is shit. I can respect that you dislike the idea of action figures in 40k, but calling action figures and playline garbage is inexcusable and unforgivable. LEAVE
>>393 Doesn't change the fact that it's true. You find some very nice figures in all scales and sizes, but action figures are cheap mass produced tat. Get the fuck over it.
You were banned for your second deleted post
>>398 That's BS and and every figure is mass produced you snobbish twat. Look at the sculpting details of some of the toys I posted, most notably Mighty Max.
>>392 >Why not both? If you're a serious model collector or a gamer why would you ever want action figures involved in your hobby? Because Warhammer is/was about having fun and not taking stuff too seriously. There's a reason why the original core setting was a mashup of nerd and pop culture as well as British politics of the 80s and that's because it was just a bit of harmless fun between some passionate geeks. I could imagine that a model collector may purchase an action figure for display purposes, though admittedly they may be the most hostile part of the fanbase. I'll assume by gamer you are meaning those that play the actual wargame itself, and those gamers that understand the very core spirit of freedom and creativity that make up 40k would be fine to experiment with these. The action figures offer another way to make homebrew games on a much smaller scale, more akin to killteam, and also increase the narratives and storylines that gamers could make. I'm confident that when the upcoming figures are released we'll see some people making their own roleplaying/wargaming system to fit the figures. >What killed Warhammer was mostly Americanization I'd argue the shift in company culture towards focussing on profits ultimately killed GW, which in turn pushed away the original creators and led to GW trying to adapt to a global market - which moved 40k away from a light-hearted parody to something that took itself really seriously while cranking the edge right up as burgers wouldn't 'get' the setting otherwise. Now you have fans that are only into 40k for the 'lore' and don't model or play the wargame. >I'm positive the series nerd types have moved onto3D printing models to get back to the original core excitement of modeling over buying expensive over designed junk Undoubtedly, or those without the ability have moved onto the other smaller companies that have sprung up. Only stupid paypigs still buy GW shite. >>398 >action figures are cheap mass produced tat That statement is grossly ignorant. You're attributing surface level stuff to the entire industry as a whole and not taking into account the varying level of quality between companies. Granted, there are a lot of toys that I too would consider tat and a waste of shelf space, but you fail to take into account the occasional outstanding toyline or the collector oriented lines designed specifically for adults. Also gone are the days when toys were cheap; better joint engineering, more detailed sculpts and integrated technological features have all driven the price of your average action figure up quite a lot.
>>407 I believe the issue is more complicated. 70's-90's playline might not had the best articulation or even *sculpt (Kenner SW figures were completely outdated when they were released both in articulation and sculpt), but they were much more fun and creative and I wouldn't call them cheap as they were limited by technology of that time. The vast majority of the few advanced action figures are heavily pandered to adult collectors (TF generations, ML, GI Joe, WWF, etc.) whereas the toys that genuinely aimed at kids above preschool are indeed cheap tat; "shampoo bottles", hollow Cyberverse, Power Rangers with swivel hips, etc. The only outliers are Playmates, Panda Mony, Morphonauts they currently have KS, Jazwares (Fortnite) and Spinmaster (DC). Sadly, playline action figure aisle is dying thanks to mobiles/tablets, dull licenseshit and Hasbro and Mattel who bought out all the great toy companies from the past. There wouldn't be adult collector toys, if it weren't for playline. In general, action figures became stale; in contrast, I've seen fashion dolls, both playline and adult collector upping their games and coming with new joints engineering. *In some cases, it's vice versa. For example, Mighty Max and original Polly Pocket which were hand sculpted , still have better and more details than current attempts at miniature playsets. Even the old Micro Mutants by Playmates were superior to the new 2012 sets.
>>409 Too bad theres no solution for us like /co/a/monster/ draw improvement threads or /agdg/ threads. Making toys seems complicated
>>410 There's; you can 3D sculpt and then use 3D printer, although 3D printing is still not good as injection mold. I've also seen people making their own molds, usually happen among the indie toy scene. Or you can customize an existing toy. It's defiantly more complicated but not impossible. It would be nice to have thread dedicated to toy designing and customizing.
>>410 >>413 some anon had a thread about making stuff at smugs /tg/ https://smuglo.li/tg/res/7808.html
There are more Warhammer toys coming out plus the ones that were already released. IMHO the McFarlane is shaping out to be quite promising and you may take my opinion with grain of salt as I'm just a humble filthy causalfag . Their Primaris Marine' articulation is almost on par with the Bandai one; his knee articulation is actually better, though strangely enough he lacks toe hinge which is extremely odd since all new McFarlane figures have it including the Nacron and the upcoming Battle Sister. Also worth mention that it's bigger and heavier from ithe Bandai ver according to what I heard hmm big hefty playline plastic. The Nacron articulation is a bit of let down, I was expecting at least 45 degree bend for the knees and elbows instead it's just 90 degree, regardless it's still very fun and toyetic action figure. The Battle Sister looks pretty cool too, however she seems to lack a lot of painted detail (the entire torso area) and there's a strong unflattering contrast between her weathered skirt and the rest of the flat colored body, especially the clothed sleeves. In addition, her helmet looks boring and retarded, but I guess this design flaw isn't at McFarlane fault. I'm looking forward to getting the Nacron and Battel Sister later on I collect more than ONE toyline/type of toy . As for the Primaris, I'll wait for different repaint since the current one isn't my cup of tea and I'm not a customizer.
>>474 Oh, and in case anyone still care about the overpriced Bandai figures, there's two new repaints coming out with new weapons.
>>473 >>474 The paint on the Battle Sister looks bad, she's crying out for a wash. An easy fix at least. >her helmet looks boring and retarded Disappointing that they didn't include an unhelmted alt head but seen as McFarlane isn't aiming at the high-end collector's market it's understandable. >>475 >>476 Does anybody care for these? They're overpriced and the McFarlane versions seem to have blown them out of the water.
>>480 >The paint on the Battle Sister looks bad, she's crying out for a wash I somewhat agree, I think if more details were painted and they didn't use mainly flat colors it would've still work without a wash. >An easy fix at least Not for filthy casualfag like me , but oh well. >Disappointing that they didn't include an unhelmted alt head They keep improving with each figure release, the lack of additional hands/heads is problem that have been going for quite some time. They do it rarely like with Superman or the upcoming Aizawa. >but seen as McFarlane isn't aiming at the high-end collector's market it's understandable I really appreciate how try to keep the toys fun and having additional play value besides articulation, unlike the pretentious and hypocritical Hasbro and Mattel. >Does anybody care for these? Yeah, I highly doubt it but post it anyway. >They're overpriced and the McFarlane versions seem to have blown them out of the water Theare are a few things the Bandai ones are better at, like toe hinge, shoulder range and ankle pivot I think I just name them all. But considering the value per price difference, the McFarlane is definitely the superior one.
Open file (1.56 MB 1800x1800 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (37.41 KB 512x512 ClipboardImage.png)
>>484 >Not for filthy casualfag Believe it or not, it is an easy fix. For the white areas you'd either want a light blue or a light grey wash which should be applied to the recesses of the white areas and any that spills out can be easily removed with a wet paper towel. The silver areas would want a black wash (or a brown if you want to give it a grimy, used look); the gold and brown areas a brown wash; the red areas a red wash. For the black areas a wash wouldn't work but drybrushing is easy to do and you could use either a dark grey or a light grey/blue colour (GW sell a paint called Space Wolves Grey that is the right colour for this). Drybrushing is quite simple too. Customising toys seems to be this big, daunting thing for beginners but it is far easier than what it seems. >Yeah, I highly doubt it but post it anyway. I didn't mean it like that, it's still nice to know that they're releasing repaints but I meant it as in does anyone in the collecting community. I know what put many off the Bandai was the price and the only reason many bought it was because they didn't anticipate any more figures.
>>486 Thanks for the guide. Do you have that many bought washes or is it enough to dilute some colours and try it?
>>487 Washes work differently to thinned paint as they're designed to sink into the recesses, whereas a thinned paint would leave some pigment behind. You could use paint to make a wash, but remember a wash is made of 3 main ingredients: -pigment (the paint or ink of your choice) -wash medium (water works fine for this) -surfactant (something to reduce the surface tension of the water and thereby reduce the wash pooling) For the surfactant I've remember hearing that dishwashing liquid makes a good one or you could use a matte medium.
New variant of the Space Marine by McFarlane and two new blank versions. I kinda like this new variant, better than the first release for sure, but I'm still not a big fan of the different colored helmet. >>486 >>488 Thanks for the detailed guide! I doubted I will use it though, still sounds like a lot of hassle to me I guess you may call me lazy plus I will have to seal it and I'm not sure if it would work well since I do plan to play with "pose" it a lot. >I didn't mean it like that That's completely fine, I knew you didn't mean it that way^^. >still nice to know that they're releasing repaints Exactly my reason for posting it, always good to be informed.
>>491 Goddamn, was it really that hard for them to put a hole in the plasma gun? I understand why it's hard to on a 28mm miniature but that's real fucking lazy.
>>218 >Sun Vulcan Robo super minipla >from the chaddest super sentai show Excellent taste, anon. Also I actually like the shade of blue Bandai uses for the Primaris.
>>491 Those are some big guys.
Open file (1.33 MB 995x760 ClipboardImage.png)
>>590 for you
Open file (636.94 KB 916x1380 ClipboardImage.png)
Just a heads up that the McFarlane Necron looks a lot better in promo pics. His proportions are a lot more fucked, has way less articulation and his gauss flayer looks nothing like what it's supposed to. If I had to give a positive I do like that they included a Slaugth, but why in his chest area? Is this something upcoming in the 10th edition?
Open file (3.36 MB 1169x1447 ClipboardImage.png)
New McFarlane Gold Label Primaris Space Marine. I actually like this variant, unlike previous releases, but he is limited to USA, sigh. >>605 Good one, anon! tfw it's been 9 years since TMNT 2012
>>621 Is the articulation that bad on the marines that they can't pose his feet flat on the floor? He looks like the only thing keeping him up is the rock behind his right foot.
>>621 What qualifies it as "Gold Label"? Higher quality? Higher Price? Honestly, it looks like the exact same marine figure under the hood with some shiny bits on top. >>623 I have one of the standard marines. The articulation is fine for the price, but not amazing. For the dynamic pose in the picture, no the marine won't stand on it's own. It's fairly heavy and could use a stand if you want to pose it like this.
>>625 >What qualifies it as "Gold Label"? Higher quality? Higher Price? It's even worse, literally just fancy packaging. >All figures released in the McFarlane Gold Label Collection will be highly limited and showcased in limited-edition packaging with a McFarlane Gold Label Collection Foil Label.” Source: https://www.belloflostsouls.net/2021/01/warhammer-40k-mcfarlane-gold-label-space-marine-coming.html >The articulation is fine for the price, but not amazing. For the dynamic pose in the picture, no the marine won't stand on it's own. Disappointing, I'm not going to lie. Glad I hesitated to buy one because I'm not a fan of Primaries marines.
>>625 >>626 >Gold Label >literally just fancy packaging Actually, it's fancy action figure variants sometimes a complete new action figure like Todd' version for Batman limited to Walmart which sucks ass.
Open file (29.14 KB 320x218 ClipboardImage.png)
>>627 So it's Malibu Stacy-tier AND limited to Walmart? What a waste.
>>631 >Malibu Stacy-tier It depends, some figures are straight up repaint, others have slight remold and new accessories (such in the Primaris case) and there's that Todd' Batman which a complete new mold.
Open file (689.67 KB 920x950 BATerminatorLibrarian.png)
>>627 >limited to walmart Ouch. >>635 >new mold Just seems like a missed opportunity to do something elaborate and out there like a terminator or librarian or both.
>>637 >like a terminator Could you imagine if they made a Deathwing terminator in scale with the Primaris? Itd be fucking beautiful. Maybe I'm a bit biased because they were my first army, but I don't get why they haven't done anything Dark Angels. To me they really encapsulate the aesthetic of the Imperium much better than the smurfs
Open file (1.08 MB 1080x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
Just ordered the Koruit Imperial Guard, they arrive Februrary. I've heard the quality of Koruit is very good which is reassuring when buying bootlego.
>>643 I like the third design (black helmet) the best, looks really cool, wish it will get a toy. If McFarlane will get to it, they will have to use real fabric, otherwise the articulation would be extremely restricted. I didn't follow McFarlane toys closely until their Fortnite line, so I'm not sure and do wonder how much of experience they have with use of real fabrics. The second design looks pretty cool to, but I like it less. The first design has ugly helmet imho, very Bionicle-like and I don't like the brown off-white with that shiny bright green, >>644 You should've posted it on the Cobi thread >>341
>>646 >You should've posted it on the Cobi thread It's not Cobi though so I thought it would be better off here.
>>649 But it would've fit better there
Open file (2.50 MB 4273x3640 Haul.JPG)
Look what arrived 2 weeks ago! -The arms, heads, helmets, and accessories are fully compatible with genuine LEGO -LEGO legs can be put into Koruit torsos but not the other way round -LEGO and Koruit hands are not compatible at all as the pins are completely different sizes The quality of these is quite good, especially considering many LEGO purists insist Chinese bootlego is horrific quality. The legs are slightly loose on all the figures and this is the only real quality issue. There is slight blurring in the printing of some of the figures but ironically the quality of the printing is still far better than LEGO at the moment.
>>685 Also the Chinamen thankfully undervalued my parcel and shipped it as a "product sample", which was pretty nice.
Open file (664.86 KB 1920x2194 archecore suppessor.jpg)
Open file (297.75 KB 1500x1500 archecore not-optimus.jpg)
i know this board might be dead, but just in case, some anon mentioned a toyline named "Archecore" It might be chinese or japanese but has a 40K vibe (and is kinda expensive too) Listed as pre-orders in BBTS and such sites
>>849 >i know this board might be dead It is, but maybe it can be revived once again? Hope you're still here. >chinese It is. >but has a 40K vibe Further proof it's chinese. I don't like those specific designs and I'm just a filthy casualfag, maybe actual 40K fags would like it.

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