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Open file (90.55 KB 219x295 Kung Flu.png)
Corona thread Anonymous 04/12/2020 (Sun) 14:24:48 No.165
With toy news slowing down, toy hunting almost completely suspended...I think it's worthwhile to discuss Corona in regard to /toy/ Do you got shipments stuck? What are your predictions for the the toy market in the aftermath of the Corona epidemic? etc
>>567 Or DCC plain out fucking sucks and Mattel is a better company that released an Etrigan. DCC is so incompetent they couldn't even release their etrigan due to low sales.
Take your brand wars back to cuckchan
Open file (24.20 KB 560x560 1000148782_1.jpg)
Open file (255.18 KB 1732x2309 IMG_20201029_233712.jpg)
>>543 What was your favorite toy/line this year? What was your least favorite toy/line this year? I don't have a most/least favourite this year. Bandai Spirits has a Tachikoma coming out this month which I really like the look of, so I guess that. What was your best toy purchase this year? Picked up the Mcfarlane Spess Marine Assault figure. Pretty happy with it for the price; very chunky. Did the Kung Flu changed/shifted your toy interests? If so, how? I bought almost nothing this year due to shipping to Australia. >>562 >1000Toys Halo Master Chief Cool. I had an eye on that, but didn't grab it.
>>571 This would have been my favorite Etrigan if the entire line up wasn't cancelled.
>>567 >3rd party is term limited to original moulds of existing franchises without having the license to do them. Don't get it wrong, >Don't get it wrong, You may not realise it, but those sentences came off as pretty obnoxious. Thank you for the clarification, but it actually doesn't really matter. >From what I know, they calculate shipping fee by volume and not weight. One toy I ordered, the shipping cost was even more than the toy itself This is probably true. I wonder if destination location plays a part. >nip toys Please don't use outdated racist terms, it's bad enough people referring to Covid as "Chinese flu".
>>573 Nippon ga dai suki.
>>573 >clarification, but it actually doesn't really matter We must use the right terms to properly discuss toys! >>Don't get it wrong I was referring to the idea that KO must mean low quality which is wrong. >>574 Sou da ne!
As the trend for video game-based toylines continues, there's new line by Jakks Pacific based on game called Apex Legends like Fortnite, I don't give a damn about the game. I didn't care for wave 1, but wave 2 has one figure I got an eye on, she's female wearing armor with beautiful shiny purple helmet. Overall, her body looks nicely feminine, the only problem is with her lower legs due to the armor design which make her shins look shapeless and having no ankles. >>571 >Mcfarlane Spess Marine Assault figure Neat! I'm waiting for repaint release that I would like. I thought of getting the Necron, but he is being sold by scalperscums, maybe if I see him sold regularly, I'll get him. >I bought almost nothing this year Sorry to hear that anon, I hope next year will be far better. >>572 In hindsight, I judge too harshly the DC Icons line, with my biggest and stupid gripe being the lack thigh swivel as I don't mind it too much regarding the new McFarlane action figures. I also remember seeing few in comic shop one time and thinking they were too small, but now thinking about, small size could mean opportunity for playsets and vehicles though I don't trust adult collector faggotry for durable and fun playsets/vehicles. If you ask me now, I'd say the true main downsides for that line were the ugly lower torso ab-crunch and the hip articulation, otherwise I guess it was good toyline, figures had new body molds some were shit like neckless flash and narrow-torso-wide-hips tranny Batman unlike the ML wannabe DC Essentials which was trash. I kinda wish I got that Batgirl with the motorcycle back then. This would have been my favorite Etrigan I have to admit he looks really good. I hope McFarlane would do justice to him.
>>578 >Apex Legends Don't care for the game either, but I do like that figure. Probably due to the full face helmet. >Space Marine Sorry to hear about your luck with scalpers, but sadly not a surprise. I'm also looking to pick up the Sister of Battle from the same line next year.
Open file (1.45 MB 1223x1500 ClipboardImage.png)
>>578 Thanks for bringing these up. Pathfinder looks like he would be at home with some of the 1000toys robots. >I thought of getting the Necron, but he is being sold by scalperscums, maybe if I see him sold regularly, I'll get him. Try Amazon, he's regular price and I think I'm going to get him.
Open file (1.51 MB 1394x764 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.68 MB 1021x1497 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.90 MB 1500x1442 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.58 MB 1409x1498 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.53 MB 1141x1500 ClipboardImage.png)
>>589 >Thanks for bringing these up You're welcome! There's also new subline for Roblox toys, Roblox Imagination by Jazwares. Unlike the regular figures which are simplified and ugly like Minecraft, the new ones are just like regular figures. They're smaller scale like the Fortnite figures, but their articulation is far simpler. However, they have greater variety in sculpts/molds and feel a lot more playline-ish which I like. My favorite one is definitely Lucky Gatito, the cat. >Pathfinder He's pretty cool too. >>585 >>589 >Try Amazon Yeah, that's where I was searching for him, he was only sold by scalpers. >>507 >>515 Turns out the stock photo was false advertisement in the good way which is rare! The Batcycle is still heavily washed like in the prototype pics. The wheels are made from rubber and roll smoothly, that being said alongside the great detailed sculpt and wash makes it a wonderful combination of all that's good in both adult collector faggotry and pure playline. I want to get one so bad, put a McFarlane figure on it and roll it on the floor like a 6-year-old!
Open file (2.36 MB 1399x1499 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.96 MB 1493x1500 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (2.29 MB 1503x1304 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.50 MB 1500x1410 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.50 MB 1267x1500 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.87 MB 1225x1500 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.69 MB 1423x1500 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (75.39 KB 264x436 ClipboardImage.png)
>>593 >Yeah, that's where I was searching for him, he was only sold by scalpers. What's he going for in your country anon? Compared to US prices he's more expensive but I guess he isn't that bad.
>>599 >What's he going for in your country anon? He isn't being sold in my country:[ >22.95€ A bit more expensive than I would like. P.S. I checked again, and now he is up to pre-order by amazon, hopefully I won't miss it this time.
>>601 >22.95€ It's actually GBP (£) so that would be €25.63 >hopefully I won't miss it this time I'm thinking of getting him too but I don't know whether it would be something that would just collect dust.
Open file (156.59 KB 410x512 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.26 MB 813x887 ClipboardImage.png)
Was thinking of buying the Revoltech Gothic Field Armour but decided against it. A nice looking figure but scalper prices don't really justify it and looking at reviews online he's somewhat delicate and his range of articulation is disappointing for such an expensive toy.
Open file (174.51 KB 661x375 Flash_Oh no.png)
>ordered McFarlane Flash on Amazon >already got shipped and was waiting for his arrival <turns out it got returned by the carrier and I got a refund >saw only few left of him and Batcycle was supposed to get in stock today <check it again today, Batcyle is scalped and Flash will be in stock in 18/01 Why toy collecting suck balls these days? The suffering just never ends. >>603 >GBP (£) My bad, I feel so stupid to confuse with Euro (€). >I don't know whether it would be something that would just collect dust If you have a big toy collection it's inventible and just bound to happen, the question is if you will play or "posed" with it from time to time. >>604 Maybe you could find him on Mandarake one day.
>>606 >Maybe you could find him on Mandarake one day I'll be honest I'm no longer interested in getting one after looking online. It seems to be more of a display piece rather than an actual toy and I do like my toys to be somewhat durable. I'm not a hamhands but it is reassuring to know that a toy won't shatter into a million pieces when I pick it up, y'know?
Say I bought something sold directly through Amazon (as in they ship it) from the US site but put down a European address to ship to, would Amazon still ship it to Europe without charging me anything more? t. Thinking of running a contest and using an Amazon gift card
>>616 >would Amazon still ship it to Europe without charging me anything more? No https://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html/?nodeId=596194
>>617 Well shit. I was kinda hoping Amazon would still offer free shipping. Thanks for the reply anon.
>>618 >Amazon would still offer free shipping The gorona fucked it up. Also, Wonfes Winter and Toyfair are canceled this year as well... it's all so tiresome
Open file (1.05 MB 610x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (296.27 KB 1167x1447 gay lips.jpg)
Open file (1.27 MB 610x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
>shows animated designs <it's actually going to be the crappy comics Being Batman Beyond fag is suffering. The TNBA and JLA figures by McFarlane were horrendous, though the Teen Titans Cyborg was improvement and not bad desu, but then his articulation is shit. So I'm not sure how much of loss it is but it's still sucks. I'm debating if I should get this comics ver. of Batman Beyond...the only past attempts at good Batman Beyond were the Mattel one which came with a lot more accessories and the costume design was almost exact as the animated series. However, the head sculpt was meh, the body was generic DC Multiverse buck and it had ugly ab crunch and single jointed elbows. The DC Collectibles/Direct one had poor proportions, looked wonky and like all DCAU figures by DC direct had that soft melted-like plastic sculpt instead of being sharp in true nature to Bruce Timm style. In addition, poor articulation with the abominable DCUC crotch joint, badly designed shoulder joints and ugly hinge joints for the wings. Now the new McFarlane despite being more realistic in style, his body proportions are quite similar to the animated series (of course the shapes/angles are different). There are quite few downsides; the hinged ball joint ankles are *ugly, the wings on the back aren't painted black which look bad and cheap, comes with open hands instead of fists, also the head...oh the head, yeah. There are two versions, one with the gay looking lips which are closer to the animated series but look bad and then there's the boring but better looking mouthless head which come with useless BAF piece of the stupid Joker Bot look it's both Batman and Joker at the same time! For the ultimate Batwank! so I wonder which one I should get. *They were able to make figures with better hidden/"seamless" ankle joint, why do McFarlane keep repeating the same mistakes after improving?! P.S. The gay lips one comes with blast effect pieces and one batarang, whereas the mouthless one comes with two batarangs and BAF piece. Both come with extra hands.
Open file (1.09 MB 610x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.13 MB 610x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.31 MB 610x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
>>638 If I will get the Batman Beyond, I'll get Shriek too, he isn't too far from the animated design. Batwoman Beyond absolutely disgusting I won't touch with a 10-foot pole and hopefully she will shelfwarmed to obilivion. Comics ver. Blight is shit so I won't even bother with. I truly hope they will do Curare, she is pretty much identical to her animated design, just realistic.
Open file (356.21 KB 1167x1447 #noears.jpg)
>>638 Looks noticeably better without the ear pads, but suffice to say that whoever designed this did a poor job of translating the sleek and simplistic animated design over into realism.
Open file (356.47 KB 1167x1447 noears2.jpg)
>>640 A different take that expands the mask over the ears instead of removing them, which imo leads to a better head shape.
Open file (378.06 KB 1041x1600 Garbage.jpg)
Open file (513.94 KB 1041x1600 Stupid red eyes and belt.jpg)
>>640 >ear pads I haven't even noticed them, I was too focused on the face, stupid straps on the arms and the distracting red belt. I agree it looks better without them. >whoever designed this did a poor job of translating the sleek and simplistic animated design over into realism They tried to make their own designs which looked like shit and then wisely went back to the classic and prefect animated design. I can't seem to find the McFarlane design in the comics...I suspect it's busy Todd' "fine" touches. >>641 The first edit was better, even if it resulted in what looks to be smaller head. The second edit is a bit of Code Lyoko situation; human skulls always have slightly extended cheek bones.
>>638 You didn't like the Mezco one? I can't bring myself to buy McFarlane Toys, even if they're of a character I like. The articulation is consistently just ok and the plastic they use looks bad even in the promo images. But then, I collected McFarlane in the early 00s, so I feel burned by having bought crappy plastic semi-articulated statues, when I really wanted fully-articulated action figures.
>>645 >the Mezco one <Gribbled head mask <Too small white eyes <Gray matte suit with webbed black lines instead of shiny sleek black suit <Too small and thick red bat sign <Wings look bad and too small <Gribbled forearms, boots and hands <Generic superhero proportions, should be slightly more slender and more elongated Shcwarbage! And to add insult to injury the faggots dared to put the animated series design on the box. Personally, I'm not fan of the half-assed action dolls by Mezco, though I will admit the Space Ghost and the promo pics of Darkseid looked great. There was also that Ironman they made which was full action figure and therefore great. I would love a good action dolls of Terry, Dana and Curare, but they need to be 1/6 scale so the clothes would look good and work and be removable , also they should have rooted hair. >The articulation is consistently just ok The articulation is actually quite great, better than the average Marvel Legends and of course superior to DCUC/old Mattel DC Multiverse. There are few figures here and there that have terrible articulation like that Teen Titans Cyborg. >the plastic they use looks bad even in the promo images Judging a toy solely based on promo pics is wrong. I own three Fortnite figures and got the DC Multiverse Flash:D , their plastic is fine, it's solid and got nice heft to it. >But then, I collected McFarlane in the early 00s I can understand your bias, I didn't give a damn about them until their Fortnite line. However, it's not fair to judge current McFarlane figures based on the old figures, it's like judging Jazwares Fortnite line based on their CN and Nick figures which were indeed by all means terrible.
Open file (48.22 KB 476x750 buggy robo 1.jpg)
Open file (34.54 KB 596x559 bugy robo 2.jpg)
Open file (33.65 KB 578x447 buggy robo 3.jpg)
>>449 And now they are making Buggy Robo. comes with a stereo cannon/gun
>>366 wish there were more meido articulated figures saw this one from the PLAMAx lines coming out in august
>>652 Cute!
>>650 The hollow arms and different color thighs are Hasbro tier:/...I'm really not impressed with these new Machine Robo toys, I think it's better to get the vintage Gobots, as far as I know they're still reasonably priced even MIB ones. >>652 >check the price point <it's 50$ for chinky plastic model kit Nip toy companies are out of their fucking mind.
Open file (93.05 KB 720x540 dino wars-1.jpg)
Open file (60.26 KB 1000x662 dino wars -2.jpg)
Open file (55.46 KB 1000x662 dino wars -3.jpg)
i am sure this is 100% nostalgia bait but: Dino-Riders Rulon Warriors Battle Pack coming out this month supposedly
Open file (4.15 MB 1600x973 ClipboardImage.png)
>>662 >i am sure this is 100% nostalgia bait It is, I'd say it's even worse than ReAction. If you want good new Dino Riders, just get the new Playmobil Dino Rise sets. >>665 <4chan is here Nigger, I was here from the very beginning, if anything your elitism and dumb brand wars are more cuckchan like. <confusing quality with likeness <thinking that arguing for one figure equals to arguing for one toy company or the other Sadly, all Batman Beyond figures are shit in this way or another. The McFarlane one is clearly closer to the animated design than the Mezco one which the only thing it got right was the belt and everything else was disgusting greebled shitty redesign. They even made his suit grey instead of black, yuck. <defending overpriced chinkland-made model kits price hikes Bandai model kits are made in Japan and are far cheaper and have greater value for the price. You moron clearly have no idea what you're talking about.
>>667 <Not either Yeah right, when you were all like; "how dare you criticize overpricing of Japanese toys, they're so high quality and it's completely justified!" and "Mezco is totally better toy company and McFarlane is complete shit!". <you doing that If you idiot bothered to fully read my posts you would've seen I had my fair share of criticisms and praises for each company. When toy company does good, I praise them, when toy company does bad, I call on their shit. I'm by no means a blind brand loyalfag like you. <Never been there <only other racists would understand Doubt and also where do you think you're? I find it amusing you're bothered by the chink word, but not by the word nigger. And just to make things clear, /toy/ isn't for political discussion, it's for toys. <I wasn't aware there were different racist terms for different Asian peoples That's some high level of newfaggotry.
Open file (13.44 KB 219x230 No fun.jpg)
>>669 <assumptions That's rich coming from the idiot who blamed me for being brandfag because I hated one figure of company a and preferred the figure from company b. <b..but I have plenty of contempt for Mezco Don't try to goalpost, you sucked up Mezco while completely shitting at McFarlane at the same time, you're the brandfag . <Never been there <4chan's /toy/ isn't either. You get banned for that. In fact, as far as I know, 4chan /b/ is the only place The cat is out of the sack. <thinks that imageboard lingo equals to /pol/ Listen stupid newfag, what actual /pol/ does is complaining on whatever group, shoving their politics and shifting the board subject. All I did was using the words chink and nip and nothing political you brainless drama queen. If you want to be a screeching obnoxious moralfag and PCfaglord go back to whatever normalfag cancer you came from, including cuckchan. No one here forces you to use offensive words and you don't get to force anyone else here not to use these words. If you want to discuss toys freely without being a butthurt nigger, then you're welcome to stay, the decision is up to you.
>>671 <No, I didn't Again, you literally praise them while shitting on McFarlane, you're a fucking brandfag and you're attempt to goalpost is pathetic. <all it does is prove that I spend less time on imageboards than you do Of course, you clueless braindead newfag and to think you're even proud of your ignorance. </pol/ is full of your kind You know jackshit about /pol/ you self-admitted newfag. >that's how everyone talks and no-one else is complaining or finds it offensive YES, you fucking idiot. <'fun' Yes, saying nigger is fun, go eat shit you uptight moralfag. <wahh you use non-PC languge! Go be normalnigger somewhere else, twatter seems more up your speed. https://invidious.snopyta.org/embed/wXF8MIG_HQI
>getting this eternally assmad about saying the nigger-word Can we go back to talking about little plastic toys for children? Please? >>666 >Dinos vs mechs Looks pretty cool. I'm just not into the Playmobil look.
Jesus Christ, can you two cool it? The only thing that reeks of 4chan is attacking your fellow anons and slinging insults back and forth. I'm not asking you to have the same opinions; in fact having different tastes and opinions is what keeps discussion here going and stops this place from becoming a circle jerk forum. Take a leaf out of /animu/'s book and take it easy. Relax. We're all here because we don't want to be forced to use the cesspit that is 4/toy/ and we all want discussion, so let's not turn on each other pointlessly. I'm not here to moderate what you say, end of. You are adults and should have a solid grasp of the English language, therefore you are responsible for what you type up in your posts. I don't see why you would ever need to use nigger, chink, etc on /toy/ but I expect anyone here is both mature and responsible so if you think your post needs it I won't interfere. If I start to moderate the language anons can use, where will it stop? I think its a very slippery slope and easy to fall into Draconian moderation. Also I have lifted the ban put in place as I fail to see what rules were broken. Consider this a warning - please don't ban those who disagree with you. Just like me, you are shackled by the rules and must act and behave in accordance with them. The rules dictate more how BO/mods behave than how the anons behave. So let's have this be the last of it and get back to talking about our crippling plastic crack addiction.
>>676 Wait, he tried to get me banned? Lol. Thanks BO, that all seems fair enough, thanks for making that clear. Can I delete my posts then? it might send the wrong message to others about what's acceptable here. I'll try to ignore the racist comments from now on and keep the discussion to toys.
>>676 >as I fail to see what rules were broken He started to talk about politics whining about natscos, /pol/, racists, incels, etc and going on with stupid brand wars McFarlane is shit and Mazco is superior like >>568 >please don't ban those who disagree with you I never did and never would, otherwise I would've ban him immediately after the first post.
Open file (126.19 KB 720x540 Astracraft 6 box.jpg)
Open file (124.79 KB 1000x666 EVIDENCE-1.jpg)
Open file (48.66 KB 919x664 4 legged thing.jpg)
Open file (114.08 KB 1000x666 more modular EVIDENCE.jpg)
Open file (119.59 KB 1000x666 looks familiar-EVIDENCE.jpg)
>>379 oi, so i saw this stuff named "Astracraft" and its coming out in May (2021) I am noticing that it seems to be made in a similar maner to this snap ships some anon was mentioning last year Astracraft is made by "ToyEasy", which seesm to be a chinese company Dunno, but everything seems too suspicious
Open file (123.15 KB 1000x666 not paranoid.jpg)
Open file (169.48 KB 1000x666 chinese at it again.jpg)
Open file (62.65 KB 1000x671 stuff.jpg)
>>681 more pics just in case
>>681 >>682 Not my thing but these look interesting. Its about time there were more creative toys on the market, especially with Lego stagnating. >everything seems too suspicious I wouldn't be surprised. Some Chinese companies are now moving on from making bootleg toys and on to making their own toys using stolen designs. Websites like kickstarter are enabling them to just copy ideas and give them a new facelift.
>>682 Isn't it based of a game, I've seen many things like this. Heck this has reminded me of those okd hotwheels car where you could change and swap vehicle parts.
>>681 Now this is more my speed. I like customisable stuff like this, plus the moon rover aesthetic is just gravy. >Dunno, but everything seems too suspicious I'm sure there's a US copyright for something very similar. For what it's worth, China are trying to put out more original toys, cartoons etc. in an attempt to be the next Japan. Although, 'original' might be a sliding scale.
>3P Transformers now made of crap plastics that age a decade or more in a year or less >Hasbro TFs have breakage issues, random QC faults, also yellowing I don't know if it's due to COVID but both sides of that coin have cheaped out on production costs and it's taking a heavy toll on the final goods. Hasbro won't change though, they have too many brain-dead autistic loyalists that will buy their toys even if handling them gave you HIV. Hasbro does tend to attract the most autistic people out there. Earthrise Grapple breaking? Loose joints? Nah, won't bother them since many of them but 5 copies of every pony & "here's another remake of a character you own 12 versions of" toy. However this will kill 3P since their stuff costs more and buyers are pickier about not buying QC garbage.
>>683 Designs being legit stolen is actually a rarity, for every instance of a bootlegger stealing CAD files there's like 9 instances of the original designers themselves selling off their files/molds to make some more bux out of the KO because after some time they realized they were too ambitious in pricing the original run. That's before we even go into certain brands who, in order to move leftover stock or having realized that they initially priced them too high, simply decide to rebrand their own shit as something else and sell them for way cheaper, sometimes even including fixes for previous QC issues. A good example of this would be the Warbotron Bruticus, which was sold as 5 packs of individuals for like $550, then got sold as an OSKO set under a different brand for $250, and is now being "reissued" as a boxed gift set for $180. >>690 >Hasbro does tend to attract the most autistic people out there These are the same people who think they are morally superior to weebs because "at least Transformers is not an anime" and "if I could have it the way I wanted, the Japanese would never have made any piece of Transformers media". Still, there's also the weight queen diecast autist on the other side of the argument who exclusively collects MP scale 3P because they want toys that they will never transform ever but look great doing an A pose on a shelf due to its size and paint, and can brag about its weight to others. I don't get this mentality - I personally have a mix of 3P and HasTak stuff and I'm not autistic about scale, plus if all you want is displaying something imposing for (fake) nerd cred, you could get statues that are way bigger, heavier and more high quality than any Fans Toys figure. You don't even have to exert the energy to pose them because they're already in a pretty dynamic pose!
There used to be a couple of Gacha anons around sometime ago Saw this stuff called "Capsuleroid" its a gacha toy The set is composed of 4 balls-that-turn-into- mecha armors and 2 small robot grills (the armor is big enough to fit the small robot in) couldnt find good pics, just some YT vids https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wChBddU-1fg

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