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The Rules

THIS BOARD IS NOW THE BUNKER BOARD, HEAD TO ANON.CAFE FOR THE MAIN BOARD 0. Global Rule 1. This board is intended to cover both toys and collectibles (yes, statues come under collectibles) 2. While NSFW toys are allowed, I ask that anything NSFW is spoilered 3. No hotglue threads or anything similar 4. No sex toys 5. No YouTube/e-celeb drama Of course these rules are a work in progress and anyone willing to make a suggestion should do so in the meta thread >>31 READ THIS Main board: Bunker board:

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Slide Attack Aftermath

/toy/ was hit by a slide attack. Since it didn't have a thread limit set or Early 404 turned on, most threads were completely wiped. It looks like quick-thinking anons saved a couple of threads. Unfortunately, we didn't have a backup of this particular board. Since it seems that /toy/ has been all but inactive since its move to, most of the board's content remains mirrored on its bunker at The sticky is even the same as on PLW, announcement that it is now the bunker board and all. Since /toy/ is so inactive and its Board Owner has not logged in for two years(!), it might be best to retire this board outright instead of attempting to re-mirror it. Please give your opinions on /toy/'s fate here, if you have any.

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good luck /toy/ c

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good luck /toy/ b