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Open file (199.83 KB 984x825 IMG_0123.JPG)
Open file (299.55 KB 1288x743 IMG_0124.JPG)
Open file (220.55 KB 926x642 IMG_0126.JPG)
Open file (306.03 KB 950x836 IMG_0127.JPG)
Open file (116.82 KB 644x410 IMG_0128.JPG)
Open file (277.74 KB 1098x708 IMG_0129.JPG)
Open file (300.35 KB 1030x717 IMG_0130.JPG)
Some turtle-mountain gacha toys, not articulated at all
Open file (327.81 KB 1223x784 IMG_0131.JPG)
Open file (128.89 KB 975x426 IMG_0133.JPG)
Open file (87.70 KB 518x570 IMG_0134.JPG)
Open file (55.99 KB 369x460 IMG_0138.JPG)
Open file (57.98 KB 361x483 IMG_0140.JPG)
Some legendary weapon pencil caps I think there was a 2nd series, but could not get em.

Open file (90.55 KB 219x295 Kung Flu.png)
Corona thread Anonymous 04/12/2020 (Sun) 14:24:48 No.165 [Reply] [Last]
With toy news slowing down, toy hunting almost completely suspended...I think it's worthwhile to discuss Corona in regard to /toy/ Do you got shipments stuck? What are your predictions for the the toy market in the aftermath of the Corona epidemic? etc
149 posts omitted.
>3P Transformers now made of crap plastics that age a decade or more in a year or less >Hasbro TFs have breakage issues, random QC faults, also yellowing I don't know if it's due to COVID but both sides of that coin have cheaped out on production costs and it's taking a heavy toll on the final goods. Hasbro won't change though, they have too many brain-dead autistic loyalists that will buy their toys even if handling them gave you HIV. Hasbro does tend to attract the most autistic people out there. Earthrise Grapple breaking? Loose joints? Nah, won't bother them since many of them but 5 copies of every pony & "here's another remake of a character you own 12 versions of" toy. However this will kill 3P since their stuff costs more and buyers are pickier about not buying QC garbage.
>>683 Designs being legit stolen is actually a rarity, for every instance of a bootlegger stealing CAD files there's like 9 instances of the original designers themselves selling off their files/molds to make some more bux out of the KO because after some time they realized they were too ambitious in pricing the original run. That's before we even go into certain brands who, in order to move leftover stock or having realized that they initially priced them too high, simply decide to rebrand their own shit as something else and sell them for way cheaper, sometimes even including fixes for previous QC issues. A good example of this would be the Warbotron Bruticus, which was sold as 5 packs of individuals for like $550, then got sold as an OSKO set under a different brand for $250, and is now being "reissued" as a boxed gift set for $180. >>690 >Hasbro does tend to attract the most autistic people out there These are the same people who think they are morally superior to weebs because "at least Transformers is not an anime" and "if I could have it the way I wanted, the Japanese would never have made any piece of Transformers media". Still, there's also the weight queen diecast autist on the other side of the argument who exclusively collects MP scale 3P because they want toys that they will never transform ever but look great doing an A pose on a shelf due to its size and paint, and can brag about its weight to others. I don't get this mentality - I personally have a mix of 3P and HasTak stuff and I'm not autistic about scale, plus if all you want is displaying something imposing for (fake) nerd cred, you could get statues that are way bigger, heavier and more high quality than any Fans Toys figure. You don't even have to exert the energy to pose them because they're already in a pretty dynamic pose!
There used to be a couple of Gacha anons around sometime ago Saw this stuff called "Capsuleroid" its a gacha toy The set is composed of 4 balls-that-turn-into- mecha armors and 2 small robot grills (the armor is big enough to fit the small robot in) couldnt find good pics, just some YT vids https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wChBddU-1fg

Open file (189.63 KB 798x1168 1614653366451.png)
Soldier 03/02/2021 (Tue) 22:03:36 No.695 [Reply]
I'll avoid mentioning his name because he google searches it every 5 minutes due to his ego. We need to discuss what's wrong with this idiot & encourage staff to make sure he doesn't frequent here, because he will kill this board just like he ruined 4/toy/. Their janitor is also his good friend & a /pol/tard and lets his troll posting slide, another factor that ruined their board. Everything you will read here can be verified easily. He got semi-famous when Toyfare featured his customs in the 90s and he's thought himself important since. He was banned from the old spawn.com forums for treating others like garbage. he got banned from Fwoosh for signing up multiple accounts to harass other customizers that were getting more praise than he was- Fwoosh can confirm that, he didn't use a proxy so all these "new" accounts signing up to target specific users had his IP address. Fwoosh staff later sussed out that he was buying his own customs on eBay with secondary accounts so people would think they were worth thousands of dollars. He's a huge racist that cried about Barack Obama, supported Trump, denies COVID, has said he wants Anthony Fauci to be shot, brags about his fantasies of killing minorities & liberals, supported Gamergate(though he's such a piece of crap that even GG didn't want to associate with him) despite, funny enough, not being white himself. His skin is a bit brown. He got banned from TFW2005 rather recently for more of his racist attitude. Funny enough he's only welcome on Allspark- a place that coddles liberals, LGBT, etc. About 15 years ago he had sex with an underage girl who called herself Sinno. This happened at Botcon, it came out because Sinno bragged about it. He gave her one of his customs as "payment" so not only was it statutory rape(in addition to adultery, as he's married) it was prostitution. He has a severe hatred of 3rd party Transformers and almost got in trouble at a con once for impersonating a police officer and trying to "confiscate" a dealer's stock. He didn't walk far enough away from the table to be arrested for shoplifting, unfortunately. He also used to go around claiming to be a Hasbro employee until their legal department made him quit. Hasbro did bootleg one of his customs for GDO Laserbeak, but it's not unusual for Hasbro/Tomy to steal fan works in recent years(Platinum Sixshot's box lifted an artist's work). Hell, it's Hasbro, they steal every idea they have. One incident on 4/toy/ in their BST saw him go on a rant praising Hitler, George Zimmerman, etc because no one would sell him toys due to his bad attitude & reputation- plus he had defrauded a few sellers there before with bogus SNAD claims to get free toys. He lost his ad partnership deal with BBTS because they didn't want to lose customers to keep an insane racist as an ad partner. He's also had an obsessive hatred over someone who made a 12" GO Joe Cobra Commander custom because it wasn't done using "his methods". The man has a huge ego and a "my way or the highway" attitude. It's been about 8 years since that was made and he's still angry over it, still attacking the person who made it. It's another thing to live rent-free in his head along with Obama and Zoe Quinn. Back when the country music concert in Las Vegas was shot up by a sniper, he impersonated a "friend" on 4/toy/, claiming to have been killed, asking for "funeral" donations. This was felony fraud. The official victim list came out, he wasn't on it, then he backpedaled and pretended he never made the post.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

He does have an ED article though it hasn't been updated in many years. Maybe that needs to change. This info needs to be updated and made public in a single spot that can be easily accessed, no matter how much of a whiner he is. He's left 2 decades of a paper trail documenting his stupidity, anger, hatred, etc, he can't run from the consequences.
Extra recent info- He hates Youtubers Thew, Patriot Prime and CrafsMan SteadyCraftin. He's also been fighting with RetroBlasting a lot as RB is highly critical of Hasbro. Though his love of Habsro might be questionable now. He's upset over Gina Carano's toy being cancelled(because she pushed and pushed until it bit her) and he's mad over the Potato Head "controversy" because his political party told him to. Don't be surprised if he abandons them... or not. Hasbro's been leaning that way since the 80s and he hasn't cared before. Oh and while he's upset over Carano's firing, he also openly believes women shouldn't be allowed to have jobs. I guess he looks the other way when they say stuff he agrees with(or he needs their income to buy toys). He also claims to be a Christian but doesn't act like one... or at least, not someone who listens to Jesus. He's a typical "christian conservative". He did rage hard over Mr Rogers as well.
>>695 >muh racists You're that guy that exploded in the corona thread, aren't you? >We need to discuss Who's we? YOU want to discuss this guy I've never heard of. Please keep your /cow/ drama quarantined there. Don't infect this board with garbage.
Rule 5. No YouTube/e-celeb drama Locking this thread as it violates the above rule. I appreciate the heads up but I will always delete off-topic shit, especially political posts. I don't care what your politics are, this board is for toys and not political discussion. Again brand wars and any attempt to troll/start flame wars will be moderated accordindly.

Open file (191.63 KB 1200x900 modibot 2020.jpg)
Open file (135.92 KB 1200x675 desktoy troopers.jpg)
Open file (95.83 KB 1024x1024 megabox alien.jpg)
Open file (103.33 KB 1200x900 Rio=K wonderfest 2019-1.jpg)
Toys on Twitter Soldier 05/01/2020 (Fri) 21:28:36 No.252 [Reply]
Mo, the guy from Modibots https://twitter.com/ModiBot_Mo DeskToy, japanese indie Toymaker, sometimes link to other indie makers. https://twitter.com/desk_toy Stryker Wang, works with Beastbox https://twitter.com/s250_mkii Rio=k, japanese toy hobbyst, post zoids and sometimes makes his own stuff https://twitter.com/Pzkpfw4ausfH feel free to add more
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https://twitter.com/chrysolina Sculptor that makes resin kits and cool robots https://twitter.com/protocraft_bg another japanese person with a love for mecha
>>688 >third pic was built out of two Doms Gundams Whoa, that is seriously creative.
>>688 >Protocraft_bg that guys Illegal-gundam builds are brutal https://twitter.com/i/events/1356402428896104448

imagedump - Alter_Nation_toys_0000087 Anonymous 04/11/2020 (Sat) 21:57:42 No.1 [Reply]
These are images from /toy/ saved with BUMP
24 posts and 5 images omitted.
>>629 why is this one connected to a paltform by wires? whats the gimmick?
>>633 Maybe the tail lights up? The red bits on the sides.
>>632 >Panda Mony cheaping out and him being an empty shell with cheap plastic Panda Mony is a new toy company and Alter Nation is their very first toyline, if they wanted to cheap out, they could've done it from the start and avoid the risks they have been taking for so long. They aren't big old corporations like Mattel and Hasbro run by CEOs who only care about profit and I don't see them becoming that way any time soon. >hard to pose figure More likely, articulation was never one of Alter Nation' strengths. From what I've read the straps on the arms going to be movable separate piece, >>633 >>634 From what I assume and vaguely remember, he supposed to have light up feature with the ability to shoot the ball which would probably include some spring loaded gimmick as well. I don't see any signs for speakers, so I'm not sure if he will have sound gimmick too.

Open file (1.52 MB 1600x1120 3 Egyptian Soldiers.png)
Open file (988.28 KB 1600x1120 3 hawk knights.png)
Open file (1.62 MB 1600x1120 3 Roman Soldiers.png)
Open file (77.18 KB 720x504 9312.jpg)
Open file (83.51 KB 658x692 9312_back.jpg)
Playmobil_thread_0000174 Anonymous 04/11/2020 (Sat) 23:22:55 No.100 [Reply]
good luck /toy/ d
11 posts omitted.
New 2021 catalog have been released! https://www.playmobil.de/content/katalogviewer/KatalogViewer.html#1 https://www.playmobil.us/content/katalogviewer/KatalogViewer.html#1 Take the Playmopill anon! >comfy to collect - no need to worry about getting it immediately or fear from scalpers, easily available by being sold both at regular toy shops and online. Even if you do miss some sets, most parts would likely to be reused in future sets >pure playline - great variety of playsets and vehicles which is rare sight nowadays, adult collector pandering is kept to minimum and doesn't hinder the play value >insanely high play value - figures, accessories, playsets and vehicles, this line has it all. Each set you add increase the play value >isn't made in chinkland - meaning high quality, workers are being paid well and work in decent conditions, most importantly the origin land of corona isn't getting any money Which Playmobil sets you bought in 2020? Which sets are you planning to get this year?

Open file (113.89 KB 400x288 New_Mega_Bloks_logo.png)
Open file (442.12 KB 1200x1600 S-l1600_(2).jpg)
Open file (110.30 KB 785x571 Marauder_skull.jpg)
Soldier 12/28/2020 (Mon) 22:17:43 No.586 [Reply]
Anyone here have/buy Mega stuff? If you ask me Mega is a lot better now that they dropped the whole knockoff Lego approach and instead focussed on doing their own thing. Don't get me wrong, Dragons was an incredible toyline (with some exceptional lore) but it was limited by the ugly sub par figures. Pyrates was a much better approach with the mini articulated figures (and the still deep lore) that really distinguished Mega as something different from Lego. The washes on the figures were quite heavy but this actually worked with making the pirates and skeletons looking dirty and grim.
3 posts and 3 images omitted.
>>586 No I didn't, moatly because they don't sell in my country and that there is an obviously supperior product, that being cobi. This also remanded me of those transforming brucks with armor and shit, I don't kniw hiw wete they called anymore.
>>596 i think those were called "Tenkai Knights" those were japanese , i think
>>597 I think that's it.

Open file (16.93 KB 278x181 images (12).jpeg)
Open file (915.33 KB 800x1437 illust-gormitiato.png)
Forgotten toylines Soldier 12/18/2020 (Fri) 23:56:33 No.813 [Reply]
Does some one remember gormiti? Yet through that they are still made And also you could tell me your wierd toys that nearly noone remembers. Sorry that the second pic is in czech
10 posts and 13 images omitted.
>>823 fuck, what a waste! With kneejoints those would have been totally decent. something like this happened to those Wakfu figures back in the day i think.
>>821 >>823 Yeah but they look like trash and they also don't look like gormiti to me and also the show is twice as trash the previous one.
>>823 The toys are lame, I've seen playline fashion dolls with more articulation than these playline action figures. Anyway, back to topic, what other obscure toylines do you know of?
>>826 The toys are good and fun, too bad America won't see retail release of these great designs.
>>819 I'm no /doll/ guy but these are incredible! Such fantastic designs - Dragon Queen and Wild One look are my favourites. Ogra is decent but what the fuck is up with Prince (extra) Kroma(some)? He looks like He-Man with a troll head. >the good and male characters were generic and so were the playsets Going to have to differ with you there, I think the playsets are interesting though the Palace of Gems could do with a better interior. >you would've expected that at least there would be a dragon for her to ride on Definitely missed opportunity there. >would've prefer...WWI soldiers Now that would've been something, holy shit. >I think the reason for this line failure is the lack of bad guys. I didn't think of that but it is definitely a big reason, especially when you consider the target audience.

The Incredible Crash Dummies Soldier 12/18/2020 (Fri) 23:48:15 No.829 [Reply]
Anyone else have these as a kid? I fucking loved 'em. I got the crash car for my birthday one year and the crash plane for my birthday the next and I was in heaven. They even made some 3DCG VHS specials which I thought were incredible and watched over and over, plus some video games for Sega consoles.
4 posts omitted.
Thanks anon for that info! I never knew this line had diecast which is quite impressive for an action figure line after the 80's. >but they would need a massive design overhaul & better QC which isn't happening because toy company budgets are less now than ever before While there's truth for that mostly in shitty Hasbro and Mattel case , I think there are still quite few toy companies that actually high budgets for their toys such as MGA, Playmobil, Playmates toys (the new Miraculous Ladybug dolls look great), Panda Mony, etc. QC issues however are much more prevalent problem and I'm not sure it just due to smaller budget. >Tyco long gone Another Hasbro/Mattel victim >the crash dummy safety campaign having vanished decades ago, I doubt it >The last relaunch of these were a unrelated reboot that didn't catch on You can always trust Mattel/Hasbro to either fuck up or hold onto the copyrights without doing anything, of the toy franchises they got from different toy companies they swallowed through the years. Speaking of crash test dummy figures, there's highly articulated one by Dam Toys and new Playmobil clicky in the blind bag Figures line or as part of big set from the new upcoming Stunt Show theme.
>>834 >diecast No, you misread, they didn't have any proper diecast metal body parts(that I'm aware of, I had a lot of the toys but not 100% of them). The inner clips for the pop-off limbs were metal pins, about the thickness of sewing needles that pinched the limb pegs using small springs. They broke easily when the toys were still current, and I would imagine age hasn't been kind to those thin prongs. Test dummies are still in use, of course, they just don't get any of the TV ad time that they used to. The final line had the "junkbots" villains which were fairly decent and some of them came packed with a CGI animated episode on VHS. It was very basic mid-90s CGI so it didn't really look good even when they released it. BTW Vince & Larry from the original TV ads did get toys in the line, they were a bit hard to find though, even though they were just easy recolors of the main body. There were also console video games that were... not really that good. They were LJN releases.
>>835 My bad. BTW do you own any of them? I would expect that, seeing how knowledgeable you're about this toyline which is quite impressive.
>>836 I owned them when they were released, but not anymore. The basic "Vince & Larry" body flew apart and the limbs could be further separated. There were a lot of other specialty bodies with their own gimmicks, several vehicles and a large playset. The second series had the "Junkbot" villains and a lot of the cast repainted in "Transformers G2" colors as some sort of body armor gimmick. There were 4 villains with a repaint of the leader that had a VHS tape packed with it and a couple smaller vehicles for them. I'm not sure why the line died, the poor QC(in addition to the weak prongs, some of the plastic was a bit below standard, which for a line meant to be slammed into things as a play pattern, was kind of a bad idea), could have been a factor but the safety board that owned the property seemed to lose interest in continuing it, I would guess because the brand leaned hard into the play gimmick of crashing vehicles and didn't promote the safety aspect they wanted. The later series tried to revive it but it didn't work out, they didn't sell well and none of the original characters came back.
>>837 Oh, so they were your childhood toys? Neat! >I'm not sure why the line died Most toylines die rather quickly after 1-3 waves, including great ones such as Sectaurs, Bone Age, Blackstar, etc. We got this wrong perception from toylines such as MLP, TF and Barbie that toylines should last forever, but in fact continuous death and replacement of toylines is what kept the toy market healthy and creative.

Pantsu_0000020 Anonymous 04/11/2020 (Sat) 23:01:32 No.68 [Reply]
good luck /toy/ b
6 posts and 1 image omitted.
What's with all these precures with their skirts removed? Are they by amateur/doujin circles?
Open file (101.65 KB 1224x1632 61cfGwrgfjL.jpg)
Open file (91.83 KB 1224x1632 61KqZzuz7AL.jpg)
Open file (159.28 KB 1080x1905 EdiBAvIU8AEFg1I.jpg)
Open file (245.50 KB 1152x2048 EdwCR0BUYAMYZv8.jpg)
>>415 They're all official figures. The skirt is a separate part for a lot of figures manufacturing reasons.
>>415 >he has never experienced the joy and pleasure of taking his figures skirts off They also make figures with a reflective base to look up their skirt.

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