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The Rules Anonymous 04/11/2020 (Sat) 22:14:06 No.17 [Reply]
THIS BOARD IS NOW THE BUNKER BOARD, HEAD TO ANON.CAFE FOR THE MAIN BOARD 0. Global Rule 1. This board is intended to cover both toys and collectibles (yes, statues come under collectibles) 2. While NSFW toys are allowed, I ask that anything NSFW is spoilered 3. No hotglue threads or anything similar 4. No sex toys 5. No YouTube/e-celeb drama Of course these rules are a work in progress and anyone willing to make a suggestion should do so in the meta thread >>31 READ THIS Main board: https://anon.cafe/toy Bunker board: https://prolikewoah.com/toy/

Slide Attack Aftermath Anonymous Root 07/15/2023 (Sat) 16:46:33 No.1012 [Reply]
/toy/ was hit by a slide attack. Since it didn't have a thread limit set or Early 404 turned on, most threads were completely wiped. It looks like quick-thinking anons saved a couple of threads. Unfortunately, we didn't have a backup of this particular board. Since it seems that /toy/ has been all but inactive since its move to Anon.cafe, most of the board's content remains mirrored on its bunker at https://prolikewoah.com/toy/. The sticky is even the same as on PLW, announcement that it is now the bunker board and all. Since /toy/ is so inactive and its Board Owner has not logged in for two years(!), it might be best to retire this board outright instead of attempting to re-mirror it. Please give your opinions on /toy/'s fate here, if you have any.
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>>1047 >The only problem I would see with taking it to /retro/ is that, at least my little collection, are all modern ones. Welp, the feds haven't directed tvch troons against /animu/'s site in quite some time, maybe your thread will be safest there for a while Anon? https://prolikewoah.com/toy/
Honestly if /toy/ ends up being closed here, I think a good compromise would be to resurrect it as a thread on /server/. Maybe we could rebuild the board's numbers that way.
>>1049 Hey that's a really good idea Anon! I agree with this FWIW, Admins.
>>1047 Yeah, that's true. >>1049 That's an even better idea.
Open file (1.18 MB 1006x988 COUPE-CLIP.png)
Open file (100.39 KB 800x800 hw-clip-coupe-rot.jpg)
>>1043 These are the ones I was talking about.

Open file (262.16 KB 900x826 IMG_0116.JPG)
Open file (360.65 KB 1288x966 IMG_0114.JPG)
Open file (342.99 KB 1219x694 IMG_0112.JPG)
Open file (304.32 KB 1288x966 IMG_0113.JPG)
Open file (322.72 KB 1069x782 IMG_0118.JPG)
Open file (288.17 KB 1052x728 IMG_0119.JPG)
Open file (413.15 KB 1180x908 IMG_0120.JPG)
Open file (259.04 KB 1100x728 IMG_0117.JPG)
Oi little shits post more toy pics in the toyboard!
Open file (301.30 KB 1091x749 IMG_0122.JPG)
Open file (199.83 KB 984x825 IMG_0123.JPG)
Open file (299.55 KB 1288x743 IMG_0124.JPG)
Open file (220.55 KB 926x642 IMG_0126.JPG)
Open file (306.03 KB 950x836 IMG_0127.JPG)
Open file (116.82 KB 644x410 IMG_0128.JPG)
Open file (277.74 KB 1098x708 IMG_0129.JPG)
Open file (300.35 KB 1030x717 IMG_0130.JPG)
Some turtle-mountain gacha toys, not articulated at all
Open file (327.81 KB 1223x784 IMG_0131.JPG)
Open file (128.89 KB 975x426 IMG_0133.JPG)
Open file (87.70 KB 518x570 IMG_0134.JPG)
Open file (55.99 KB 369x460 IMG_0138.JPG)
Open file (57.98 KB 361x483 IMG_0140.JPG)
Some legendary weapon pencil caps I think there was a 2nd series, but could not get em.

Pantsu_0000020 Anonymous 04/11/2020 (Sat) 23:01:32 No.68 [Reply]
good luck /toy/ b
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Open file (18.42 KB 500x375 IMG_2412.jpg)
Open file (18.84 KB 500x375 IMG_2721.jpg)
Open file (17.54 KB 500x375 IMG_2722.jpg)
Open file (23.92 KB 500x375 IMG_2753.jpg)
What's with all these precures with their skirts removed? Are they by amateur/doujin circles?
Open file (101.65 KB 1224x1632 61cfGwrgfjL.jpg)
Open file (91.83 KB 1224x1632 61KqZzuz7AL.jpg)
Open file (159.28 KB 1080x1905 EdiBAvIU8AEFg1I.jpg)
Open file (245.50 KB 1152x2048 EdwCR0BUYAMYZv8.jpg)
>>415 They're all official figures. The skirt is a separate part for a lot of figures manufacturing reasons.
>>415 >he has never experienced the joy and pleasure of taking his figures skirts off They also make figures with a reflective base to look up their skirt.

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