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Open file (51.64 KB 360x356 ps1_apocalypse.jpg)
Video Games Anonymage 08/15/2020 (Sat) 23:02:31 No.907
What's everyone been playing recently? I just finished playing this game on an emulator. The first couple of levels were really fun but the platforming became too hard after the graveyard level.
I got the main ending to yume nikki recently, though I needed to use a guide for the last few effects. And I've been playing the new patched LSD dream emulator with English translations of the in game dream text.
>>909 >female hikikomori video game wouldn't want to make the character a male now, that would make the game too realistic
>>910 You jest, but it's true. Part of the game's appeal for me was how closely I could identify with the character. If Madotsuki was a guy the resemblance might be a bit too on the nose for comfort.
WoW. I remember a bunch of time ago I asked God to give me a game where I could escape like the ones I used to use when I was back to school and I finally got it.
>>913 That's a nice story. It's always a great feeling when you find something that rekindles that good 'ol escapist flame. Will you join me in prayer? Pray to God that time slows down. Thats all. Best wishes wiz
Open file (372.50 KB 1920x1080 1.jpg)
Open file (122.64 KB 1200x675 2.jpg)
Unfortunately, I haven't been playing as many games as I'd like lately. I've been thinking about download some SNES emulator for playing Chrono Trigger, but I haven't done it yet. Anyway, I played a couple of video games on my niece's Xbox 360 a few days ago: >Double Dragon Neon It's the first 3D beat 'em up I've played that actually feels like a classic beat 'em up. It's a pretty fun game with a simple but varied moveset. The only thing I found strange was the fact that the characters are 3D models on top of 2D backgrounds/stages, which looks kind of weird sometimes. >Hard Corps: Uprising I enjoyed this game quite a lot. It's a little different from other games; there's a life bar and you can change your characters weapons at any time. I'm not a big fan of the art style but the game looks really good. Unfortunately, playing this game with the Xbox controller is kind of uncomfortable. >>907 I remember reading about this game some time ago. From what I remember, Bruce Willis was originally going to play the role of the player's sidekick, but somebody decided to make him the main character. Anyway, I watched a gameplay video of the game and it doesn't look bad. Maybe I should give it a try. >>909 I remember being obsessed with that game some years ago, which reminds me that I haven't player Yume 2kki yet. By the way, have you listened to 24EFFECTS yet? >>910 >>911 I know what you two mean. I guess that's the reason why so many Yume Nikki fangames have female protagonists. Funnily enough,once I thought of making a Yume Nikki fangame starring by a homeless guy, but I never took the time to actually work on it.
>>921 >Bruce Willis was originally going to play the role of the player's sidekick Playing as Bruce was a bit gimmicky because you're only really seeing the back of his head and hearing his dumb catchphrases. The game was very enjoyable, I got almost a solid hour of fun off each level while playing on my pocketgo 2. You get a wide selection of weapons and have to decide which one works the best for each area.
Played some SNATCHER on a sega CD emu. It's interesting since it originally came out in 1988, but it really feels like it's a game from years later. The PC-88 sort of graphics are really neat with dithering on. It has a nice "nostalgic" kind of feeling, even though I never played those sorts of games as a kid. The game itself is a little boring though, except for some fun puzzles and easter eggs and stuff it's like one of those FMV games where you watch stuff happen a lot. And plot itself is just an incoherent mashup of western 80s sci-fi. >>921 >By the way, have you listened to 24EFFECTS yet? I didn't even know it existed till you mentioned it. I only knew about one doujin album that I stumbled upon by mistake (subliminal from subroc recordings). Anyway, 24EFFECTS is nice so thanks for suggesting it. Though it's a little more energetic than I would have expected from being inspired by the sedate and ambient yume nikki tracks.
>>924 >sega CD emu I've never used a sega cd emulator, I guess I always assumed the console would be like the sega saturn and next to impossible to emulate. What's the best emulator to use for the system?
>>941 I don't know about best, but I've been using Kega Fusion (https://www.carpeludum.com/kega-fusion/) since it had a linux binary that ran without much trouble. My machine is pretty low spec, and the few things I've run on it have worked well for whatever it's worth.
Open file (122.36 KB 1280x720 Runescape.jpg)
My niece has been playing Old School Runescape lately and sometimes she asks me to help her with some quests. I'm not into MMORPG, but there's something about this game I find very appealing. I even like the look of the game, despite its blocky look. It seems to be pretty repetitive though. I doubt I'll ever create an account there, but I can see why so many people play that game. >>924 I know what you mean. I also found 24EFFECTS more energetic than I expected the first time I listened to it, but I ended up liking it for some reason. It's the first I've heard about Subroc Recordings, but I enjoyed the track you posted so much that I decided to give it a try to Subliminal. I must say, it's a really nice album.
Any one here make any video games? I've been in the mood for another attempt at game development lately. I've tried a few times before, but usually I end up quitting pretty quick since I can't do anything right. Like I'll spend a day floundering trying to get super simple copypasted code to work, or trying to make an asset that doesn't look like a literal pile of shit. I don't really have any good ideas either so the whole thing tends to make me really negative. Then I'll go on the internet and see a 24 hour game jam where someone will just effortlessly crap out a whole game, super disheartening. >>945 I was never a MMORPG guy but I found run escape pretty fun back when I played it. It had a good game design from what I remember. Even with PVP it wasn't too combat focused, had good feeling quests, and the busywork didn't feel too tedious since it was based around communal points. I recall having a lot more interactions with random players in runescape than the other MMOs I had tried, which may be part of why I liked it.
Open file (10.87 KB 267x234 rayman-gbc.jpg)
I've been playing the gbc version of this game recently, it's one of the best platformers I have ever play. The controls are so smooth, I hardly ever have to suffer a needless death from a misplaced jump. Everything about the game seems perfect. If anyone knows any good platform games, preferably for the gbc/gba, I'm open to suggestions.
Open file (44.25 KB 320x288 avenging.jpg)
Open file (5.30 KB 160x144 trip.png)
Open file (5.15 KB 160x144 wendy.png)
>>952 I've made a few games for class assignments, but they are very simple and terribly unoriginal. I'd love to make something more complex and personal someday, but unfortunately, I never make time to code. Anyway, making a video game isn't an easy task, so don't worry, it's normal not to get it right away. As for those people who can make a decent game in 24 hours, I'm sure they have a lot of experience in game development. There's no point in comparing yourself to them. >>958 I have never played that game, but I remember having a lot of fun with the first Rayman for PSX. Maybe I should give it a try. I don't know many GBC games, but here are a few ones that I think are really good: >Avenging Spirit >Trip World >Wendy: Every Witch Way As for other consoles, I recommend any of these games: >Adventure Island III (NES) >Adventure Island IV (NES) >Banana Prince (NES) >Little Nemo Dream Master (NES) >Panic Restaurant (NES) >Pizza Pop! (NES) >Congo's Caper (SNES) >DoReMi Fantasy (SNES) >Jetsons : Invasion of The Planet Pirates (SNES) >Pop'n TwinBee: Rainbow Bell Adventures (SNES) >Super Widget (SNES) >Violinist of Hameln (SNES) I'm sorry if I posted too many titles.
>>960 Thanks, avenging spirit and trip world look like they're a lot of fun. I don't think I've ever heard of them before. NES and SNES platform games a bit too hard for me. I don't like having to save a state every minute or so just to get through a game
>>964 I'm glad you find them interesting. On the other hand, DoReMi Fantasy (SNES) and Felix The Cat (NES) are a little easier than most NES/SNES platform games.
>>966 Maybe I'll give them a try, but SNES and especially NES games are notoriously unforgiving, and I can get extremely frustrated while playing video games (me: this game is getting too hard, this isn't fun anymore, I give up). I mostly just want simple easy platformers that I can play while listening to podcasts.
>>960 Do you have more recommendations for the other gameboys?
Open file (2.70 KB 256x224 Hammer_Bro.png)
Open file (62.94 KB 1920x1080 Lakitu.jpg)
Right now I'm playing Super Mario Bros Deluxe for the gbc. I really I hate these enemies, especially the cloud guy. I could easily breeze through the game without losing very many lives if it wasn't for these bastards.
>>987 I remember that one, the bonus stuff is pretty fun but the zoomed in screen is a real bitch to play with. The credits theme is a banger.
>>988 >zoomed in screen I got use to it but yeah, the zoomed in screen did cause me to fall to my death a couple times.
>>960 >making a video game isn't an easy task, so don't worry, it's normal not to get it right away Thanks anonymage. I made the post more negative than I intended since I'm a very negative person. Sorry. It's just hard to keep working on something when it rubs in how bad at things you are. Anyways, to be less of a buzzkill I'll give a quick run down of the idea of the game I was trying to make. It's not very original but Basically it was going to be a walking simulator with mild horror and significant random encounter elements in a low-poly giant structure ripoff of BLAME!. You'd play a robot with physics based limbs. The gameplay would mostly consist of wandering around loosely connected areas interacting with parts of the environment, NPCs, and occasional puzzles. Depending on what directions you go at crossroad type areas there'd be a few divergent ending "quests" you could take. Divergent as in none of them were compatible or any more "true" than any others, sort of like SH2. The idea was to make it as modular and non-linear as possible so it would be easy to jump around and work on another area if I got stuck on any one task too long. Obviously though I still bit off way more than I could chew.
>>980 Unfortunately, I haven't played as many games as I'd like to, which is strange since I have the entire No-Intro GB/GBC Collection in my PC. I should download an emulator a play them someday. As for other GBC games, here are a few ones: >Donkey Kong '94 The first few levels are very similar to the original Donkey Kong, but then it becomes into a very cool hybrid between a platform game and a puzzle game. >Hamtaro: Ham-Hams Unite! A cute adventure game where you solve puzzles by learning new words and recollecting special items. However, the game can be too childish and silly for some people. >The Grinch A fun hybrid between Pac-Man and a stealth game. I already talked about this game in an old thread. >>990 I really like your ideas, in fact, I'd love to play a game similar to the one you described. I know it's not a very popular genre, but I've always thought that walking simulators have a lot of potential, and what better place to explore than some sort of scary space station. However, I know virtually nothing about 3D game development, but it sounds like a very complex thing. I guess you were planning on using a game engine like Unity or Unreal, right?
Played Nier once more to get ending B & C . Honestly I feel the same as I felt about it before. The ideas are good, but the execution is mediocre. Like it's spiritual precursor Drakenguard, the whole thing is a simple "invert typical RPG archetypes and tropes" thing, but it doesn't come off as well as Drakenguard. It feels like they took the rough draft ideas, strapped them to a generic minimal WRPG musou hybrid and then called it a day. You'll go and play a fishing minigame, in a generic sea town, or do a generic block puzzle in a generic desert temple, or do a generic fetch quest for one of the 4 NPC models. Every now and then there's a blip of story, a drop of lore, or a cutscene to show you how things are, but it just feels like a single drop of honey on a giant bowl of bland gruel. A lot of the best lore is actually only in bonus material, or delivered via blocks of text. I don't know if it could have been delivered well in game form, but I think I would have liked the game more if they had at least tried to make the game and the narrative align. That said the OST is quite good, though many of the tracks sound very similar. In the game it got to be a bit grating since you'd be in one area for a while or repeatedly visit and sometimes the songs weren't smoothy looped or would get interrupted by battle music every few minutes. I've included two of my favorite tracks and the main theme. Also I've been playing some open source android games like shattered pixel dungeon, unciv, hyperrogue, openmw, and open x-com. Oddly I find myself very engaged in them even though many are simple and have limited content. I guess its the constant hand and finger movement which tricks me into thinking I'm doing some sort of manual task requiring dexterity and focuses my mind more than when I play with a controller. >>1002 >I really like your ideas, Thank you very much mage. I've gone back to work on it a bit more since I posted. If I ever do manage to finish it or even make a working demo I'll post it here. Though it probably won't be anywhere as good as the idea sounds. >I know virtually nothing about 3D game development, but it sounds like a very complex thing. I guess you were planning on using a game engine like Unity or Unreal, right? Yes, I was using the Godot engine, since I like that it's open source and you can do whatever you want with the games you make. 3D is definitely more work in many ways, but these days the engines themselves handle most of the basic hard parts without too much trouble. Making a very simple game isn't much harder than making a source engine mod. The main complication happens when you want to do things that the engine doesn't handle by itself. It doesn't help that I both don't know any coding languages, and I am not really smart enough to understand programing or math well. If you are good at coding and thinking mathematically 3D probably is not too much harder, though it still takes a lot of work.
Open file (211.58 KB 1400x874 pi_4.jpg)
What are people's thoughts on the Raspberry Pi 4? Is it worth getting or would it be better to just connect a laptop up to a TV with a wired controller? It seems like a lot of a hassle to assemble the kit, set up the OS and then install RetroPie or whatever.
I was playing Pokemon White but I came across a weird bug that freezes the game. I guess the ROM is corrupt or something like that. I'll try to fix it, but if i can't, I think I'll play Chrono Trigger or Last Window instead.
Do any of you guys have a nintendo switch? Wondering what some good games would be for it.
>>1118 What are you looking for? I don't own one but I someday would like to just to play Bayonetta, Xenoblade and Deadly Premonition. Personally never cared about the typical Nintendo games but I would like to try Breath of the Wild.
Open file (976.28 KB 600x972 bing bing wahoo.png)
>>1118 Big typical nintendo game guy here. I just want to relive the wonder and joy of my childhood but it's all gone, and after the attempt I find myself emptier than when I started. The latest Animal Crossing is pretty fun and the new Paper Mario isn't as good as the first two or even the first three but it is endearing in a childish sort of way, and definitely better than Sticker Star (and I assume the paint one but I never played that one because it looked ten times more boring than sticker star). It doesn't have the same charm in the story and the battles are some weirdo puzzle shit that I think appeals to very few but it has a sort of collectathon feel with the toads and most of the secrets are fun to get. Also it's probably the best Paper Mario soundtrack imo, besides maybe SPM. Also I can confirm Breath of the Wild is good, especially if you get the DLC. I think there's a couple problems like the combat being kind of janky but it's fun to experiment with the different elemental stuff. Mario Odyssey seems overrated to me between the way that Mario's movement feels extremely light and the tons of filler shit so they can have a very impressive-sounding amount of goals in the game. It's alright but I don't think it's as good as the other 3d Marios.
>>1122 I don't know. I hardly play any games but I have one of these things and a PS3.
Open file (205.09 KB 1280x844 chrono.jpeg)
I finished Chrono Trigger for the first time a few days ago, and I must admit that I enjoyed every minute of it. Its battler system is really fun and there are a lot of enemies that require you to diversify your strategies, while the story takes its time to introduce you to many fascinating characters and take you to all kinds of different places. I liked pretty much all the characters, but I think my favorites ones are Toad and Lucca. On the other hand, I found Magus's backstory very interesting. I've never been interested in JRPGs, but now I want to play more games like this one.
Open file (138.45 KB 1280x720 duke-4-2.jpg)
I finished Duke Nukem 3D on the "Let's Rock" difficulty a few weeks ago. Now I'm trying to finish it on the "Come Get Some" difficulty with all the secrets. I must say, I can see why so many people love this game. It has a lot of fun maps, weird guns and some funny moments here and there. Also, this may sound silly, but I'm impressed by how interactive its environment is.

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