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Open file (42.68 KB 300x100 1477346856723.png)
Meta thread Anonymage 12/11/2019 (Wed) 20:07:06 No.5
Please note that this board is a bunker for those who browsed the late Magicchan, and therefore I ask that only those who posted on it use this board as we are still trying to find many anons who were lost. Many thanks for respecting this

Rules are the same as on Magicchan, and I also ask that if you find a lost mage to discreetly and subtly show them this board.
A mage made a backup of Magicchan from early 2017, and the mega link is here: https://mega.nz/#!eTQjFIqR!DzJqqD12DhiJiU6r3WrugE5aQz0YItaIpobZ2QUzQTg

If you want a specific thread re-uploading here, I can do it if you want.
Open file (555.23 KB 500x366 1575349262096.gif)
Most mages are on /r9k/ so maybe we should advertise /tower/ there.
I don't want this board advertised directly because its only for Magicchan users. 8ch /tower/ went to shit in the end because it was advertised elsewhere.
Ported over Magicchan's CSS to lynxchan, lease respond with any issues/bugs regarding this
Works fine for me.
is text supposed to be this small?
What text?
I was about to ask you that same question. The text is so small that I'm forced to use the clear style instead.
What browser are you using? It looks fine on Firefox. Will increase the text size though, and thanks for alerting me.
The font has been updated from 12px to 16 - is this satisfactory?
I personally think it looks great now.
Thank you.
Glad to be of service
Open file (182.97 KB 516x687 1504086671.27719535.jpg)
Looks good now, thanks anon.
Meant to post these way earlier.
Updated the CSS slightly to make the navigation bar and embedded links not so hard to see. I can't see there be any problems, but please do let me know if there are any.

Thanks, they've been added.
Open file (193.02 KB 800x600 xmas_tree.jpg)
Spoiler text is black when revealed.
.spoiler:hover {color: inherit;}

Several menus such as watched threads, settings, reports, quick reply box have Yotsuba B background color.
.floatingMenu {background: #1e1e1e;}
.modalDecorationPanel {background: #1e1e1e;}
.modalTableBody th {background: #292929 url('https://anon.cafe/.media/7c268c65bf3e08ae7f2a65379684a6ef-imagepng.png');}
#quick-reply table {background: #1e1e1e;}
#quick-reply th {background: #292929 url('https://anon.cafe/.media/7c268c65bf3e08ae7f2a65379684a6ef-imagepng.png');}

Could probably change more things for some better contrasts, maybe the borders around the quick reply box and report menus, but this should work for now.
Added and thank you
Open file (6.00 MB 1580x11333 tower.png)
I really like how it looks. I don't know why, but it makes me feel like I'm playing a old MS-DOS game.
Very nice, but where did you find the stone background?
It's Pseud0ch, just altered color/brightness/contrast and increased in size. I'll post the CSS when it's done. A lot of minor things still need to be fixed.
I guess it's done. The navbar appears after 1 second on hover.
What is everyone's opinion on the new CSS? Is there anyone that doesn't want the CSS to change?
Dude this fuckin CSS rules holy shit
only complaint is no quick reply box but whatever
It's at the bottom right for some reason, no idea why though.
Yeah I caught that, it's fine but some may complain. I found that the catalog is full yotsuba b, but it shouldn't take much to make it cohesive with the rest of your new CSS
Looks sick. I think the text is one or two sizes too big for me but that isn't bad at all. I can just zoom out a bit and that should work fine.
No hard feelings if it isn't changed. Just something I did for fun. Most of the base is the current CSS with some tweaks, such as minor color differences to allow for shorthand colors (#222 instead of #1e1e1e). Making it did show me there are still colors missing from the current CSS, so I could always make that more compatible with LynxChan if you want that instead.


I've never been fond of the quick reply box, and I felt it was especially redundant with the posting form at the bottom, so I hid it. It could be made visible again by removing #quick-reply from the list of elements to not display at the bottom of the CSS.

Personal taste. It compliments the delete and report forms, so there isn't empty space on the right.

LynxChan doesn't have any selectors for the body to differentiate between the index and the catalog, like Tinyboard + vichan did, so it should work. I think the problem is the individual user changing CSS with the settings menu has no affect on the catalog page.

Thanks. I do prefer larger font sizes, but I didn't set anything concrete, such as px or pt. They're all percents, as LynxChan's default CSS does, so you could also change your browser's default font size. LynxChan's default CSS has the message, among other things, set to 80%. I changed it to 100%. Shrinking the most important text, that the user will spend the majority of his time reading, makes zero sense. And that explains why the font size was originally too small when the BO first altered the CSS to work with LynxChan. The body's 12px font size was shrunk to a measly 9.6px by the default CSS.
>No hard feelings
It wasn't that I didn't want to change it, but more that I wanted to let everyone here decide. This board exists for the community, so I feel it should be run by the community.
No worries. I wasn't being impatient. I meant I'd be okay with not changing it if anyone, even if only one mage, was against it. If someone wanted to keep the original for the sake of legacy/nostalgia I would understand.
With anon cafe going down a couple of times recently, I've been thinking to how we've been scattered to the winds twice now. Although I don't believe this site will disappear, I think we should still be prepared. With that in mind, where should we head to if such an event happens? Wizchan should be completely off the table as they were quite hostile when MC died and its best to distance ourselves.

I know the previous /tower/ BO put out his email before 8chan went down, so I'll put mine here: modmin@airmail.cc
Consider putting bunker info and stuff into metadata in your banners. This could help as a known backup plan for mages and also a way to filter out outsiders like me sorry I just want you to survive Whatever happens I wish /tower/ the best of luck.
also your threads are showing up on the overboard just a heads up, and that's why I'm saging
LynxChan will strip the metadata. Look at the install docs. Anon.cafe's admins have probably added exiftool for stripping.
You could make a secondary bunker on another part of the webring, as /robowaifu/ has done.
That's an interesting idea and I will bear it in mind, thank you.
>also your threads are showing up on the overboard just a heads up, and that's why I'm saging
Thanks but I'm not that bothered by it personally as this website is nice and relaxed, so I don't think it should be any problem

Didn't think of this either but will get on it.
Backup board has been created, though hopefully we won't need it. To the anon that made a report, I emailed the 8/tower/ BO before I made this board and another mage emailed him back in August and they too have yet to receive a reply. I hope he's still out there, but I created this precisely because there were no alternatives for us.
Edited last time by Modmin on 01/14/2020 (Tue) 23:52:53.
Don't forget to delist it if you still want to be hidden. Can see it from the webring on julay, though not on the regular /boards.js
just a heads up.
Judging by the stuff going on with /r9k/ here it would probably be good to do this just in case we get noticed by an autist looking to stir shit.
Julay is utter bullshit, I can't confirm my account and the first thing I done was delist the board. It still says its delisted but I don't know if I need my account to be confirmed before it'll work. If it doesn't work I'll delete the /tower/ board there and make it elsewhere instead.
Is anon.cafe being retarded for anyone else or is it just me?
It's being a bit funny for me but I guess it's to do with the spam earlier.
bwahahaha. I spammed up the site to fuck over you. Currently working on a captcha solver to fuck JulayWorld over.
And what has anyone from this board done to personally insult/attack you? From what I see your problem is with /r9k/ but you're affecting all the boards here.
Julay is 502ing :)
I want that meta thread gone.
I'm not sure which meta thread you are on about, but the one here only concerns the running of the board
Quite frankly, we have no animosity towards you. Your beef is with /r9k/ right? We aren't them. I doubt that there's much overlap between our userbase and theirs, especially since there's like five of us.
Open file (143.63 KB 473x360 Spike_bang.png)
I'm an old user from magicchan and I found this today. How people knew about this? After 8chan died I just remember a thread (as usual, awful) in wizchad and everyone dispersing. Also some guy was supposed to make a new place but he never aswered mails after some days.
>>280 Someone mentioned this place in lizchan, that's how I got here.
>>280 I didn't know where any of the mages went so I created this board to try gather us again before we decide where to go and what to do next. >After 8chan died I just remember a thread (as usual, awful) in wizchad and everyone dispersing Didn't even think to check wizchan after 8chan going down. What were the wizards like? They felt quite hostile in the magicchan mourning thread. >Also some guy was supposed to make a new place but he never aswered mails after some days. The original /tower/ BO has disappeared along with the plans for the imageboard he was going to create for us.
I'll try to get the CSS fixed today.
>>283 Its appreciated
>>282 >What were the wizards like? Well, as I said, awful. Worse of all is how they don't notice the place is shit, I mean, even in 4chan people notices the place has gone to shit in the last years. I think they tried to convince some of us to stay there because "magicchan and wizchan were the same" or some nonsense like that.
A few minor differences from the previous CSS. I hope I didn't miss anything. https://pastebin.com/eWy1aE8q
>>288 Seems good to me.
>>286 >Worse of all is how they don't notice the place is shit, I mean, even in 4chan people notices the place has gone to shit in the last years. It is incredible how little self-awareness they have but at least it means they stay in their containment. As you pointed out, it's so odd because 4chan is largely self-aware yet the wizards come across as quite jaded and ignorant. It's the main reason I left to be honest because it isn't a healthy place for a community to live in. >"magicchan and wizchan were the same" As if. >>288 Everything seems good and its been added. Many thanks once again.
Is there any way to make it so that new posts and images are not advertised on the anon cafe front page? It feels kind of exposed.
>>313 I've had the board unindexed since it was first created but it's up to the admins to remove it from the front page. I requested it before but it was either ignored or not seen, but I've requested it again so hopefully we see some change.
>>314 I see, thanks for asking again. I'm sorry for complaining when it's out of your hands.
>>315 It's no bother; you only have the best interests of the board in mind.
You're no longer showing up on the overboard or the front page. Please keep the global rules well.
>>319 Thanks
>>319 That's good news, thank you.
If I made a thread for /sad/ posting would anyone else use it? No one's made one yet, so I guess the answer is probably not, but I thought I'd ask anyway.
>>326 I'd probably post in a /sad/ thread occasionally.
>>326 I too would post in it occasionally. The only reason I didn't make one is that the one I made in /tower/ didn't see much use so I thought no-one was interested.
>>327 >>328 OK then, seems like it was worthwhile to make a thread. I've gone ahead and done just that, hopefully the OP is okay and doesn't bother anyone.
Open file (6.71 KB 1330x73 ClipboardImage.png)
Did anyone here make this post? Otherwise there's another lost mage out there somewhere. https://text.wizchan.org/kareha.pl/1582128755/l50
I've been thinking and although we have a bunker, we are still reliant on me for maintaining the board in terms of clearing up spam and such, and if I disappear I don't want something similar happening here to what happened to /r9k/ recently. To counter this, is anyone interested in becoming a vol? All it would require is to create an account and I can add you, which means if I disappear there are others who can maintain the board, and the global admin can transfer ownership of the board to someone trustworthy. Although I don't plan on disappearing, it's better to be safe than sorry. For anyone interested, please reply to this post using the IP you usually use with the account name you created both on anon.cafe and julay.world - unfortunately I'll have to check that the person responding is a user of this board and not someone acting in bad faith.
>>353 That site is globally filtered on fatchan, automatically banning anyone who links to it. I don't know why, if it was simply because of massive shilling, or more worryingly because of suspicious activity, just that the admin warns not to click it. Maybe that post was sincerely by a mage, but he accidentally chose a site with a bad reputation. https://fatpeople.lol/r9k/thread/1.html#547
>>355 What do you need exactly? I'm technologically illiterate so I don't know if I could help.
>>359 Go to https://anon.cafe/login.html and https://julay.world/login.html and register an account. After that just post the username you created so I can add you to the board volunteer list.
>>361 Done. The username is Lev.
>>363 Added and thanks
God dammit i just found this bunker and I've been on the webring the entire time
>>370 Welcome, friend. It's good that you found us.
>>373 Thanks. Who would have thought googling "magicchan tower" would actually work lol
>>370 Good to see you found us. If you don't mind me asking, where were you lurking? I've been looking for other mages across other imageboards and thought I'd found all I could.
>>375 Mostly just unrelated boards such as /v/. I see the board was made in December, I kinda gave up trying to find a bunker by that point. I've been lurking on wizchan for a few weeks, I saw this >>353 there but I think it was an empty board with no posts.
>>370 Post please. I don't want to be the only one posting, it feels weird.
>>376 Ah I didn't even think to check /v/. Were you the mage that was looking forward to the upcoming game where you were a raccoon (or something similar, I can't remember) exploring a massive open world? I was thinking about him recently actually. It's probably for the best that the place advertised in >>353 was empty as I doubt it was one of us. >>377 Relax anon, we're just a bit slower than usual. I'm sure things will pick up soon, though I'd rather have infrequent quality posts than frequent posts of lower quality.
>>377 I have an idea for a thread called Question of the Week. Every couple weeks I will ask a question and we can debate around the topic if there is any interest. >>381 No but that sounds interesting, I like open world games but I doubt my toaster could run it So is this the new permanent home? I don't want to go back to 8kun but it might be a good idea to create a board there as a beacon of light for mages who don't know about this place.
Open file (879.37 KB 1920x1080 biomutant_screenshot_17.jpg)
>>381 >Were you the mage that was looking forward to the upcoming game where you were a raccoon That was me. I'm still waiting for it, I hope the virus doesn't affect the release, it seems like a game made specifically to please my tastes. We don't talk about videogames too much but in those dark but comfy days I play a lot.
>>383 >So is this the new permanent home? I don't think any of us are planning a move, and I doubt we'll need to for some time, so long as nothing happens to anon.cafe. Even if we did need to move I'd assume we'd be able to stay on the webring sso long as we weren't specifically targeted by discord faggots or anything. >I don't want to go back to 8kun but it might be a good idea to create a board there as a beacon of light for mages who don't know about this place. I fear that what would be more likely is that it would make people that were screwing with us would see it and come, I think that unfortunately there's probably not many folks who are actively looking for /tower/. I wouldn't be anyways, the only reason I know about this place is because the /r9k/ bunker was mentioned on Lizchan RIP, don't know what happened to it but it's a shame it's gone and around that time this board was created. Anyways, the point is that I think the risk is great. Perhaps it would be worth it just to get more of us back together, but as it is I don't know if there would be many of us on 8kun regardless, and I doubt they'd think we'd regroup there. What's more likely in my mind is that people less familiar with us looking to stir shit would be more likely to find us from an 8kun board than former Magicchan users. And if the glownigger shit has any truth to it we'd get those assholes too. It'd probably be for the best if we let anonymages come to us rather than seeking them out, and only pointed them here if we see someone who clearly posted on magicchan or /tower/. I'd like to think that's how they'd feel too if it were the other way around. Also, I'd say the most posters we probably had on 8chan was 10-15, maybe not even that many. Even if we assume that everyone there would actively look for another bunker when 8chan went down, and we assume that we only have five posters now (since only 5 seperate posters have identified themselves individually in one thread), we're looking at 1/3 of our original userbase at the least, which I would say is pretty good given our situation and the nature of the board being like a recluse's recluse. I guess fractions and numbers count for less when you're dealing with such small numbers though, they're more useful for a larger population. Point is that it's very likely that we have a good amount of anonymages, and it's not unlikely that they'd find us eventually on their own. It is however, likely that unwanted posters would find us if we advertised ourselves, which is what happened on 8chan. Please excuse my rambling by the way, it seems like I can't write a single concise post without expanding on every dumb detail.
>>387 *original userbase from /tower/ Not sure how I manage to check my spelling a million times but not see that.
>>384 Damn that game looks awesome. >>387 >Point is that it's very likely that we have a good amount of anonymages, and it's not unlikely that they'd find us eventually on their own. It is however, likely that unwanted posters would find us if we advertised ourselves, which is what happened on 8chan. Good point. Btw there is a new /wizard/ board on julay, it might be worth monitoring for possible mages.
>>389 From what I see /wizard/ is made up of wizchan users so I don't know if it's worthwhile.
>>387 >Lichan On wizchad I read there were problems paying the VPS. Don't know much else if this might be of interest for you.
Open file (198.87 KB 1024x683 feeling-down.jpg)
It looks like lizchan is down for good. I guess this is the last of the wizchan alternatives.
The bunker on julay is gonna be deleted soon for inactivity.
As the bunker is going to be deleted, we need another fallback plan. In terms of the webring there only seems to be Fatchan as a place to create a bunker. I haven't created one yet as there seems to be no point if there's no unindex option for the board. Any other ideas are more than welcome. IF YOU NEVER USED MAGICCHAN, I ASK THAT YOU PLEASE LEAVE THIS PLACE AS WE ARE STILL TRYING TO REGROUP AND SET UP OUR OWN HOME. MANY THANKS
>>422 How about setting up a VPS+domain and host it by ourselves? I'm guessing money is the issue?
>>423 Money is a big issue. My family and I have been living from food banks for some time now and although I hope it changes for the better I can't see it changing right now. I've never asked mages for money for the creation of our own site because it just seems like a scummy thing to do and other mages don't seem to be in a good financial position themselves.
>>424 How much it could cost?
>>421 Can't we just post on the julay board every once in a while so it isn't considered inactive? What are the rules regarding artificial activity like that?
>>426 This or have a non IB backup plan, like an email.
>>426 Seems it's already been decided to cull the board but posting there wouldn't harm anything. >>427 Do you want to elaborate on that? Are you just on about sharing email addresses with each other?
>>421 Honestly I'm a little iffy about posting there, it seems like that board is heavily associated with /cow/. Doesn't the Julay thing come from something Chris Chan said? A new site would be ideal but I could understand if someone doesn't want to put themselves out there to make one.
I'm not sure why I'm getting an outsider message after my posts. I legitimately posted on magicchan. Not a lot but my posts were there.
>>430 I'm really sorry about that, I freaked out a bit because your post was using 4chan /tv/ slang like "based" "coof", etc and I assumed you were an outsider or spammer (dolphin has spammed here before). Rather than straight up ban you I decided to give a warning instead, but I have no idea why it is still coming up after multiple posts. As far as I know a warning only pops up once. Apologies once again.
>>431 >no idea why it is still coming up after multiple posts I only seen it once, it's fine.
Having someone to fund a new magicchan as a new host with VPS+domain name would be the perfect solution. Otherwise I think we can also abandon the idea of a bunker and just create a throw away email on cock.li or protonmail.com and share it here and do some sort of mailing list in case this board will cease to exist so that we can coordinate on what to do.
https://julay.world/meta/res/1480.html >A julay admin mentioned in a thread on smug/a/ a couple weeks ago that there was work on trying to make the delisted boards show up in the webring Hopefully nothing comes of it but if we get non-mages coming here I'll pull the board after making archives of the threads so we don't lose everything because I don't want to see a repeat of last time on the first /tower/. I've updated the board announcement tab at the top, so please check that for information regarding our new backup board and a way to contact me should both the main and backup boards be unavailable. >>429 /cow/ doesn't seem to care about wizards anymore, but I understand where you're coming from. Although it doesn't really matter since the board is being culled some time next week. >>432 Ah, I misinterpreted your post. Thought the warning was a recurring thing after every post. >>441 I'll be honest I prefer the idea of bunker boards than email because it at least leaves a potential trail for lost users and doesn't end up in namefaggotry. I have posted my email though as we can't be too careful.
>>441 The original magicchan being shuttered by the original modmin, with mages being scattered across the net, proves that's no better than these bunkers, and hosting cost would likely worsen thoughts of disappearing when overwhelmed by negative feelings. "What's the point of paying for this?" Then we're scattered once more. I think we're fine now that cafe isn't under attack and we have fatchan (sorry the CSS isn't finished yet). >>442 >I'll be honest I prefer the idea of bunker boards than email because it at least leaves a potential trail for lost users and doesn't end up in namefaggotry. Although the pool of former magicchan users is small and will never increase means we likely aren't to gain many, if any more users and likely wouldn't be cutting off anyone by further cloistering ourselves behind some sort of mailing list, I agree that anything offsite requiring names is always cancerous. The anonymous imageboard atmosphere is perfect, being distinguishable in one series of posts and indistinguishable in others.
>>441 >Having someone to fund a new magicchan as a new host with VPS+domain name would be the perfect solution. As I asked before, how much that could cost?
>>448 I've experience with DreamHost and it would go from 10$ for the VPS a month plus another more or less 10$ a year for the domain name I think. If someone is able to cover the costs I can set up the board and everything else to get up magicchan up and running.
>>449 If it was a fixed amount per year like 30-40$ I could probably pay it but that's a fortune, I didn't know it could be that expensive.
>>449 $130 a year? That's quite steep for an imageboard that would average a post a day.
Our backup might be getting taken down soon, apparently fatchan got reported as a "hate website" because of /pol/. Luckily it's not our main spot that's getting taken down for once but if we want to continue to have a backup board we might need to make a new one soon. https://fatpeople.lol/news.html
>>493 Robi from Julay has decided against scrapping boards so we still have that bunker too, but thanks for bringing this up. Hopefully fatchan remains open.
>>591 Not for long >Julay is shutting down What the fuck
Julay is shutting down Fatchan is having hosting issues Anon.cafe is probably going to get flooded in the coming months I was thinking in terms of another place to head to it could be tohno-chan? The original thread made back when magicchan died seems to have been deleted but we could create some sort of veiled/disguised thread just where updates and whatever could be posted?
>>596 Apparently fatchan just died. This site is safe tho because there aren't any political boards.
>>598 The site may be safe from deplatforming but wait until all the users from julay and fatchan flood to here.
Open file (134.56 KB 672x763 sisyphus_by_titian.jpg)
>>602 Technically it's the users from 8kun that would be the problem, as they're the ones that got the target painted on fatchan, if not being directly responsible for the death of fatchan. https://archive.vn/Bv7CT#11883 >To summarize, speed up the takedown of this website so Tom finds a real solution to the loli question.
>>603 Tom deserves better than this. All that work and money, just to be taken advantage of by common opportunists. I understand dying on the sword of free speech, and that's a y/n question a response of "/" is "n", but if you're going to claim your cross is so mighty then why don't you haul it up the hill and plant it yourself before calling the romans on your host to crucify Tom on it?
I thought julay was just doing a reorganizing. Getting all the boards robi doesnt feel like taking care of a different board on the webring with administrators who care more about their content
Both bunkers are gone and more and more people are heading here. I feel this site getting taken down is only a matter of time. I just want to be back on magicchan, without all this drama bullshit of the webring and an actual place to call home.
Open file (191.86 KB 1274x504 ClipboardImage.png)
More possible lost mages on https://uboachan.net/hikki/res/6062.html , hopefully they find their way here.
>All the bunkers have gone. Suggestions for bunkers are appreciated. https://www.virtualanon.club/ops/res/1.html Says board requests aren't accepted at the moment, but worth inquiring.
>>762 >I currently own the Magicchan.org and Magichan.org domains. I bought them about two weeks ago. Hopefully he'll follow through and create the new site. Then maybe we can get out of this refugee camp and have an actual home board to post on.
>>821 There's any hope on that? It seems he said that months ago. It almost seems too good to be true.
>>866 These are dark times for us mages. Hope is all we have to cling to.
I created a backup board here https://8chan.moe/tower/ Bookmark it in case we'll ever need it.
>>869 Cool, but please unindex it so it remains hidden.
>>821 I have magechan.org, I can have it redirecting to the current bunker if you like, and a form to alert me if it changes or goes down when I'm not using internet much. I used to visit magicchan and /tower/ quite a lot but didn't really see it as a community where I identified individual posters like others have mentioned here, I just liked visiting. I was working on altering an imageboard software to valued filtering rule breaking content over speed of discussion, so it had a pre-moderation queue with public oversight, indications of pending content, and automatic approval if I didn't do so within a time period. The idea to paradoxically reduce moderation stress by removing the instant feedback for trolls, and instead just moderating a queue once a day. I don't have the energy to even introduce that to my life though really so the progress on the software ended after I was honest with myself. So that domain could be used as a redirect if you like.
>>873 If it's no hassle that would be great as it could help any other mages find this place.
>>875 https://www.magechan.org/ It's paid up until October 2021, I won't use it for anything else and I should be lurking.
>>877 Well, not quite a new home but it's a start. Thanks.
Open file (79.04 KB 986x579 ClipboardImage.png)
Careful when advertising this place to any lost mages, this guy is still alive unfortunately. [Removed link]
Edited last time by Modmin on 09/13/2020 (Sun) 18:10:25.
>>962 I didn't know about this guy and what he did to Magicchan. What an asshole. I hope he doesn't find us.
Kind of disconcerting to me, this site was down for me about 15 hours ago and again about 4 or 5 hours ago, and again just a few minutes ago. Also kind of weird that there are replies posted during that time.
>>962 Thanks for the warning, but maybe you shouldn't have linked to the post itself. If there are any normalfag lurkers hoping for "Drama" here, they might just go there and reply to him with a link to this board.
>>969 it's the same for me, if you refresh after a couple the minutes the site usually comes back
>>972 Every time it makes me worry that the site will be gone again.
>>970 I've edited the post and removed the link so that can't happen. >>965 He's a complete narcissist, modmin didn't pull the plug on magicchan because of CP and he certainly didn't kill it. He also went onto 8ch /r9k/ and boasted about killing magicchan after it went down, seems like he thinks too highly of himself. I wouldn't be surprised if he was the one behind spamming the link to /tower/ on many 8chan boards either. >>969 >>972 anon.cafe has been slow to load or not loading at all for me too. I find refreshing the page works, but I hope the issue is soon sorted out.
>>979 >I've edited the post and removed the link Thanks modmin, I hope no one minds. I don't want to come off as too paranoid, but you never know, especially since this board was once public and has been posted other places. I've also experienced problems connecting to this site recently. Though I can't be sure if it's the site itself, or my VPN which sometimes causes errors. A few hours ago couldn't connect after trying for 15 minutes. Got a https error once and then timeout errors.
Just wanted to warn that the bunker at 8chan.moe is now unreachable because they changed host to 8ch.moe. So the link is https://8ch.moe/tower/
Open file (50.79 KB 700x488 liz-art.jpg)
It looks like lizchan is back up. https://lizchan.top/
>>1081 This is good news
>>1081 Is it better than it used to be? Seemed like it was getting a lot of newfags near the end. Or maybe I'm just paranoid.
>>1081 Pretty sure it was being infiltrated by the wizchan mod clique before it died so I'd advise anyone to avoid it for the time being.
>>1090 The board seems fine, the post rate is kind of slow I guess. I'm just glad to see a real alternative to wizchan.
>>998 The 8chan.moe link still works There are now 2 volunteers in total, meaning if I go AWOL then there are still mages who can clear up the board of any spam. Thought I'd give an update for transparency.
Open file (8.75 KB 619x178 mcc.png)
>>762 >>821 >>866 >>868 Hello, I am the mage in that image. Sorry for vanishing, I stopped posting on Uboa and imageboards entirely shortly after so I only found the tower link now. I'm very glad that you friends are still around. As for the domains, I currently still own them and they're good for another year+. If it's in the best interest of fellow mages I'd like to get the ball rolling on restoring the old site. Personally I feel it would be a good thing to do. Typically when a board shuts down it's due to the community becoming too much to handle or because of outside abuse. Magicchan had none of that. As long as the new owners promise not to burn out on video games I believe the site can exist safely. As for me, I'll be in full compliance with /tower/'s decision. In the post on Uboachan I outlined my experience as a board admin. This was a total fabrication I felt was necessary at the time for some odd reason. Truth be told I've never even managed to properly set up Tinyboard/Vichan/NPFchan locally. The last time I tried I spent 17 hours of copy+pasting ubuntu terminal entries before somehow softlocking myself by misplacing some default config files or something. I'm not the man for the job, and even if I was, an unavoidable homelessness is swiftly approaching. Because of this I plan on transferring the domains to /tower/'s owner if he'd like them, free of charge, regardless of his plans.
>>1121 Thanks for the offer of the domains, but I feel they would be better off in the hands of someone with plans/ability to resurrect the site, like >>449 . I lack the technological capability and finances to host an imageboard, unfortunately. If you desperately want rid of them I would take the domains provided nobody else steps up.
>>1121 Why not try free hosting sites? There are some websites out there that give you free, unlimited hosting and you can even use your own domain names.
>>1150 Hosting isn't the issue, I actually have a hosting plan and have familiarized myself with tile transfer and remote administration (I use the hosting to store files and download big torrents) and even had wordpress working but never moved forward with that. The only problems I have seem to be from installing the imageboard software. From what I remember I got hung up trying to link to the databases, or something like that. I believe the problem was that I tried to install NPFchan on its own without first downloading Vichan then upgrading to NPF, which resulted in missing necessary files. I think the current Git repo for NPF is even missing one of the install scripts but I could be wrong. >>1131 Sounds good, I'll mark the domains as transferable now and then transfer them to you sometime towards the end of Decembre if nobody with IB experience comes forth. >>449 >If someone is able to cover the costs I can set up the board and everything else to get up magicchan up and running. I'd be willing to help cover some costs as well as provide the domains if you wish to use the original ones, but I can't guarantee financial support for anything beyond the first few months
>>1151 npfchan doesn't work with php 7.4 but there is an updated version of tinyboard by circlepuller that does, I was able to get it working in a virtual machine.
>>1151 Mind sharing the hosting plan? I tried a while ago to get vichan installed but I couldn't make any sense of it. >>1161 So does that mean if you were given domains + hosting you could get an imageboard up and running?
>>1168 I don't know how hosting stuff works but I guess you could, yeah.
>>1168 >Mind sharing the hosting plan? I tried a while ago to get vichan installed but I couldn't make any sense of it. I'd sooner pay for a whole new plan instead. The plan I have is just a Dreamhost standard. Sharing the account with anyone apparently goes far against their TOS, all of my dox are tied to it, plus I wouldn't want my lucrative torrenting to be a risk factor in Magicchan 2021's survival. There is usually Christmas discounts too on hosting so likely something better for cheaper will surface. >>1161 >npfchan doesn't work with php 7.4 Interesting, I'll play around with setting something up again tonight and factor this info in. Hopefully PHP rollbacks isn't something barred off by Dreamhost. It makes a lot of sense that this would be the issue because the last attempt I tried, much of the scripts did work such as mod.php and some other stuff, but others returned errors that I couldn't find answers to online. It seems a lot of us are in the dark about the how-to on installing what should be a straightforward software package. From now on I'll record any attempts I make so that if something goes right (or wrong) I'll have a video with which to guide other Mages should I not be able to pull through with the revival.
>>1171 Ah, I misunderstood you. When you said you had a plan I thought you meant you had an idea of how to host magicchan. Turns out I'm an idiot, apologies for the confusion.
Does anyone actually want a new site when nobody posts here anyway? What would you use it for that you don't on here?
>>1205 I guess that's a fair complaint. I wish I had more to post about.
>>1205 Maybe for nostalgia's sake. Maybe for the hope a resurrected magicchan would generate more activity or new activitiy, instead of our being relegated to a hidden bunker of former magicchan users, which is a shrinking pool within the already small pool of aged male virgins. >>1207 I wish I had more to post about too. I wasted most of my life lurking, not doing anything, and my brain has turned to mush. If possible I need to fix it, then try learning about computers and programming. The internet sucks, tech sucks in general. It shows no signs of getting better, only worse. If I'm to continue using these contraptions I need to understand them, not rely on the work of others, which inevitably becomes perverted by identity politic ideologues. Definitely too late in life to start learning about such a complex field, but I've nothing else and I need to do something with myself. Might be cool to make my own imageboard software.
>>1205 I haven't had time to post recently but still want a new site. Even if there weren't any new posts, I'd visit magicchan and read through threads and posts that were years old which is something I can't really do here. A new site probably won't generate activity but makes us (or at least for me) feel like we aren't desperately holding onto a relic of the past. And there's always the chance of the website /tower/ is hosted on to get pulled for whatever reason, scattering us to the winds again.
Guy who owns the domains here I've been trying so hard to install Vichan/NPFchan locally over the past few weeks but I keep hitting random roadblocks related to file permissions and me not knowing how to set up a database (the same issues I've had on all previous attempts). I'll try installing it on the host over terminal emulation today. If it goes well I'll open up a test board and accept applications from mages who are willing to watch the place and then prepare to transfer ownership to someone reputable. Solicitation: There's $50US come my neetbux payment on friday for anyone willing to record+upload the process of installing NPFchan locally on a fresh OS install in a VM if someone can. Doesn't need to be narrated or anything, I'd just like to know what I've been doing wrong these months and I'd still like to have an offline copy to play around with. I have a casual grasp of using Debian/Ubuntu so you don't have to hold any hands doing basic stuff like compiling things from source or ignoring the file browser in favour of the terminal
>>1223 Can you drop an email or something else? I'll see if I can do it. It shouldn't be too hard.
>>1256 yeti@waifu.club If you're recording it you might as well use a low resolution and framerate, as I'll only need to see the terminal/any textfile changes you make.
>>1258 I emailed you.
>>1223 >>1256 >>1258 >>1266 Please keep us updated on your progress mages, hopefully we can finally move on from this place. If you are able to get magicchan back up, is it possible to import the database from >>8 ?
>>1270 That mega link expired.
>>1271 Ah fuck, so it has. I'm really glad I downloaded it now.
Open file (211.15 KB 413x373 pixel wizard.png)
I left imageboards two years ago; I couldn't find one I liked, I felt like an stranger in practically all of them. Today, while searching for other stuff, I came across anon.cafe. It seemed like a nice place; I don't know why but it gave me good vibes. Suddenly, a hunch. ¿Could it be? Nah, the place disappeared after 8chan went dark, the community dispersed, all efforts to reunite failed, don't be naive. Still, I don't fully know why, I clicked on the address bar, typed "/tower/" and hit enter. I still don't really believe this is real. It's good to be back.
>>1279 What an incredible stroke of luck! It's good to have you back. https://www.magechan.org/
So whoever was working on this, did you get emailed help?
>>1303 I'm >>1266 and I never received back any email from him so I assume he disappeared.
>>1304 Shit. Hope he comes back.
I have been trying to figure out what it takes to set up a server and it seems sort of beyond me to put it all together even if I can follow individual parts. What if I miss something and it leaves everyone's IP exposed or something. It's a nightmare. If you look at the board list on here it looks like some people have set up multiple boards with domains using this site. Has anyone looked into that?
>If you look at the board list on here it looks like some people have set up multiple boards with domains using this site. Has anyone looked into that? I'm not sure what you mean. The whole point is to be independent so you don't have to share someone else's site. Efforts like Lizchan and Truwiz.org are positive.
>>1408 Are you sure you're not just getting confused with the backup domains for anon.cafe?
Open file (118.73 KB 1000x1000 154198418148.png)
I think I might be the only one left with the Magicchan archive downloaded >>8 . I've reuploaded it here: https://mega.nz/file/9TpG2abI#7xitzWQjuCGN4TiG5jjrMwAs1yZUdlMkLRZ22FA5dlc It's just over 2GB but highly worth it. I've also included the banners for /tower/ and the CSS as well. I'm going to be reformatting my drives and I have no idea how long it will stay on MEGA for, so I'd recommend downloading it if you can.
>>1461 Thank you for sharing. You could even upload it on archive.org if you think that's not violating privacy.
>>1461 if my misaki NHK thread is in there im gonna be so happy
looks like lizchan is broken again
>>1498 And again
>>1527 Correct me if I'm wrong but it looks like lizmin forgot to update the site's security certificate again. Maybe in a month or two we'll be able to post there again.
>>1533 I don't know what's going on.
>>1541 The Lizchan domain was allowed to expire. The admin does not have much desire to resurrect it at this time. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Open file (159.39 KB 640x480 1108.jpg)
>>1549 Man, that sucks to hear. I'm gonna miss posting on that imageboard.
>>1559 Never mind. He said he's going to bring it back.
truwiz down now too ;_;
>>1559 >>1560 Looks like liz is back on xyz but banners dont work (again).
>>1567 Should be back now. Small oversight.
Accidentally deleted magechan.org page host. It just redirects here now, or magechan.org/bunkers redirects to a pastebin. It's renewed until october 2022.
October is fast approaching.
>>5 >Please note that this board is a bunker for those who browsed the late Magicchan, and therefore I ask that only those who posted on it use this board as we are still trying to find many anons who were lost. Many thanks for respecting this After 2.5 years is it time to retire this request? There can't be many magicchan users left who don't know about this place, and the board is so slow that I don't think it matters anymore if someone didn't really use magicchan. If they share our circumstances and are reasonably like minded.
>>2203 At this point it's a dead letter. Magicchan has been gone for longer than it was online.
magicchan.org is available again if someone wants to buy it - I will if I'm not lazy.
Open file (115.15 KB 650x829 BlackDruid.jpg)
>>2203 Can... Can I join the Magic ? Not a former Magicchan user, just found that board while browsing the cafe. I lurked a bit and I like the spirit also the nice CSS.
>>2237 Nothing's stopping you if you are a virgin and not insufferable like many people on the internet nowadays. The fact you found your way here is a point in your favor. As for the CSS, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery so copy and save it to use with other boards you browse.
>>2240 >a virgin I'm not technically a virgin tbh but I'm not here to brag about it. I'm quite a loner. >being insufferable Definitively not my kind. >using the CSS on other boards A custom CSS is par of a board identity so I will not use it as this is /tower/ identity and not another board. For non custom boards I already use a simple tomorrow custom CSS I made or simply use dark ones if available. Anyway as I'm not a heavy poster I will mostly lurk, but I always appreciate taking part in good conversations. Thanks for letting me in.
>>2241 >I'm not technically a virgin tbh but I'm not here to brag about it. "I'm not technically pissing on your leg. I'm just aiming as close to you as possible and it's splashing onto your leg."
>>2244 Lol, a good point. Anyway, I respect you're will to not welcome unvirgins here.
>>2245 >>2245 Kill yourself, normalvermin unvirgin shit
Would anyone particularly mind if I revived truwiz using the magicchan domain and name? I just bought it since nobody has in the last 3 months.
>>2260 I never knew of truwiz. If you want to change the name because it's infantile; wise choice. It conjures up images of highschool kids arguing what makes a wizard. But why truwiz as magicchan and not something related or new? It's like wearing someone else's skin. However, your money already spent, do what you want. The name of yet another dead imageboard doesn't matter.
>>2261 I guess I have an affinity for the domain. magicchan sounds nice to my ear, which is on part due to a nostalgia for its existence. When you have fond memories it rolls off the tongue - I can just use magechan and redirect magicchan here. That’s what I’m indecisive about, does my fondness for it outweigh any grief from how it may appear to others.
>>2262 magicchan.org just redirects here now and I'll keep it that way. I'll use magechan if I do anything in a few months.
Open file (652.96 KB 619x817 meme.png)
Open file (101.07 KB 800x642 #1670636221732.jpg)
It's tragic that this board has declined so deeply in its userbase. Magicchan was an amazing site, one of the best, if not the best I ever browsed.
Open file (103.27 KB 900x672 by-the-death-bed.jpg)
>>2353 It's a real shame. I have a feeling that we're only two anons now.
>>2354 Three. Personally I check the board a lot but I don't have much to post. I feel like I should probably post some of my recent drawings in the hobby thread but I always feel weird about it like someone is going to track me down from my drawings or something because of some weird paranoia that I should probably get over.
>2355 Four. I mostly lurk here too since I have nothing of value or importance to say. I do like seeing other mages drawings for what it's worth. Your creativity amazes me.
I am here too but I don't really have anything worth saying, unfortunately.
>>2355 You should post some of your drawing. This is a obscure board with a small userbase; I doubt anyone will find out about you. On the other hand, I feel kind of hypocritical giving this advice, because I almost never post my drawings here, mostly because almost everything I draw are commissions. >>2356 >>2357 It appears that there are still five people frequenting this site. I guess it's not so bad. I wonder if the owner of the board is still among us.
>>2358 Make it 6
Open file (78.50 KB 1280x686 one summer's day.jpg)
>>2353 >It's tragic that this board has declined so deeply in its userbase Did it really? Lol, I couldn't tell, to be honest. This board was always so painfully slow, somehow more so than the original magicchan. >Magicchan was an amazing site, one of the best I think I agree with you. I was posting there from the first day til' it's passing. Being part of the handful of anons who "regularly" posted in an attempt to encourage posting from each other and visitors. It was really something unique. To be completely honest, I think we all knew we were a rag-tag group of loners, maybe even self-described "bores", but the fact we still tried to uphold a community so minute amongst each other with fairly different interests for such a consistent period is just really inspiring for me, in hindsight. I would love to post more but I am not quite sure how my posts can add value to this site. I kinda mellowed out, more serenely than what's probably expected from wizardchan users I guess. While I could have no issue relating to most posts on places like wizchan, r/foreveralone, etc,. I really see no point in spending anytime at those sites(or rampant negativity) at all. It's kind of funny seeing /dep/ still posting about suicide fuel much like what I would baww and relate to in my late teens on the original wizchan, but I just don't really have the patience for that negativity at this point, despite being much older and my age now greatly contributing to quickly ballooning sense of deep alienation. I find myself spending less and less time on the web and focusing more on the passions I've developed over time, a far cry from being 20 and not having a single thing that I could say I was passionate about. I still am very isolated as you would expect from someone who regularly checks on this board, but it's more of a "lost", aimless, unsure predicament than one of abject despair, rejection, and loneliness. You really can't go about things effectively alone, ie "no man is an island", but what that really means or how that can be interpreted to someone like me is still lost on me. I can't shake this deep feeling I'm just bidding time for an eventual suicide but things are going pretty well for me at the moment. I am, at least, very proud on how far I have come in many aspects from the roombound, deeply resentful, completely-inept-in-every-single-fucking-regard late teens early-20s young man I was. I have learned a great deal from therapy, therapists, and it's practices and foundations but I feel like I have pragmatically used up what I could from them. It's up to me now, what that means I don't currently have an idea. To be completely honest, I'm not 100% sure why I decided to write all this but maybe I'm hoping some of the older anons can relate. I'll be always watching from the background here at least. Regardless, I really hope you all manage to find things to ease any pains you might be experiencing. You may not even realize you hold more value than you can currently see in yourself. All the best. https://youtu.be/TK1Ij_-mank
>>2364 7, maybe. >>2365 34 will be the age I finally, magically develop a passion.................. borat.jpg NOT!
I'm also here. Seems like a lot of us actually. But i don't know what to say, in fact I have nothing to say really. I'm just silently observing. The internet is simply not fun anymore, I don't feel the need to participate anymore.
Have not tried using the magicchan bookmark again till today. I am officially a wizard now. Glad modmin decided to create an alt board, I missed magicchan, I was refuging in incels.co but it’s filled with many underage dumb kids.
>>2365 > I find myself spending less and less time on the web and focusing more on the passions I've developed over time, a far cry from being 20 and not having a single thing that I could say I was passionate about. 27 an no passion yet. May conjure the biggest spell known to a wizard when I hit 30.
>>2379 Welcome back >>2382 I am 35 and don't have a passion, too. Unfortunately it does not just magically turn up with age.
Hello, man I just thought of looking up magicchan bc I miss good image boards and I found this. I miss the site before it got took down with weird shi-. What's up?
>>2404 Imagine if it was still kicking...
another dead imageboard thanks to larpers and cliquers. Normalfags and failed normies with friends and social groups addicted to discord will never be wizards.
I am chilling.

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