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Open file (2.19 MB 1152x2048 12.17 Spider-girl.png)
Open file (2.06 MB 1152x2048 12.17 Tahu.png)
Open file (2.04 MB 1152x2048 12.17 Lewa.png)
Hobby thread Anonymage 12/17/2019 (Tue) 10:34:46 No.45
Post anything related to your hobbies.
Good to see you're still with us, that Tahu one is amazing. Do you have any plans to colour it like the others, or are you keeping it as is?
Open file (973.37 KB 1000x858 image.png)
It's nice to see your drawings again after all this time. I particularly like the robots. They look very cool --my favorite part are their arms. Also, you did a great job on those sketches of Spider-Girl. Her body language is perfect and I love her face in the last picture.
As for me, I've been trying to make a comic strip, but I think the joke I wrote is kind of stupid. Maybe I should write a new one.
Open file (2.21 MB 1152x2048 12.18 Tahu colored.png)
Open file (2.05 MB 1152x2048 12.18 Tahu inked.png)
Open file (1.84 MB 1152x2048 12.18 Makuta Teridax.png)
Figured I'd post this redesign of Makuta Teridax I did recently. I liked the idea that before betraying Mata-Nui the Makuta Brotherhood was a respectable group that guarded the islands in the Matoran Universe. I figured that it'd be interesting to have the entire species of Makuta be mutated by Makuta Miserix when he was overthrown which would both transform them into more monstrous creatures and give them the ability to seperate their antidermis liquid bodies from their biomechanical bodies, since in the official story they evolved that ability right after Miserix was imprisoned. Miserix already has a mask of mutation so it always seemed odd not to incorporate that into the progression of the Makuta from being protectors of the matoran to trying to take over the universe. Also I figured that it was odd for such a monstrous looking guy to be considered Mata-Nui's brother by the matoran, so I think it fits more thematically for him to have been normal-looking a one point, as well as the other Makuta. Also giving him a Kanohi Hau was meant to relate him even more to Mata-Nui since it was Mata-nui's symbol, and to relate him to his MNOLG appearance since that look didn't seem to have any impact after the 2003 set came out.
Sorry for the spergout.
I was planning to ink it but I wasn't sure about coloring. Glad I did though, since I haven't done so in a while.
>I've been trying to make a comic strip
Actually the reason I did the Spider-girl drawings was because I'm trying to write a comic/graphic novel that'll be really long, and if I end up inking and coloring it all the way through then it would take something like a year (probably longer since I'm completely inexperienced and all), so I plan on doing a couple of really short stories for the next month or two (although probably more depending on how much time I spend on the art and wether or not I color it). Anyways, I figure I could do some sort of inconsequential little Spider-girl stories to get a hang of panel layout and progression and all that. The goal with these sketches was to try and get a good idea of Spider-girl's sort of body language and to be able to have it at different angles so it's a good thing to know I succeeded with that, thanks.
I might post some of the rough pencils of those short stories when I have them planned out. I've already got a general idea of what I want the first one to be like.
Colouring is excellent, especially the detail - the reflections on his body are cleverly done
>Sorry for the spergout
Eh, there's nothing wrong with seeing someone passionate about something, its quite refreshing in this era of liking things ironically.
>I've already got a general idea of what I want the first one to be like.
Update us whenever possible, I'm interested in seeing your results!
Open file (502.45 KB 1197x1260 napkins.jpg)
Open file (175.49 KB 849x325 napkins.png)
I have nothing of my own to contribute, but I was going through my folders and found this old post I had saved.
Thanks for sharing. I wouldn't say the images are depressing, but they feel quite lonely. Can't put my finger on what makes me feel that from these images though.
Open file (2.45 MB 1152x2048 06.27 Spider-girl.png)
>I plan on doing a couple of really short stories for the next month or two I'm way too lazy. Recently I've been pretty diligent though, and hopefully something will come from that. Something has clicked in me and I realized that I can't just spend all day playing videogames if I want to be able to complete anything I set out to do, and that I do want that. Not sure what changed, I didn't really do anything. I've just been drawing a lot, almost all day for the past few days. Maybe this sort of motivation won't last but I am enjoying it. I'm still hesitant to put anything into panels, I think that's just a fear that I won't be able to make anything interesting story-wise, and I should just put something on paper and not worry about if it'll be good or not. If I can't risk screwing it up then I'll never get anything done and I'll just be drawing everything in a vacuum for the rest of my life.
Open file (619.97 KB 531x533 napkin.PNG)
>>240 >>244 huh. Pretty amazing to see those drawings again, wouldn't imagine someone would save those. Wow and I used to go to burger joints and whatnot, too, imagine that. It's been 8 months since I last left the house now and I save every single penny by eating canned tuna and lentils most days. Jesus Christ and I thought those days were bad enough, imagine if the mid 20s me could see himself now, in his mid 30s, worse health, worse mood, worse everything. Thanks for saving those wiz, it brought back a couple of memories, that's for sure. I lost most of those drawings when my toaster died. I don't really draw anymore, all my energy is spent and I'm a husk of a human now. Here's the only other napkin drawing that got saved by accident because I had it on a dropbox folder.
Open file (605.88 KB 1000x1025 photographer.jpg)
Open file (537.88 KB 1000x1054 puppet.jpg)
I made a few comic strips a few months ago. They aren't particularly funny, but at least I had some fun working on them. >>750 I really like the way you inked those drawings. They all look very cool and professional. Also, those two designs for The Punisher and that monk with his face covered are great. I think they are my favorite characters out of the bunch. As for your problem, I know what you mean. It's very frustrating to have a lot of ideas but not the energy, motivation, and discipline to do something with them. Maybe you should try to make a very short comic first. I think that would help you a lot with your problem. >>808 I'm glad to know you're still here with us. There's something very appealing about your old drawings. In a way, they look like the kind of stuff you'd see in a grimoire. I'm sorry to hear you've stopped drawing, but I understand your situation. Unfortunately, sometimes life gets in the way.
Open file (2.23 MB 1152x2048 07.16 Karzahni.png)
Open file (2.19 MB 1152x2048 07.16 Taskmaster.png)
Open file (3.04 MB 1152x2048 07.16 Upside down.png)
Open file (2.88 MB 2048x1152 07.16 Vidya.png)
I've been enjoying inking a lot. And it's nice to not need to fuck with the contrast because the pencils are too light. With the Karzahni picture I spent a couple minutes filling in the background really roughly because it doesn't really have the right effect with a white background and I wasn't going to dry out all of the pens I own just to fill all of that in. >>808 That looks like something out of one of the speculative zoology videos that were shared in the video thread. Pretty cool, reminds me of a sea horse. > imagine if the mid 20s me could see himself now, in his mid 30s He'd probably be jealous of your wizard powers. >>832 Those are funnier than the majority of the shit that's in newspapers. I like the puppet one more but they've both got a pretty funny joke. Also your characters here are distinct but there's a consistent style to them, a lot of guys have all their faces look the same but you don't seem to have that problem. > those two designs for The Punisher and that monk with his face covered are great I'm glad you liked them. I'm pretty happy with how they turned out as well. It's especially good that you liked both Punishers because the one with the mask is meant to be a sort of "autistic oc do not steal" self-insert character, so he'll probably show up in a bunch of stories. It'd be pretty bad if you said "everything's good except that guy with the skull on his face". I haven't got a proper name for him yet because I can't picture him calling himself anything, but Spider-girl is definitely calling him "bonehead". I guess the news would call him Punisher or New Punisher anyways, so it isn't a big deal. >Maybe you should try to make a very short comic first I keep thinking that but then every time I write something it gets too long and complicated. I might try doing something like The Corpse from Hellboy, where I do something only two pages at a time, so I limit myself to get the most out of those pages but I can still do a story that's longer than two pages. Although maybe I need to just keep writing until something clicks. It's pretty frustrating not knowing if I'm just doing something wrong or if I'm not doing enough. It might not matter, I think my mother's going to make me go back to wageslaving soon so I'll have significantly less time to work on drawing and writing. Not that it'd take up all of my time, but any day I wageslave makes me incredibly tired and I can't really get much done that day. Maybe I can find a job that isn't as draining as my current one, but I doubt it.
>>832 That's actually funny, do you have more?
I wanted to post these before I ruin it by inking the background. I'm pretty bad at buildings and I also worry about the background characters sticking out too much. I don't really have any experience doing backgrounds because I spend all my time on characters and not much else so hopefully it turns out alright.
Open file (1.37 MB 1000x1681 Lucid Dreams.png)
>>853 I can really tell how much you enjoy inking. These new pieces look really good. I especially like that drawing of Taskmaster. It has a lot of interesting details and I love the line-thickness variation. Out of curiosity, what do you use to ink your drawings? On the other hand, I also like this drawing (>>881) a lot, partly because it's a very ambitious piece. I'd love to give some you advice on how to ink the background, but I'm not very good at that kind of stuff. As for the background characters, I guess you could try to draw them with a thinner pen, but that's a pretty obvious advice. Anyway, I'd love to see the final version when you're done. As for your character, I think it's a pretty good design. The costume is simple but iconic enough. I also like the fact that his mask has no eyes. It contrast with how expressive your Spider-Girl is. By the way, I don't have any suggestion for a name, but I like the nickname "bonehead". >Those are funnier than the majority of the shit that's in newspapers Thanks! Although most of the stuff I've written comedy, I'm not very good at making jokes, but I'm glad you found those comic strips funny. And thank you for what you said about my characters. Unfortunately, when I try to draw realistic characters I always end up giving them the same face. I should work on that someday. >>857 Thank you. I have some more, but none of them are in English and most of them are pretty bad, to be honest. However, I must confess I'm kind of happy with this one. It's not very funny, but at least it looks good.
Open file (2.45 MB 1152x2048 07.25 Jailbreak ink.png)
Open file (333.08 KB 768x1147 RCO020_1583444547.jpg)
Open file (1006.59 KB 1601x2108 RCO028_1563330356.jpg)
I could have sworn I posted this a few days ago, but I didn't even take a picture. I guess I intended to but got distracted or something. It's good though, because I forgot to ink a large part of the shadow in the background that I didn't notice until I went back to take a picture. >>884 I think you're being too hard on yourself, that one's pretty funny too. I don't want to make you feel obligated to do so, but if you translated others I'd probably enjoy reading them. >I also like the fact that his mask has no eyes It's meant to be a sort of play on The Question and Mr. A (pics related). I've been a fan of Steve Ditko ever since I started caring about the credits in the comics I read. Mr. A especially is definitely a good read, though the Objectivist preaching might be an acquired taste. >what do you use to ink your drawings? I tend to use Pigma Microns because they're in stock at local stores more often than Copic Multiliners though they're about the same quality in my experience. I'm not very picky about ink quality though.
Open file (857.39 KB 600x1411 1.jpg)
Open file (850.56 KB 600x1395 3.jpg)
Open file (1.29 MB 1500x907 2.jpg)
I hope you guys don't mind me reviving this thread. I wanted to share some silly things I made about a year ago.
>>1529 These are pretty cool, the Killer Croc, Harley Quinn, and Scarecrow drawings and the backgrounds fit in well with the stuff you colored and drew over the original faces, and I like the way you used the Indian face for the Joker to put those feathers into his hat and the shadow on his face. Do you have more stuff you've colored like that?
Open file (1.37 MB 500x1176 2.png)
Open file (1.49 MB 500x1141 1.png)
Open file (1.44 MB 500x1140 3.png)
>>1531 Thank you so much, mage. To be honest, I'm a little surprised you noticed what I did with those feathers. I have a few more, but they aren't as good as those three images. I'd like to make some more but I've been a little busy lately.
Open file (1.45 MB 500x1153 4.png)
Open file (1.56 MB 500x1161 5.png)
Open file (1.55 MB 500x1188 6.png)
>>1537 I know most of these are based on Batman characters. That is because my original idea was to make set of characters based on movies and comics. Unfortunatly, I gave my two favorites to my big brother and his daughter.
Open file (99.96 KB 960x960 autistic cat.jpg)
Open file (992.25 KB 500x500 2d6.gif)
You drawfags are mad talented, I admire your skill. I'm trying to get back into solo traditional gaming, but I'm too dead inside for it, so for now all I have done was retrieving old resources. Here's a list of stuff I use for my private autism: -rpgsolo.com -donjon.bin.sh -Hexographer -Seventh Sanctum That should be it. If I ever get back into it, I will let you guys know. I already have some ideas of what to do, but zero energy to start doing stuff, this sucks ass.
>>1529 >>1537 >>1538 I think you should submit these to Black Fog Zine.
>>1731 I didn't know about Black Fog Zine. I took a look at their first issue and I really liked what I saw. I doubt the silly drawings I posted here could be part of that, but I'm really glad Lainchan has its own zine. I've seen many imageboards attempt to make their own zine and fail, so it was pretty cool to find one with no one but two issues.
Open file (1.80 MB 2016x3032 12.24 Christmas May.png)
>>1947 That's a great drawing, mage! I love how dynamic her pose and the background are. Also, the snow looks great. Did you paint those snowflakes after inking the drawing?
>>1953 I made the snowflakes with a white pen on top of the inks, also used a toothbrush and sprayed the ink to get the smaller snowflakes. Took a while to do but I'm pretty happy with how the snow turned out.
Open file (728.01 KB 800x800 Wizard.jpg)
A little drawing I made to celebrate my 30th birthday. I'm now officially a wizard, I guess.
>>2113 Congratulations. And that's damn fine art.
>>2114 Thank you, mage. I think there's something's off about the perspective, but I had a good drawing that image.
>>2113 Nice drawing. Have fun with your wizard powers.
>>2116 Thanks you, mage.
>>2113 Congratulations, mage.
As of right it's been a couple of years that I've picked up cycling (MTB). Where I live there are a lot of bike trails and being an area with a lot of hills you get a nice mixture of hard and easy parts to get you some challenge and recover when needed. I do between 80 to 100 km per weekend since a while now and my mood has been affected positively. The only downside is that some bike trails are really populated but generally speaking it's not a problem. I've been in front of the computer for so long (and still am due to work) that I would have picked this sooner if I knew it I liked it.
>>2215 I envy you a little. I never learned to ride a bike, but I've always thought that it must be a pretty nice hobby, especially if you don't live in a city, and from what you said, you live in the perfect place for such activities. >I would have picked this sooner if I knew it I liked it I don't know why, but this caught my attention. Before all this, did you use your bicycle exclusively as a means of transportation?
>>2217 >I don't know why, but this caught my attention. Before all this, did you use your bicycle exclusively as a means of transportation? Before this, last time I cycled, was probably when I was 10 or something (now I'm 29) and back then was, as you said, it was a mean of transportation that I used to roam the village with the few friends I had back then. I guess different times different minds.
Open file (68.61 KB 800x600 my_harmonica.jpg)
I grew tired of wasting my days doing nothing but lurking the internet, so I played my harmonica six hours yesterday and six hours today. I don't even know how to play it. I never did use it beyond testing it once, twenty years ago. Now the faucet's running water sounds like a harmonica. My hands got very sweaty and the oil caused some discoloration.
Open file (49.59 KB 800x600 my_buddies.jpg)
Open file (91.63 KB 800x600 wet_grass.jpg)
I was outside from 3:30 to 6:30. Started off by dropping my harmonica in the grass. I doused the light, and alternated between sitting with my buddies and walking about. Cool temperature, wet but not muddy despite prior heavy rain, and clear skies. I played for two hours accompanied by the insects, looking up to the stars. I can't remember having ever felt so at peace. Last post for now. I won't be spamming the thread every day.
Was Bionicle real? I mean people have met Toah Jovan in dream and have remember past lives on Voyganui so there' gotta be at least some truth to it right

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