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Videogame Screenshots Videogame Screenshots 03/28/2020 (Sat) 17:50:22 No.392
I thought it could be nice to add some color to the board with a videogame screenshots thread, just anything you're playing or upcoming titles or whatever you like. Doesn't matter the platform or year. For some reason it's has become a fad to add photo modes with more and more options to most new games. And for once that's actually cool. If you like to do pics it just adds another "mechanic" to the game. RDR2 is a typical example of this. Also you don't need to put any effort because the game looks gorgeous in almost every shot.
Can we use this as a generic vidya thread too? I don't really take screenshots.
>>395 Of course.
Open file (1.19 MB 1768x964 RMGE01-5.png)
Open file (1.20 MB 1768x964 RMGE01-9.png)
Open file (1.31 MB 1768x964 RMGE01-19.png)
Open file (1.18 MB 1768x964 RMGE01-32.png)
Open file (1.28 MB 1768x964 RMGE01-41.png)
>>392 Those look really nice. Is the game fun to play beyond the visuals? I've seen people complain that there's too much sitting around doing nothing, but I also know that people complain about dumb shit and can't get immersed in a story or environment. Anyways, I finally got around to emulating Super Mario Galaxy today. It's nice to play it using a controller, the only things that don't work well are the pointer and some of the sections where you're meant to point the Wii remote in a certain way (but luckily these levels are pretty rare). Other than that I think it's worth it to emulate it for the sharper graphics, it looks good on the Wii which is funny because as far as I understand it the Wii is pretty much just the GameCube with a weirdo controller that doesn't work unless you design the entire game with it in mind but here it looks way better, the 1080p resolution really does a lot for the game. I'm not sure if I'm going to bother emulating SMG2 though, it's the better one in terms of gameplay but it's nowhere near as good in terms of atmosphere.
Open file (1.17 MB 3840x2160 rTI11vH.jpg)
Open file (1.11 MB 3840x2160 Ed458TI.jpg)
>>398 >Is the game fun to play beyond the visuals? It is if you like to immerse deeply into a western with an uncommon setting (mountains and swamps more than desert). Mechanically, it's just a Rockstar game, the shooting isn't too great, there's not too many ways to solve a mission, etc. But if you just like to watch nature, riding horses, talk with weird people or knowing your fellow outlaws to an insane degree, then it could be your game. I like westerns so I enjoyed the first and 2 greatly, if you don't care at all about the genre I don't think it's a game you necessarily need to play. I've been wanting to buy a Wii for years since mine broke long time ago, but it's a console that's difficult to make look well in any kind of tv. But I can't get into Nintendo, Mario, Zelda, don't matter. Still, Xenoblade was a second party game and I loved it to death, also there was some really special third party exclusives in the console.
>>399 Your name is still on
>>400 Oh shit. Now everyone knows I also like japanese music. Please forget.
Technically wasn't impressive at all but Nier Automata was a beautiful game. It also makes me think how many games in the last years are placed in desolated, ruined and post-apocalyptic worlds, I like it because I feel like virtually visiting haikyo and taking pictures while doing screenshots. I think it says a lot about the era and culture we're living in.
Open file (96.41 KB 640x480 DKC2.jpg)
Open file (3.79 KB 320x288 TG.png)
Open file (108.29 KB 640x480 TPE.gif)
I haven't been playing many video games recently, but I plan to install Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines and Fallout: New Vegas soon. However, these are the last games I've played: >Doom II: The Plutonia Experiment I had a lot of fun with this megawad. I guess now I'll play The Master Levels since it's the only official megawad I haven't played yet. >The Grinch for Game Boy Color This game surprised me in a good way. I'd describe it as a combination of Pac-Man and a stealth game with some interesting gimmicks. >Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest I recently played through it with my niece. It's a great game, but we "save scummed" a lot, so I'd like to play this game again someday. >>410 I really like the first two screenshots --I have a thing for landscapes with cloudy skies and green trees. What's the gameplay like? I once read someone say that it's like Mega Man X but in 3D. Anyway, from the videos I've seen, it looks like a good game. >>398 That looks interesting. It reminds me that I've always wanted to play Donkey Kong Country Returns. Maybe I should try to emulate it.
Open file (962.89 KB 3840x2160 20191221164811.jpg)
Open file (1.13 MB 3840x2160 20191221164928.jpg)
>>412 Nier was made by Platinum so it has a nice combat but also too easy, with light RPG but not deep at all. Then there's some sort of shmup and minimalistic arcade phases, specially in the second part of the game. In Nier all mechanics are more or less in the service of narrative, and it works great like that. Even if you don't play the game you should listen the OST from both games, it's not an exagerattion when they say it's the best videogame soundtrack ever made. More "haikyo" feel screenshots. Some games aren't that interesting but they have amazing details in the graphics. Sometimes I would like a game that could look like that but that would feel less "gamey", with more exploration and survival and less overused mechanics.
Open file (2.99 MB 1920x1080 30_1.1.png)
Open file (66.35 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
Open file (80.75 KB 1920x1080 eevfN6hW1eYM3ztReRy2jA.jpeg)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2ggASWkA2c I just about fucking came watching this. I can only hope that Lego doesn't shut it down. I know it's been a secret project for years and I'm sure that the team behind it has been itching to show it off but they should have waited until they could release a playable version at the same time as the trailer so that at least if they get some sort of legal fuckery people can have access to it. It looks amazing though, it's like Masks of Power but it looks 100 times better and the combat seems way cooler and more polished. Hopefully the story aspects are fully fleshed out for the game and it isn't just play like a slideshow of cool cutscenes that remake MNOLG scenes in HD, although even if that's all it is with a bit of combat thrown in to space them out I'd be happy. As a side note, between this and canonization contests being reintroduced, as well as stuff like the 2004 story bible and full Pirake rap being found, it's a pretty good time to be into Bionicle. Maybe it's just because I've only recently been paying attention to the stuff that the fans have been doing but it feels like more has happened in the past few months than in the past few years since G2 was cancelled.
Open file (49.24 KB 640x480 1223033907862.jpg)
>>485 Just curious, were you the anon that often posted about lego in the toy thread in the old magicchan? I suddenly remembered that.
>>486 No, although I did post once or twice in the toy thread on /tower/ back on 8chan. I don't think he's found us yet, unless he just isn't posting about Lego here. I tried looking for him in the 4chan /toy/ Lego threads but either I didn't recognize him or he's not there I seem to remember /toy/ being talked about on /tower/ in the toy thread but I can't remember if anyone actually posted there. Every Lego general there devolves into pissing about whether or not Bionicle is "really Lego" and calling the fans faggots to be fair most of them are and the whole thing is just tiresome to sift through just to see if he's there. I've been thinking about making a toy thread since that thread was a good one back on 8chan but I don't want to make a thread where the only person using it would be me, and I don't know if anyone else would be interested.
>>412 Not a fan of anything outside of DOOM. I felt DOOM II failed to capture the horror and tension of the first and some of the levels were awful in design. I've played the first couple of levels of Evilution and Plutonia but never bothered going further - I mainly got distracted by fan wads. >>487 >I don't think he's found us yet, unless he just isn't posting about Lego here. I'm here! Its just that looking back I regretted posting about Lego so much seen as other mages don't seem to care for it and I didn't want to clog up the board with posts that don't offer anything of value to others. >I tried looking for him in the 4chan /toy/ Lego threads but either I didn't recognize him or he's not there I appreciate you going out of your way to try and find me. I still post on 4chan /toy/ but like many other posters I'm seemingly drowned out by the noise of the stereotypical 4chan poster. The kind of person who doesn't belong on imageboards, make loads of 1 line posts that don't connect to the thread, regularly derails threads for no reason, and only likes things ironically. >I've been thinking about making a toy thread since that thread was a good one back on 8chan but I don't want to make a thread where the only person using it would be me, and I don't know if anyone else would be interested. I'd be fine with it. Are you the mage with the figma that was getting into toy photography? I've also been getting into Bionicle recently after buying some old Lego magazines and one of them contained a Bionicle comic from 2001. Still not a fan of the toys though, CCBS still isn't my cup of tea.
>>487 >I don't want to make a thread where the only person using it would be me I know what you mean, that's what refrains me of posting more or opening threads, still, I would post for sure in a toy thread so go ahead if you feel like. I liked the one we had in magicchan.
>>487 >>488 >>489 I have the thread saved if you would like me to recreate it here
>>488 It's good to know you're here, I didn't engage with your posts much but I did appreciate them. >Are you the mage with the figma that was getting into toy photography? No. I have been trying to get into photography though, once I cash in my Trumpbux check it might be fun to get a nice camera for it. It'd be neat to be able to get high quality photos of my shitty builds. >>490 That would be cool.
>>490 That would be nice, it will be perfect to remember the good times.
This game has an amazing art direction, any screenshot seems taken from those great sci-fi artists from the 60-70's.
Horizon is also a great game for pictures of decay, but also nature exuberance, could be one of the games I have done more screenshoots. I like that modern AAA usually put great effort into the art department, it wasn't always like that.
I've been playing Trauma Center: Under the Knife a lot lately. I thought it would be just an ordinary surgeon simulator about a young doctor and his journey through his medical career, but the game ended up being more interesting and fun than I expected. My only criticism is that I didn't like the way the story handled some heavy subjects, but that doesn't really matter. >>674 These screenshots are really cool. I could see any of them as an illustration for a sci-fi book. Actually, they remind me of Michael Whelan's artwork for Asimov's Foundation. I particularly like the last two. Did you take these screenshots? By the way, what do you think of The Outer Worlds? I haven't played it yet but it looks interesting.
>>703 Trauma Center Under the Knife was the game that made buy a DS, I played it in some convention when the DS was something new and I got fascinated by the controls. But when I got one I lost interest relatively quickly, I remember later misions being too hard and I had to sell the console because a bad situation. I still treasure those first memories though. The screenshots are mine from last weeks, to me they looked similar to a wide range of classic sci-fi artists; see first pic, you can notice the inspiration. Besides the art you will like the game if you like Obsidian and New Vegas, I would say it's a refined New Vegas with some expanded characteristics (companions reactions are really sofisticated) and some limited ones (I miss perks and most of the game is more simplified). Since I love Obsidian and also the space exploration genre (it also makes me thing of Outlaw Star or Cowboy Bebop) it's being really enjoyable. Just wandering in your own ship seeing your companions interact and the different planets from the windows is amazing for me. I would also say most reviews are full of shit so you shouldn't trust them, the game isn't short, it's not 25 or 30 hours but more like 60 or more if you play normal and there's lots of side quests, content and details.
Some Shenmue. No photo mode, but the scenarios are the best part of the game.

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