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Open file (978.55 KB 682x1000 1511054610214-1.png)
Hoarders and organizers Anonymage 03/27/2020 (Fri) 22:46:00 No.378
Any hoarders and organizers that like to share their deeds? I'll start. Not very proud of it but I collect porn. I've developed an application to aid me in sorting all the clips by specifying models, studios, tags, themes and the ability to create thumbnails and highlights. I don't even fap that much these days, I just like to have a sort of vault full of things ordered and organized to look at and being to reach pretty much everything with ease.
I'm a legit hoarder, my room is a mess, I haven't cleaned it in 2 years no piles of trash but its still pretty bad. I had a cancer scare recently luckily it was nothing and promised myself I will "get my shit together". My lungs are probably fucked from all the dust and so I started with cleaning my room. I've been doing it for more than a week now in small steps, I know if I force myself I will just give up. It's nice to see some order after years of chaos.
>>378 I'm a hoarder and organizer of too many things. Since I don't have too much place I'm a digital hoarder too, I spend an absurd amount of time organizing pics and files, I think I could spend the whole life doing it and it could never never end. It feels like a nightmare. Also probably a symptom of autism, sometimes I can't relax if I don't have a particular folder completely organized or shit like that. About the porn, I have a massive doujinshi folder that has lasted decades, just the idea or ordering it feels like hell, it could take a lifetime.
Open file (1.01 MB 1725x903 folder.png)
I used to do the same with my porn collection, but I stopped after I uploaded all those images on the internet. On the other hand, I also have a folder that contains around 750 pieces of concept art from movies, TV series, video games and comics. I've trying to make a collection of interesting artists and illustrators, but I haven't touched that project in months. I also have some lists of interesting movies, video games and music albums. Unfortunately, I keep adding stuff to those TXT files but I rarely take the time to look for those things and then enjoy them.
>>382 I started cleaning out my fridge recently and I've been getting the same order to chaos feeling that you have. I had entire containers of food that I simply forgot about in there, it made me feel a bit sad throwing them away.
I have about 2TB of music I know I will probably never finish exploring through. Early years spent as a /mu/tant snagging sharethreads and downloading anything of interest on Rutracker back when it was fantastic. Shame good music torrents are incredibly difficult to find now, so I end up trying my luck with soulseek's transcodes. The collection continues to grow and I continue to back it up.
What do you digital hoarders feel about the potential for the Internet Archive to be forced to remove their library or even close down? https://blog.archive.org/2020/06/10/temporary-national-emergency-library-to-close-2-weeks-early-returning-to-traditional-controlled-digital-lending/ >Today we are announcing the National Emergency Library will close on June 16th, rather than June 30th, returning to traditional controlled digital lending >We moved up our schedule because, last Monday, four commercial publishers chose to sue Internet Archive >The complaint attacks the concept of any library owning and lending digital books, challenging the very idea of what a library is in the digital world
>>757 This makes me feel horrible. So much of the early internet will be deep sixed if it goes. A part of me will die if I can't look up internet pages from the late 90s/early 2000s. Not to mention all the old podcasts and obscure books and magazines that will be gone.
>>760 The worst part is that there's nothing else that comes close to the Internet Archive, so if it goes down so much will be lost, and even trying to save everything isn't a task that could be done by one man. And to top it all off, if the wayback machine goes so does the history of the internet. But I guess that's the point because so many of these big corporations would stand to benefit from the history of the internet being rewritten and the majority of normalfags that remember the early internet don't remember it fondly (slow browsing speeds, hard to find info, no social media are all things I've been told as to why the early internet sucked) so it would suit them if that part of internet history died.
I've saved a lot of junk, physical and digital, and 99.9% of it I never take a second glance at. My physical collection is only small because I rarely leave the house. My digital collection is a mess. Hundreds of thousands of urls and other junk inside hundreds of txt files. Random html documents, over 9,000 being the full results from iqdb and sauceNAO searches. Random pdf, exe, zip, etc. And of course, countless images and videos. All of it scattered across thousands of folders and subfolders with no rhyme or reason. It's too daunting to organize. I think I'm going to install a distro and lrn2linux. I don't play video games anymore and there's nothing else for me to do on the computer. If I'm too dumb to learn anything beyond using it to browse the web, which hasn't been fun for years, maybe it'll encourage me to spend less time online and do something of substance with my life. Before I format my hard drive I'll look through some of it and see if there's anything worth keeping. Here's a screenshot of a random thread I had saved as an html document.
>>806 Dimensions must've been too big.
>>763 >normalfags that remember the early internet don't remember it fondly Normies are such fucking idiots. The dial up era kind of sucked but once xp came around and ram got above 200 MB everything became usable. Yes xp was virus prone and internet explorer sucked and yet I still have very fond memories of using it. The best part was there was little to no social media, which is probably the main reason why normalfags hated the era so much
Open file (1.54 MB 1580x4196 Dancing anime girls!.png)
>>757 I wasn't aware of this. I can't believe there are people who want to shut down such a useful website, but I guess most publishers think of nothing but money (yeah, I know I said something quite obvious). I hope things turn out well for the Internet Archive. >>809 Hey, I remember that old thread. I couldn't help but feel a little bit of melancholy after reading it. I wonder how those mages are doing now.

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