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Open file (576.47 KB 501x825 1570522624137-1.png)
Welcome back, mages Anonymous 12/11/2019 (Wed) 16:33:05 No.2
Hop in this thread when you can and post about what you're up to or your thoughts lately.
Open file (42.62 KB 1024x580 Woooooooooooooooooosh.jpg)
Thanks, buddy I've secretly never used /tower/
can you get the old css while you're at it? you may access the old board by using the wayback machine
I've tried importing it but its broken, I'm assuming to do with the difference between lynxchan and the modified version of vichan 8chan was using. I have the original Magicchan CSS saved, but it conflicts slightly with lynxchan.
There's some CSS tips in this thread. >>>/server/258 if that helps.
Open file (1.04 MB 1368x769 tower - amid evil.png)
Let's see where the waves of fate will lead us.
I can't believe I finally find a new /tower.
When 8chan went down, I thought I'd never see you guys again. I know this is only a bunker, but it's more than enough for now.
I was very worried too, considering 8chan went down so quickly there wasn't time to talk about an alternative. I created this to be a refuge until we find out what's happening. The /tower/ BO on 8chan was supposed to be working on a replacement imageboard but I have yet to hear anything. On top of that, tracking down anons is kind of hard - I've indirectly posted links to here on both /r9k/ and lizchan but still no luck. I remember that one mage still ued wizchan, but I don't want to go there for fear of bringing some unwanted posters back
The worst part is, I remember that many people posted on /tower/ that they would quit imageboards forever if /tower/ went down. Anyway, I hope they find this place.
Its very worrying, though I can only hope that the old adage of "you're here forever" rings true and these anons find their way back.
Willpower is supposedly a muscle that can be strengthened through repeated use, but I have found it to be, much indeed like a muscle, subject to fatigue and exhaustion. What I mean is that oftentimes comes a moment where I'm too weak to carry on the battle and my periods of mental fortitude are broken, and the floodgates of 'vice' -to use the generic term- are opened without a way to oppose resistance to them, that is until I am able to gather enough resolve, after ever increasing cooldown periods, to close them again.

It makes me marvel at the testimonies of addicts who overcame their affliction for the remainder of their lives, or at those tales of saints that one day simply decided to abandon common life for one in the inhospitable deserts, without ever looking back. It seems that perseverance or determination is the first and foremost virtue of the wise; "to always want the same things, and to always avoid the same things" as Seneca would write.

But even Saint Anthony must have faltered at least once, no?
Personally I think its more akin to a state of mind - when an individual is truly focused upon a task at hand, they are able to overcome their inhibitions and perform remarkably. Sometimes this focus can come from knowing the dangers of not performing the task (such as an addict that truly realises the danger their addiction poses) or through living a life free of distraction. Particularly in this era where people are almost encouraged to become slaves to their desires and impulses can you see how so few have the willpower to do anything but spend their lives in hedonism and escapism.
>It seems that perseverance or determination is the first and foremost virtue of the wise
Undoubtedly, I can't see how anybody unable to apply themselves could be considered wise.
Should one be passive to fate? How does one know when to show ambition in following his future, or sit around (in his room doing nothing) waiting for an opportunity to "spoonfeed" him?
Nice to be back.
It doesn't seem controversial to say that there are always variables, in what we see and do, that we cannot fully understand or control; therefore it seems that man's will and control over his affairs its naturally limited or, as it seems, determined/guided/influenced by forces outside of his control. The degree of freedom left to man is naturally a subject of dispute. These forces have been generically called fate, fortune, providence, &c.

Way I see it, there is either the way of recognizing fate's brutal dominion and accordingly cutting loses (leave nothing for cruel fortune to take; indifference or non-attachment; stoicism; asceticism; abandoning the eight worldly concerns &c.) or the way of seeking to favor one's will, in a somewhat absurdist or even heroic fashion, over the sea of uncertainties that threatens always to undo everything in a single moment.

The way to follow falls to personal view, for only each individual man is in a position to truly know what's unbearable or not to himself, but I think that most mages -me included- tend to favor the former, passive way of letting fate have its way and adapting to the circumstances. I mean, he who hopes for little is bound to lose little. On the other hand, he who risks everything...

The active way of trying to achieve or follow a certain ambition, knowing full well that capricious failure and loss are a daily possibility, strikes me, as I have said, as somewhat absurdist or even heroic: a man standing against unknown forces.
It's the little things in life, isn't it?
What are mages doing for Christmas? Are your families forcing you to do shit? I used to be forced to visit my mother's family on Christmas but this year I'm wageslaving so luckily I get to stay home.
Celebrated a few days early, this year. I avoid larger gatherings, but small ones are still greatly uncomfortable.
I'll have a Christmas dinner with my family like every year. Before that, I guess I'll work a little on a pending project -- a situation that I find quite frustrating, but that doesn't really matter. On the other hand, my older brother and his family will stay with us for a day, so I'll probably have to take care of his two children.
Anyway, I hope you guys have a nice Christmas.
I still live at home so I'm with my family for Christmas. Good thing we don't really bother with much (open/give presents, have Christmas dinner, then do our own thing for the rest of the day) or else I'd have no idea what to do.
>I used to be forced to visit my mother's family on Christmas but this year I'm wageslaving so luckily I get to stay home.
Is this your first year having Christmas alone? Enjoy the holidays either ways.

Smaller gatherings are harder to escape from because it's more noticeable when you leave. At least that's how I find them, don't know if you find them the same way.

Have a good one too
Open file (13.08 KB 860x282 ERROR.png)
The last trace of it has finally gone down completely
>Is this your first year having Christmas alone?
I live in my mother's house so I'm not technically alone. It is the first in a while that I haven't been dragged out to some family gathering. All the family members on her side are annoying and won't leave me alone. Now that I have a job it'd be even worse, since instead of asking "when will you get a job anon?" they'll make me tell them stories about my job. No force of nture can get those people to shut up. I lucked out getting Christmas Eve hours, don't know how I would've gotten through it if I had to go.
Shame. Modmin said that it would go down in 2019/2020 right?
>No force of nture can get those people to shut up
Makes me glad I'm just ignored by my family now. How was your Christmas?
It was alright. Mostly stayed in my room eating Christmas candy and all that. Hell of a lot more enjoyable than being bombarded with questions and normalfag advice.
Good to hear you had a better Christmas than usual
It seems we are just a few hours away from the new year. I'm not the kind of person who pays attetion to these things, but I wish all of you a happy new year. I also hope our old friends find this place soon.
You too anon. I've also been thinking about all those mages we may have lost

>The mage with the dog (think he got another too, didn't he? The last I remember he was making moccasins)
>The mage that made animated sketches (pretty sure he was the same as above as I could've sworn he made one of his dog)
>The mage that made clay models of heads
>The anime mage who was always there to recommend series
>The mage that was assaulted on the bus
>The original /tower/ BO
>The one mage who still used wizchan
>Staind's Tormented mage
>Brazilian Mecha Anon
>The mage who grew his own plants
>Dungeon synth mage
>Spanish mage
>Eastern European mage
>Healthy living mage

Most that I can think of off the top of my head right now.
I remember them all.
It's so weird how a small community is able to make so many characters.
It was because we were small that we were able to get to know each other so well even if we were all just anonymages. What's with the emphasis on characters?
>What's with the emphasis on characters?
For some reason, I thought it would be rude to call them "characters". Sorry if I gave you the wrong impression.
No problem, the blame really lies with me. I recently came across posts that alleged magicchan and /tower/ on 8chan was owned by and controlled by the wizchan clique and your post coincided with me reading this. I jumped to conclusions, so I apologise for that.
I'm glad that some of us are still around. The magicchan domain was purchased. Does someone here have plans on reviving it?
Good to see you again. Were you the mage that was on wizchan?
>Does someone here have plans on reviving it?
I don't think so as the domain was purchased as soon as it went down, which makes me think a bot bought it. Now it sleeps in an eternal slumber.
I was a mage that went to wizchan, I dunno if I am the mage. I came in late to magicchan, participated mostly in the rpg thread, health thread, biking/walking/whatever thread, and I liked the MMD thread and posted some videos to it, but I wasn't the MMD guy. I miss him. It's so hard to remember what I even posted now. I wish it didn't disappear.

>bot bought it
Better a bot buying it than someone malicious desecrating it, I guess. I wanted to pick the site up but I've never operated a site before and it looks really complicated, so I'm glad we have /tower/.
Oh, I'm an idiot. I'm not him, I only made one post in that thread. I hope he's here too, though. The more the merrier.
This is my first post on this board.
I haven't been up to a whole lot, I've been listening a nice range of some new bands that I've discovered here recently, and started to get back into drawing. Other than that I have plans on starting to work on videos again at some point this month. Just trying to figure out a new video platform as YouTube is garbage.
>I was a mage that went to wizchan, I dunno if I am the mage
I was just wondering if you were the mage I was talking to on wizchan. I don't go there at all but decided to create a thread where I could try gather any lost mages in one place and tell them about this bunker.
>I came in late to magicchan, participated mostly in the rpg thread, health thread, biking/walking/whatever thread
Ah I remember you! Good to see you made it. By the rpg thread, are you on about the worldbuilding thread where we were making a renaissance fantasy world?
>I liked the MMD thread and posted some videos to it, but I wasn't the MMD guy. I miss him.
Wonder what happened to him because I don't think he went to the original /tower/

Maybe try https://invidio.us/ ? I haven't used it but its supposed to be a decent alternative.
>I was just wondering if you were the mage I was talking to on wizchan.
Ah, okay, that's all cleared up then. There's a wizchan thread about using other online communities, I figure that's what you meant. Helped a /tower/ user find this one, too, so hopefully we all come back together.

>are you on about the worldbuilding thread where we were making a renaissance fantasy world?
Yeah, that one, and the tabletop RPG thread. I wasn't able to contribute much to the worldbuilding thread because I don't know history much at all. I'm glad to see there's a worldbuilding thread up on wizchan's /hob/, though.

And it just came back to me, I participated in the image threads, too, especially the depressing images and the comfy/inspirational one. I posted a lot of art from Japanese people there.

>I don't think he went to the original /tower/
I didn't go their, either. My time was spent on magicchan and wizchan. For a while, it was just wizchan's textboard. Now my time is spent on a couple 4chan boards, wizchan, and here.

You should post your art in the hobby thread. Also, have you looked at sites like https://www.bitchute.com/ and https://d.tube/ ? There's also dailymotion and vimeo.
I know it's a YouTube alternative in terms of watching to avoid Google "botnet".

I'm not exactly very good at drawing, but I'm not terrible at digital edits, but video editing is probably my highlight with my art as well as photography. I've been tempted on trying out DeviantART again after so many long years since I left there. I hate most social media and don't use phones at all. I know of BitChute but I haven't really spent a whole lot of time there. Seemed to be more political based than anything else. I've also been curious about D.Tube with it having to do with cryptocurrency. So I may look into it after all. I'll need to make an account and mess around there. I've had a dailymotion in the past. But with all of the data hacks and compromises there, I'll pass with it. Vimeo, I don't like the fact you have to pay for a "pro" account with more features. But I do have an old short film I did back years ago uploaded on there. Literally the only video I ever uploaded there. I guess I'll just have to "go for it" and experiment around with various platforms until something feels right. Thanks for the reply.
I didn't think anyone would remember me or care but I am the Mage who made that thread with the Tormented album thank you for thinking of me. Hard to believe it's been as long as it has, I really miss that place but it's very comforting to know we all remember each other especially in a world where it's easy to feel alone and insignificant, that was the comfiest board I've ever been on it felt like we could we relate to each other and help each other
Time has flown by without it and I've found myself with little to do. Even if there were no new posts, I'd still go and re-read threads; it was just oddly comforting. It is reassuring to hear that you're still with us and definitely makes our little community feel more whole.
Tried brie and blue stilton cheese. Wasn't a fan of the stilton but the brie was nice.
Open file (629.65 KB 200x200 316.gif)
>Antiques Roadshow Recut
They cut a one-hour program down to thirty minutes. Probably some idiot executive's genius idea for attracting a younger audience. Everything is rushed, including the aerial and panning shots with accompanied narration about the location's history, which are meant to be lulls after a number of appraisals. This better not replace full-length rebroadcasts or become a blueprint for future seasons proper.
I'm thinking about what to do with my life. I'm a NEET on NEETbux but this lifestyle won't last forever. What if my country stops supporting me for no reason? Then I would be poor and homeless. But I'm afraid of the real world. I don't want to work. But I know my NEETbux won't last forever. What should I do? I'm just too comfortable at home. Yeah I don't have many luxuries but I'm doing fine. I'm just afraid of the future. What will come tomorrow? Will I even be alive tomorrow?
I guess it depends on what jobs are available and how much they pay. It would be a good idea to at least know what's available. As far as I'm concerned, the typical entry-level jobs like cashier or grocery bagger aren't too bad if you avoid your coworkers, who will almost entirely be teenagers, retards, and old women. The interactions with customers are for the most part alright because both of you are basically reading from a script. Plus it'll probably get you more money than NEETbux does, which is potentially a great distraction from the lack of free time.
It really doesn't matter if you get a job now or later but eventually you'll be forced to. Just focus on enjoying your NEETbux while they last. The best preparation you can do is to be aware of what you'll need to do before you're forced to do it. Ultimately it probably won't be as terrible as you think it'll be. If it is as terrible as you think it'll be, you can probably still get used to it. The worst that can happen is you get numb to interacting with normies.
Open file (636.79 KB 528x1437 TT.png)
I decided to watch the second and third part of the Terror Toons series a few days ago. From what I remember, the first movie was very weird and kind of mediocre, but it has a few fun moments here a there. Unfortunately, the second movie is just a less interesting version of the first one. It's true that the special effects are a little better, but I found the story quite boring. As for the third movie, it was like a fever dream. To be honest, I didn't really enjoy these movies but I appreciate how "anarchists" they are. In a way, these movies tell us that there's nothing stopping us from making a movie.

I'm sorry about your situation, anon. Finding a job is always a hard process, especially for those who have no professional experience or are just "weird". Have you thought about working online? On the other hand, I remember reading that being a night watchman is a relatively easy job, but I don't know how true that is.
Wageslaving is horrible, but modern life is set up so you have to do it. Life sucks, but what can you do? The NEET life only works if you already have money and/or a family rich enough and willing to support you being a NEET, but the chances of being born with either are slim. Sorry its not the asnwer you wanted to hear anon, but getting a job is really the only viable way to sustain yourself in this day and age.
Happened to see a person I went to school with the other day and I was taken aback by how much they had grown into a responsible individual. He was always the typical retard kid; he'd run about school pretending he was on a motorbike, make random noises, couldn't interact with people very well, etc. When I saw him he was carrying a large bag full of groceries but they looked like he had gone shopping for his family and he got on a bus and was able to purchase a ticket with ease - in fact, if you didn't know who he was you would never have guessed that he once behaved in such a manner. And despite us being the same age, I don't know how to buy bus tickets, nor would I be trusted to get groceries to feed my family, and I would've been visibly awkward and uncomfortable. I don't think I've matured at all. I haven't even had a job in my life, while people that went to school with me are well into career paths - some of them even have children. Does anyone else ever feel immature, like they haven't grown up at all?
Funnily enough, I ran into an old classmate yesterday I went through practically the same experience. Anyway, I feel very identified with what you wrote. There are a lot of mundane things I don't know how to do, and the worst part is, most people think I'll never learn to do those things. In a way, the older you get the less likely people are going to tolerate your inexperience. However, does all this mean that I haven't really grown up? It's a complicated question. I consider myself wiser and more emotionally stable than I was some years ago, and I also think I've become a very tolerant and content person. But is that enough to be considered an adult? I'm not sure. I mean, most people think that being an adult is about accomplishing certain things.
Once again, I don't know what to say about this whole thing. Sometimes I feel bad for not being a "traditional adult", but I can't help but wonder if that's what I really want or not. Anyway, maybe I'm just making excuses.
I have to admit, I didn't initially have a response to this because I wasn't sure what my thoughts were on it. I recently was forced to get a job because my mother grew tired of me lounging around and not doing anything that she found important. Because of this I've gotten a lot more comfortable with normies, and I've started to understand a lot of their actions/tendencies. I've also learned things that I suppose most would consider necessary to mature. I've done shit like interact with strangers, buy groceries, even joked around with femgroids. I think one of them is trying to get me to become one of her little crony soyboy faggots, according to my coworkers she flirts with new guys a lot. That being said, does this make me more mature? I don't think so. I've become a lot more resistant to stress, and better at handling myself in uncomfortable situations, but I don't think that I've necessarily matured any more than I did in my teens, when I think I matured the most. I was a hyperactive kid but when I hit 13 or 14 I really calmed down and learned to act responsibly. But from then on I still was very emotional (although I didn’t show it) and stayed out of uncomfortable situations. I think that being forced to get a job has helped me get better at adapting to shit that used to make me crazy. That being said I’m not entirely sure that it makes me more mature. I’m able to better handle myself in certain situations, but as far as the things I value go, nothing much has changed. I suppose I’m more useful,and I think that has value and could be called “maturing” or something like it. I’m less likely to not do something I’m uncomfortable with, but in the grand scheme of things I don’t think I’m that much different from a few months ago when I was happily NEETing away. I don’t feel like I was immature, though that’s how much of the world would have seen me. And I don’t think I’m any more mature even though that’s what anyone in my family would tell you.
I guess I don’t really have an answer to whether or not I am immature or if you’re immature, I only know that I don’t feel immature, and that I don’t think you’re immature because you haven’t marked some sort of “maturity checklist” of “things adults do”. Maybe it matters but I don’t think it does. What’s more important are your views on the world and the way you think. I think that learning to interact with others can affect these things, but they aren’t necessary to mature.
Also, statistically speaking the guy might’ve just been getting groceries for roommates rather than a family. That’s the guess I’d go with anyways.
I guess I should've expanded upon what I meant as immature as I meant it in the sense of not becoming the stereotypical adult and being very inexperienced in normal 'life' in general. But both of you do raise good points in that maturity doesn't come from fulfilling checklists or other's standards and instead from personal growth. What I was seeing was more societal expectations and perceiving them to be markers of maturity, while I (and both of you) have clearly developed from our younger selves.
Don't worry, I understood what you were trying to say with your first post, but I couldn't help but wonder what it really means to be a mature person. I'm sorry for that. On the other hand, I think what you mentioned is a very common fear. Even people who are a lot more capable than me have expressed to me that sentiment. Of course, I'm afraid our cases aren't really comparable to theirs.
I have to work with 40-50's yo people and with the years I noticed all the stuff about being "mature" is mostly lies. They are the same than a 15yo, only difference is they know they have to work and be "serious" with the important people or they end in the streets. Besides that they are obsessed with females like a teenager, they don't have any high values or interests, they are childish, irresponsable, lie a lot and they would cheat their wifes without a doubt if they had a chance (in their favour they aren't full of bullshit and they can even recognize you that). Having turned into an adult I have to say my biggest disappointment have been adults themselves.
Open file (372.69 KB 906x647 1491590500170-1.png)
I remember back years ago reading a post from some wizzie to some apprentice, telling them that if they thought they had it bad now, just wait till they were older. At the time being comparatively young I thought that was nonsense. What difference would a decade make? Well here I am a few years off gaining magic powers and I can testify that it can always get worse. My mind is going, my eyes are fucked, my ears are constantly ringing, even the few things I liked have ceased to give me any pleasure. Yet here I am still. What an odd and absolutely ridiculous thing this life is. Secretly I've begun to nurse a conspiracy theory, that I am dead, and In purgatory or one of the milder pagan hells. Without this explanation I think I'd crack under the sheer absurdity of it all.
>>293 Even the small difference between twenty-seven, or however old you are, and thirty feels massive once you finally turn thirty. Not only from the perspective of your own deterioration but from the perspective of relating to others. The more you lack in life experience the more that gap between yourself and others increases. No hobbies, no interests, no education, no job. The longer you trudge on the harder it is to rectify any of that. Being a wizard can actually push you away from this type of community if it's all you have. Turning thirty is like falling off a cliff. >wizzie Please don't bring that gay baby talk here. Leave it to the ERPing trap fags of wizchan.
>>294 I'm borderline autistic and have been a hikikomori since I was twelve. Relating to others is a ship that had long since sailed. Sorry mate, I only used it since I was talking about how it was back on wiz(ard?)chan ages ago. I wouldn't use it normally, but I'll watch my tongue anyways
Open file (660.73 KB 1024x768 classicpcgaming.PNG)
>>294 I'm 33 and I think could identify a couple of moments like those, one with 23-24, when I started to suspect I wasn't going to have a life like the others and it wasn't a matter of living in one place or another and 30-33 when I accepted that was definitive. But I couldn't say that's a bad thing because with all that I also noticed the normal life would have been like hell for me. If you can get some income I would say being in your 30's isn't too bad because most of your insecurities are gone since you're not playing the same game than the others and you start caring less about what's not important. >>295 That's my old PC retro gaming wallpaper, good memories.
>>295 That's unfortunate. We're about in the same boat, or similar type of boat. I've tried to go outside over the years. If it was a last man on Earth scenario I'd definitely be outside more often. No worries. I don't remember it on wizardchan, but my memory isn't very good and everything of the past does blur together. I do remember it on wizchan and it contributed to the overall atmosphere that caused me to abandon it for magicchan. I find all baby talk irritating, but "wizzie" is especially bad. It's like "doggo" or "pupper" except worse because you're not infantilizing a pet, you're infantilizing yourself and your peers. I can't be certain of the intentions of whoever coined the word, but it oozes mockery. I understand some, like yourself, may have sincerely adopted it over the years, but to me it will always have negative undertones. >>296 A normal life would definitely have been hell, but this abnormal life is also hell. Perhaps it's a more comfortable hell, but that doesn't really matter because it's still hell. Yes, by thirty insecurities and unimportant things should be out of mind, but we do each need at least one important thing to live for and to discuss here. A hobby or a job you actually enjoy if you're lucky, something that others may have in common with you or find interesting. If you don't have that or lose that, that becomes a major problem as you age. I accepted not having a normal life in my twenties. Being a wizard isn't a bad thing. Being a wizard and nothing else is a bad thing. That's where I am now. I didn't use my time wisely and because of that it's very difficult to start a hobby or learn anything new. I need something to do in life.
>>301 I can't say I can understand that. I always had interests and didn't need any particular effort to awake them. My problem is all the shit from real life, like working, doesn't let me immerse completely into them. I can be a piece of shit myself but I still have ears and eyes so I can enjoy so many things, so having no self-appreciation isn't that important.
We've reached that point where I can't tell if you're all still here or I'm the only one left. The perfect magicchan experience.
>>364 I've been here all days, and truth is I've been thinking the same you said. Maybe it's just you and me, anon.
Open file (98.92 KB 512x372 unnamed.gif)
>>364 I've been wanting to post on a few threads for months, but I always come up with an excuse to keep delaying it. To be honest, I have work to do and it takes me some time to write a coherent sentence in English. Also, most of the time I feel like I have nothing worthwhile to say. Anyway, I'll try to post more often. Out of curiosity, how many are we here? Counting >>364 and >>365, we're three so far.
>>366 I guess I make four. I can't count the times I've written a long post out in notepad and then deleted it because I didn't like where it was going, or thought it was stupid. I wish I was able to force myself to post, but I'm also glad that the only posts I make are ones I'm satisfied with even if it means that occasionally I don't post for a long time. I just worry sometimes that no one cares about my posts, which is a silly thing to worry about since there's so few of us.
>>364 Five. I rarely have any voice but to say I don't have any.
>>365 >>366 >>368 >>371 I said it back on /tower/ but I'll post it again because I feel its quite applicable: "We never say anything unless it is worth taking a long time to say." (Treebeard, The Two Towers)
>>364 Make it six.
Open file (968.07 KB 1680x2300 Wimbledon Green.jpg)
The other day I was reading Wimbledon Green and I found this page. I feel very identified with the first three panels.
>>411 Wow you've just surfaced some memories I had completely forgotten about. The first 4 panels are very relatable to me.
>>364 We're all you. You have multiple personality disorder.
>>435 It's really weird when you start reading a post just to remember, too many seconds later, it was you who wrote it.
Is the mage with the 2 dogs with us? The last I remember he was making moccasins to go out walking in. Wonder how they turned out.
Open file (378.45 KB 472x800 Spring.jpg)
Hello, again! I left wizchan permanently after having been fed up from the userbase, reputation, and its painfully hypocritical mods. Judging from the brief visits I'd give wizchan over the years, it did develop into the eternal dumpster fire that I saw coming. Weeks after Magicchan having been created, the refugees getting bored of shitposting, and the original wizchan being brought back online, I developed an interest for magicchan's "relaxed" pace and the userbase's uncharacteristically earnest posting style(now largely extinct due to irony/meta awareness being prominent everywhere). Yeah, it was far from perfect, but it was such a breath of fresh air I had not encountered on the web in several years. I consistently browsed and posted on the board everyday until around the beginning of 2018, when I finally broke my NEET streak. I would visit less and less often until one day returning, MoD announced the site's abandonment. It was incredibly disappointing, and I worried what became or would happen to all the regular/semi-regulars. After that, I became part of a couple of formerly tiny, tight-knit, outcast reddit communities that somehow gained a great deal of attention and now are nothing as they were. I realized with the state of the modern web, this would only repeat itself over and over again, and I resigned myself to never again becoming too attached to communities. "Offline is the new online." While I still browse a few boards, I know they're sinking/sunken ships but as long as they're fun/useful, I don't mind staying onboard a little longer. When I heard there was a spiritual successor to magicchan, I couldn't believe it. Coming here and I have to say, you guys fucking nailed it. I am really glad that I got to read some of your posts again, thank you.
>>457 You can stay and post a little if you like, we are like half a dozen right now.
>>458 I see no reason not to! Special thanks to the mage who referenced /tower/ on tohnochan. I literally would have never known about all this had you not made that post.
>>457 >>462 Welcome back. So I take it you didn't even visit the first /tower/?
>>463 Nope, after magicchan died, I figured most would resign to wizchan. Wanting no part in that, I just did my own thing. Looks like I still have the habit of missing out on everything that's interesting haha
>>467 Yeah the first /tower/ was a good replacement for magicchan but unfortunately it soon somehow attracted attention. I left it for good about a month before 8chan went down because of the invaders and spammers. Thankfully we've lost them.
Went and got some burger king today and sat on a park bench eating it. I don't mind the lockdown, I can live without bars and nice restaurants. Those places can permanently close down for all I care.
I think I read about this place a while ago on wizchad but it takes me so long to adjust to anything new that I only just got around to coming here recently. After 8chan went down eventually I went to another chan and then to wizchad but that place is overrun with normos these days.
>>482 But you were in old magicchan?
>>483 Only from about the middle of 2017. It was a great comfort in my life.
>>484 It was 2018 when it died for the first time? I can't remember too well. What you liked about the place?
>Been coughing non-stop for the last few days >Apparently it is a sign of coronavirus Shit. Hopefully its just a sore throat and nothing more.
>>588 Magicchan went down November 11th, 2018
>>592 Any updates? Are you still alive?
>>623 Yeah, feels like it will never end.
>>624 Well at least your lungs didn't turn into grey goo. That's a positive I guess.
>>623 The cough has subsided but its still there and annoying. >>624 If there was ever proof that mages are actually part of a hivemind it would be this
I changed a config file so that videos always open at just the right size to fit next to the browser window, instead of overlapping the browser or something and having to move things around. It's really trivial but somehow even this tiny change feels nice.
This might sound silly, but sometimes I feel bad about not posting more often here. Like many others, I rarely have something interesting to post. Besides, I've been kind of busy lately. I guess I could take this opportunity to talk about some personal stuff. >There's a homeless guy living behind my house Sometimes he yells nonsense like "You're a fag", "Faggot" or "Bastard Gha Gha Gha". He was trying to build a house from trash, but when he left our home to get some supplies, our gardener destroyed his refuge. I told my mother she should call the police, but she told me they couldn't possibly do anything about him. >I've been dealing with many power outages lately Most days, I have to spend nine hours without power. Sometimes it can be quite frustrating, but I'm starting to get used to it. >My dog found a possum hidden in the garden a few weeks ago I had to hold him back so he didn't hurt that poor animal. To be honest, I was impressed with how my dog fetched that possum. Maybe I'm overreacting, she could be a hunting-dog.
>>630 >rarely have something interesting to post Boy do I know that felling. >homeless guy living behind my house You should go out there with a bottle of sherry and get drunk with him. He probably has all kinds of interesting stories to tell you.
Open file (3.45 MB 3024x4032 IMG_2422.jpg)
I went for a walk today and almost stood on this handsome fellow. Hopefully I didn't, I was so close that I could have and didn't see it until after I had passed. I'm not sure but I think it might be a "Burton's legless lizard". It was just hanging around by the path, maybe waiting for some food to come by. I couldn't help thinking about how "life", for everything that lives, is really a giant competition to obtain food and avoid becoming something else's food.
>>631 >You should go out there with a bottle of sherry and get drunk with him. He probably has all kinds of interesting stories to tell you I've considered it, in fact, I've wondered if my family and I could help him. The problem is, he seems to be totally out of his mind. As I said before, he just yells the same things over and over, although he yelled something different yesterday ("Big buttocks"). >>632 What a beautiful animal. I really like the shape of its head and its colors. I have never heard about that species before, but I read a little about these lizards and they're really interesting.
>>630 >This might sound silly, but sometimes I feel bad about not posting more often here. I feel bad about posting here. It feels like I'm disturbing the peace of the place with my stupid posts. Everything I post feels unappropiate, out of place. It's weird because this feelings are growing the more older I get.
>>630 >This might sound silly, but sometimes I feel bad about not posting more often here. Like many others, I rarely have something interesting to post. It's been slow lately but it's a comfortable silence, a sort of mutual understanding. >but she told me they couldn't possibly do anything about him Unfortunately not. Easiest way to get rid of him would be to make life awkward for him without him knowing, such as continuing to demolish his den or spraying unpleasant smells like animal piss around where he usually is. >>631 >You should go out there with a bottle of sherry and get drunk with him. He probably has all kinds of interesting stories to tell you Unfortunately the majority of homeless people are either seriously mentally ill, suffer from addiction problems, or a mix of both. From his description the homeless guy sounds mentally ill or at the very least a few screws loose, sharing a drink may not be the best thing to do. >>632 A very beautiful lizard and background. Do you regularly take photos while out for a walk? >>634 Relax anon, the atmpsphere here isn't built by the posts but rather the posters. I'm sure while you may be critical of your posts, they will still fit in here.
>>>633 >my family and I could help him maybe you could leave some empty bottles in the alleyway for him to collect >>635 >either seriously mentally ill, suffer from addiction problems, or a mix of both so no different than everyone who posts here >sharing a drink may not be the best thing to do If anything homeless people are in greater need for alcoholic beverages. It helps them make it through the cold nights and forget their sad and miserable lives.
>>635 >Do you regularly take photos while out for a walk? Not really. Sometimes I take a picture when I see something interesting but that doesn't happen often.
>>632 While looking at your picture I just noticed I can't even do something as easy as having a walk somewhere without people. I don't mind that much not going outside but lately I haven't even been outside my room , I feel kinda trapped physically and mentally.
Do you guys post on some other boards or chan other than /tower/? I cannot find anything else that has the same vibe /tower/ or magicchan had.
>>642 Tohno. How would you define magicchan's vibe?
>>642 Asides from the very occasional post on hobby boards, not so much. When the webring was first up it seemed interesting but it didn't take long to go to shit. I have yet to find anything that can replicate the feel of magicchan and I doubt I will.
>>642 I don't really post but I lurk a lot of other ibs.
Open file (2.43 MB 1052x592 german cuisine.webm)
I've been fasting for the last week. I barely eat anymore and somehow I don't feel hungry when I should be at an extreme degree. Everything that enters in my body ends getting out in a bad way. Someday I felt stuffed after eating three cookies. That proves the human organism can adapt to anything, if you give it two potatoes per day then it will adapt to work on two potatoes per day.
>>651 are you a muslim?
>>652 Hell no.
>>653 oh ok. I was wondering if you were doing the ramadan thing
>>642 I lurk a few boards on 4chan and 8kun, just out of habit. I also occasionally visit Uboachan, Tohno-chan and Dreamchan. However, my main image boards are this one and a Spanish IB inspired by Lainchan. >>651 That's impressive, but I can't help but be a little worried about you. Out of curiosity, why did you decide to do such a thing? By the way, that video is truly insane.
>>642 I only ever post here, but I lurk on various /v/s for the occasional vidya reccomendations and on /r9k/ for music and movie reccomendations, as well as gondolas whenever they're posted. It's surprising how they've managed to stick together even though their numbers seem to get cut every time they're forced to move. It's a shame because a bunch of them still seem to feel like they have to point out newfags like they did on 8chan, which leads to a bunch of pointless arguments picking apart each other's phrasing and terminology just to prove who's a "real robot" when the chance that either party has been there less than at least since 8chan went down is really low. >>656 >8kun Maybe it's because I only ever used it when it first started, since I figured that /tower/ would be most likely to come back there if anywhere, but I can't stand that place. At least when I used it every thread seemed filled with retarded qboomers straight off of twitter and assholes spewing drama bullshit. Maybe that's quieted down now though. I'd still worry that the various government agencies are keeping track of my every move if I used it though. Are there any really good boards there now? Back on 8chan there were a few small boards that I liked but all the big boards were too filled with normie types and went too fast for me to sift through the shit just to find good discussion or media reccomendations. It was like using 4chan but with slightly fewer retards. Maybe I just need a thicker skin for that type of shit.
Open file (1.62 MB 1316x1080 1573672296993.png)
>>656 I didn't decide it, I just lost all my appetite because stress and I didn't want to go outside. At the end I think I had to put more effort into eating than into not eating. Now I eat a little more but it's like half or less of what I used to eat, I think I will just stay like this. Just curious, what's the name of that spanish IB? Spanish internet is pretty much forums and the usual social media.
>>642 >It's a shame because a bunch of them still seem to feel like they have to point out newfags like they did on 8chan I've seen the same problem several times in many image boards. People should learn to be less aggressive with new users (as long as that new users are respectful, of course). >At least when I used it every thread seemed filled with retarded qboomers straight off of twitter and assholes spewing drama bullshit I think I know what you mean. Personally, I hate how most people there can't help but talk about politics or shit on whatever they don't care about, no matter what topic they are discussing. And to top it off, 8kun is terribly slow and still has some annoying bugs. To be honest, I only lurk there when I'm bored. >>658 Well, when you put it like that, it doesn't sound that bad. Actually, most of us eat more than we really need, so I guess there's nothing wrong with what you're doing. Anyway, I'm glad to know you're eating a little more than before. >what's the name of that spanish IB? The IB is called Wired-7. Personally, I think it's a pretty nice place, but I've noticed some annoying posts lately. However, I still think it's a good website.
>>663 There's something about spanish sites that don't do it for me. The way they try to mimic english sites, using outmoded expressions and memes in an awkward way, mixing things like "cringe" or "normie" in spanish sentences, the lack of authenticity. I guess I'm also becoming completely estranged of my own culture.
>>672 Unfortunately, I have to agree with you on that. Most Spanish sites are terribly influenced by current 4chan's culture. Wired-7 used to be free from that, but it seems that some new users are posting like they were on 4chan. What a shame. Changing the subject, am I the only one who can't post here using Firefox?
>>702 I use firefox and nothing else and I can post perfectly. That must be something related to actualizations or extensions, I would try with a clean instalation.
>>707 >clean instalation or he could get a new firefox profile, that might fix the issue without having to reinstall
Open file (2.09 MB 1920x1080 1587241354289.png)
I will go living by myself after years of having to share a place (actually I've only been able to live alone for seven months in more than 30 years of existence). I think true happines is just having a hole to stay without being disturbed. There's still working but still, just knowing I can go home and I will not have to deal people during all those hours feels like a blessing. I think I've been feeling like that at least since I was a teen, when my parents had to leave for a trip or something and I could stay at home for some days without seeing anyone it was a happiness I could remember months and years after. They say that if you are uncomfortable with others is because you're actually uncomfortable with yourself, but I feel really fine with just myself.
>>746 Living the dream, anon. Everyone here wants to retire to their own small refuge, so I'm happy to hear one of us has achieved it.
Does anyone else obsess over things that happened in the past that you had no real control over? Thinking about how if you had just done one thing different then everything after would have been so much better? I feel like it's useless to do so but I still end up thinking about it for hours at a time. And I'm relatively young, I can imagine that by the time I've gotten my wizard powers I'll have a lot more of this stuff to think about and obsess over. Bad memories of autistic experiences don't seem to get replaced, just added to the pile. And I can't seem to ignore them. Is there any end to it or is this something I'll deal with forever?
>>820 I still have memories of various stupid things I did over 20 years ago. I don't obsess over them usually but when I feel bad or get reminded of them somehow the memories often come back in droves. I will say that it used to be much worse on that front. The things I mostly obsess about are about some physical injuries, can't really forget about those when I can feel them all the time. I think normal people generally have better luck with this because not all their memories were bad in the first place and they are constantly having new experiences that replace the shitty old ones. When all your old memories are bad and you don't have so many new experiences but they're all bad too it's not going to work as well. But even they sometimes fall into bitter obsessions over past events, when things go badly enough.
I've been thinking about switching to Linux Mint, partly because I think that would help me to take my studies more seriously. Unfortunately, most of the programs I use every day (Photoshop, Paint Tool SAI and DAZ Studio) don't work on Linux. Not only that, I would have to use an unofficial driver for my graphics tablet. It's like my PC is forcing me to choose between coding or drawing. At the moment, my plan is to install all these programs with Wine. I'll also dual boot Mint with Windows 7. To be honest, I'd be more comfortable using Windows 7, as I'm doing right now. >>820 I know what you two mean. More than once, I've remembered something stupid I did years ago, which makes me feel like shit for a few hours. I think >>822 is right and most people don't pay attention to their bad memories because they're too busy with their present. This is kind of embarrassing, but since I started to take pills, I tend to ignore my bad memories.
>>827 >Windows 7 Why even use Windows if you're just using an outdated version? You might as well switch over to Linux if you don't want to update to Windows 10.
>>828 I really like Windows 7 and I always have trouble adapting to new things. But I guess you're right, I should switch to Linux as soon as possible.
>>827 >since I started to take pills Prescribed stuff or not? Do they help? I'm always skeptical of drugs in general, anything that alters your brain makes me nervous.
>>833 I'm the same way, I hate new things. I waited till a week before Windows 7 support ended to do the free Windows 10 update. I have to admit though, the new OS does look a lot nicer.
>>836 > the new OS does look a lot nicer It looks cleaner, but I wouldn't say "nicer". I like the look of older icons and things like that, current stuff is too flat/graphic. I think Windows has been getting worse aesthetically since Vista.
>>835 Prescribed stuff (paroxetine and Quetiapine). It's not that bad, I think. At first, I had a lot of trouble dealing with the side effects, but after a few months, I learned to live with them. On the other hand, sometimes I feel like I don't care about anything, which I think is kind of depressing. Also, my libido has decreased since I started the medicine, but I don't mind that. I remember reading somewhere that taking antidepressants only helps you be a tidy person while being depressed. I agree with that. >>836 >>837 I must admit, at first, I was thinking about upgrading this laptop to Windows 10. In fact, I hadn't burned that bridge yet.
A few days ago I finally left 4chan, something I've been promising to do for a long while now. Intelligent conversation has been gone for years but I stuck round because there weren't many other alternatives to discuss hobbies. I never realised how much time I spent on the site during a typical day; I find myself in the fortunate position of having an abundant amount of time on my hands as well as spending less time behind a screen.
>>837 I still like the general aesthetic of Windows 3.1. The elements were clearly defined and designed to stand out, and because of the limited abilities of computers at the time it was necessarily thrifty with screen space and resource use. Likewise I really enjoy the standard Linux DE themes from around the turn of the century. >>850 I have quit forums and imageboards before, usually something happens and suddenly I'm able to go cold turkey and just stop going there even though I had tried the same thing in the past and not been able to go a few hours before returning. It's weird to return for a visit a few months later and realise that the place is just complete shit and that you just aren't interested anymore.
>>850 I've been thinking about doing it for years, but I can't. I don't care about the culture anymore but it's the only place to talk decently about certain things. Still, it's like one good thread between 100 shitty ones.
>>837 >too flat/graphic They're trying to mimic the look and feel of a smartphone. Microsoft wants to follow the Google model, they want you in their store buying apps and storing them on OneDrive . Still, Windows 10 is customizable and so I'm able to keep it simple and clutter free. >>851 >like the general aesthetic of Windows 3.1 If you still using Windows 3.1 I've got a lot of respect for you.
>>858 I wish I were. Too bad about needing the internet, video playback, etc. If I wasn't so attached to all that there probably wouldn't be any need to use anything newer.
Open file (129.83 KB 1089x403 page27.jpg)
For some reason it really brightens up my day when I read terrible news.
Open file (294.52 KB 1263x1600 astero-20190112.jpg)
A bit off topic, but I've noticed hardly any of the posts here have images attached. Do you guys prefer text alone instead? Personally I feel like an image board post without images is lacking. I always liked browsing through threads filled with visually stimulating stuff to go along with whatever was being said. The posted images gave a board much of it's charm and let me feel subtle undercurrents in the culture.
>>861 I can only speak for myself, but I don't have that many images saved. Everything I'd save images on is either filled with music, vidya, or clutter that I'm too lazy to sort through.
>>862 >I'm too lazy to sort through same, sorry >>861 but 80% of the time I'm going to be too lazy to find a funny or clever image for you to look at
Open file (97.20 KB 760x900 1593642983943.jpg)
>>861 I always try to post some image, something like just a cool pic like the one you posted, even if it's not particularly related. I find magicchan style of posting, with it's long and meditated posts, hard to go with your average reaction pic and the kind of stuff that fits with 4chan or others., so that probably goes against posting too many pics.
>>862 Same here. After changing my computer a couple of times I just don't save many pictures anymore. I don't post a lot anyway, don't really have much to say. On an unrelated note I have recently been trying to delete my website registrations (nice that you can do it a lot of sites these days thanks to that EU law), unsubscribing from mailing lists, deleting imageboard posts, etc. Do you guys do anything like that?
>>861 I always try to post an image along my reply, but sometimes it's difficult to find one that suits the vibe of the point I'm trying to put across like in this case.
>>861 As others have said, I don't have many images or any that would be of value when posting. I try to find something that fits with the post, but most of the time I don't have much that would contribute to a thread/post and so I don't want to feel like I'm wasting a slot that could be used for something more worthwhile.
I wish I had more to post about.
Open file (338.88 KB 650x386 monkey paw.png)
>>891 *desiccated monkey finger curls audibly*
>>891 I still come here every day even though I have nothing to sa.y
Open file (16.29 KB 300x240 waiting_for_reply.jpg)
>>891 >>893 You guys can post about the cereal you ate this morning for all I care. Whatever it takes to keep this place alive. Magicchan needs to live on.
>>894 I have been mostly eating milk and fruit lately. Lots of bananas and canned fruit. I think cooked fruit is easier to digest and maybe that canneries probably pick riper fruit than supermarkets seeing as they don't have shelf life or transportation problems.
>>894 Where my Cinnamon Toast Crunch bros at?
Open file (24.78 KB 400x400 vomit.jpg)
>>897 >Cinnamon Toast Crunch Do you like the taste of styrofoam? Someone get this guy some Cap'n Crunch.
To be honest, I haven't done anything interesting lately. I ended up installing Linux Mint on my PC and I'm still trying to get used to it. It's a really nice OS, but I miss some programs that only run on Windows, but I guess that's what Wine is for. On the other hand, I spent almost two weeks figuring out how to calibrate my monitor. That was really frustrating. Besides that, sometimes my nephew calls me to play some online video game with him. It's kind of annoying but what can I do? I have trouble saying no to him. >>894 It's funny you asked for that. I very rarely eat cereal, but I bought a box of Oreo O's and a box of Froot Loops a few days ago. They both taste good, but I think I prefer the Oreo O's. Anyway, I always eat bread with coffee for breakfast. >>897 I've never tasted Toast Crunch but when I searched for it, one of the result was "Is Cinnamon Toast Crunch Bad For You?" What the hell? And since we're talking about cereal... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1n-9uq_lyRQ
>>898 >>899 To be fair it's the European version so I'm sure it tastes differently and less poisonous. I tried Cap'n Crunch for the first time last year, I did like it but it has way too much sugar in it.
Open file (39.06 KB 499x333 cake.jpeg)
>>894 Eating has felt like a chore for me lately. The exception has been some simple cakes I've been making. Normally I don't like sweets too much, but the ones I've been making can get my appetite going even when I feel too sick to eat much. Stuff like almond hazelnut sponge cake with rum coffee buttercream and ganache. I think it's the bitter sweetness of the coffee and the chocolate that makes it easier on my stomach than normal sweets.
>>901 For me cooking is the chore, eating is the payoff. Maybe that's why I eat so much fast food, I like the instant gratification. It sounds like with you things of the opposite. You're more into the process of making a meal.
Open file (148.78 KB 1063x1593 square cake.jpeg)
>>902 I guess so. It's a nice way to kill time I'd otherwise spend doing nothing. I'd be more into it if I was good at it, but I always seem to mess up somewhere with most recipes and end up with something bland I don't really want to eat. The cake I talked about is actually pretty simple, being only a few ingredients and without too many steps so even I can manage to make it. If anyone's interested the basic recipe is ~2 parts nut flour, ~1 part sugar and ~.5 parts flour. Separate several egg yolks from their whites, add to the cake mix enough yolks to make the mixture almost smooth, then add some melted butter until the mixture is a thick but homogeneous texture. Beat the accumulated egg whites on high speed slowly adding small amounts of sugar until the mixture is stiff and holds it's shape. Dump this into the bowl with the rest of the ingredients and fold the mixture together until just combined. Dump the mixture evenly onto a parchment paper lined baking sheet, and place into a preheated 400f (205 C) oven. Cook until the cake develops a deep golden brown color on the surface. Frosting, beat 1-2 egg yolks on high, to this add candy syrup and flavorings. In my case this is coffee rum, so coffee and sugar are boiled in a pan until they become a thick viscous syrup, this is allowed to cool somewhat, before spiced rum is added. Then the syrup is poured into the eggs all the while mixing on high. Add to this chunks of butter until a frosting like consistency develops. Ganache is just hot cream poured over chocolate, stirred together till they are mixed, then allowed to cool. To assemble the cake, cut the cake into a rectangle. Spread a layer of frosting and/or ganache onto the cake, then cut the rectangle in half, place one on top of the other, repeat as many times as desired. Store in the fridge. I like it on a plate with a shot of espresso and spiced rum in the bottom, and dusted with coco powder, like a discount tiramisu.
Open file (1.20 MB 1200x900 ClipboardImage.png)
I've never been more disappointed in you guys. Bran flakes are the thinking man's cereal of choice.
>>914 By thinking man's I think you mean geriatrics. Please tell me you at least put some cut up bananas into the bowl.
>>916 Ouch. I eat mine plain with only milk What milk do you mages use? I'm a full fat guy.
>>917 I don't buy milk very often but when I do it's usually skimmed. I like my milk watery.
Open file (34.55 KB 500x375 special_k.jpg)
>>914 I've never eaten it, but if it tastes similar to Special K, I'd love to eat a bowl of that cereal. I'm a sucker for that kind of food.
Open file (434.08 KB 1024x599 40.png)
I found out this week that I'm going to be losing my job soon. The place that I'm working is struggling because of the covid and can't stay open I guess. Honestly, it feels strangely liberating. I'm planning on taking a few months off and vegging out at home, smoking weed and playing video games. Maybe I'll ride my bike a little too.
>>925 That's what scares me the most, and I think I could have justified fears but I try not to think about it. Also because covid, it's fucking absolutely everything. You seem quite calm about it, so I guess you will be fine. In my case it will be quite devastating.
>>926 I've been wanting time off work for so long that this really feels like a blessing in disguise. I get so agitated by my job some days that I can't even sleep. Dealing with people exhausts me. >I guess you will be fine I've got enough job experience in my field that I can always get another job quickly. It won't pay a lot and it will probably be awful but it'll be work.
I can't wait for the weather to cool down, it is impossible to walk outside in the heat. In winter there is a small hill I always visit, which no one else knows about. In summer the grass there grows huge and is full of snakes, scaring off other people effectively. It also has a nice view towards the sea.
>>932 It's impossible to live. I don't know how humans have managed to live in places with this kind of heat. I wake up exhausted everyday, all requires an enormous effort, like if you were carrying 50kg in your back 24h. Any little activity can make me sweat and cause problems with breathing, I suffer continous headaches and dizziness. And this lasts for at least 4 months. Then some fucker will say "what a nice weather".
>>933 Oh man I'm exactly the same. I fucking hate summers, my body just breaks down. My nose gets blocked and I can't breathe, I'm sweating like a horse even at 20C, the constant headaches, fucking insects flying into my face when I'm outside, etc. When its too hot I can't sleep without a wet towell and a fan at full speed. I wish it could be 15C all the time. I hate when people complain about rain and cold.
>>933 I live in a tropical place and the heat is pretty bad, although there are some OK things about the environment generally. I moved here from a cooler place and in my opinion the heat is very taxing on the body. I read something about tropical climates masking the symptoms of hypothyroidism although I suspect that they might tend to induce it because the body has much less need to produce heat but slowing down its metabolism would reduce energy levels overall. I know that I feel much less energetic when it's hot. >>935 Is it humid where you live? In my experience 15ºC can be comfortable in humid conditions but also unpleasantly cold when it's dry.
I just had a long argument with my dad about cancel culture where I said that people stretch the definition of "cancelled" in large part because it looks cool and it helps sell books and shit. It ended with him saying he doesn't want to talk to me again because I wouldn't say that the APA making a statement against conversion therapy is "cancelling" conversion therapy. Am I the retard here or is he? It doesn't really matter who's right anyways, I'm just trying to psych myself up to ignore any calls he makes now. It was a dumb argument and I doubt he's actually going to stop talking to me but I'm tired of maintaining the relationship, I'd rather be full hikki and not have to worry about this shit. He also talked about how my mother is working for the devil. I don't even like my mother, she's been the source of a fuckton of pain in my life, I don't see what that has to do with these gay modern terms and the gay way they're used. He was probably just venting because he's still mad that I live with her and I'm just being an asshole. Shit, if there ever was a reason to move out it'd be to avoid this retarded shit. Also I hate that even if I do manage to cut him off for good I'm going to still idolize him because I've done so pretty much all of my life. It's only recently that our relationship has become unpleasant, in large part because he's obsessed with worshipping Trump's every move. I'm not even anti-Trump, I just don't believe he's a gift directly from God. Isn't it supposed to be le sjws that cut people off when they don't adhere to every belief they have? Fucking hell.
>>946 >"cancelled" in large part because it looks cool and it helps sell books With guys like Jordan Peterson I think this is true. He wants the fame and money, and he'll put up with SJW mobs to get it. >worshipping Trump's every move I don't understand these people either. It's pretty obvious that Trump is a bit of a snake oils salesman, him and his advisors just used a bunch of Arthur Finkelstein tactics to win the election and then became a standard republican while in office.
Open file (83.39 KB 1280x851 snake sleeping.jpg)
I accidentally took an extra dose of quetiapine yesterday morning, which made me sleep for four hours. I guess I was deep in my thoughts, or maybe I was just really distracted. To be honest, that made me feel so stupid. I can't help but think I spend most of the day in "automatic mode". I think I need to change that. >>946 Unfortunately, most people tend to vent their problems and fears when it comes to this kind of topic. That's one of the reason why tried to avoid discussing politics with my family. Anyway, I'm sure your father will forget the whole thing soon. Just out of curiosity, why do you idolize him so much?
>>957 >why do you idolize him so much Because I didn't see him a lot when I was a kid and because I really don't like my mother. It's just instinctual.
10 more days until the end of summer, and it can't come soon enough. I HATE the heat! Whenever the weather gets around 24 I get miserable, I can't sleep and I'm sweating like a pig.
>>975 I went out today and the weather was perfect. The sky was cloudy, the streets were wet and the air was cold. I almost got run over by a car but that's beside the point.
>>992 Cool rainy days are the best. The air tastes great, the lighting is soft and diffuse, and the rain makes comforting noise. Sadly it rarely rains where I live.
>>993 The rain is nice, especially when you're inside. I hate being outside when it's windy and the rainy though, that kind of weather ruins my umbrellas.
>>995 Maybe because it's rare here, but I really like standing out in the rain and feeling it hitting my skin and soaking into my hair. Then again I don't have to walk through it to go somewhere, and I have my rain coat on.
>>975 It doesn't go below 24 here (including at night) for most of the year. The weather here makes me so miserable, it's sunny all the time and just going out in the sun feels like I'm being cooked. Cold, overcast days are a dream.
>>1001 Sorry to say this but it sounds like you're living in a literal hell pit. I don't understand how anyone gets things done in your country, the sun must totally exhaust people. I hope you can at least escape to an air conditioned place every now and again.
>>1004 >I don't understand how anyone gets things done in your country, the sun must totally exhaust people. Not him, but a similar situation. Things don't get done, it's a country were most things barely work and no one sleeps, the schedules are completely fucked up. The whole country closes in august, and the southern region must close for like half of the year, or better said, it would close if there was any economic activity and unemployment rates under 30% sometime. I'm at 27º now but worse of it is it can easily last two more months like this. Where I'm living now there's basically 8 months of summer and 4 months of really soft winter, no autumn, no spring.
>>1006 Man, why do you people need to live so close to the equator? It took a while but the weather is finally getting below 20 this week. I'd hate for summer to last any longer than this.
>>1006 The climate here doesn't even resemble normal seasons. There's a hot and dry season (in which the air is often full of smoke from forest fires), an awful season that is very hot and humid without raining, and a hot and somewhat rainy season. Every month is over 30ºC and only the nighttime temperature changes with the 'seasons'.
Open file (614.52 KB 720x900 ClipboardImage.png)
I had predicted I would have a week of mental stability correctly and used it to decorate the two hallways and stairway in the family house. The cats had scratched wallpaper off and the paint colour had faded. It was hard and I had a few days where I felt crappy. The ladders broke so I had to jump up while finish parts and I got frustrated at being on the floor and not painting straight lines. I finished it though. In the last 12 months I've managed to decorate a few rooms, make a new gate, fix and repaint outbuildings, and sort out the driveway. Slowly being able to capitalise on windows of normal mood and undoing a decade of decay.
>>1011 That sounds very productive, good for you. Usually I'll use my short windows of mental stability to clean up some of the clutter accumulating around my place. It may not be a big thing for most people but throwing out an old pair of shoes is actually really hard for me to do. Forget about decorating, my lava lamp is all the decorating my place needs.
>>1009 Are you brazilian anon?
>>1015 I am not, I am from another tropical hellhole
Open file (317.45 KB 1024x875 Artist.jpg)
Open file (243.54 KB 806x1024 Balls.jpg)
Open file (561.69 KB 1000x1343 Bottles.jpg)
Open file (330.63 KB 1000x1304 Husband.jpg)
Open file (536.99 KB 1220x1600 Sailor.jpg)
Yesterday I had a fire in my house caused by an electrical short circuit. Luckily, we managed to put the fire out in time. An electrician came up to size things up and said he'd be up to fix it tomorrow. I hope things turn out well tomorrow. Changing of subject, Quino, one of Latin America's most important cartoonists, passed away yesterday. I've always been a big fan of his work, so I spent that day reading some of his comic strips. While I like Mafalda (his most popular creation) a lot, I must admit that I prefer his later work. Personally, I think he's not only a very talented artist, but also an extremely clever and creative writer. Many of his comic strips have no dialogue, so I'll share some of them here with you guys.
>>1034 I always found weird how his most famous work got frozen in time in 1973, considering it was a really political comic strictly tied to it's era, not Calvin and Hobbes. His latter work is good but I don't think it had too much attention.
>>1034 I like the granny one, seems very relatable
>>1046 In defense of Mafalda, not all of its strips are tied to the political context of its time. Actually, I think most of them are just jokes made by charming characters. Anyway, it's a pity his later work is overshadowed by Mafalda. >>1048 That's funny, I find that comic very relatable, too.
Open file (77.07 KB 640x640 pizza.jpg)
Why can't I just enjoy the taste of hot, perfectly cooked frozen pizza without burning the roof of my mouth?
>>1080 My gums often get scratched or start peeling when I eat those frozen pizzas or meatballs, like they have some kind of grit in them.
My debit card was cancelled and replaced last month because of fraud, and just now there was another fraudulent transaction on the new one. Ffs. Now I'm getting paranoid about how they could have got it so quickly.
>>1092 Damn, do you have your information online or something? That fucking sucks dick I hope you're able to resolve it. That type of shit makes me glad I never check my bank statements, what you don't know can't hurt you.
>>1093 Idk, I don't have anything about myself online and I only used the new card a few times. I guess it was skimmed at a shop or ATM and someone put the details online. Maybe hidden cameras near the card reader but who knows. The bank was ok about it last time but the replacement card took over two weeks to arrive. Also, despite sending me a fraud alert, they still let $110 of food delivery orders go through and I had to wait a while for that to be refunded. At least this time I'm not out any money. Guess it's just gotta be cash everywhere from now on.
I bought an electric juicer like five years ago and just had it sitting around unused all that time because I was scared of using it or something (I don't really know, I think I regretted buying it and then just didn't want to touch it). Just used it for the first time to juice some blood oranges that were marked down at the shop, it was ok but a bit underwhelming. I wish it didn't take me so long to adjust to new things. Five years. Goddamn.
Open file (33.99 KB 640x480 160776.jpg)
>>1104 >I was scared of using it or something (I don't really know, I think I regretted buying it and then just didn't want to touch it). That's funny, I've felt that way more than once. I always end up buying something that isn't quite right for me and then I spend a few days regretting my purchase. I guess that's why I rarely buy stuff for myself. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed your orange juice. Funnily enough, reading your post made me realize something. In my house, we blend the oranges (or lemons) into juice and then we strain that juice. It tastes good, but it gets sour after a while, unfortunately.
>>1106 Yeah I somehow manage to regret pretty much everything. I rarely buy stuff for myself too, I'm so indecisive and unsure that it takes me forever to do anything and when I finally do I always regret it.
Open file (315.06 KB 672x676 141266169244.png)
Finally found you guys again. Is anyone still here?
>>1113 I'm here
>>1113 Welcome back anon.
>>1113 hello
Open file (25.54 KB 300x250 wizards.png)
>>1113 I'm very glad you have found us. I hope you enjoy your stay, mage. Out of curiosity, how did you find us? Our previous refuge disappeared so suddenly that none of us had time to organize our migration to a new site.
Open file (617.14 KB 1280x707 634335148696076288.jpg)
>>1117 A kind lizard guided me here.
>>1113 Welcome back mage! Remember, should this board disappear check https://www.magechan.org/ for all the current bunkers and regroup locations.
Open file (815.06 KB 680x698 ClipboardImage.png)
It's been 2 years since Magicchan died and just over a year since the first /tower/ died.
Open file (235.91 KB 1375x1080 1599564838919.jpg)
>>1123 It didn't die, it just evolved!
>>1123 RIP Magicchan
>>1123 I can't believe it's been two years since Magicchan died. For some reason, I still feel like it was just a few months ago. >>1127 Well, that's a good way to look at it. I hope it continues to evolve over the years.
Did any mages have to do one of those zoom call things for Thanksgiving? I'm really glad that my family didn't do anything like that. I just ate turkey and shit with my mother and brother and didn't need to watch niggerball or get pestered by my uncle about not having a job or anything.
>>1145 Don't have thanksgiving here but I doubt my family would utilize zoom instead of just breaking the riles and gathering anyways. We all met for my grandpas birthday in september and there were all the old fucks that show up every year. No household restrictions or anything like that. Worst case scenario I would simply not participate. My immediate family knows I don't like these things and the rest are to distant the rest of the year for me to give a fuck about hurting them.
Open file (35.94 KB 600x338 314894c6cc212da8_w.jpg)
>>1145 It's not exactly the same, but my nephew calls me every day to ask me if I can play video games with him. It's quite annoying, but what can I do about it? >>1146 My situation is very similar to yours. Some distant family members and neighbors keep visiting us every now a then, and most of them don't even wears masks when they come to our home. Even worse, my aunt visited us a few days ago and her husband had COVID-19 earlier that month --my nieces were terrified by that.
>>1147 Did your aunt's husband die from it or something? Why were your nieces terrified by the presence of your aunt?
>>1148 No, his health improved and now he's back to normal. My nieces were just overreacting.
Open file (7.31 MB 1280x718 1424779745107.webm)
Open file (8.45 MB 1280x718 1424853710551.webm)
Found these on a big HDD. Unix timecode dates the first part as uploaded on 02/24/2015
>>1179 That was pretty cool. Who is he, some sort of website reviewer? I've been lurking imageboards for so long that sometimes I forget that most people don't know nothing about these communities. It was funny to see a complete outsider try to figure out what Magicchan was about. I really enjoyed it, but they almost made me deaf.
>>1179 >Who is he, some sort of website reviewer? There is (or at least used to be) some site/service where people who signed up would be given a proprietary screen recorder and recieve links to random sites. They would be tasked with clicking through and recording their impressions and describing what they saw. It was probably data collection to enhance marketing. The recorders would be rewarded with Amazon coupons and the like. There is a notorious clip floating around in which a succubus is directed to Wizardchan. Her impressions are expected as she tries to grasp the posts about suicide with screaming face pics attached, but she ends it in true fear and confusion when she enters a thread she thinks is about cats when really it's some guy explaining how he stole his cat's virginity at one point.
I ate a fruit from a tree in the park yesterday. Felt like a wild hunter-gatherer man. It looked and tasted like a small plum, pretty sweet and had a nice flavour. I always thought those ornamental trees didn't bear fruit but there it was. I tried to figure out what it is using the internet and it seems like something called a cherry plum.
Well shit, turns out the replies I was making to mages was all in my head. So many posts I thought I had responded to and yet there's nothing there.
>>1217 That sounds pretty weird, in fact, I must confess I'm a little worried about you. Our of curiosity, do you still remember those replies?
>>1218 I sort of remember the replies, I'll have to find some time and type them out at some point. Normally I load /tower/ in the morning and read through any new posts, and I usually think of what to reply to them during the day. Guess I forgot to type these up when I had chance.
Open file (96.29 KB 350x265 91sn32Q.jpg)
>>1217 I sometimes do the opposite, I write almost the exact same posts again and again. I'm the internet equivalent of an old fart that repeats himself and annoys everyone until they stop paying attention to grandpa's rants.
>>1220 I recently found some old threads I had manually archived. Reading through them I noticed I had pretty much made the same few dozen posts over and over with ever declining levels of quality.
Open file (42.80 KB 729x424 1583655386270.jpg)
>>1222 Isn't nice when you start reading an old post with interest, then feel some discomfort because of how badly written is and the author seems an absolute nut, then after one minute or two you remember it was you who wrote that. And by nice I mean awful and awkward.
>>1224 Yeah, it's painful taking a step back and seeing some of the stuff I've posted. Makes me wonder how I manage to stand myself day to day.
Saw ~6 cardinals in the backyard today. Should find some binoculars to watch birds. Wondering if I'd need to tape a big sign in the window next to me: "WATCHING BIRDS, NOT YOU!"
Watching a video about Chinese "hermits" living in a kind of commune and this came on. Closed the tab when the first guy came on talking about his life in the city (not relatable at all), but then I opened it back up and the middle part was OK. Then the social media post near the end. The part in between these scenes was OK. At least here was one guy, the guy at the back of the photo-taking picture who isn't looking at his phone, who seems to be a true hermit not interested in the outside world at all. Admirable to be able to live like that, in what looks like a really beautiful place.
>>1236 Wow, those screenshots alone are making me kind of angry. It's amazing how something as anti-social as hermitage is turned into social media capital these days.
>>1238 Yeah. Actually, I looked at it again and I think the ones with their phones out were with the producers. Still disrespectful, in that case.
>>1238 >>1239 In some years a phone will be like a leg or an arm, an extension of the human body. So going to places without a phone will mean attracting attention, the same way a mutilated person does. There will be no alternative to permanent social media connection, but falling to the side of the "non-human".
>>1244 Yeah, unfortunately you'll probably end up being right about that. Even years ago when I was looking for jobs I remember reading that some employers regarded not having any social media as a negative, because of course employers 'need' to make sure their employees make the right kind of posts so just not posting anything isn't good enough. It's not such a big step from that kind of mindset to banishing people in public who appear to have dropped out from the system.
Started a new job with the same employer this month and have been working from home, initially because I got stuck with the virus travel restrictions and then because I milked the privilege a bit. I feel incompetent already when it comes to doing my work. I just don't want to go back, not just to the office but to work or even the town I work at. Keep imagining just dropping out to be a student or something. I hated being at uni so it's probably some kind of Stockholm Syndrome, but these days online courses are everywhere and I really would rather just stay in and study all day.
Open file (7.50 KB 185x220 índice.jpg)
>>1248 Working is hell. In most latin languages the word that means "work" has it's origin in "tripalium", an ancient method of torture similar to crucifixion. So you can't expect it to be good. For some time I thought I just needed to keep a mindset that strictly separated work from life, but I always end taking the stress and shit from work to home, it can't be avoided. Time ago I worked pretty much all the time in the shittiest place ever and most days ended fantasizing about throwing myself to the wheels of some truck just to end it all. Right now I have a decent, low effort job, but still, dealing with the same fucks every day makes it awful.
>>1249 By nearly any standard my job is pretty good. My boss is nice, don't have to work overtime, colleagues are pretty nice overall. Honestly it couldn't get much better. I just hate the working part, don't really like around people all that much and don't really like putting my work "on show", the work seems a bit pointless a lot of the time, and of course I'm always worried about making mistakes and if I have trouble doing something then I get really stressed. And I wish I had that time to do whatever I wanted, even nothing if that's what I wanted.
I've been coming across many articles and opinions about internet privacy lately, and I must admit, it's a very discouraging topic. On the one hand, it is becoming more and more difficult to use the Internet without giving up personal information or being restricted in some manner. And on the other, the few alternatives to private products (like Google or YouTube) don't meet my expectations. Every time I read about these topic, I dislike modern technology more and more. Anyway, maybe I should just ignore that whole thing. >>1248 I can identify with what you wrote about being at university. I really hate to be there and deal with all that implies. Actually, I'd even say that it's the main reason why I started to take antidepressant. My whole family have told I should drop out of school, but there's something that stops me from doing so. I guess I'm just scared of the future and what people would think if I did that.
>>1259 I was suicidal the whole time I was at university. I was stressed out of my mind 24/7 just from living around my parents, my mother screeching at me and my father mocking everything I did while prohibiting me from making any decisions on my own. They wouldn't hear of even changing my course or going to some other university, let alone just dropping out. I was underweight, so stressed that I couldn't concentrate, couldn't find anywhere to study at uni half the time, and pretty much walked around in a daze all day. Of course at that age it also bothered me a lot that I saw everyone else having normal social relations while I had nothing. Spent most of my time thinking about ways to either get out of there or kill myself, too bad my parents had killed every last little bit of independence so I was just stuck with the cognitive dissonance of wishing more than anything else to get out of there while believing it was impossible.
>>1261 In my experience, there's nothing worse that not being independent. I felt somehow similar when I was in college too, I mostly regreet having studied even when I finished two (useless) degrees. Now I'm independent but ironically that means being a wageslave. I feel like there's always this dependance and subordination to someone or something and you can't escape from it. Only money can give you freedom so I guess you can only try to grow a thick armour and try to not give a fuck. Anyway, it's still a lot better than depending from parents since that takes and atrocious emotional toll and obviously you will always have less practical freedom with them. It amazes me how most people just keeps being extremely dependant for all their lifes, tying themselves to wife, children and all kinds of shit.
>>1262 Yeah, I think that if I hadn't been forced to keep living with them I would have at least had a better mental state while I was there. I proposed going to some other university once and another time (when I was 22 or 23) managed to get a job offer in a different city and it was like I had announced the end of the world or something. Even trying to go for a walk in the evening I would get a lecture about how I was going to be murdered or robbed (I live in a very safe place). The thought of having to move in with them again is the stuff of nightmares. At least having a job I don't have to put up with my fucking parents being there all the time. Although, it seems like the stress patterns are so ingrained that I still do some of that kind of stuff even though they aren't around, like my brain is fucked up for good thanks to my upbringing.
Open file (453.38 KB 478x597 rockwell.png)
>>1261 I'm so sorry you had to go through all that, mage. I used to have suicidal thoughts all the time too, but at least my family treated me well and tried their best to help me. From what you wrote, being at university was almost as bad as being at home; you were stuck between a rock and a hard place. I can't blame you for not wanting to go back to your hometown. You certainly made the right choice. I hope things get better for you soon. >>1262 I understand what you mean, being completely independent is the main goal of most people. On the other hand, I must confess that my situation is a little weird. I have no passion for what I'm studying and I feel too old to study a new degree --I'm 29 years old, and while most of my classmates are in their late twenties, at least they have work experience and enjoy what they do. The reason why my family has no problem with me dropping out of university is because I make good money (at least by my country's standards) from home, but I normally spend all that money on my family. I guess I could earn more money if I focused more on my "job", but I don't think I can make enough to live independently and help them at the same time. Things would be a lot simpler If my "job" had anything to do with my degree --I'm studying software engineering, but I make money drawing porn. >It amazes me how most people just keeps being extremely dependant for all their lifes, tying themselves to wife, children and all kinds of shit. That's very true. Funnily enough, many people enjoy that because it gives them a reason to continue living. However, We can't all be like that. I apologize for such a long post.
>>1264 Yeah, thanks. Perhaps the most ridiculous part of it all is that their justification for it was always that it was for my own good, or because they loved me, or something like that. Had to have my life micromanaged because they loved me too much to just let me go about living it myself. I think that's the ultimate mindfuck. Rarely hear of parents struggling to keep their offspring dependent forever. It's weird now because they're getting really old and sick so the controlling behaviour has slowed down a lot (of course my father still tries when he remembers) but it's not really because anything changed for the better. Of course they won't accept any help whatsoever and won't listen to anyone but a doctor (even though medical treatment has done nothing for them), not that they even follow what their doctors tell them e.g. eating properly. So it doesn't even feel good, I am not happy that they are sick or anything like that. It just feels bad. Anyway, I don't think you are too old to study a new degree, if that's what you want. It's sort of hyprocritical because when I was your age (I'm 32) I felt like I was too old for it, but if I had started one then I could have finished by now. I guess my opinion is really that if you're going to do it you should commit to it and really try your hardest, otherwise it's probably more worthwhile to spend the time on your other income-producing activities. I'm probably in a minority here but I think passion is overrated and that you can develop passion for something just by working hard at it for long enough and developing an appreciation for it and the will to improve. You certainly shouldn't expect to feel passionately about something right from the very beginning of studying it.
Do any of you get emails intended for someone else with your name? I got a gmail address in about 2003 or 2004, I think it was when you still needed an invitation but so many people had them that they couldn't give them all away. Anyway, I have an email address that's just my name @ gmail. I don't really have anyone to send emails to so I only use it for signing up to websites where you would tell them your name anyway. Sort of a waste. Unfortunately there are some other people with the same name who seem to have kept giving out my email address to different places so for several years I have been receiving a mix of spam and somewhat important emails for them. Seems like whenever I sign up for things I have to verify my email address but other people can just go around signing up for all sorts of stuff without that. Had emails about credit checks, domain renewals, student fee notices, phone bills, pizza delivery, army veteran meetups, all sorts of stuff (that didn't go to the right person because he signed up with the wrong email address). Then, a while ago, some big company appointed a CEO whose name is the same name as mine and now I also get occasional email complaints from people who received poor service from that company and are trying to contact the CEO. I don't know how they get my email address, maybe they just type my name in and somehow it gets directed to me. I sort of feel badly about one. Someone's grandma was copying me in to her family email newsletter thingy. Then one day she sent a happy birthday email and said she would really like it if I would reply for once. Finally had to send her an email to tell her she wasn't my grandma. I sort of liked getting them, honestly.
>>1259 Next, read about the Intel Management Engine and the AMD Platform Security Processor. Everything about modern life is very discouraging. Last time I went for blood work, they wanted identification. "Bring it with you next time." I have none. I never returned. If they stop my medication, so be it. >>1273 I had a gmail address from that time. It locked me out for "suspicious activity" or something, and wanted me to register a phone number. I don't think I ever received any emails.
>>1274 > I had a gmail address from that time. It locked me out for "suspicious activity" or something, and wanted me to register a phone number. I don't think I ever received any emails. It was probably for the best
>>1259 Privacy in general is totally fucked, like soon to no longer even exist fucked. It probably wont be more than a decade or so before automated systems monitor most of the population in real time in both meat and cyberspace. It's enough to make anyone paranoid, and make a paranoid like me have fits of anxiety. >no good replacements for privacy invasive stuff like youtube True, sadly the net is being absolutely dominated by a few large firms. There's plenty of decentralized open source privacy respecting software but most with next to zero users and zero content. I'd love to switch, but it's not really a valid option without content. For youtube I like to use invidious(https://invidio.us/) as a frontend to minimise how much of google's javascript I run, and I put all my connections out through TOR, so hopefully they don't get my IP either. For google, I usually use duckduckgo, searx, or a few other search engines that claim to respect privacy. That sort of switch and minimize stuff. It's all probably just placebo, since I don't maintain any real OPsec, but it makes me feel better.
Have been trying to improve myself a bit. Nothing too dramatic, just finally got rid of porn usage and masturbation, completely and, hopefully, forever, so far have been sober for 5 months straight. Discovered a hobby that got me invested, to dump the excesses of energy that appears when you stop beating your meat. It feels great to have a thing you do constantly, the one thing doing which you don't notice how quickly the time passes. Do you have such thing, mages? For me it is drawing. Been doing the basics for several months. Seeing improvement in drawing skills was the most gratifying thing ever experienced by me. I am not at that level at which I can be proud of my doodles, in fact, I am suck at the moment, but becoming better at art is probably the one thing I am looking forward to. Nothing else besides that.
>>1282 >It feels great to have a thing you do constantly, the one thing doing which you don't notice how quickly the time passes. Do you have such thing, mages? Yes, sleeping.
>>1282 That's great. I need something like that. The thought of being proficient at drawing/painting is appealing to me, but it's extremely difficult to practice. It would be nice, being able to go outside, observe nature, and put it to paper/canvas. Every time I sit down and try to dedicate myself to it, I quickly become frustrated. I scribble away for a bit, and then I'm left in a deeper depression than before. Time seems to pass too quickly, despite doing nothing.
Open file (34.07 KB 400x524 1574642838000.jpg)
>>1282 I've been trying to draw since the year started. I can't say I have enjoyed it at all. I'm bad at it, I see no progress, I don't like the results. It's a frustrating experience, but that's pretty much everything that requires skill so it's not surprising. What bothers me the most of this kind of things that demand effort (like learning languages too) is how I can't improve, doesn't matter how much time I spend. There's even a point when I just start getting worse and worse. >Do you have such thing, mages? I wish. Lately I find everything to be extremely exhausting. Even passive activities like watching stuff or playing videogames are too tiring for me. Most of my free time I just lay in bed, unable to do anything. And if I do something it needs to be from bed, and after 30 min. I'm already tired anyway. I'm perplexed about how people can do so much shit and have so much energy. I know my post is way too negative, at least I hope it can help you to appreciate what you have, even if it's not too much.
>>1276 > It probably wont be more than a decade or so before automated systems monitor most of the population in real time in both meat and cyberspace. That is truly a nightmare of epic proportions. I hate even knowing that people could see me, and being watched while I'm doing anything pretty much makes me just want to stop and go away. But if someone had to personally follow me around, open my mail, bug my place, etc, it would be a big effort for them and they would stop after a w. With all this AI shit they can already do a great deal of it, and of course like you say it will only get eternally, infinitely worse as the surveillance infrastructure gets integrated and they find ways to use the data. I have read arguments that it doesn't really matter because it's just a computer looking, just going into a database and "nobody is interested in you". But one never really knows what qualities will become "interesting" in the future, and the computers themselves will be profiling everyone continuously and increasingly making decisions that affect you or inviting human inspection of your life.
>>1282 Good for you mage, it would be nice to see your drawings and progress. As for your question, I do like miniature painting as a time sink but haven't done anything related to it in nearly a year despite having the time. I should get back into it and at least do something productive with my NEET time.
A few days ago, one of my professors asked me to make a video presentation and then upload it to YouTube. After many failed attempts, I finally managed to get it done, but my throat felt sore after that. I don't understand how radio hosts can do this kind of stuff every day. On the other hand, I guess it was a bad idea to try to record the entire video in one shot. >>1282 It's great that you've decided to spend more time drawing from now on, mage. I also like to draw, so I know how frustrating this hobby can be sometimes, but it's always nice to have something interesting to do with your time. And I agree with >>1291, you should share some of your drawings here. If I remember correctly, there's an old thread in the catalog where some mages shared their artworks. >>1285 I'm sorry to hear you are going through a tough time. I thought about suggesting you try to do at least one tiny thing related to your hobbies every day, but then I remembered that, back when I was going through a hard time, I used to hate when people try to help me. Anyway, I wish you the best, mage.
>>1301 It's not a hard time at all, everything goes relatively fine and I live better now than in most of my life, this is just my "normal", exhaustion and being stuck in bed for most of the time. When I'm in an actually hard time I just stop eating. The problem I see with those creative/active hobbies is how they make me feel bad when I'm not doing them because I'm not doing them, and they make me feel bad when I'm doing them because the results and progression are awful. Overall, they just make me feel bad so I would say their simple existence is bad.
Woke up at 2:30am because there was a large cockroach in my shorts. Goddamn, why do I live like this.
Open file (263.38 KB 1280x960 1325693438184.jpg)
>>1311 There's nothing more terrifying than roaches, I couldn't live after experiencing that. Only close contact with one of them I didn't even touch the thing, had to call someone to get rid of it and even years later remembering makes me feel itchy, nervous and paranoid.
>>1312 I kind of got used to them, or more like I don't have the energy to keep trying to get rid of them when they don't seem to care about that and just keep coming back, so I gave up trying to get rid of them. But I never had them crawling around my ass before.
>>1311 Managed to get rid of them yet?
>>1315 Got rid of some of them and cleaned some areas under/around my bed. I think they'll be less likely to hang around if there's nothing there for them to hide under. When I picked up my mop there was a whole family of them living under it but I only managed to get rid of a few. More come in from outside anyway so eradication is kind of a losing battle.
>>1311 I notice a lot of spiders in my room. They're cool and don't bug me I kind of like having them around. They're my bros as far as I'm concerned.
Open file (613.13 KB 924x533 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1316 Cast a magic barrier!
>>1316 Still trying to clean. Goddamn it takes me so long, just washing a few dishes takes me forever. I'm trying to manage just a couple of things right now: 1. every day wash enough dishes that the dish rack looks full (so far managed 3 days), looks like I'll be washing up forever though 3. every time I go into the other room, take something to put in the garbage >>1324 best idea I ever heard!
>>1329 How do you have so many dishes to wash? You have accumulated them for years or something? The idea of living in a place so dirty you have to share it with a permanent population of roaches is beyond my understanding.
>>1330 I guess it got away from me. I think it was already a bit roach-infested when I moved in and I just didn't notice. Years ago I kept cleaning and cleaning and it never got rid of the roaches. I'm just too tired to keep trying now. Cleaning is hard work and I'm just so tired, my body hurts all the time and I just don't do it if I don't have to. Anyway my landlord came by today to say that she's probably going to sell the place, so before then I have to clean up and probably by the time that's finished it will be time to move.
>>1317 A gecko moved in and has been hunting them. The roach corpses started piling up as soon as he moved in, and the other day I saw him with a roach in his mouth. He seems to have single-handedly ended my roach emergency.
Really petty, but I sincerely wish misfortune on wizard/wizchan's mods/administrators. Just had to write that one out on here.
>>1342 If you're fine with him around maybe you should leave him an offering as a sign of thanks. >>1343 Any particular recent experience bring this on? But yes, I agree with you wholeheartedly. I don't know how anybody can use wizchan without feeling something's off.
Open file (243.71 KB 800x800 70172271_p2.png)
Open file (243.88 KB 800x800 70172271_p4.png)
>>1342 >>1344 Praise the mighty gecko warrior.
>>1343 I haven't visited the place since more than three years ago, it's even worse now?
>>1347 Apparently the admin hasnt been heard from in ages and a good chunk of the mod team seems to be MIA as well. They also rarely hand out lengthy bans anymore even for obvious disruptive shitposters, and there's the whole weird gay larping shit that happens on /b/ now. I just tried to check and the site seems to be down too.
Open file (100.57 KB 700x700 a3197331847_16.jpg)
>>1344 >recent experience bring this on? Lol, no. Haven't browsed that shit heap in 5 years. Just remembered how the mod team nipped at me like a cluster of roaches when I called them out on their bullshit sometime in early 2016. Got so butthurt, I left, and I screenshotted the ordeal, so I could remind myself why to never visit that wretched hive again. Any warlocks who know to how to conjure a curse, hmu, I would be elated to send it their way. On one-hand, though, the self-banishment, led to me chilling in magicchan for a couple years and eventually helped me get out of that crabs-bucket mentality. So, yeah, I guess, thanks, you fucking faggots. >>1351 Is the shota-pedo still around? That's funny as fuck. Not surprised in the slightest regarding all that.
>>1352 Wizchan has so many homosexuals and trannies that love to avatarfag and gayroleplay but they're protected by the mods. There's this guy who this year streamed himself naked on /b/, gay erps, and calls everyone a manbaby but never got permabanned for it. He even brags about it to everyone. There's too the benzoaddict castrated pedo you mention that's on their Wizcord and called Andrew, next to him you have a homosexual with bpd who larps as a woman to get male friends and attention whores on /b/, has advertised wizchan in 3 different subreddits, one of them his own and whom the mods had to "confirm" his sex. Just search 'wizchan' on reddit and you will find his threads and subreddit. It sounds outlandish but you only have to lurk on /meta/ or /b/ to learn this. There was this wiz who was against them and demanded the mods for their permaban but he got permabanned instead.
>>1353 That's disgusting. It's devolved worse than I ever imagined. >you only have to lurk on /meta/ or /b/ to learn this. Funny enough, that's where I learned the inner dealings of wizardchan, long-ago.
>>1352 Ah, same too. I took a step back and realised exactly how much fuckery was going on behind the scenes and left straight away. The only time I went back was to find out what happened to magicchan. Right back at you, faggot >>1351 >>1353 Didn't realise it was down so I checked out /cow/ to see if there was any info on why it went down. Needless to say there wasn't any info on it going down but the logs/screenshots they have of the mod discord clique is genuinely depressing. I'm not surprised by the sheer faggotry, just disappointed that people like that infiltrated the site and took control.
>>1353 I haven't posted on wizchan for years but it's disgusting to hear how far that site has fallen.
Anyone else getting a database error message when posting on lizchan?
Open file (36.76 KB 105x128 kalmanau.png)
I almost moved on with my life. By nature of my work I prefer alttabbing to have fun on shitty imageboards as an old habit. There's nothing to discuss and its pointless, real life sucks and it takes a lot of time and effort so its a good idea to take care of it instead while just shitting on things for fun But i will remember magicchan as a good forum. It was fun, i had freedumz there, people talked to me despite me being a piece of shit, and it was still kinda larpy but anyway so I wish them well too. Despite being a "failed normalfag" and coming from cow originally, what I like about magicchan and older wizardchan is a feeling of intellectual detachment of its users from everyday life. I respect that and i respect these users you can take it as a seal of approval despite all the cliqueshittery and my "normalfaggotry" and all that >>1356 >its depressing take it easy and take care of things in ur life and don't be an incel/dudebro and it will be fine. Its cool seeing smart people online growing up and being smart just larp less and its all good and there will be almost no reason to attack your larps
Banned for breaking Rule 5
> is a feeling of intellectual detachment of its users from everyday life. what I mean by that is - ppl there are abstract enough while not focusing on personal gain from their abstract knowledge. Its a good and a solitary smart hobby. They are wrong sometimes however, especially when they larp and talk too much buzzwords and assuming something without knowing how hard something is to actually do since they aren't ones doing it But Its still altruistic, its good, there's hardly any profit from internet posts, it gave me bbs vibes and despite most of them being 20 year olds like everywhere else outside of business territory and mature shite, i dunno it still felt good. I also don't know maybe its more than that. Maybe I just want a smart girl who isn't ugly and needs me. Eh. so here goes this fucking illusion i guess
>>1359 >>1360 Question, why are you being patronizing on here when you're the russian schizo OP of that doxing Wizchan thread in /cow/ You're no better than any of the cliquers normalfags or faggot mods you've been obsessed with over the last 4 years. You're a pedophile paranoid unvirgin who downloads child porn and became obsessed with the normalfags on wizcord, and the wizchan userbase but aren't even a virgin yourself. So why do you think your opinion matters when you have no moral high ground and never belonged on Wizchan and you're so stupid you mix reality with fantasy in your doxx. So get the fuck out of here you unvirgin with STDs. > Maybe I just want a smart girl who isn't ugly and needs me. This isn't your diary or blog.
Open file (5.45 KB 299x168 unscannable.jpg)
>>1365 if you want to talk big shit i won't do it here cuz its how I want it to be and it doesn't matter to me what you think about it now excuse me there's some new larp i haven't witnessed since my lasta la visita but i'm kinda bored and sleepy and kind of read most of the stuff so here's a reply: any pseudo gatekeeping as you kids call it will fail because things are the way they are and always have been the best thing you can do is to accept it and relax.
>This isn't your diary or blog. I member having fine blogposts along with other blogposters on magicchan, even improvebrahs were fine if I remember correctly. Were you mad at it before or just now? I'm not a part of any of the groups but I was on magicchan ALMOST since its inception. Like it or not, like i said it was fun and i don't give a shit about who you are rn
anyway I brushed my teeth, said bye to my friends and will have a fine night thanks for making me a lil comfy /end of blog
Banned for breaking Rule 5
>>1358 Sorry about that. It should be fixed.
It may soon rain, if memory serves.
>>1359 There is not clique secretly running this board and I doubt that it ever existed/controlled magicchan. I have been completely transparent and am open to any mage asking about how I moderate the board. Both creating and moderating this board isn't some vanity project for myself or a way to seek out fame and attention. I, like everyone else here, missed magicchan and wanted to try keep what was an amazing community intact. Don't take this ban the wrong way - I neither the board are launching any kind of 'attack' against you. This ban isn't in place for a bullshit reason; regardless of whether you browsed magicchan or not your broke Rule 5 and have been banned for that.
>>1376 Wait, are you lizmin? There's a mage that would be interested in your help, if you're willing >>1223
I thought /tower/ was gone for good, been browsing anon.cafe (comfy, mostly) for like a year and just now found this board. It's like finding a spring in the desert.
>>1391 I'm not. I am an admin though and told the dev to render what assistance he could to the mage who posted his email here, but he told me he did not get a reply. >>1396 Are you aware of /comfy/'s affiliate, kind.moe?
>>1356 Christ, I just looked at that thread and holy hell what a mess. Even if under the most generous circumstances some of that was exaggerated, it still looks utterly horrible. I always knew there was some funny stuff going on there but I didn't think it was this bad.
>>1397 >Are you aware of /comfy/'s affiliate, kind.moe? I've seen it mentioned a few times and browsed a bit, but I can't say I'm a regular
>>1396 It's good to have you back. How did you find the board?
>>1400 I saw it mentioned on lizchan
I'm so sick of the internet being designed for normphones. It used to be that they had their own special designs, but thanks to normphones becoming primary way by which they access the internet all websites are now designed for them and then with recalcitrant computer users as an afterthought. The whole internet has been ruined by gigantic fonts with double line spacing, often only a little bit of the middle of the screen is even used to display anything. Anything that can be clicked on has to be made enormous so that don't miss it when trying to press it with their greasy fingers. Now the web designers are going after dropdown boxes and replacing them with stupid pop-up menus where you have to click a bunch of extra times just to select something (just like when phoneposters try to change a setting). Because of the gigantic fonts and vast expanses of white space the information density is worse than it was in the days of 640x480 screens. Phoneposters are scrolling eternally, so of course desktop users have to scroll too. It's only fair. I don't know how it will get worse but I expect this to just get worse.
>>1413 I'm tired of LIFE being designed for smartphones. In a short time they plan to make obligatory to have an smartphone to do payments with your bank account, you will not be able to simply use the internet but need to do everything through an app. And it's the same with practically everything. Everytime I have to make someone notice I don't have one of those things I get the same faces of incredulity first, and deep disgust later. I've never seen this shit before, there has been really popular technology in the past but you could live without a TV, a computer or a car and no one saw you as some sort of subhuman.
Open file (981.87 KB 652x1145 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1414 Same here, but I tend to get a complete look of shock and surprise, and then they look quite affronted. It's very similar to when they find out I don't have any social media accounts. What worries me is how it's really being forced upon people - pic related is a very early example but could soon become a reality, especially with the pandemic. Guess guys like us will end up even more of ghosts if it does happen.
>>1414 >>1417 This is a big worry. They had those covid check-in apps everywhere for the last year, where you have to "log in" with your phone just to be allowed in to places. I think I even read about restaurants where you have to order using your own phone. Probably the saving grace for me is that I'm hardly likely to go to such places anyway, but of course as it spreads to banks and shops it's a problem. Plus these days so many sites require 2 factor authentication which always means using your phone to get a code.
>>1418 >Plus these days so many sites require 2 factor authentication which always means using your phone to get a code. This is another problem and I'm surprised nobody speaks out against it. It's practically an invasion of privacy and yet everyone seems to be fine with it. Why should an email provider know my phone number, emergency contacts, full name, and even my home address? It's beyond ridiculous and then any alternative email providers are already on a blacklist to try coerce people into using these mainstream companies.
>>1419 I'm afraid that's an already lost fight. The concept of privacy is a XX century thing, it has no place in the XXI century. Everytime I express concerns about privacy and the effect smartphones have on that, like someone being able to know exactly where you are 24h, I'm confronted with faces of disbelief, if not pure horror. To them I look like a paranoid tin foil hat nut. I also have trouble with people assuming you have the obligation to be available all hours of the day and all days of the week without exceptions. They get genuinely pissed if I don't pick the phone and complain I should have whatsup or whatever shit so I can be bothered at every minute. And I don't even have friends or a social life of any kind. I'm just not made for this modern world.
The YouTube app just asked me to confirm my age with my id or a credit card when i wanted to watch an age restricted video. Fucking insane, this is truly the end
>>1420 >To them I look like a paranoid tin foil hat nut. When did this mentality appear? I don't remember it being so prominent even in recent years but lately it's so common. And the standard response these people spout when you bring up invasion of privacy is >I have nothing to hide What the hell? Do they like the idea of every single scrap of information on them being able to be collected by governments and even worse, private corporations? Then again, they already post even the most intimate pieces of information on social media for all the world to see. >>1421 Google have really been stepping up their data collection. I logged into my eBay account the other day and they've scrapped using paypal now. Now I'm expected to link my bank account directly to eBay if I want to get paid/pay someone.
>>1353 >There was this wiz who was against them and demanded the mods for their permaban but he got permabanned instead. Lol that was me, I ended up taking a break from imageboards after that. About 3-4 months now I think, pathetic to see that rodent still posting on wizchan months afterwards. Running around screeching about women being the most wizardly posters of all, and the moddess not only allowing it, but banning me for speaking out against it. Looking at meta I see it was even pushing for non virginity wizardry, god the moddess team is a disgusting bunch of simps. I still remember the moddess coming out with the "imposter" cope, jesus that was pathetic. Seems likeCC pisser has been gone for a week or two now, and obviously it's presence on reddit has been scrubbed clean after it got permabanned from reddit of all places for being too cancerous (hilariously too cancerous for reddit, but wizchan approved). That being said I had ALOT of fun fucking with the moddess and CC pisser during that time. Reminder that the moddess was so angry she file banned the same image three times over even after I would just edit "file is banned" right underneath. Also the Vocaroos I sent the moddess team, https://vocaroo.com/18BNqCT9tUyZ what a shitshow it was for them. I think I went through like 60 different IP's at least.
>>1423 >i'm a toxic loudmouth youngling who actively shits on whatever board he gets banned from, even using my real voice to taunt sad virgins on an anonymous forum Leave your Wizchan meta/discord memes where you found them, Magicchan was always for people trying to get away from whatever drama you're dragging in here with your EPIC OWNAGE blog.
>>1425 Yea I should just sit there like a cuck while outsiders shit up the boards claiming that "women are the real wizards" and watch the moddess ban anyone who speaks against the literal cc migrant shitting up every thread they post in. Maybe if there were more people like me instead of impotent and useless people like yourself who just sit and watch tyranny unfold before them there wouldn't be a need to run away from wizchan.
>>1426 I'm seconding that you take this mage's advice >>1425 . We all know wizchan is shit, run by a clique and will silence dissenters so you're preaching to the converted here. Nobody here wants to see this board consumed with drama and buzzwords, so just drop it already. Did you even use magicchan? We are a direct successor to wizardchan and not affiliated with wizchan in any way. Lizchan and TruWiz are the only successors to wizchan that I know of.
Open file (63.70 KB 644x644 Screenshot_142.jpg)
>>1426 To be fair I don't think anyone is siding with the wizchan dickheads here, or even saying that what you did over there is wrong in itself (although it was kind of gay to use your voice), just that we don't want this sort of immature drama shit to come over here when this place is explicitly for avoiding that stuff. Maybe that makes us cucks or something or the board is boring but I think it's safe to say that mages would rather have a boring dead board to post on once or twice a month than be wrapped up in this sort of thing. After all if we wanted to interact with this stuff we'd be on wizchan like you. I think if you had done the same things and not posted about it here no one would have a problem, I might have even chuckled at your posts if I was ever on that shithole website for some reason, but as it is it seems like you're bragging about it, like this is a spot to talk about how shit wizchan is and own the mods epicly. > Maybe if there were more people like me instead of impotent and useless people like yourself who just sit and watch tyranny unfold before them there wouldn't be a need to run away from wizchan. I think you really overestimate the ability of shitposters to influence the website they're on. An imageboard isn't a democratic thing, and unless you're going to go crazy and do whatever ddos shit then you can't really harm those at the top. This isn't a question of if we're going to "watch tyranny unfold" it's a question of if we're going to stick around stirring shit in a website we didn't really care for in the first place. The tyranny will unfold either way, it's not something we can effect by making fun of wizchan mods, as fun as that is. But regardless of all that, we still wouldn't want to see your shitposting exploits here, as this isn't the place for that. Shitposting about wizchan mods probably has the same effect as shitposting about Mark Zuckerberg or Jack Dorsey or something, and we'd probably be equally annoyed if somebody came here to post about how their tweet epicly owned Twitter censorship and cancel culture, and then their post got deleted because Twitter is obviously triggered big mad whatever the fuck. Personally I don't really care if you go and do it over there and still post here about other things so long as you just please don't post here about this troll shit acting like you've done something impressive or even all that good or funny.
>>1429 Would like to add that it's not really a stretch to say your thinking could very easily be extrapolated to go make a similar argument for chasing pussy >Maybe if there were more people like me instead of impotent and useless people like yourself who just sit and watch tyranny unfold before them there wouldn't be a need to run away from wizchan. <Maybe if there were more people like me instead of impotent and useless people like yourself who just sit and watch women reject him without improving himself there wouldn't be a need to have male virgin only boards.
>>1427 >>1429 I only replied with the "drama" since someone SPECIFICALLY mentioned me. Its not like I waltzed in here for the sole purpose of showing off drama in a completely unrelated tangent, nor did I make multiple posts about it or even write about the entire history of what happened. The person I replied to literally brought up the same "drama" and yet even though he brought up "drama" none of you cried about it. Maybe you think I'm "showing off", I'm not to sure what you people think I would have to gain from showing off being banned on wizchan. It's not like there is imaginary reddit points on here. All I wanted was to talk to the person who mentioned me and share my thoughts on what happened. That's it. >>1430 >Would like to add that it's not really a stretch That was an extremely large stretch, at the end of the day tyranny only exists because people are willing to accept it. It used to be regular practise on chans to shit up the boards as a revolt when the mods weren't listening to the users. Nowadays people just run away to other chans until those chans gets ruined and then they run away again until that one is ruined, etc etc. My point was that if everyone rocks the boat the boat tips over, instead of that there is usually only one or two people willing to rock the boat DESPITE everyone agreeing that rocking the boat is needed. So naturally the only ones who rock will be thrown off by the tyrannical leaders, and the rest sit there doing nothing at all as usual or just running away afterwards.
>>1431 >the person who mentioned me >A reply is someone "mentioning him" It sounds like you take being asked to leave a site you're not posting in line with personally. I guess we can now expect to see multiple threads made per day here about how you're being treated unfairly, and anyone who doesn't like seeing those threads is somehow the outsider? >tyranny >revolt it's a fucking INTERNET FORUM. There's no overthrowing of dictators or tearing own of statues. No admin or mod is going to vanish if you call them a faggot enough times, and you're more likely to make many good users leave with your constant sperg-outs over... what. exactly? You got banned for shitposting on the japanese videogame modding forum so now the mods of that forum are evil tyrannical leaders? Nobody is dumb enough to follow you in to this crusade against the existence of rules, especially rules put in place to ensure the vast majority of users are able to post comfortably with like-minded folk.
>>1432 >A reply is someone "mentioning him" No I mean the person LITERALLY mentioning me right here >>1353, he is SPECIFICALLY mentioning me. What is your problem exactly? Are you just sitting here in a fit of rage waiting to explode at the first person who even slightly annoys you? >multiple threads made per day here Maybe in your delusional and over sensitive mind that might happen, sorry I'm not the boogeyman you're trying to pretend I am. >it's a fucking INTERNET FORUM. Yeah, and? There actually is "overthrowing of dictators" and its when the admin gets off his fat ass and actually moderates the moderators like he's suppose to once the users are causing too much of a storm. You used to see this happen all the time in older forums and chans. Entire mod teams being purged all at once, and actually it happened recently on another chan causing a massive split. I know for impotent and defeated men like yourself you can't even imagine fighting or having any impact on anything in your life at all. I never asked you or anyone else to follow me in a crusade on this site, all I did was post in response to the person who mentioned me and then to you who seems to just be a raging fiend wanting some sort of boogeyman to be angry over.
>>1431 >Its not like I waltzed in here for the sole purpose of showing off drama in a completely unrelated tangent It came across as bragging. You seemed really happy to be recognized and eager to show off your shitstirring. >even though he brought up "drama" none of you cried about it He was complaining about the mod faggotry on wizchan, not showing off how he epicly owned them. >It's not like there is imaginary reddit points on here That's a ridiculous thing to say and you know it. If the only reason to post anything stupid was upvotes then why did any of those other mentally ill faggots you trolled epicly post at all? Attention-seekers exist everywhere, and you can certainly get the same behavior without upvotes, just look at cuckchan or wizchan to see that in action. >That was an extremely large stretch Then show where the comparison fails. After all, an incel or someone similar could consider wizards to be "impotent and useless" because the wizard decides that chasing pussy isn't something worthwhile. You seem to think one should be principally against retreat, even if you're retreating from a battle you don't care to partake in, and don't really consider winning worthwhile even if it was easy. I don't think that the mod faggotry is remotely the only reason not to use wizchan, the place simply isn't worth the trouble. > Nowadays people just run away to other chans until those chans gets ruined and then they run away again until that one is ruined, etc etc This sounds like we're on this site because of some sort of board culture problem. Magicchan lasted quite a while, and only died because modmin felt he couldn't do the job anymore. 8chan /tower/ died because of things out of our control, same with fatchan. The mods haven't been an issue here. I don't really see this pattern you speak of effecting us at all, though it certainly could apply to other imageboards. >DESPITE everyone agreeing that rocking the boat is needed I don't think you'll find that many anons here think that this kind of boat rocking is worth it. Certainly we don't think it's something worth bragging about. I don't really agree with the other anon who seems like he's getting mad that you stirred shit at all. You have my blessing if you're making a femgroid and a couple other faggots a bit more frustrated, just don't come here and get offended that anons don't want to deal with more bullshit drama. While it's possible that you just wanted to share a funny story I think it came across like you wanted attention for it, which is exactly the type of thing this place was meant to avoid. It's not a bunker in your meme wars, and we don't want you coming back here with your war stories. There are plenty of other things to post about, I assume you're not a complete fresh off the boat newfag here or anything you just made a post that rubbed anons the wrong way.
>>1434 >Attention-seekers exist everywhere, and you can certainly get the same behavior without upvotes, just look at cuckchan or wizchan to see that in action. Very true I suppose, the difference for me is that I didn't attempt to steer conversation towards myself or just without reason post about myself. It was literally just me lurking and seeing someone mention me, perhaps it did come off as attention seeking but that wasn't my intention. >Then show where the comparison fails. Well because having sex (that you don't care about) is completely different than allowing someone to tyrannize over a place and people you do care about. You state that the wizard doesnt care about sex, but I think we could agree that wizards care about wizchan even if they leave or hate the moderation team. Which is the reason alternatives to wizchan are made, a wizchan without what ruined wizchan right? What you are suggesting with your comparison is that having sex is a positive outcome equal to for example having power tripping moderators dealt with, if anything the comparison is anti wizardry (although I know you don't mean for it that way). >it certainly could apply to other imageboards. Yea I mean there are many reasons chans fail, I'm just saying I've seen the "chan flight" a few times. >It's not a bunker in your meme wars, and we don't want you coming back here with your war stories. Trust me I'm not, nor did I ever have that intention. In fact I usually just lurk and rarely post, my intention was just to share my side of what that other poster mentioned, thats all. It's understandable that people don't think rocking the boat is worth it, because as proven by myself, its not. I never expected expect to win or change a dam a thing, nor do I expect people to follow me, I just call out what I think is wrong and if I waste my time for nothing then thats fine, at least I did what I thought was right.
>>1435 >Well because having sex (that you don't care about) is completely different than allowing someone to tyrannize over a place and people you do care about That's the thing then, you care about wizchan and the mages who took issue with your post don't. As far as I'm concerned I think 90% of worthwhile posters don't use that shithole, and those that do probably should stop since it's probably not worth it. Sounds sappy or something but I think that the thing that anons should care about are the posters rather than the board name, if we all suddenly decided to move to some other website for whatever reason, so long as the posters were the same and discussion was good I'd probably just stop caring about this one. >What you are suggesting with your comparison is that having sex is a positive outcome equal to for example having power tripping moderators dealt with The purpose of the extreme comparison is to see if your principle applies consistently, or if there's a threshold where it doesn't apply, then we could argue about if wizchan is past that threshold. Obviously they're not the exact same, the reason I used sex as an example is because we both know it's something that we don't care about, and are judged for not pursuing. The other factor of it is that from the incel's perspective sex is way more important, just like for you wizchan is much more important than it is to myself and the other anons in this discussion. Ideally it forces you to see something where you're in a similar position to myself. >if I waste my time for nothing then thats fine, at least I did what I thought was right. Sure, no problem with that principle really. The problem here is that your methods are kind of immature and you came across probably more attention-seeking than you meant to. So long as your motivations are just "I don't like faggot mod shit" and not "I can be a cool meme epic rebel that everyone likes" then I guess I personally don't take issue with it so long as you don't go around bragging about your bans.
>>1436 >That's the thing then, you care about wizchan and the mages who took issue with your post don't. That's fine, but there is little reason to get angry over something you apparently don't care about right? After all, the same "drama" was mentioned before without anyone batting an eye. Hell many people responded with INTEREST rather than apathy towards that very same drama. Seems to me like as you said maybe I just came off as attention seeking, or more likely imo the other poster is just some permanently ass ravaged fellow and I set him off for whatever reason. >we both know it's something that we don't care about, and are judged for not pursuing. I kind of see the comparison, but I also think even if wizards pretend otherwise they care about wizards as a whole as you mentioned and wizchan still has good posters. Hell I've written monster multiple thousand word essays on that site as a back and forth to others (not that the mods care), there are good posters there just hidden behind the cancer normalfags and useless mod team that only bans people who speak against the cancer normalfags. Nowadays I will admit I don't even bother writing quality post there though, just pop in to call the mods faggots and maybe post low quality remarks on /b/. >epic rebel that everyone like Lol most of the avatarfags, monk larpers, women pretending to be wizards, and homosexual """wizards""" hated me instantly. Which is easily the majority on wizchan at this point. Over time I grew a following though, even had an impersonator who continued shitting on the mods while I was asleep, which while funny wasn't something I actually intended to happen. However generally rocking the boat gets people mad, like really mad. Don't think its a good way to be liked, leave being liked to the avatarfags who seem to accrue orbiters at a rate similar to women.
>>1437 >That's fine, but there is little reason to get angry over something you apparently don't care about right? One can be annoyed with something or think it's retarded and not feel the need to do anything about it other than get away from it. I'm sure you wouldn't confront every normalnigger and sperg at him for ten hours about him posting on FAcebook but you can still be annoyed with Facebook's existence and complain about the direction the internet went. If they were complaining about it but then also sat around on wizchan 24/7 and didn't do anything about it anyways I'd see your point but I don't think that's the case. Removing oneself from the problem is just a more effective solution. >as you mentioned and wizchan still has good posters Yes but I think that they exist in spite of wizchan rather than because of it. I think any poster who is worthwhile that's using that site still is probably just new to imageboards or something and not familiar with alternatives. They'll likely go through the same process you did where you were new there at some point, got annoyed with the mods and heard of other places, and now you put more effort into the places where your posts won't be responded to by faggot posters and deleted by faggot mods. >Lol most of the avatarfags, monk larpers, women pretending to be wizards, and homosexual """wizards""" hated me instantly Sure, but it's still the case that you're a type of avatarfag too, and that's pretty easily a sign of attention-seeking. But whatever the case it goes back to if you aren't bragging about it and you just do it for the thing itself rather than any attention as a "reward" then I don't really care. >Don't think its a good way to be liked I probably shouldn't have said "everyone" but my point was that your post was indistinguishable from some anon who wanted to be perceived as some sort of hero to posters who don't like the wizchan moderation.
>>1439 >Removing oneself from the problem is just a more effective solution. Well as I said " It's understandable that people don't think rocking the boat is worth it, because as proven by myself, its not.". No doubt just running away, or ignore every problem is easier and more effective - at least for the individual, however that's also why everything goes to shit over time, no one is willing to do something for the sake of doing it. Its also why nations tend to decline over time until its so bad there is famine or total collapse, everyone is just ignoring the problem or running away until everything is turned to dust. It could be that I hold these values so strongly because I see it everyday in the real world, people will complain and get upset, but the second someone stands up to do anything the complainers just watch in silence. Then because of that everyone just sits back and watches the slow decline while all agreeing something should be done, yet no one ever does anything. Its enough to drive me insane sometimes, especially when I was younger and didn't understand that dynamic of impotent people who speak but never act. > I think any poster who is worthwhile that's using that site still is probably just new to imageboards Nah I think a surprising amount of older posters are still there, they might just have higher tolerance for normalfaggotry, or far more likely they just want somewhere with more PPH (posts per hour). Which I think is the correct answer as even for myself I appreciate having a decent PPH count of at least 0.5 or so, not that super low PPH is bad, its just there is nothing to see or talk about most of the time. Of course once PPH gets too high you end up with shitposting since threads disappear too quickly, but neither site reaches that level. In fact I think only 4chad has got to that level, maybe 8ch too before it got taken down. >perceived as some sort of hero to posters who don't like the wizchan moderation. Maybe it was just the images, I tried rereading my post but most of it was just adding on to the person I replied to, with only two sentences devoted to anything one might call as a pretending to be a hero of some sort. Either way I think we understand each other mostly, and not like the same situation will be happening again since I was never planning on making a daily update blog on my wizchan shitpost journey.
>>1282 How did you manage to stop watching porn and stop wanking? How did you get that hobby, how did you figure out it is something you like?
>>1443 Not him but I think the first part is largely a matter of habit, as in you just always do it at certain times of the day or when you're bored or stressed. You can probably reduce it a lot just by trying to replace it in your routine. On the second part I think you figure that out by doing something, and after a while you either like it or not.
>>1444 I do it when I am bored and also when I am stressed. The question is with what should i replace it and how do I replace it? The urge doesn't just vanish. How do I select something to do? I don't even get ideas what to try.
>>1447 >>1443 Not that guy but I'll copy past a post I made elsewhere about this topic. >just please dont tell me to get a job or some other form of mundane distraction Actually I took time off work and went full hermit for 3 weeks to quit fapping (and smoking). A stable environment makes quitting easier because there is less excuse of some stress or a "hard day". I won't claim to have a full proof method, since I only fully understand myself. Still, I will attempt to show how to quit for good. This will be less straightforward than the other post, since we are dealing with the desire itself. Do not take this as a basic "motivational post", though it may come off as such. Summarizing a lifetime of thought is hard, it took me 3 years of trying before I could quit fapping for good. Anyways enough of that: Distraction is pointless, eventually you must face your thoughts up front. Confront desire, I would envision myself taking a step forward towards a pit black empty void when thoughts would creep in of a sexual nature. Do as you would normally do without any fear. That is not to say to intentionally seek out porn and attempt to overpower it or some ridiculous thing. Trust me I tried that too, I would go to /gif/ and watch porn while attempting to not be aroused. Eventually you realize that even if you could last forever, by willingly looking at the porn you are still losing to desire anyways, rendering the practice pointless. When I say without fear I mean to not hide or distract yourself in fear of your desire. When I say to confront your desire I mean you must admit what it is, and how it effects you. You see a lewd picture, accept that it is an arousing photo and that it arouses you. What problem is there with that? Accept that it wishes to battle you, tell that desire that it may fight you, but so shall you fight it. If you fap after fighting it for an hour, then you have won because you have fought. If you fap without porn, then you have won because you fought. So long as you continue fighting every single moment it struggles for control you will gain more power over it. Hate the desire with pure fury, but love the warring with endearment. When you have a boner for an hour, and wonder if it shall ever go away; be glad and wish that it would last another 2 hours. If it goes away quickly your thoughts should be "What? Is that all you could muster, you pathetic thing? Come again so that I may beat you once more!". Revel in your fight for control with this cancerous object, for what is worse than struggle is the apathy, guilt, and shame of not fighting at all. Surely you know that through your own experience. Even if a supreme being came to you and said " fapping is fine", you would still wish to beat it for the sake of your will and self. So struggle, struggle forever if you must, tell to yourself that you will never stop struggling against it. If you can fully confront the desire and enjoy the conflict against it, then you have already won. Only time and habit building would be against you then, victory an inevitability.
Open file (49.35 KB 650x163 ClipboardImage.png)
I hope Brazilian Mecha Anon is doing fine, wherever he is. There's another Brazilian mage too, isn't there?
Open file (11.02 KB 400x400 1520098138461.jpg)
>>1453 He's dead, Jim.
Open file (119.87 KB 392x495 1486546278757.jpg)
>>1457 For some reason since he left to never return I've been a lot into mecha and brazilian music. I like to think a little of him lives in us.
Open file (56.09 KB 1124x761 ClipboardImage.png)
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schizoid_personality_disorder >Schizoid personality disorder ... is a personality disorder characterized by a lack of interest in social relationships, a tendency toward a solitary or sheltered lifestyle, secretiveness, emotional coldness, detachment and apathy. >Affected individuals may be unable to form intimate attachments to others and simultaneously possess a rich and elaborate but exclusively internal fantasy world. >Other associated features include stilted speech, a lack of deriving enjoyment from most activities, feeling as though one is an "observer" rather than a participant in life, an inability to tolerate emotional expectations of others, apparent indifference when praised or criticized, a degree of asexuality, and idiosyncratic moral or political beliefs. >Some individuals with SPD who are in treatment say "life passes them by" or they feel like living inside a shell; they see themselves as "missing the bus" and speak of observing life from a distance. >schizoid people often experience feeling "like a robot" >schizoids do not go out of their way to achieve social validation. >A 2013 study looking at personality disorders and Internet use found that being online more hours per day predicted signs of SPD. Additionally, SPD correlated with lower phone call use and fewer Facebook friends.
>>1459 It seems talking about SPD happens quite regularly in most of the imageboards I frequent. I thought about getting a diagnostic because I hit most of the points of SPD, and even the mere idea was making me feel better. But at the same time I don't believe psychologists so I'll probably never do it unless I could find someone I could trust, but I don't see how that could happen.
I've been feeling stressed and frustrated lately. I thought I could take a good break after finishing a big project for a client, the very next day somebody wrote me asking if I could draw some stuff for him. The pay wasn't good and his ideas were very complicated, but for some reason, I decided to take his offer. Later on, somebody else asked if I'd like to work on a big project he had in mind. Since I'm fucking stupid, I said yes and now I have to draw a full-color comic. Finally, another guy asked me if I could take his commission and, once again, I took the offer. I don't know why I put all that extra work on me. I guess I thought my family could use the extra money. Anyway, I've finished most of these commissions, but my "vacation" will be over soon, so I'll have to work on the comic while studying. There is also a possibility that my first client asks me to work on a new project, then I'll have to work on two different comics at the same time. Well, at least I don't have to deal with any strict deadlines. Anyway, sorry for writing all this. I just wanted to get it off my chest. Changing the subject, I recently found these cool drawings on DeviantArt: https://www.deviantart.com/vanga-vangog/art/Things-From-My-Dreams-pt-1-874459048 https://www.deviantart.com/vanga-vangog/art/Things-From-My-Dreams-pt-2-874510068 https://www.deviantart.com/vanga-vangog/art/Things-From-My-Dreams-pt-3-874892916 I liked them so much I started to write in my old dream diary again after so long.
>>1509 Being able to choose what jobs you do seems very cool
>>1510 I guess that's true. It's pretty cool to be able to do that. It's funny, after posting my previous post, I realized I might have overreacted a little. Many people would love to get so many commissions. I guess I should be happy instead of complaining.
>>1511 Sorry, I didn't mean to tell you how to feel about it, it just seems really cool to me that you're so skilled that people actively seek out your services and that you can pick and choose what you want to do and even when you want to do them. I can still see how it could become a drag if you get bored by the jobs that come in or you accept so much work that you just end up working all the time.
>>1512 Don't worry, I didn't take it like that. I just thought I should see the bright side of my situation shortly after I made my first post. To be honest, I'm more worried about how I'm going to deal with all this work and my studies at the same time, but I guess I'll find a way.
Due to COVID-19 and some financial problems, my university decided that each academic term will be seven weeks long from now on. We can only take three subjects per academic term, though. Since I get stressed easily and I have to work on other things, I decided to take only two subjects this time, but my niece took three very difficult subjects. Today she was taking a test and I saw her on the verge of tears. I think she's feeling better now, but she also told me that one of her eyes has been twitching lately. I'm worried about her. She's a very dedicated and hard working person, but I afraid she's taking this whole thing too seriously. I hope she comes out of this okay.
>>1525 How long were they before and do you have to cover the same amount of material now? When I was at uni we had 13 week semesters not including a two week break after the seventh week, so the thought of cramming that into seven weeks sounds insane. I think they were supposed to take average students about 150-200 hours of study, so to do three subjects you'd have to be studying 75 hours a week or something. I know of a university that went to four week terms, students are supposed to study one subject full-time for four weeks, then some other subject for four weeks, etc.
>>1526 We used to have 13 weeks semesters too, but my uni has had some tough years these past few years and the pandemic only made the whole situation even worse. In fact, from now on, my uni will charge money for each subject, even though it is public university. Anyway, you're right, it's crazy to cram so much information and exams into less than two months, but I guess that was the best solution they could think of. Luckily, I think my niece learned the lesson and will try to be less ambitious next time.
>>1525 Not to take away motivation or anything, but college is just not worth it. So much time and pointless stress and suffering just to be further indoctrinated and brainwashed, and earn the great privilege of being a slave anyway. I just want to live kinda off-the-grid, maybe have a normal job doing whatever and maybe make some money online, but not really need a whole lot of money. Society is trash, and a scam. I want out.
>>1528 That sounds horrible and I don't see how that will even save them money. It takes just as many lectures to teach the same stuff, and now they'll have to put on twice as many terms, so fourteen weeks of teaching instead of thirteen. Just seems like they're fucking with you by putting the classes on fast-forward and making them really stressful. If you fell even a little bit behind you wouldn't have time to catch up. >>1532 Also pretty much agree with that, I think the ideal would just be to study by yourself and sit exams if you wanted a qualification. University is such an awful experience, not to mention expensive in both time and money. And now there are so many people with every qualification that it's really irrelevant.
>>1532 As I see it to have a normal job that doesn't make too much money already requires an extra, it can be studies or expertise in practical skills. And it's not even about studying anything, you need something useful and there's many degrees that aren't only useless but detrimental to find any job. I was too dumb and now I'm too old to obtain any competitive advantage and now I'm fucked with jobs that slowly kill me and aren't that far away from slavery, just any 40h/week job with a regular schedule seems unattainable to me.
>>1534 Yes, if it was like that, then maybe I would get qualified, but even then, jobs that require the qualification that you get from college don't really interest me. I'm interested in a lot of things, but I don't want to be a corporate slave and be stressed and worried all the time, all of that for the great privilege of making the world a more miserable place for everyone and making psychopaths richer. It's such a pain. I just want to go to a small town and do whatever, and gradually spending less money by doing more things myself and developing more skills. No degrees required for that. The way that society works is just not something that I can adapt to. I tried and failed and now I see why, and I don't even want to anymore. >>1535 I have no interest in jobs that can make a lot of money either, for the most part. For the most part they are either fake useless garbage that I don't want to do, or mentally stressful, or something that actively makes the world worse. All of that for fake money that I'm not really that interested in either. Overall I would rather go with whatever is reasonably comfy, or just something practical that I want to learn and do for myself anyway, so I can move away from society. I have no interest in success within the system.
>>1532 I can't deny that I agree with a lot of what you say. Many people try to sell you the idea that you have to go to college to be successful, but nobody tell you how stressful and uncertain that experience can be. Besides, in such a competitive world, it takes more than a degree to land a decent job. You need connections, a ridiculously good curriculum and even some good luck. And the worst part is, you will probably end up being just another easily replaceable employee. Anyway, maybe I'm not the right person to talk about this. I don't like what I'm studying and I'm only taking these subjects because I don't have the balls to drop out of college, especially now that I'm so "close" to finish my studies. However, that doesn't mean that I don't wish my niece the best, after all, I see her as a little sister. I really hope she is successful. >>1534 >That sounds horrible and I don't see how that will even save them money To be honest, I'm not sure how to answer that. Based on my experience and that of my niece, most professors only give a lecture per week and then give us some homework. We also usually have a test per week. Of course, some professors can give two or three lectures per week. I guess most people would rather pay a few dollars every two months than pay more money for a normal semester.
>>1539 >Many people try to sell you the idea that you have to go to college to be successful They also decide for you what successful is, and they define success as being a really good slave. People then do it, most fail, and even the ones that don't just stay miserable anyway. Not making them better and definitely not fulfilling their needs. The reality is that you can decide what success is. Your standards should be based on what you want to get out of life and on how you want to live and who you should be, not on whatever garbage that some retarded propagandist says that you should want. Most things that people want are actually worthless, and generally actively harmful. They have just been brainwashed by an artificial system to want what the system itself wants them to want. It's very bad. This has been done to me as well, and I rejected it without even understanding exactly why. but after years of isolation and thinking about things, now I can see it very clearly. People are being tricked into wasting their lives trying to please the people that are trying to enslave them. It's a sick, disgusting system, and I can see right through it. I can also almost see the end of the world and it's absolutely terrifying, but I suppose I should still be thankful that I broke free from the mind control.
>>1540 I don't see how people are being tricked or how brainwashing could be needed at all. People work because if they don't they die. People study so they have more chances of being hired, and maybe even getting a better job that doesn't make your life hell. I don't see how you can choose there, I always read articles or hear people talking about how you should priorize time over money or shit like that, but I never, ever, been in a situation were I can choose. Everytime I was in need to find a new job it could take me years of searching and I could never choose how much I wanted to work, or what schedule I preffered, I had to pick whatever thing was available and be grateful for it even if it was shit, and it always was. I don't know if this is just my situation or I'm the lowest of the low, it's like I live in a different planet or something.
>>1542 >I don't see how people are being tricked or how brainwashing could be needed at all. Well, if you can't really be tricked or brainwashed and know about it. If you know about it, it's because it's not working, and it works on almost everyone at least for a while. You really have to get away from that for a while to see what exactly was done to you. >People study so they have more chances of being hired You don't need to be hired, or more precisely, you shouldn't want to have to be hired. The fact that the default thing to do it to essentially jump through hoops for most of your youth for the privilege of being some billionaire's slave is exactly what I'm talking about. You don't even really need to make that much money. You can grow food, you can get water from your own well, you can make your own resources. Electronics still cost money, but you can save money by learning how to fix things. A lot of things that people think are necessities really aren't. And entertainment is basically free, as long as you have electricity and internet. The only problem is escaping the system, but it is possible (particularly if you can endure living with less, for a while) and people have done it, and once you're out, you don't really need it anymore and money becomes more of a luxury than a necessity. It's also actually cheaper and easier than what society tells you to want (big house in the suburbs that is exactly like every other house and with a garden that you are not allowed to use for anything other than spending a bunch of money maintaining some crappy and useless lawn, eating expensive crap from restaurants, spending a lot of time driving to work every day, driving an overpriced piece of shit that breaks all the time and has to be replaced every few years, buying new overpriced crap that breaks all the time and just buying another one that is even worse when it breaks, just doing what you're told and not questioning anything or improving yourself). You can also have your own business, and in less populated areas you can be more competitive if you find a niche that hasn't been explored yet, though governments are making that more difficult because they want their billionaire owners and bribers to own everything and you to own nothing. Also, a lot of money is wasted by living in areas with high costs of living and on paying people to do basic things that you should be able to do yourself, like cooking. People are extremely wasteful and unproductive. I haven't been able to escape yet because of my own massive issues (autism, massive introversion, enormous anxiety), but I hope to do so one day, because society is not for me and I want out. No college degrees required for that. That's just going from a level 1 slave to a level 2 slave, and becoming even more dependent in the process. I haven't been able to do it, it was clearly not from a lack of intelligence, and now I see why. Anyway, it takes time to wake up. We were all brainwashed from birth for at least two decades. Most things that society tells you that you have to do are actually entirely optional, completely unnecessary and a huge waste of life unless you really want to achieve something in a particular field and don't want to or can't do it on your own. For the most part, society is a scam. Maybe I can't undo all the damage that was done to me, but I can try to undo most of it.
>>1543 And have you tried any of that? Coincidentally, my parents tried. We lived in a XIX century, almost abandoned house, without electricity or a bathroom. We had chickens, a grove, those kind of things. It absolutely sucked. And we still needed money. A car was absolutely essential. Having your own business meant working a lot more than working for another, and that was decades ago when things weren't fucked up as they are today, at some point it become untenable. My father still grows his own food and guess what, it's far more expensive than just buying it, and you can't even live from that. I know all about living "outside society" because I have experienced it, it wasn't a realistic option even 30 years ago and any middle city can provide a cheapest and more sustainable life than living in the middle of nowhere. >You don't even really need to make that much money. That much money? I barely earn enough to survive. I can only think you must be rich becase that's the kind of ideas only rich people can afford. Reading "enduring living with less" sounds like a joke to me, like we are all working in shitty jobs so we can afford all sorts of luxuries. I eat one meal a day, I barely spend money in food or anything else, I haven't bought a piece of clothing in like 20 years, my only luxuries are the shittiest internet connection I could find and 10€ a month I spend in tobacco so I can somehow manage my anxiety. I work so I don't become homeless, because that would be the shittiest way to live and to die. Now you tell me all of this is "optional". As I see it the options are living like this or killing myself, and I'm oscillating more and more to the second, but what I'm sure it's not an option is magically being able to live without money. Like I said it's like I live in a different planet, but it's probably just me being such a low class scum.
>>1544 >And have you tried any of that? No, it's just what I hope to do, and some people have been able to do similar things. Basically homesteading. But as I said, I haven't been able to escape yet because of my own issues. >almost abandoned house, without electricity or a bathroom Well, that's not good. It's more about working towards being more self-sustaining in order to cut costs, not having no basic infrastructure. >any middle city can provide a cheapest and more sustainable life Maybe a relatively small town that has enough production going on, but definitely not big cities. Just property values and rental costs make a huge difference, but the cost of living tends to be higher. Possibly not the case if you live in a country that has a capital that is basically a small town. >That much money? I barely earn enough to survive. You don't need money that you don't spend, but it seems like we are talking about slightly different things here, I am mostly talking about people wasting their lives chasing after money that they could simply not spend and careers that just make them better slaves. I was talking about the diseased concept of success that people have today. Your situation is more like being eaten alive by the machine because people allowed things to get this bad, unnecessarily, and if it collapses, a lot of people will be crushed. >I can only think you must be rich becase that's the kind of ideas only rich people can afford. No, I'm probably in a poorer area than most people here. Less than minimum wage is still enough for me to live on, so even autismbux is enough. I am relatively lucky, though, because I wasn't born poor, and I was given like, 10 dollar allowances every month as a kid and chose to save almost everything (though I did occasionally buy things, and it did go up by a little bit later on), and over a few decades that money multiplied and I got a decent amount of interest, so I do have some savings, though nothing exactly spectacular. I can buy things, but I have to be careful, because I will need the money for a big move later on, so I mostly have to pretend that it doesn't exist. As far as actual income goes, though, from actual employment, making more than minimum wage isn't much of a possibility for me. >I eat one meal a day My situation isn't even comparable to yours, but I do as well. >I haven't bought a piece of clothing in like 20 years You beat me there. My newest clothes are from around 10 years ago (I know because they are from my last year of high school), and my oldest is a jacket from 2007, I think. The right sleeve is pretty damaged, but it doesn't matter. Really not that bad, all things considered. One of my shirts isn't as old and the right sleeve is falling off. Seems like the right sleeve is always the thing that takes damage. I think it's because of rubbing against the armrest when I use the mouse. Anyway, if I made you upset, feel free to kill me.
Open file (1.51 MB 2500x1685 1467316195235.jpg)
>>1545 >I am mostly talking about people wasting their lives chasing after money Then you're talking about mid-high class people who shouldn't be, by any accounts and even in developed countries, a majority. See, that's my problem here, all the talking about "materialism", "don't obsess about money", "appreciate your time", "quit the rat race" is produced by and for a minority of the privileged. Most people can't choose, people in poor (and even most rich) countries work like slaves, not because they've been brainwashed or because they're materialistic, but because there's no alternative besides starving or eating from the trash if they are lucky. This is the crude reality. I can't choose to work less or not to work, I need to work what I'm told because if I don't there's a million desperate people out there willing to do it for even less money. Now, to be a little constructive I can tell you about a few people that tried to get out of society. But you have to forget about shit like having electricity or internet, people that can retire with those luxuries are extremely capable individuals that made tons of money while young (with things like having high paid jobs that required, precisely, studying) and knew how to invest it. To live comfortably and without working you need to work really hard first while being among the top in skills. There's some of the exceptions I mentioned; >Ted Kaczynsky This guy made it for decades living in a cabin in the forest and even managed to made a bombing terror campaign all by himself, he was extremely smart and capable, but the truth is even he needed money (not too much but still) and was maintaned by his family all those years. So someone worked for him, like behind every NEET. >Richard Proenneke This guy was the real deal, lived in a cabin for 30 years in Alaska, hunting and fishing. Really harsh life but he knew what he was doing. Of course you can't expect to do what he did in most developed countries (like mine, absolutely impossible), even while having the skills, in most places there's strict laws about hunting, fishing, guns and so on. >Christopher Thomas Knight This guy also lived 30 years in the woods, except he made his life by stealing. Quite amazing too, but required a really different set of skills. He was finally catched by the police. >Chris McCandless Really famous example of being a city kid who wants to get out of society, doesn't know what he's doing and ends finding a horrible death as a result. Now sorry if I sounded upset. I guess I was and I'm. Not to you but to certain ideas. Also I don't like people thinking they can just buy some land and easily live having some plants and chickens, because they are going to be disappointed. My parents lived selling artesany in fairs, my father is one of the most capable persons I know, he can literally build houses all by himself, repair anything, my mother could also paint, made furniture and craft any kind of thing you can imagine. And that was never enough, before I was born they spent years of starving, suffering extreme cold in winter, etc. You couldn't possibly live from that and today is a lot worse. They had to find real jobs and life quality improved drastically, when I was born things were a lot better even without things like light, a bathroom or a washing machine. Also I'm upset with the shitty life I have to deal with, being a wageslave. Notice I get paid minimum wage too, but I need to be available all the time without a regular schedule, work 12h for weeks and all kind of shit. And I didn't choose to live like this because I wanted luxuries, status or I'm brainwashed, at some point in my life there was the option of killing myself or working. Hell, not even that, because working isn't really an option you can pick whenever you like but a long process you can't be sure is going to end well.
>>1546 >>Ted Kaczynsky Another thing with Ted was that the land around his hut started being developed for real estates and he was close enough to town to cycle in for necessitites. That was decades ago as an educated employed dude he still couldn't escape too much.
>>1546 >>1547 Regardless of any difficulties, I still have to do my best, because things are going in a very bad direction and if you do nothing, the now not-so-secret societies are going to kill you, and this is explicit and transparent. Submitting to the devil certainly won't get me anywhere, except maybe hell. So, no matter how difficult or unlikely succeeding may be, I have to resist to death, and hopefully my corpse will still be standing after that. The illusion of this fake world is breaking down and the new world order is revealing itself, and in it, there will be no place for any of us except maybe shallow and unmarked graves. The same goes for most people, even the ones that sold their souls.
>>1551 But what do you plan to do , exactly? I think you're talking in abstractions and poetry, and I'm too materialistic for that. You almost make it look like you are in some sort of epic battle between good and evil, I only care about what brings food to the table.
>>1555 Well, I want to run away before things get too bad so I can defend myself. If you think your life is horrible now, you haven't seen anything yet. Just wait until you're working 16 hours a day just to be able to afford cockroaches to eat, if they don't kill you way before that. And you better pretend that you like it or your credit score will be lowered. Evil has taken over the world and I refuse to do accept it. Freedom or death, but probably death.
I did not even know that magicchan had any continuation board until today. I had once browsed that place a few times before. Nice to see that there is still some discussion going on here.
Open file (9.74 KB 225x225 bros.jpeg)
>>1565 I'm glad you were able to find us, mage. It's been a while since we've had a new face around here.
Not to sound like an asshole or anything but at least some of you have a job or were able to find one. I gave up on trying to find work years ago. Not even Walmart would call me back despite having open availability. I applied everywhere in my area and only had an inbox full of rejection emails... for minimum wage positions that anyone could do. So now I'm in college and hope to go to grad school so I can earn a PhD. Think I'll have a better chance at making it in academia than the traditional way of "find a job, work your way up" because I fail at the very first step. Or maybe I'll fail in the academic world too. At this point, I have nothing to lose anyway.
I have been reading Neil Postman’s Technopoly lately. I was surprised to see how someone could take many controversial tech ideas, smooth them out, and present them in a brief book. Postman does this better than any other writer in the genre. Anyone on here who admires Ted Kaczynski’s beliefs and wants to get other people to take these beliefs seriously without the controversial element should convince others, like their family members, to read it. The book focuses on the United States but does so in a way that is reflective of how the entire world is culturally transforming due to technological progress.
>>1571 > at least some of you have a job or were able to find one I don't think you sound like an asshole. I was unemployed and then barely employed for nearly 4 years after uni, so I remember thinking stuff like this too. My first job nearly 2 years after uni was rearranging grocery store shelves, and and I only got that because some other guy turned it down or something. That was the only job that I could even get an interview for. Anyway, I really hope things work out for you and that you at least get to study something interesting in the meantime. >>1573 I try not to post about it much. I remember venting about work in the past but I think obsessing over it perpetuates the stress and it's not good to drag other people into it.
>>1574 >unemployed and then barely employed for nearly 4 years after uni >rearranging grocery store shelves Damn, that's depressing. Even when you do everything right, you still have to struggle and jump through hoops for no reason at all. Might I ask what you studied? I'm currently studying computer science.
>>1574 It's all about luck. I'm CS uni drop out that managed to find work only because of recommendation.
>>1575 I studied economics and finance. Ten years after finishing I have my first real job as a "data analyst". I only got it from luck, I worked at the same place for years and years in a clerical job (which I also got only from luck) and my boss recommended me to another department because he wanted to eliminate my position. I applied to other jobs over the years and never had an interview. I recently found a report on employment mobility that basically says there isn't any. People either enter a profession or skilled trade right away and then perhaps there is some movement in and out of management, or they work in low-skill sales or clerical jobs and often drift between the two but essentially just get stuck at the bottom forever, and that seems about right.
Open file (98.42 KB 600x508 ClipboardImage.jpeg)
>>1577 Yeah, I've noticed a few signs that basically point to the job market being dead. Most people would never admit this, though, or they'll say that "X is a hot field right now!" as if anyone should believe that unsubstantiated nonsense. I'm not going to turn this into a depressing rant (that's for the sad thread), just my general observations over the years. I suppose at least some of these observations are valid because it's a recurring theme in the job market. It boils down to basically one thing, and this applies across different fields of work: You either have "it" or you don't. What is this "it"? Nobody really knows for sure. Could be pure luck, a good personality, or a combination of luck and personal traits. "It" is intangible and basically acts as the barrier between gainful employment and poverty. Because "it" is intangible, you can't account for "it" when trying to find a job. You just have to rely on the hope that "it" is in your favor. Your ability to find a good-paying job is *never* because of hard work or Puritan work ethic. Such a concept is outdated. Personally, I'm looking at grad school as an alternative to the rat race. Funnily enough, people already in the field for many years have told me that an advanced degree in CS is useless. Of course, I don't really blame them for saying that. The ones who believe this have never had to study more than four years for their software positions. They also can't seem to grasp the fact that CS is more than software engineering (which is incredibly sad tbh), and that some people can't get their foot in the door otherwise. Perhaps also they're parroting what others have previously told them without much thought. Anyway, I'll end my post here. Thanks for reading and have a nice day.
I'm over 30 but I've never had a job in my life, never even tried to find one, I wonder what my chances are. For some reason though it doesn't bother me at all, I don't freak out thinking about my most likely miserable future.
>>1579 Mostly the same here. I know things will get really bad for me when this unsustainable hiki neet lifestyle has to end, but that's in a future I don't even plan on living to see. That doesn't stop me from having ridiculous fantasies about it though. Like turning to a life of roving banditry relying only on my rifle and my wits. It's completely stupid but strangely fun.
>>1579 >>1580 I don't know if I should pity you or envy you. I wish I could be so carefree but at the same time if I was into that situation I know I would be in utter despair. Actually I was into that situation, when I was 30 I spent more than a year being a NEET, I thought I was completely unemployable and it felt awful. But somehow I think you'll make it, maybe being able to not give a fuck and take things easy gives good vibes to others or something like that, I don't know.
>>1579 >>1580 If it doesn't bother you and you don't need one then I don't really see the problem. Having all your time to yourself is enviable.
Open file (117.03 KB 880x906 ClipboardImage.jpeg)
>>1582 No, it's the opposite of enviable... I'd rather have a job and make my own money. Granted, the government provides me with ~$800/month but that's not livable (have to room with others and constantly worry about surviving) plus there's no way to get more than that. Add the fact that the government can take away this allowance for any reason at all. The lack of work experience on top of my own genetic defects keep me from finding a job. I can't imagine someone actually believing this life is preferable.
>>1583 > the government can take away this allowance for any reason at all. I find this the biggest problem. But 800$ isn't bad, I made less in past jobs and even today I don't make too much more, I also live with less. One advantage is since you don't have to work you can live wherever you like, you could look for the cheapest places without taking into account the job market. Of course all is fucked when the government decides not to pay you anymore, I guess the concept of a universal basic rent would solve that but I don't see any reason why it would become a reality in the near future.
>>1583 800 is more than what most people make in my shithole. I could live like a king from half of that money.
>>1581 If it makes you feel any better I am miserable. Being neet doesn't bother me, but I have problems with my brain and body that make even such an easy life feel hard. So it's not that I don't give a fuck, more that I've already reached the point of saturation. Everything is so bad all the time that stuff that would bother most people won't bother me. Often it's bad enough it doesn't seem like it could get any worse. Of course it can and does, but it doesn't feel like it. I didn't mean to be such a downer outside of the designated /sad/ thread or make you feel like I was bragging so sorry about that.
>>1585 In my country it's not enough for the basic necessities like shelter, so I have to live with others and split costs. It's all relative.
>>1587 You don't need to apologize, I didn't get it that way. I think I know what you mean, sometimes after days and days of feeling utterly depressed I have a day I merely feel numb, not caring at all and just laying in bed without too much thinking. Those days almost feel like a relief though they usually come with strong anhedonia, though I take that over angst and anxiety. If it's that same thing I know it isn't that great.
Open file (815.80 KB 1920x1200 1477374463843.jpg)
Open file (43.67 KB 500x500 Saad Maan.jpeg)
Open file (10.09 KB 450x450 1539747087475.jpg)
I never thought I would find the Magicchan community again, I thought /tower/'s disappearance completely wiped it out. I just finished reading many of the threads here and I've noticed everyone's still as nice as they used to be, how wonderful! Its been years since I had a day as great as this. I never want to lose sight of you mages again, I want to stay with all of you until the day I finally leave this cursed world. >>18 I recently revisited Lizchan for the first since 2018 and found a link to here in an old thread, I wonder if it was one of your posts. In any case, thank you for bringing mages here! >>189 >>1453 >>1456 >>1457 >>1458 >Brazilian Mecha Anon I still remember him and the players from his RPG thread. I loved all of them. >There's another Brazilian mage too, isn't there? I'm technically Angolan but I too live in Brazil. I mostly lurked Magicchan and only left a couple of posts here and there, and I can't remember ever mentioning my nationality, but there's a chance I might have written about it and you could be recalling one of my posts. >He's dead, Jim. >For some reason since he left to never return I've been a lot into mecha and brazilian music. I like to think a little of him lives in us. I think he got ill and died. I strongly remember one of his posts in his RPG thread where he mentioned being sick, and he disappeared not too long after that. Him and his threads really got me into traditional gaming, even though I was already slightly familiar with it thanks to lurking /tg/ boards from time to time. I actually ran into someone astoundingly similar to him in a small political community back in 2019, and asked him if he ever frequented a place called Magicchan, but he said that never heard of it then asked me what imageboard was that, I explained everything to him then he said he would never been part of anything like that because he was coerced by his family into losing his virginity early on in his life. He said he wasn't this anon, our anon is truly gone. What intrigues me about Brazilian Mecha Anon is that I suspect he may have gotten rid of Magicchan's staleness. I started lurking our old home around the end of 2015, and I can still remember how slow the place was, then suddenly towards the end of 2016 a lot of new posts and threads started cropping up nearly daily, all of them seriously lacking in the grammar department, and the mecha threads were created some time afterwards this surge in activity, containing the same writing style. It's crushingly sad to lose a poster so full of zeal like he used to be, and it appears we lost another mage some months ago >>1462. I'm not going to stay alive for much more either, I will kill myself some time in the future, it will happen as soon as I figure out a viable method because I simply can't stand living anymore. >>293 I remember this post you're recalling, that wizard was right, it's like this verse from No One Is Ever Going to Want Me by Giles Corey >Nothing gets better it always gets worse I have lost pretty much all of my joy in living and all of my interests, I just want my existence to end. >>457 >I developed an interest for magicchan's "relaxed" pace and the userbase's uncharacteristically earnest posting style(now largely extinct due to irony/meta awareness being prominent everywhere). Yeah, it was far from perfect, but it was such a breath of fresh air I had not encountered on the web in several years. You pinpointed what made this community great, it was and still is everyone being genuine and sincere, no ironic bullshit stinking the place up. >>627 Not surprised you recovered. SARS-COV-2 isn't real, its all a WEF/NWO psyop being executed for powergrabbing purposes, you had a seasonal flu. I'm not going to elaborate on this because I can't stand politics and uncovering conspiracies anymore, this world is a lost cause. >>642 I never posted in the 8ch's /tower/ board and only briefly lurked it. I have been posting in Sleepychan's /r9k/ and a couple of small IBs outside the webring. >>663 >I've seen the same problem several times in many image boards. People should learn to be less aggressive with new users (as long as that new users are respectful, of course). Its not just against newfags, I have seen it happen regardless of that factor. All the hostility between members of what's supposed to be communities meant for like-minded people is depressing. A lot of people just resort to confrontational and aggressive behavior right off the bat. Its like that line in the Joker movie about people shouting and being angry all the time, no longer being nice and civil to each other anymore. >>820 Yes, I regret many things, getting into IBs is one of them, regardless of the positive consequences. The thing I regret the most is not dying in my childhood. >>1179 >>1185 Can't believe I never heard of this. He seems like a decent person. >>1282 >Do you have such thing, mages? I used to enjoy solo traditional gaming but now I'm just too dead inside for it. >>1427 >TruWiz Never heard of this board before, despite knowing so
>>1592 My post got cut off at the end despite not going past the character limit. I meant to say that I can't believe I never heard of TruWiz despite knowing so many imageboards. Going to visit the place later.
>>1592 Reading your post made me think what was truly great about mecha anon. He was poor, lived in a shithole and probably knew he wasn't going to live for long, but he still had more energy and motivation than most of us. He revitalized magicchan all by himself and still showed passion for his interests. In the meanwhile I've been in some sort of undead state for months, I can't even think too much about things I used to like because at most I'll feel sad about it and anhedonia is the only thi ng left when I'm not merely suffering. You seem to be the same way, for what I read.
>>1594 >He was poor, lived in a shithole and probably knew he wasn't going to live for long, but he still had more energy and motivation than most of us. I'm on the exact same boat, except I'm not physically sick. I do know that my future is extremely bleak and if I don't kill myself as soon as I can, I will end up a homeless street bum, and there's pretty much nothing I can do about it. >He revitalized magicchan all by himself and still showed passion for his interests. Other anons were contributing to revitalizing Magicchan too, with their own posts and threads unrelated to him but also in replies to him, even I replied to him once. All of us here made this community great, and we're continuing to do so to this date, so don't put yourself down, mage. >In the meanwhile I've been in some sort of undead state for months, I can't even think too much about things I used to like because at most I'll feel sad about it and anhedonia is the only thi ng left when I'm not merely suffering. You seem to be the same way, for what I read. Yup, same boat once more, might as well call it the Titanic due to how many people all over the world being in the same conditions.
>>1597 >I will end up a homeless street bum I know that fear well, it has been haunting me for so many years. Worse is while I temporary avoid such fate, the wageslave life just kills you and drains you slowly while still feels like postponing the inevitable. I don't think there's anything particularly unfair about it, it's just individual pain in the processes of natural selection, insignificant for the whole but enormous for who suffers it. We have too much big of a brain for our own good, a discarded animal can disappear faster without having to deal with all the mental pain caused by our overcomplicated thinking machine that never stops working.
>>1600 >Worse is while I temporary avoid such fate, the wageslave life just kills you and drains you slowly while still feels like postponing the inevitable. I don't think there's anything particularly unfair about it, it's just individual pain in the processes of natural selection, insignificant for the whole but enormous for who suffers it. The worst part is knowing that natural selection doesn't actually play that much of a role in all of this, things din't had to be this way, they could be so much better! >We have too much big of a brain for our own good, a discarded animal can disappear faster without having to deal with all the mental pain caused by our overcomplicated thinking machine that never stops working. Consciousness wasn't a mistake, but residing in this world after it has been turned into shit is truly tormenting.
Open file (654.44 KB 900x1818 finished.jpg)
Don't you just love it when you are reading some tripe and someone sort-of like you is described, only so the author can comment on how fucked people like you are or mock them. Don't even know why I fucking bother to read anything when I just get triggered every time normalfags norm.
Open file (143.13 KB 1732x254 SMUG.PNG)
>>1614 Can't say I ever experienced anything like this, probably because the media I used to consume din't touch on this sort of topic. >Don't even know why I fucking bother to read anything when I just get triggered every time normalfags norm. Relax, take a deep breath, and relish in the fact that you are not an hylic normoid, people who might as well be automatons.
>>1614 I meant to post this in the venting thread, but got the tabs mixed up when editing the image, whoops. >>1615 Normally I don't read this sort of stuff either, but I see this sentiment hidden in pretty much all writing by normalfags. Maybe I'm just too sensitive. My skin has certainly grown thinner over the years. >Relax, take a deep breath, and relish in the fact that you are not an hylic normoid I wish I could, but all I have is anger, disgust, and fear. Life is already hard enough living in a sick world ruled by normen without being reminded by every word that I am an out of place person hounded by those who have been given everything because I have been given nothing.
>>1619 >I meant to post this in the venting thread, but got the tabs mixed up when editing the image, whoops. It's okay, don't worry about it. >My skin has certainly grown thinner over the years. Gotta say that I experienced this myself, in a way. It's like your tolerance for bullshit gets lower with each year that passes, or at least that's whats been happening to me. >I wish I could, but all I have is anger, disgust, and fear. Life is already hard enough living in a sick world ruled by normen without being reminded by every word that I am an out of place person hounded by those who have been given everything because I have been given nothing. That's some heavy stuff, mage, I understand what you mean because I felt the same way in the past but eventually grew past it.
Open file (89.09 KB 1125x1107 1602045193676.jpg)
>>1620 >It's like your tolerance for bullshit gets lower with each year that passes, or at least that's whats been happening to me. Yes precisely. > I felt the same way in the past but eventually grew past it. Here's hoping I can grow out of it as well, but something tells me I'm nearly at the end of my story.
Open file (442.51 KB 499x370 1556676766513.gif)
>>1626 >something tells me I'm nearly at the end of my story. Same. I keep seeing posts recommending against cutting your own carotid artery, but I'm seriously considering it. I even started spacing out just from thinking about it.
Open file (1.66 MB 906x1268 1491590500169-0.png)
>>1627 That or femoral artery stab is my final fallback plan as well. It sounds crazy, but the aesthetic qualities of bleeding out (the bright red of arterial blood, the smell of it splashing onto earth, the slow steady ebb of life and such) make me feel like I could go through with it where as I would hesitate with other methods. Still I'm gonna try to get my hands on some more peaceful or quick ways first. Since I don't know if I truly have the guts or have just convinced myself through fantasy.
Open file (29.63 KB 283x438 1434987796372.jpg)
>>1627 >>1632 Honestly it seems like a really bad method to go, I wouldn't take aesthetics into consideration for something like killing yourself unless it's related to what would you preffer others to find. Also it seems to be particularly painful and easy to fuck up. I've been thinking for years and the method I would choose would be asphyxiation with helium. It's easy, painless and relatively fast. Only problem seems to be finding 100% helium since it was so publicited as a suicide method (it was well explained in a book called Final Exit) most companies started mixing 20% oxygen so their product wasn't lethal at all. But still it shouldn't be impossible to find. Try to find guides and don't be impulsive, I can't imagine anything worse than failing a suicide attempt. It's scary how so many people fucked their attempts because they were acting impulsively and without thinking too much. I think how media and society tries to prevent the easy methods doesn't make too much sense, you end with people awfully injured and probably not happier after that, or shit like suicide by cop or train that ends causing problems to others.
>>1633 > it seems to be particularly painful and easy to fuck up. I've done research and narrowed it down to a handful of options. A blade isn't my first choice but it's accessible and I feel like I could go through with it if push came to shove so it's my fallback if my other choices are exhausted. I'm a klutz and accidentally cut myself pretty deep before, if the knife is sharp there's hardly any pain at first. Just hope I can do it quick and clean if it comes to it. >I've been thinking for years and the method I would choose would be asphyxiation with helium. It's easy, painless and relatively fast. That is my top choice. It doesn't have to be helium, you can use almost any inert gas. Such gases can usually be bought from welding supply stores. I did a test with nitrogen gas and it felt strange but comfortable even as I passed out. There's even a thing called a "Debreather" a modified re-breather, you put a chemical that binds to CO2 inside a closed breathing loop, you breathe all the oxygen in the circuit, but since the CO2 gets absorbed all that's left it's just inert gas. It's not as reliable as a compressed gas, but it's small and portable. >don't be impulsive Good advice, but I've thought about doing it each and every day for years, yet only ever came close to actually trying in a moment of impulsivity. Some of us mightn't have the strength of will to do it slow and rationally.
Open file (379.46 KB 791x623 lore.png)
>Spent the entire day in an horrible imageboard monitoring a possible national happening >Ended up being a nothingburger On the dark side, yet another disappointment, on the bright side, that was my last day there and I'm only returning to that cesspool if I get word of something big around here. How do you guys feel about attempting to recreate the old humor thread that was on /b/, all these years ago? I still have and remember of some things that got posted there, and I also have newer funny stuff to post. We could use some comedy, our community sure is too gloomy. >502 bad gateway Just what I needed. Fuck my life.
>>1640 Nothing ever even possibly happens in my country and even if some happening actually happened here I most likely wouldn't notice unless someone told me about it or it meant I couldn't get food or something like that.
Open file (603.64 KB 419x610 feijoada card.png)
>>1643 >Nothing ever even possibly happens in my country What a coincidence, same thing here. We even have a meme similar to "nothingburger" but replacing the burger with a local traditional dish. There's still the chance of something happening today or in the next weeks but I really can't stand the national imageboard I was monitoring, it's worse than halfchan, which I can't stand either, so I'm just going to ignore all of it. If something big happens, I'm going to eventually hear of it. >couldn't get food or something like that. One of the possible happenings that could be brewing around here is a trucker strike. If that happens and they don't cave in to threats of fines, the country's supply lines are fucked until their demands are met.
>>1645 Workers here are always talking about having general strikes but it never happens. Then they wonder why workers' rights have been trampled on for decades. Sometimes you have to sacrifice a bit of comfort to accomplish wider goals. I'm already doing my part by not working at all.
>>1645 > One of the possible happenings that could be brewing around here is a trucker strike. I think this actually happened here recently and nobody noticed, which seems a bit sad for the state of the labour movement.
Do people just always assume you are incompetent and not take you seriously? It happened to me at work again, always makes me wonder if most people actually think I'm a literal drooling retard and they just manage to be reasonably polite about it most of the time.
Open file (78.11 KB 696x342 1601230378860.jpg)
>>1649 Yes, and in my case it's an accurate assumption.
Open file (73.39 KB 720x711 reimu_helping_autist.jpg)
>>1649 >Do people just always assume you are incompetent and not take you seriously? >makes me wonder if most people actually think I'm a literal drooling retard Yes, and at fucking home. No one allows me to help with chores and because of that I don't know how to do anything. Thanks to this, I'm going to be unable to take care of myself when my parents die.
>>1649 In general, yes. I'm super meek and hardly speak around strangers, I even play up my retard traits so I'm always underestimated and no one expects anything of me. But I am also legitimately incompetent, I fuck even the most basic shit up even when I try my best. So, yeah...
>>1649 I'm a hikki-neet for a reason. That reason being the failure to complete any task without fucking it up beyond repair.
>>1645 It's the same in my country. On more than one occasion, we have been confronted with situations in which things looked like they were about to change, but in the end, nothing ever came of any of those events. Funnily enough, there have been many strikes in my country too, but our government always finds a way to turn them in their favor. I used to feel really angry and sad when I thought of all this, but now I barely care. >>1649 Yeah, that's how my family usually treats me, especially my mother. She always tell me that I'll learn how to be independent when she's gone, but I'm sure she's just humoring me.
I have been studying math recently, I downloaded an American geometry textbook and have been using that. And it's full of proofs of stuff, literally chapters and chapters of proofs of all sorts of stuff that I'm sure I never covered at school. Holy shit, I can't believe you guys really learnt this stuff in 10th grade, maybe even 9th grade in some places. I don't know if I just went to really terrible schools (quite possible) but math in my country was basically just random formulas through 10th grade, and the only 'geometry' I can remember was area and volume formulas for simple shapes. I don't remember any trigonometry until 11th grade. It feels so pathetic.
>>1706 I can't exactly be sure my experience counts given I dropped out of high school, but I went to a fairly well rated school and have to say that most of us don't learn that stuff. Those good textbooks were mostly confined only the top schools or small classes for the smart students. The average and dumb kid classes mostly focus on rote memorization to pass the standardized tests so we don't drag the school ratings down. At least that's how I recall it, it's been so long I can hardly remember anymore. It's good that you can enjoy learning anon. I tried teaching myself math, proofs and all, but it just made me realize I'm really stupid. In a textbook on proofs the first chapter was elementary proofs that could be used to show how everyday math is an axiomatic system you can derive from the most simple operations and relations. I spent the better part of a week trying to understand just the first few pages.
>>1707 Oh, wow, that's surprising. One of the editions had a "Los Angeles School District" stamp in it, so I just sort of assumed that everyone was getting a really good education. Or maybe the smart kids in my country got similar classes while I was in the dumb kid classes and just never realised it. Not that I'm an expert but a proofs book sounds way too advanced for a beginner. I don't think that stuff is taught formally until much later, so you definitely shouldn't beat yourself up for not getting anywhere with it. I tried to do that in the past and always ended up failing and I just never knew what the problem was and thought it was because I was too dumb. I even have such a book myself that I never got anywhere with, maybe in a year or so I will be able to understand it. I started with an algebra book because I just didn't know what I didn't know, and finishing that increased my confidence enough to keep going. It took me a couple of months. I have to say I'm kind of surprised by how enjoyable it is to just while away the hours working on math problems from a book. I was quite scared of the proofs in this geometry book but it has been really pleasing. The exercises are pretty repetitive and began with pretty basic examples, the proofs are related to the properties of shapes and stuff like the properties of the number system are just assumed. The examples pretty well spell out what to do. I think the point is to increase students' confidence with doing proofs by having them do lots, rather than to get them to start proving very complex theorems.
Open file (124.42 KB 360x720 1627174441116.png)
Finding this board today was a very pleasant discovery. Magicchan was my favourite imageboard, but unfortunately I decided to take a one-year break from imageboards apparently the week before modmin closed the site and everything was gone when I came back. I used to put so much effort into posting regularly and making new threads on Magicchan when it was new. It was nice to see that I wasn't the only one with fond memories of Magicchan.
>>1737 Welcome back anonymage. It's good to have you back with us.
>>1737 Welcome back, mage. I'm glad to see another old Magicchan user here. Now that I think about it, this has been a good year for /tower/. Two old mages have managed to find us so far.
>>1706 I'm not a math person at all, but that was taught in my ninth grade honors geometry class. The teacher said it would be the most rigorous class we took until college. I was surprised to learn normal math class in Russia isn't good. I always thought the standard American education was pretty bad.
it is impossible to evolve away from our natural discourse it is impossible to evolve away from our natural discourse of unevolving morals, to repeat the original sin forever, and to become babel, and then tore apart. A truth we do not, and will not ever know, a mystery contained and originated, to forever mystified by the nature of deity and creation itself... Ever fleeting in life.of unevolving morals, to repeat the original sin forever, and to become babel, and then tore apart. A truth we do not, and will not ever know, a mystery contained and originated, to forever mystified by the nature of deity and creation itself... Ever fleeting in life.
...kawaii chan makes me sad. even if you are grown up, it seems everyone's less profound affirmation in life feels abit too lazy. Supposedly, if that kind of spirituality is the prime model of maturity, I suppose I too wont defiate from it much...
Open file (89.62 KB 833x632 kyojin no hoshi .jpg)
Well, there's another year gone and dead.
Open file (147.02 KB 1024x796 1905.jpg)
>>1956 It's weird. For some reason, I found 2021 very unnoteworth and mediocre. I know many things happened that year, but that's what I feel. Anyway, I hope 2022 will be a better year for all of us.
HAh, get a feel of this, but i dont think you CAN because we're not TELEPATHIC HA
i am not motivated in anything but i guess stan lee was not someself-righteous delerict fanatic collectives who morally wreck everyone in anonimity. the keyword is anonimity, as usual
i guess ultimately it's all about wise political decision in the end... and no one gets to know if they ll win, no matter what.
well simply said, i lost. and, you aint got anything for losers. not since adam, not since abel, not ever.
maybe i ll be poor soon. nothinganyone have in control i guess. simplydust blown by the winds
I'd rant in HD videos and 4K image but it's expensive and financially garbage to me.
oh wait im not rich too duh is there more rich than poor or what ha
apologize on behalf of the counter strike comunity for safe playing and condusive experience has always been part of our community and we are to make sure this incident will not happen anymore within the- what do i care otaku and pedophilia is not president of anime.gimme a fucking break
uh... but who the fuck is that?
i love you all i wish i can replace you all with the better robot that you could never be...
always glad you take shots in the way i least understood. i love you all...so so much. please go to heaven now. i mean it. you could never do anything anymore here.
didnt you see the signs? he just blows you down the tower and let you hurt each others... even let the demon poisons you... and casts you off like a dog.... and watches you rot and cry with no, attempt to reconcule with you.... it s like, anubis... pharaohs... maybe even lucifer itself... you are but... a pawn to its war. and there is no way out, for devils and all sorts o evil, are bound to it. he said so.
you are stuck here with me, maybe wanna try burning again? you might actually go to heaven this time... for the lack of one too back then. and now you only have this planet... the same airspace and sound. i suppose it is fair... you are gonna bleed like the poor and camels too.
to be fair i did imagine this downward slope as some sort of anticlimax of life but come to think of it if you can improov why not but idk i forgot
i guess you do kill childrens to hurt the parents since the beginning of time if thats not hate, maybe murder is love.
majority rules. not justice.
lol its wrong but why r u thirsty but nvm
i need to go to jail to kill some people i guess. heck i d kill everybody in jail and no one will mis em haha
Hell yeah another episode of "schizo breaks from reality" nice.
>>1978 get a life, and take your meds bud =)
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one thing for sure. no peace for two thousand years
Ffs BO, ban this fucking schizo already.
>>1990 pls sew back your fucking ear
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if im vegan do i get to live here ha
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naturally im afraid of the religious backlash of my complaints but then again what more choice do you have
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hell they might start reviving carravagio
einstein said 70% is hardwork which clearly meant the pyramid. he hated that shid
i guess jews didnt do motivationals as well as the egyptians... boy, arentwe done with pyramids.
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joan rivers thinks you can be deaf and hateful at the same time.
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The other day I read a post by some guy who said that, as he gets older, he tends to seek out stories that are happier rather than ones that make him sad, angry or disturbed. Does anyone identify with this? Personally, while I enjoy comedy, I don’t mind sad or disturbing stories. In fact, I usually find them very interesting.
>>2078 I do. As I grow older my mental state is often very bad so I try to avoid anything that can make it worse. I'm all for escapism, even when it's less effective than ever. There's this famous Nietzsche aphorism, "what doesn't kill you make you stronger" I could never relate to my experience. As I see it, what doesn't kill you leaves you beaten and weaker than in your previous state.
>>2080 >As I see it, what doesn't kill you leaves you beaten and weaker than in your previous state Funnily enough, I think most people would rather agree with you than with Nietzsche.
>>2082 To be fair with Nietzsche, it seems he meant that in the sense of "only if you learn from it", and "to learn from it you need to be strong already". So in a way only the strong can get stronger. I think it's mostly a misused quote since it's presented as a mere motivational, when it's meaning could be a lot darker. Like, if we follow it literally, how could be the beaten and abused slave the strongest?
>>2088 You're right about that, the quote is more about learning from the darkest moments of our lives, but as you said, you need to be already very strong to do that. On the other hand, I think there are some lessons that can make us "weaker" instead of stronger.
After almost four years and more than 500 post, this thread finally reached bumplimit. It's kind of impressive when you think about it.
>>2097 How strange. Every day drags on insufferable and seemingly interminable, and yet the years manage to slip by unnoticed.
I've been trying to get into video games again, but many games that look like they were made twenty years ago I can't run much above single digit FPS on my computer. Even modern 2D games can't be run on CPU anymore. It's annoying how software is so bloated and slow these days.
>>2100 >Even modern 2D games can't be run on CPU anymore I've always found that so weird. I know modern game developers usually don't optimize their games, but why would a regular 2D game have such high requirements? It's funny, I've been trying to get into video games again too. Unfortunately, I haven't been in the right mood to configure RetroArch. By the way, should we create a new thread?
Open file (572.89 KB 500x375 ANOTHER WORLD.gif)
>>2101 >>but why would a regular 2D game have such high requirements? I don't know much about coding, but my top guess is that they are using some operations optimized to run on a massively parallel chip like a GPU but bottleneck running sequentially. Old games were often built from scratch with some really clever optimizations but most devs just use off the shelf software now. Why bother optimizing performance instead of 'good grafix' when the people with old hardware probably can't afford the full price anyways? >>By the way, should we create a new thread? If someone makes a new thread I'll switch to it, though this one not bumping doesn't bother me personally.
Hard week. Time to rest. >Sunday Push-ups: 18, 18, 12, 12 Breakfast Push-ups: 12, 12, 10, 10, 8, 8 Lunch Dinner >Monday Steps with 10 lb dumbbells: 260 Breakfast Steps with 10 lb dumbbells: 260 Lunch Breaking ice outside in shorts: 1 hour Dinner >Tuesday Lunch Breaking ice outside in shorts: 5 hours Dinner
Open file (597.43 KB 447x648 wizard.png)
>>2102 I don't know much about coding either, but what you've said makes a lot of sense. >If someone makes a new thread I'll switch to it, though this one not bumping doesn't bother me personally I guess we can wait until this thread hits page 2. >>2103 That sounds like a really good routine. How long have you been working out?
Open file (34.20 KB 555x379 ice-breaker.jpg)
>>2103 >Breaking ice outside in shorts: 5 hours That's pretty amazing. Good on you for going all out.
>Sunday "That looks slippery" I said to myself -- it was. Fell on ice, being stupid when taking my brother's dog out to poop, and caught all my weight with left hand. Gash of 1 inch on palm but what really hurts are wrist and back of hand. I'll see about rigging up 50 lb to carry on my back, because I won't be able to do much with my hand for a while. >>2107 Started slow and inconsistent. After maybe a year and a half, working out has become a habit. Fell down stairs when taken with the flu a few months ago, and I didn't allow such a setback derail me for long. >>2109 Thanks.
Had a nightmare about tower last night. Weird.
>>2141 That sounds a little weird. I've had dreams about websites I regularly visit, but never a nightmare. Could you tell us about that dream? If it's not too personal, of course.
>>2142 Sadly I can't remember my dreams in much detail. No matter what I always end up forgetting basically everything the moment I wake up. It's actually extremely distressing since what little I do remember of the dream world is usually much better than the real world. The only times I've ever approached happiness has been in the fragments of dreams... Anyways The last bit I remember of the nightmare isn't terribly interesting, just the mundane rendered in dream logic, but I'll recount it still. I was trying to connect to tower, but for some reason (I think it was a new law or something), there was no way to connect to anonymous websites anymore. The only way to talk to other wizards was to do so in a public forum, literally. So I looked up from my computer and I was in a gigantic many many storied mall with amusement park rides and staircases to nowhere waiting around in this internet made physical environment complaining about how public it was. At that point some normalfags started hassling me because I was clearly out of place. I was sitting there taking it when out of nowhere came a tall muscular bloke who told them off (they were somehow calling me gay, and he made some kind of joke that turned it back on them, though I can't recall and doubt it actually made any sense). I knew instantly that this was a tower user who was here to use the forum too. Anyway we got along swimmingly and everything seemed well. We're talking and I actually feel strangely connected. But his behavior starts to seem odd. He starts pickpockiting people and doing other strange things. I start to become a bit uneasy. In the end we end up in another location. A large spire with a circular wall like Saruman's tower, except it's more modern made of rusty metal and probably is some sort of broadcasting tower. Anyways we end up going down into the bowels of this structure. Everything is corroded it's quite dark and now I'm starting to feel a bit worried. We step onto a long rickety catwalk stretching into the darkness. My unease reaches it's peak when the door behind us bursts open and light floods in. "POLICE!" is shouted, the guy I was talking to spins around and the box he's been holding swings with such force it opens up throwing out a severed head. Instantly I know that this man isn't a friendly face, he's a wizard serial killer who's been stalking tower users. Feeling terribly sad and betrayed I dive away from him off of the cat walk we are standing on into what used to be blackness but what I now see is an ocean of skinned corpses filling the foundations of this building. I go under. End scene. I've tried to make it as logical and chronological as I can. I only really remember bits and pieces and sometimes they are multiple simultaneous feelings and knowings. From the fragments I recall my dreams at least don't really seem to go together very well or sensibly like some other people's.
>>2143 Thank you for sharing your nightmare with me, mage. I must admit that the idea of a future where any misfit is forced to meet in public just because people are afraid of them is pretty scary on its own. It almost sounds like something out of a dystopian future. The worst part is, there must be people out there who would love that to happen. On the other hand, if I understand you correctly, that strange mall was supposed to be a real world version of the internet, am I right? The part where you were trapped in such a dark and lonely place with a wizard serial killer sounded really frightening. However, I can't imagine why someone would kill a wizard, but I guess that’s how dreams tend to be, apparently absurd and full of mysteries. By the way, I'm sure you've already heard this before but, haven't you thought of writing a dream journal? I've tried it a few times and, after a couple of days, I'm able to remember most of my dreams. However, I must admit that it can be a little annoying sometimes. I mean, the last thing you want to do when you wake up is writing about weird stuff, or at least that's my case.
>>Thank you for sharing your nightmare with me, mage I hope you found it at least somewhat entertaining. I haven't a knack for storytelling, but I tried to make it readable. > can't imagine why someone would kill a wizard This mostly represents my fear of people lurking around anonymous boards like this so they can find sad broken people to make fun of with their other internet friends. I've seen some awful stuff on the web and I've always been overly fearful of it happening to me. >The worst part is, there must be people out there who would love that to happen. I'd been reading about people attempting to do just this with the current internet, so that's probably what inspired that part of the nightmare. Well that and a few times I've tried to reach the site and it's been down. I always fear it's gone just like the original tower. >haven't you thought of writing a dream journal? I'm sorry to spring this upon you. You couldn't have known and I should have known not to broach the subject. But my not remembering dreams isn't normal forgetfulness. I've have a head full of bad wiring since I was born and I can't really make memories. I got some brain damage a few years ago as well and it's made it nearly impossible to remember things. It's really bad actually. I spend most of my days haunting the living in a dissociative daze, my head ringing, looking at things though a haze of static and darkness from the bottom of a deep well. I even forget sometimes that other people aren't fucked in the head like I am. So many terrible and unlikely events have conspired to lead me to this point. I'm so tired of awful things happening to me. Those few moments of dreaming are the closest thing to happiness for me because it isn't like this world of grinding crippling disability. It's gutwrenchng that I can't remember it. It's like all the ways I am broken are made to inflict the maximum amount of pain. Just dreaming and being able to hold on to those dreams would make my life so much better, and I can't even have that. Again sorry to use this as an excuse to dump all my problems on you outside of the /sad/ thread. I'm in a real low down place right now. I should probably get some sleep. I only mentioned the dream in the first place because I hadn't seen a post in the thread for a bit, and I thought that robot video was a funny sort of surreal.
>>2145 >I hope you found it at least somewhat entertaining. I haven't a knack for storytelling, but I tried to make it readable I found your dream quite interesting and readable. There's something fascinating about how most dreams are absurd but, at the same time, very meaningful, and yours is a good example of that. >This mostly represents my fear of people lurking around anonymous boards like this so they can find sad broken people to make fun of with their other internet friends I've heard about those people who stalk and dox popular "weirdos", but I've never visit their forums. To be honest, I've always hated those assholes. It's pathetic how obsessed they can get over a poor person with bad luck or a different view of the world. I hope none of them lurk this board. >I'd been reading about people attempting to do just this with the current internet, so that's probably what inspired that part of the nightmare I know what you mean. I haven't read much about the whole deal, but I'm aware that many people are against internet privacy because they think internet would be better place without that. I won't deny I kind of get their point, but what they're proposing is just wrong in my opinion. I'm sorry for making you bring up your personal problems. I didn't mean to. I can't imagine how hard it must be to deal with such a complex condition. I'm really sad that I can't do anything to help you but wish you the best of luck. And don't worry, there's nothing wrong about sharing these things with us. I like to see this board as a place where any mage can be free to express their thoughts and stories, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who think like that. >I only mentioned the dream in the first place because I hadn't seen a post in the thread for a bit, and I thought that robot video was a funny sort of surreal. Funnily enough, I can't watch that video you mentioned. Every time I open the mp4 file, I only hear noise, as if it were an audio file.
>>2146 >I'm sorry for making you bring up your personal problems. I didn't mean to. Don't worry. The blame falls entirely on me. I've been unstable lately and used this as an excuse to cry about things I've been ruminating about for years. You've been entirely too kind by even responding to my nonsense. >Every time I open the mp4 file, I only hear noise, as if it were an audio file. Ah, my bad. I shrunk the video by re-encoding it with vlc, but I guess it cocked it up. Hopeful you can see this one. Truth be told it's not that interesting, but for me it gave off a very dream like feeling. To segue into something less of a downer, on the topic dream like images, there's some pretty neato AI generated stuff coming out lately. It's an interest of mine as it raises the prospect of endless dream like content made by machines in the near future. (Warning for these videos: lots of face and eye like shapes.)
>>2147 Now that I can see the video, I enjoyed the little much more. I'm sure there must be a very mundane explanation behind such a weird "concert", but I can't deny it's kind of fun to imagine the story of these "musicians". By the way, thank you for sharing the other three videos with us. I can perfectly see why some people would find them disturbing or even disgusting, but I personally loved them, especially the last one. It almost feel like being trapped in a weird dream. Out of curiosity, do you remember the name of the AI that made these videos?
Once again, _Content Warning_ for these videos >>2149 >Out of curiosity, do you remember the name of the AI that made these videos? The method used is generally referred to by the google colab name "Disco Diffusion", it is also called CLIP Guided Diffusion. It's another image generation method based on pairing CLIP with a generator, like VQGAN, but in this case it uses a diffusion based method and a mixture of models. This AI actually only makes still images, but with clever instructions and by feeding the images it makes back into the AI with transformations applied (rotation, zooming, ect) semi-coherent video can be made. Some youtube tutorials here. (they only cover the previous version 4.1 instead of v5 though) (Short introduction) https://iteroni.com/watch?v=FA2MNG8D5x0 (Longer tutorial specific to making videos) https://iteroni.com/watch?v=afkpifMPOGA (advice on phrasing the prompt to get good images) https://iteroni.com/watch?v=w7VFkU1zM30
Open file (1.26 MB 3840x2160 monster 1.jpg)
Open file (249.30 KB 2560x1440 monster 2.jpg)
>>2156 Thank you for those links. I watched the videos and then took a look at some images made with Disco Diffusion. I could not resist giving it a try, so I followed the first tutorial you posted with this prompt: "Sea monster swimming through the ruins of an ancient underwater civilization". I still have to wait to see my image, but in the meantime, here are a couple of sea monsters from ArtStation.
Open file (976.60 KB 1280x768 89.png)
>>2158 Well, here's the final image. To be honest, it's not what I expected, but I like it, especially the design of the sea monster. It looks like something out of a nuclear catastrophe, which creates an interesting contrast with the ancient ruins.
>>2158 >>2159 >"Sea monster swimming through the ruins of an ancient underwater civilization". It missed some of the intended marks, but it still came out really cool looking. It makes me think of concept art. Like it's a design for a boss battle against a mutant leviathan or something.
Good to see there have been some more posts recently. Almost a month had gone by without anything being posted. I began to think that I hadn't been invited to tower's first (and last) annual all you can drink poison punch party. Tagline: Party till you drop.
>>2171 I'm very glad there are still people who post here too. It's true that there are periods in which this place is a little dead, but that only lasts for a few days at most.
Open file (709.76 KB 1920x1200 thumb-1920-674989.jpg)
Sometimes, when the stars align, my symptoms aren't so bad and old man lady luck smiles upon me I can almost think "this isn't so bad".
Don't know if the inactivity here is related to the thread hitting bump limit but now that it's about to fall off the front page it's probably good time to make a new thread. If anyone wants a one that is.

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