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Open file (825.26 KB 660x495 ClipboardImage.png)
Anime/Manga/ thread Anonymage 10/22/2020 (Thu) 19:05:53 No.1079
Whatcha watching/reading mages? A mage recommended Dungeon Meshi on the previous /tower/ and I finally got around to reading it. If you're still here, thanks for recommending it! I enjoyed it immensely, especially the worldbuilding.
Open file (55.27 KB 640x491 1553140271950.jpg)
Been watching seasonal garbage, chingchong shit, and random 90s stuff. I've already watched nearly all the well regarded anime that appeals to me. Can't really think of much in the last 5 or so years that I've loved, recently shows have that bland "focus tested" feeling. This season I'm probably going to watch Majo no Tabitabi (meh kino clone), Akudama Drive (dumb heist plot, but OK action and it's colorful), and Maou-jou de Oyasumi (meh JRPG humor but i like watching before bed). As for manga, I mostly been reading similarly cruddy comedy and stuff. But here are some that I've really liked in recent years. Made in Abyss is pretty good, the most recent arc in the village at the bottom of the pit was really fun. Girls Last Tour was nice, the author has a good sense for making mono no aware type stories. I also like Spectral Wizard, Totsukuni no Shoujo, and Panpanya's manga. To name a few off the top of my head. Still most manga that is translated is generic. I've been meaning to learn Japanese so I can see for myself if that's just due to translators poor taste, but it is such a drag. I tried reading Yotsu&! raws and it took me like 8 hours to read a volume, and I misunderstood a lot. Anyone here know moon runes?
Open file (45.58 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
I downloaded an anime called "Bartender" five years ago and I haven't finished it yet, which is ridiculous because it's an eleven-episodes miniseries. It's funny, this anime is technically what I was looking for (a series about a bartender who helps his customers with their problems, in which each episode is a self-contained story) but I don't like how the show tells these stories. I find it too corny and unnecessarily experimental. Also, I must confess I'm not really into the drinking culture. Anyway, I recently gave this anime another chance and I'm planning to watch all the episodes before this year ends. So far, my favorite episodes are "Menu of the Heart" and "Glass of Regret".
>>1079 I don't know if it was me who made that recommendation, probably not, but if you liked it and would like to read more fantasy manga you could try Atelier of the Witch Hat, it doesn't have the humour of DM and some people find it bland but the worldbuilding is also great and the art beyond good, the author could be one of the most technically gifted I've seen in manga. Talking about worldbuilding, I would really like to see Hakumei to Mikochi translated someday.
>>1087 I watched that a while ago. It was kind of fun even if not very meaningful and very formulaic. I'm not into drinking either but enjoyed imagining the descriptions of the drinks. >this anime is technically what I was looking for (a series about a bartender who helps his customers with their problems, in which each episode is a self-contained story) This seems like a really specific thing to be looking for.
Finally started Legend of the Galactic Heroes. I am 13 episodes in and really like it. I feared it might be boring because words words words but the quality of those words doesn't really compare to regular anime words.
>>1097 >This seems like a really specific thing to be looking for. Sorry, I wasn't clear enough in my last post. What I was looking for was an episodic anime about regular people with regular problems. I've finally finished this series and I must confess I enjoyed most of the episodes. I particularly like how it relates the history behind each cocktail to the problems and dreams of each character. I still think it's a bit cheesy and unnecessary experimental at times, but it's a good anime, anyway. I wonder why I disliked it so much the first time I tried to watch it. I guess I wasn't in the mood for this series back then. >>1100 I've been wanting to watch that anime for quite a while. Thank you for reminding me of it.
Open file (65.07 KB 348x280 1592455521190.gif)
>>1100 It's one of the most entertaining anime I can't think of. Well written dialogue and deep characters are the things that get me more absorbed into something, I Claudius is my favourite life action series and also one of my favourite books because of that.
>>1102 Funny you should mention that because it's the next thing on my list.
>>1100 Don't read anything online about the series in case any spoilers are revealed. I was given a semi-spoiler and it did ruin part of the series; especially when it's over 100 episodes you're investing a lot of time and effort into the show.
>>1105 usually I don't really mind spoilers, I have been exposed to some pretty big ones and got desensitized if you will, but I came across this warning for the series more than once so I guess there must be something pretty big hidden in there. Anyway I like it much more than I thought I will and I am really looking forward to see it unfold naturally. Besides this I have been catching up with Grappler Baki and am only 10 chapters away from the current release. Compared to the Musashi part this one feels underwhelming so far. I enjoy these larger than life monsters more than exploring the technical side of fighting styles. Something about pure power that is greatly alluring to me. Not bad by any means tho and I wonder why it took so long for Sumo to make an appearance since it's the national sport.
Open file (1.03 MB 723x1028 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1089 >Atelier of the Witch Hat I'm only a few chapters in but I like where it is going. The technical details in the art is phenomenal and it is clear a lot of care has been put into each panel, something that I feel that many mangakas could learn from. >>1107 I'm not usually bothered by spoilers either but in the case of LOTGH they really do impact it in a way that would affect how much you enjoy the series.
Open file (372.36 KB 905x1280 1592561326372.jpg)
Just wanted to say third season of pic related is airing and for once it seems to be a really good adaptation. Along with reading the manga it's a great experience, one of those few works that get better the more you get into it. For the ones that don't know about it, this is about; -Ainu culture -Flora and Fauna of North of Japan and Sakhalin -Food (lots of) -Japanese and Russian history -Survivalism -Western -Movies and serial killers references -Silly comedy -Really muscular men All mixed and somehow working perfectly.
>>1135 lol I think I remember posting about that show on magicchan. It was weird, I liked it to start with, then sort of lost interest, then watched some more a while later and liked it but only for a while, etc. Not sure how much I even watched.
Open file (94.50 KB 500x725 34674567.jpg)
>>1110 If you liked Atelier and can find it somewhere, try Endevi, from the same author. It's a short light comedy but the art could be even better than in Atelier, also it's a really charming use of christian mythology.
Open file (127.67 KB 768x160 out.gif)
It's over, anime is going to be totally consumed by westernisation.
Open file (157.21 KB 552x560 1511949569724.png)
>>1152 Western civilization is so decadent that I doubt they can overtake anything at this point, only problem is being decadent means any kind of influence is going to be harmful in one way or another.
>>1153 As they get the producers hooked on western money they'll start dictating terms until anime series become like the social engineering freak shows they put on tv. The money will poison the whole tree. Letting it grow out of a small, frequently mocked niche was a mistake.
>>1154 I don't think it has been a niche since the 90's or even before, but I'm talking from an european perspective. If something it was a lot more mainstream 20 years ago. At most there will be a dual market, and I doubt even that, the mainstream west can have a big interest in a few series but it can mantain an industry. Japanese aren't going to stop making animation for their own market, for anime to get fucked in a cultural way the whole of Japan should have to get fucked in the same way, I think they are smarter than that.
>>1152 Hasn't Domino's done this shit before with Hatsune Miku? I get the feeling there's probably just a weeb on the Domino's marketing team.
Open file (62.59 KB 850x478 dante.jpg)
>>1158 Maybe they think that pizza is popular among weebs.
Open file (14.61 KB 320x224 pizza hut.jpeg)
Watched Handa-kun recently and quite enjoyed it, even the highschool setting wasn't as bad as I expected. Looking forward to watching Barakamon also.
Had to laugh
Probably nobody cares about seasonal anima but a new season of Non Non Biyori started recently. Have to say I have been looking forward to that for a long time, I remember watching the others after reading about them on the Magicchan anime thread (along with Aria and a few others) and it was really healing for me, what I needed at the time.
>>1216 yes great news, I have been waiting for this so thanks for reminding me
Open file (802.68 KB 1920x1080 1609999554202.jpg)
>>1216 I'm watching it too. Sadly I noticed iyashikei only works for me if I already have some peace of mind. If my mind's fucked then it just interferes with viewing to the point I can be watching a whole episode but my brain can't catch a single piece of information. This happened with Aria too and I regreet it.
>>1226 I hope you haven't been too stressed out to enjoy this show. Aria was a big help for me exactly because I was stressed out, although I was able to just watch episodes back to back because it had already been out for years at that point.
Open file (666.80 KB 438x600 ClipboardImage.png)
Haven't watched anime in a few years now but I remember why I used to. Escapism if fun, I really need some right now. Re:Zero's second season has been fun so far.
>>1100 I have now concluded the show and what else can I say? It is simply perfect. I am very happy with the slow approach I took, made me savour most every episode and really appreciate the pacing.
Open file (53.48 KB 640x480 1320239105591.jpg)
>>1295 If you feel like needing more you could watch the Gaidens. They aren't as good as the original, there's some silly arcs and some of the worse quality in a digital anime I've ever seen (it starts as old cell animation and turns into digital after some episodes, so it shows an awful contrast too), but also has some nice moments and lots of character backstory.
anime and mango is garbage for incels and ronerys to feel superior about the social advantages they get IRL against complete mess of asian society, poor social movements of it, and hordes of incels and hikkis. Its pretty bad if you understand what I'm talking about. I can only hope that more and more will drop this shit in favor of doing something else to be less of a compensating fuck up. people with street knowledge understand that and will behave accordingly. Its not "normies" against anime lovers. Its humans who do shit for themselves and others against shorty, fugly, compensating parasites terrible medium and a waste of time. People doing it for a living won't understand struggles and points of doing this and that even in the kinkiest of pron (or any short pictured story without pron). most japs (if its about japanese animation and manga) are also horrible and shallow simp drones and worst kind of chads in my experience but they don't deserve the blame. Its either this or not surviving. Nature demands something - you do it, simple as that. Can't blame a survivor, but can blame opressors who did that to benefit from it, from having masses deluded by shit where everything goes right. Where everything is fine. Because its not tldr it sucks, its shallow and horrible for multiple reasons. And delusional, infantile larping is a form of harm and compensation This comes from a guy growing up on japanese video games, tech, anime and manga and everything else asian and its cheap clones. Enjoyable as a kid, but kids are carefree dreamers and don't think about bad shit coming from making of all this stuff. With more and more experience I just cannot enjoy any of it anymore knowing how it hurts others in a long run, especially japs. Asians suck anyway, suck for a good reason, and there's a good reason japs settled on an island instead of doing farm shit (remember? back in day it was all mostly villages and farms) with everybody else and competing there. It didn't do good to them, asians are inherently evil and trust me you don't want to live there unless ur a businessman or an alpha male. West is better. Any kind of west. Its also dumb to enjoy the shit your enemies feed to their bottom feeders to take their time and resources because it's dumb to enjoy your enemies in the first place, stockholm syndrome and domestication of cities is a real thing originating from certain nature and societal processes at least it's how I understand it.
Banned for breaking Rule 4
See mages, Wizchan is down and who do we have here now >>1359 >>1360 >>1364 the russian schizo obsessed with the mod and wizcord cliques. He has to shit his opinion on perfect slow board like /tower/ and derail threads. Please if there are mods here, ban this retard.
>>1366 This board and lizchan were being shilled on 4chad when wizchan went down.
>>1375 lizchan doesn't seem to work right now so this board is all that's left. this is crazy
>>1380 never mind lizchan is working now
>>1216 Finally got around to watching this. God it's so comfy to imagine a peaceful carefree life in that little rural hamlet.
I remember watching the tv series long ago, but I never got around to watching the movie for some reason. I really enjoyed it, I'll probably watch the sequel at some point too. Much more of a serious detective movie tone than the tv series, but it was good at doing that so I enjoyed it. Maybe if I had watched it immediately after watching the tv series I would have been disappointed it didn't have the same tone.

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